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  1. Recommenders: Zahra other 3
         about Take
    거기까지 데려다 줄게 (Korean)
    I will take you there
    GeoGiKKaJi DeRyeoDa JulKKe
    1 hour ago  
    Ryan 에 데려다 제주 해주세요 : 제주(도)에 데려다 주세요
    저도 가고 싶어요~
    1 hour ago
    권야스민 오 감사합니다 oppa let's go there
    1 hour ago
  2. Recommenders: Lisa other 2
         about Eat
    혼자 다 먹을 수 있어? (Korean)
    Can you eat all of them out?
    HonJa Da MeoGeul SSu iSSeo?
    7 hours ago  
    삼이~~~♡ ...I didn't eat them, I made them into a drink~
    7 hours ago
  3. Recommenders: m3y other 6
         about Notice
    okay on 11 pm tonight in Korea, there will be a big perfume giveaways you never seen to celebrate first MP app! Join and get your perfumes!
    Thank you for joining MP family!
    Download. Rate. Leave Review. Share. Enjoy Mind Pasta!
    link from Sam
    2 days ago  
    어떻게든`널`잊어보려`했어♡ Twin, mishulots! Btw, you've got a lovely story to tell~~~
    1 day ago
    Indra @Twin miss you too!!!!
    1 day ago
  4. Recommenders: jana other 17
         about Notice

    Install Mindpasta app for Android on your phone now!
    I will be happy if you leave review and give 5 stars there! <3
    Help me to translate this! This will appear on Playstore later~
    MindPasta is an interactive site where you can learn languages & play lots games
    Mindpasta is a fun social networking website.
    We can post anything and share with friends. It has a lot of simple mini social games that can be played in user's own timeline when posting. Some other interesting features can be found as well.
    These features help users to share their emotions and make their posts personalized.
    Mindpasta encourages users to interact with friends which makes them feel closer.
    Feel free to join us!

    2 days ago  
    Kitta (◕ܫ◕ღ) You're welcome
    5 hours ago
    Ryan @Kitta check msg~~
    5 hours ago
  5. Recommenders: samlad other 4
         about Notice

    I just uploaded MP app on Playstore. It will take several times to apply on the store

    2 days ago  
    Ryan @Lisa thanks~ will work harder~~
    2 days ago
    youngining 오빠짱!
    2 days ago
  6.      about Bookmark
    2 days ago  
  7. Recommenders: samlad other 2
         about Slang
    돌직구 (Korean)
    absolutely straight words
    3 days ago  
    M3y:3~<@  I see ~ ㅋㅋㅋI wish Indonesian words has slang kind to make short sentences like this
    3 days ago
    Julia I do not understand. What are "absolutely straight words"? Can you use in a sentence?
    3 days ago
  8. Recommenders: aira_pooh other 4
         about Sleep
    더 자 (Korean)
    Go back to sleep
    Deo Ja
    4 days ago  
  9. Recommenders: aira_pooh other 4
         about Sleep
    다 잤어? (Korean)
    Did you totally wake up?
    Da JaSSeo?
    4 days ago  
  10. Recommenders: wulan other 3
         about Sleep
    식구들은 다 잤어 (Korean)
    My family was sleeping (when I got home)
    SiKKuDeul-Eun Da JaSSeo
    4 days ago  
  11. Recommenders: wulan other 4
         about Sleep
    다 잤어 (Korean)
    I woke up ( no need to sleep more )
    Da JaSSeo
    4 days ago  
    Mika_h8 터키어 같아요
    4 days ago
  12. Recommenders: ElinYasGD other 2
         about Sleep
    집에 다 자요 (Korean)
    Everyone is sleeping in my home
    JiBe Da JaYo
    4 days ago  
    Mika_h8 I mean that but...
    4 days ago
  13. Recommenders: Nazgul other 3
         about Notice
    I just upgraded MP app for Android..
    What's new
    1. Hybrid app to Native app
    2. Network connection checking : This needed to upload PlayStore
    3. New icon
    Goal to upload PlayStore
    1. Supporting Navigation drawer : If you don't know, google it
    Upgrade plan
    1. Support settings in app
    2. Reading Notes in app
    3. Using more features in app
    Download&install : http://mindpasta.com/data/Mindpasta.apk
    4 days ago  
    연주 installed
    4 days ago
    산/Choi Soyeon :) I know Ryannim I was kidding 힘내
    4 days ago
  14. Recommenders: LouiseH other 1
         about Twitter

    1. connecting twitter
    - If you created normal account, you can connect to twitter in settings.
    2. invite twitter friends
    3. results
    * If you don't have many followers, I will replace my followers with yours.
    My followers are korean learners. Just ask me

    6 days ago  
    Lisa 리사 Yes, I can. I had to sign out and sign back in through Twitter.
    6 days ago
    Ryan kkk cool~
    6 days ago
  15. Recommenders: Nazgul other 4
         about FreeTime
    시간 있을 때 뭐 해? (Korean)
    What do you do in your free time?
    SiGan iSSeul TTae Mweo Hae?
    7 days ago  
    M3y:3~<@ I love to take pics as hobby ~ now starting to learn use a real
    Camera !!
    7 days ago
    Selen When i visit korea we could go to shoot everywhere
    7 days ago
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