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  1. Recommenders: samlad other 2
         about Slang
    돌직구 (Korean)
    absolutely straight words
    19 hours ago  
    M3y:3~<@  I see ~ ㅋㅋㅋI wish Indonesian words has slang kind to make short sentences like this
    19 hours ago
    Julia I do not understand. What are "absolutely straight words"? Can you use in a sentence?
    19 hours ago
  2. Recommenders: aira_pooh other 4
         about Sleep
    더 자 (Korean)
    Go back to sleep
    Deo Ja
    1 day ago  
  3. Recommenders: aira_pooh other 4
         about Sleep
    다 잤어? (Korean)
    Did you totally wake up?
    Da JaSSeo?
    1 day ago  
  4. Recommenders: wulan other 3
         about Sleep
    식구들은 다 잤어 (Korean)
    My family was sleeping (when I got home)
    SiKKuDeul-Eun Da JaSSeo
    1 day ago  
  5. Recommenders: wulan other 4
         about Sleep
    다 잤어 (Korean)
    I woke up ( no need to sleep more )
    Da JaSSeo
    1 day ago  
    Mika_h8 터키어 같아요
    1 day ago
  6. Recommenders: ElinYasGD other 2
         about Sleep
    집에 다 자요 (Korean)
    Everyone is sleeping in my home
    JiBe Da JaYo
    1 day ago  
    Mika_h8 I mean that but...
    1 day ago
  7. Recommenders: Nazgul other 3
         about Notice
    I just upgraded MP app for Android..
    What's new
    1. Hybrid app to Native app
    2. Network connection checking : This needed to upload PlayStore
    3. New icon
    Goal to upload PlayStore
    1. Supporting Navigation drawer : If you don't know, google it
    Upgrade plan
    1. Support settings in app
    2. Reading Notes in app
    3. Using more features in app
    Download&install : http://mindpasta.com/data/Mindpasta.apk
    2 days ago  
    연주 installed
    2 days ago
    산/Choi Soyeon :) I know Ryannim I was kidding 힘내
    2 days ago
  8. Recommenders: LouiseH other 1
         about Twitter

    1. connecting twitter
    - If you created normal account, you can connect to twitter in settings.
    2. invite twitter friends
    3. results
    * If you don't have many followers, I will replace my followers with yours.
    My followers are korean learners. Just ask me

    4 days ago  
    Lisa 리사 Yes, I can. I had to sign out and sign back in through Twitter.
    4 days ago
    Ryan kkk cool~
    4 days ago
  9. Recommenders: Nazgul other 4
         about FreeTime
    시간 있을 때 뭐 해? (Korean)
    What do you do in your free time?
    SiGan iSSeul TTae Mweo Hae?
    4 days ago  
    M3y:3~<@ I love to take pics as hobby ~ now starting to learn use a real
    Camera !!
    4 days ago
    Selen When i visit korea we could go to shoot everywhere
    4 days ago
  10. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 2
         about Girl
    괜찮은 여자 없어? (Korean)
    Can you think of any good girls?
    GwaenChaNeun YeoJa EopSSeo?
    5 days ago  
    5 days ago
    M3y:3~<@ ㅋㅋㅋ
    5 days ago
  11. Recommenders: m3y other 2
         about Kind
    난 그런 여자 아니야! (Korean)
    I'm not that kind of girl!
    Nan GeuReon YeoJa ANiYa!
    5 days ago  
    Sam He changed it!
    5 days ago
    5 days ago
  12. Recommenders: LouiseH other 2
         about Tip
    How to get used to MP when you are newbie!
    1. add some friends through "Find Friends" upper corner
    2. post anything even hello is okay!
    3. look your flowers on the left column and get a perfume from there
    4. post anything with "Rock Paper Scissors" button above text area. or join friend's game
    5. chat & enjoy to see result
    Enjoy MP~~
    5 days ago  
  13. Recommender: samlad
         about Korean
    수고했어! Good job! well done!
    1. When someone done his/her work.
    2. When someone failed his/her work but he/she did his/her best
    수고해! Good luck!
    1. When someone begins/does his/her work to cheer him/her up
    6 days ago  
    연주 수고했, 오빠 ㅋ
    6 days ago
    Ryan ㅋㅋㅋ 나야 항상~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    6 days ago
  14. Recommenders: nooddlesss other 1
         about Puss

    If you don't mind to beg pinks to your friends, use Puss feature (Orange Cat)
    We can use this feature when we only have less than 15 pinks.
    Don't be embarrassed using it~ kk

    6 days ago  
    Julia Newbies might feel shy to beg, but some folks at Mindpasta are perfume rich and are happy to share their wealth with new folks.
    6 days ago
    Selen I need it Now!!!
    6 days ago
  15. Recommenders: jrbeanie17 other 1
         about Pay
    카드 되나요? (Korean)
    Do you take credit cards?
    Card DwaeNaYo?
    6 days ago  
    Sam It's widely accepted all over world now! I carry both cash and credit card!
    6 days ago
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