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  1.      about sad
    the way you talk to me like i'm a stranger and avoid me..is worse than what karen did after everything
    7 hours ago  
    ●W▽termel0n● You're only thinking about yourself.
    I'm leaving, I don't have to take all this.
    6 hours ago
    Greig I'm not .. but also being accused of things that arent true.
    6 hours ago
  2.      about sad

    I had to cancel...
    Do not believe I forgot my appointment!
    I do not believe that I had an appointment!
    My only opportunity to go to Korea..
    7 days ago  
    Jio~지오  how things can go so right for me?!
    7 days ago
    연주 Sry to hear that, Jio
    7 days ago
  3.      about sad
    7 days ago  
    7 days ago
    Juhee why?
    7 days ago
  4.      about Sad
    Hey guys! Everyone doing well? I am so sad tonight. A 26 yr old girl I know passed away today. I am so heartsick. She was so beautiful and sweet. No mother should have to bury their child.
    1 week ago  
    1 week ago
    1 week ago
  5.      about sad
    I hate war
    2 weeks ago  
    2 weeks ago
  6.      about sad

    Died today one of the candidates for the presidency of Brazil!

    Can only be attack!
    He was the one who deserved to win the presidency.

    3 weeks ago  
    3 weeks ago
    Aisha  RIP
    3 weeks ago
  7.      about Sad
    Was thought of Singapore to have a weekend break ㅋㅋㅋ
    But I'm not sure
    3 weeks ago  
  8.      about sad
    No gif...
    My day is stopped
    3 weeks ago  
  9. Recommenders: IndraMex other 2
         about Sad

    Blossom's breakup was very sad yesterday.... breakups are hard. But my sister is taking me out today to get over things. Sisters always have your back. Time for some shopping... hopefully it will brighten up my mood...

    3 weeks ago  
    Indra That's great, is the best way to pass a breakup, enjoy your time girls! Btw pretty girls
    3 weeks ago
    Blossom @Mey Oh thank you Mey. I hope I will find myself soon. My MP family is always so sweet when I am upset. @Sam Yes! This is true!! When I am sad, I just shop for pretty stuff and hang out with my best friends. That always helps. @Indra Yes it is!! Thank you so much Indra I will try my best to be happy and move on from this!! Fighting!
    3 weeks ago
  10.      about sad
    So confuse
    4 weeks ago  
  11.      about sad
    Areli siempre me gana al estudiar, quiero ser como ella!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: *-*
    4 weeks ago  
  12. Recommender: m3y
         about sad
    I really wanna be part of the mexican navy :'(
    4 weeks ago  
    M3y:3~<@ Yup maybe you have another skills like singing,drawing,dancing ... It can be useful too
    4 weeks ago
    Bets yes, I'm thinking about it :D perhaps nurse... or teacher idk... btw... how old are you? I'm 18 y.o. cx
    4 weeks ago
  13.      about sad
    Drink hot milk to warm the throat...
    4 weeks ago  
    4 weeks ago
  14.      about sad
    I'm on my new home. I missed my old home already
    4 weeks ago  
    Zahra sis
    4 weeks ago
    Sam☆ Welcome to your new home, 카바깃! ~
    4 weeks ago
  15.      about Sad
    Sharing this song because i've heard some bad news lately. Some people have gone. Maybe i don't really know them well but it still made me startled to hear the news
    4 weeks ago  
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