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  1. Recommenders: ludybahia other 4
         about Test
    이번 주에 시험이 너무 많아.. (Korean)
    I have to many tests this week..
    i-beon ju-e si-heom-i neo-mu ma-na..
    1 day ago  
  2. Recommenders: Abigail other 3
         about Live
    거기에 한국인 얼마나 살아? or can switch 한국인 거기에 얼마나 살아?
    country name + 인 = people from a country
    한국인, 미국인, 칠레인, 캐나다인, 일본인, 중국인, 인도네시아인, 영국인....
    exception : 스페인사람 (Korean)
    How many Koreans live there?
    geo-gi-e han-gu-gin eol-ma-na sa-ra?
    1 day ago  
    Ryan @IchaB oops sorry.. typo
    1 day ago
    IchaB Ah ok its fine.
    1 day ago
  3. Recommender: westside
         about Eat
    처음 먹어 봤어 (Korean)
    It was my first time having it.
    cheo-eum meo-geo bwa-sseo
    1 day ago  
  4. Recommenders: Zahra other 1
         about Favorite
    내가 좋아하는 것(들) 중에 하나야 (Korean)
    It was one of my favorites.
    nae-ga jo-a-ha-neun geot(deul) jung-e ha-na-ya
    1 day ago  
  5. Recommenders: sab_riin other 5
         about Korean
    Verb + 은/는/ㄴ/기/ ~는 것
    As we know 은/는/이/가 of noun + 은/는/이/가 was postposition for subject as usual.
    btw we use Verb+은/는/ㄴ/기 too.
    Let's see what's different.
    1. verb+은 : This makes verb as past to express past status.
    ex) 내가 빵을 이미 먹은 후였다. : It was the time after I already had the bread.
    2. verb+는/ㄴ : This makes verb as be+ing to express current status.
    ex) 내가 빵을 먹는 중이다 : I'm eating bread.
    3. verb+기/ ~는 것 : This makes verb as noun
    ex) 빵을 먹기/먹는 것 : eating bread was hard.
    2 days ago  
    2 days ago
    Ryan 2 is the present progressive form but 3 is just a noun form
    2 days ago
  6. Recommenders: ElinYasGD other 1
         about Notice

    If you use Mindpasta App, check Push notification status in settings.

    2 days ago  
    2 days ago
    noor Thank you
    21 hours ago
  7. Recommenders: Abigail other 1
         about MpSearch
    A. To find grammar tips of mine, you should know how to search them.
    1. move to ryan's page ( http://mindpasta.com/sns/?thinker=ryan )
    2. search with Korean + & + keyword ( example : Korean&지냈어 )
    then MP will show you my grammar tips include 지냈어
    B. Advanced searching
    If you want to find a Mind of yours or friends's, then follow this way.
    1. move to your page (you can go there with clicking your name) or friend's page
    2. search mind
    3 days ago  
    WAHTAHMELON copy thanks
    3 days ago
  8. Recommenders: ellyn other 2
         about KoreanFood

    famous chicken foods in Korea
    1. 프라이드 치킨 or just 치킨
    2. 양념치킨 or 양념통닭
    3. 교촌 or 교촌치킨 This is just a brand of company but it has different taste by itself
    4. 마늘치킨 or 마늘통닭
    5. 파닭
    6. 훈제치킨

    3 days ago  
    Hanna-Riikka I'm hungry now.
    3 days ago
    WAHTAHMELON I like all
    3 days ago
  9. Recommenders: LovelyNika other 4
         about QuizEvent

    21th Ryan's QuizEvent
    This event for releasing of MP app on AppStore~
    If you got answer right, choose an empty place in RPS battleground!
    RPS game here : http://mindpasta.com/event/
    Prize for winner : MP t-shirt
    *Notice : I won't wait for so long to fighter's participate in so if you got answer right or win the any rounds, plz hurry up to play your turn or I will skip you.
    Quiz : 별에서 온 그대의 촬영지였던 이 절벽의 이름은?
    Hint: name of actor & actress in the drama
    *** Ah, I just have few MpT-shirts now so don't attend to the game if you have one already! sorry~~~

    1. 천도절벽
    2. 낭떠러지
    3. 송도
    4. 프레케스톨렌
    4 days ago  
    Ryan okay.. I will change the quiz soon
    2 days ago
    Sam 박셔린 How come nobody's playing?
    2 days ago
  10. Recommenders: LouiseH other 8
         about Notice

    yay!! We have MP app on AppStore now!!

    4 days ago  
    강젠나 Yay! Congrats.
    3 days ago
    Omayma Congratulations Ryan
    3 days ago
  11. Recommender: ellyn
         about quizEvent

    I just sent MP T-shirt to Monique

    4 days ago  
    Kim Bo Ra Wahhhh thats my first time.seeing whole korean receipt
    4 days ago
    아비 Lucky Monique!
    4 days ago
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         about MpFamily
    If you are an active family, want to be active family or want more friends, reply here then I will add you in the post!
    Country & Username please~
    Feel free to add if you are not friends
    Korea: ryan, Girl_yoonaaa
    Canada: samlad
    Philippines: azure, Abigail, ellyn, Djaravive, eunhyoonique, gorjuzangelove, elaine2988
    Mexico: sakuraboice,IndraMex
    USA: crystal__kiwi, lequiet, Blossom, Clover2124, Miyuki03159, reina131, LovelyNika, MeeYunCho, Valentine, Julia, me-tal_Angel
    Malaysia: akma_ssi, nisa97
    South Africa : LouiseH
    Finland: DoNichiArt
    Indonesia : 1013Melody
    Ukraine: OliaLt
    Jordan: Zahra
    Poland: mrsim00, overEXOdose
    Algeria: selma
    Thailand: yjgift, thkriss
    China: soyeonfan, Anwei
    Syria: ayaty
    Palestine: noor
    Egypt: esraa_822
    UK: Jaeyoh
    Morocco: oumiixaset, ElinYasGD
    Turkey: Mika_ist08
    Croatia: seofairy
    Hong Kong: Kwanning0606
    Brazil: letsyeah, Brenda, ludybahia, Stephanie_Mak
    Chile: Consuelo
    Argentina: judith
    Tunisia: sab_riin, bibo
    Iraq: dyelfiaaljaff
    India: kanthiELF
    4 days ago  
    Lila Singapore : Lila & Emma Yazid (엠마)
    5 hours ago
    NadiaCristine Brazil NadiaCristine
    4 hours ago
  13. Recommender: samlad
         about Plot
    무슨 속셈이야? (Korean)
    What is the catch?
    mu-seun sok-ssem-i-ya?
    4 days ago  
    Sam 박셔린 Tell them that's there's no catch, oppa And that you're just trying to create a friendly community of Korean language learners
    4 days ago
    Ryan good answer!!
    4 days ago
  14. Recommenders: IndraMex other 1
         about WillBe
    저건 곰일 거야 (Korean)
    That will be a bear
    jeo-geon gom-il kkeo-ya
    4 days ago  
    박 효린 감사합니다, that really helps me understand better where it goes in the sentence
    4 days ago
  15. Recommender: samlad
         about WillBe
    그건 책일 거야 (Korean)
    It will be a book
    geu-geon chae-gil kkeo-ya
    4 days ago  
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