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  1.      about sad
    a friends show me a li:nk and tells me to see it i enter and see the subject
    i return to ma friends and told him can u explain me the comments he said that a group called ugly asians made this and show the differece btw people in syria and gaza and asians they tought that those people are more beautiful than them
    that's so sad
    8 hours ago  
  2.      about Sad
    Yesterday in a village town where my grandma works a 14 year old girl was killed. I had been there with my grandma working and we left just minutes before she went missing and she wasn't found until 8pm.
    Today no one was out on the streets. Normally kids walk all day by themselves. The village police, the state police, the county police, and the FBI are all looking to find the person who did this.
    She was walking her dog and didn't return when she normally does. So her parents went to look for her. Before she was found joggers saw her dog barking and running to them and back to the woods. They thought the dog was going to attack them, so they kept walking. They saw the dog again and followed, the dog lead them to the girl.
    11 hours ago  
  3.      about sad
    ~ i'm back ~
    ~ i want something ~
    2 days ago  
    Anna welcome back~~ wanna a huggie? cheer up jio~~
    2 days ago
    Jio~지오  thanks~~
    ~ i'm too lazy for learn something that i want ~
    2 days ago
  4.      about Sad
    When your emerald got -1 for the second time
    3 days ago  
    Mey ~<@ Morning 오빠
    3 days ago
    Sam☆ My, oh my...really, Mey?
    3 days ago
  5.      about sad
    أسوء لحظة حينما تجد نفسك فقدت الإهتمام من الجميع ،
    حتى نفسك لا تعتني بك !
    4 days ago  
    Ryan ???
    4 days ago
    김 야스 ok i will translate oppa wait
    4 days ago
  6. Recommenders: samlad other 2
         about sad

    If you think your life is hard, remember the millions of children who have no food to eat or clean water to drink

    4 days ago  
    4 days ago
    4 days ago
  7.      about sad
    Amanhã é o último dia de aula do curso~~ Me sinto triste, como se algo importante não tivesse se completado na minha vida.
    5 days ago  
    Hanna-Riikka Thank you! Now I can go to sleep with a peaceful mind @Greig!
    5 days ago
    5 days ago
  8.      about sad
    ~~ school ~~ ~~ last days ~~
    5 days ago  
  9. Recommenders: m3y other 2
         about sad
    don't feel sad over someone who gave up on you, feel sorry for him because they gave up on someone who would never given up on him.
    6 days ago  
  10. Recommender: ElinYasGD
         about sad
    no way i hear this and not cry ... Xs
    7 days ago  
    7 days ago
    김 야스 i like this song ma queens
    7 days ago
  11.      about Sad
    I've no emeralds ㅠ_ㅠ
    7 days ago  
    Malu-Lee Check your shelves, baby!~~~
    7 days ago
    ilham95 Thank u so much @ Malu
    7 days ago
  12.      about Sad
    A lot of horrible things are happening around the world. I just hope that everything is going to be alright. Seeing those killings & bombings, breaks my heart. 정말 진짜~ 내 마음을 많이 아프다. :'(
    1 week ago  
  13.      about Sad
    Tub 3alina ya allah
    1 week ago  
    린나 ♥ MJ aamine, el jami3 inshallah
    1 week ago
    Hika_Hika amine ya rab ^^
    1 week ago
  14.      about sad
    we are in mourning (bereavement ) in Tunisia for 3 days
    1 week ago  
  15.      about sad
    Aiiiiii!!!! Acabo de bater minha cabeça!!! Que dor!! Está latejando!!
    1 week ago  
    Malu-Lee Não tem ninguém aí com você? Por favor, ligue para alguém. Até mesmo para levá-la a um hospital.
    1 week ago
    Jio~지오 @Malu com o passar do tempo melhorei, mas ainda sinto um pouco de dor, a pancada foi mais forte que do que pensei, fiquei me sentindo confusa por um tempo... obrigada por se preocupar comigo.
    1 week ago
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