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  1.      about sad
    Facebook make me feel sad i don't know why
    6 days ago  
    Sam I miss Fb'ing
    6 days ago
    Bibo Mp is much better
    6 days ago
  2.      about Sad
    I haven't practice my Korean at all. Sorry Ryan! I dont even remember what K-drama I was watching. I do recall it was getting good though! To make it short...Im not up-to-date with anything that involves my beautiful Korea! Sooo depressing to even writing it. So basically I dont know anything now! Not even music!
    7 days ago  
  3.      about sad
    What I should to say
    Iam so sad all bad thing come toghter to me
    There is no one can I speake about my broblem ... no one from my friend have a space time I hate them
    1 week ago  
    Sam What's wrong bamboo?
    1 week ago
  4.      about sad
    I feel sad nowdays... for reason I don't know
    3 weeks ago  
    Sam Come to Disney World with me!!! Come to the HHappiest place in the world!!! Cheer up Bamboo!
    3 weeks ago
    Hanna-Riikka Ooh... Hwaiting. Think happy things and thoughts.
    3 weeks ago
  5.      about sad
    My friend got sick so we won't play basketball today saad~
    3 weeks ago  
    Zahra ohh Hope your friend get well soon ♥
    3 weeks ago
    Kitta (◕ܫ◕ღ)  thank you I hope too
    3 weeks ago
  6.      about sad
    I don't know what happened to him but I really miss him he is such a bad oppa ...
    3 weeks ago  
    3 weeks ago
    3 weeks ago
  7.      about sad
    I'm not going to JFest in Guadalajara!!
    3 weeks ago  
    Phoebe pues trataré de convencela a ver que me dice
    3 weeks ago
    Indra Ojala que si, igual cualquier cosa te paso mi tel.en un mp por si la convences y necesitas que te diga como llegar o cualquier otra duda sea más fácil va!
    3 weeks ago
  8.      about sad
    just watched emergency couple ep 18
    4 weeks ago  
  9.      about sad
    Online with tab withou wifi
    4 weeks ago  
  10.      about sad
    Hi... going to the doctor again
    4 weeks ago  
    Sam Please take good care of yourself please don't worry too much, it'll add to the stress ♡♡♡
    4 weeks ago
    loomiar1018 ohh you are sooo sweet sis i will do that !!! ♥♥♥
    4 weeks ago
  11.      about sad
    Still can't see..
    4 weeks ago  
  12.      about sad
    Oh nooo I didn't win Infinite cd
    4 weeks ago  
  13.      about sad
    Ahh... why I didn't learn more in Korean than in Japanese?!
    4 weeks ago  
  14.      about sad
    Not having a great weekend, problems and moe problems
    4 weeks ago  
    Indra Ohhh cheers up!
    4 weeks ago
  15.      about sad
    I wish I could understand korean already, watching bride of century and couldnt understand all of it....(T.T)
    1 month ago  
    Sam I do the same Karla. I learn that way too
    1 month ago
    karla villalobos Is frustrating, lol
    1 month ago
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