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         about NoMore
    더 없어? (Korean)
    No more?
    deo eop-sseo?
    2 days ago  
    Ryan or can be 끝이야?
    2 days ago
  2. Recommender: reemoo4095
         about ㅓㅁ시시간
    3 days ago  
    Icha Enjoy no emeralds any more.
    3 days ago
    연주 즐점
    3 days ago
  3. Recommender: ASeeL_BF
         about Korean
    Verb +
    ~할 수도 있다 : I'm not sure if I do
    ex: 나는 그걸 할 수도 있다 (그러나 안 할 수도 있다)
    ~할 지도 모르겠다/모른다 : I'm not sure if someone will do
    ex: 영수가 그걸 할 지도 모르겠다
    ~할(을) 텐데 : Hope something happened then will be good
    ex: 영수가 그걸 하면 좋을텐데..
    ~해야 될/할 텐데 : someone should do.....
    ex: 영수가 그걸 해야 할 텐데..
    Verb be +
    ~일 수도 있다: It can be
    ex: 그게 사자일 수도 있다.
    ~일 지도 모르겠다/모른다 : I'm not sure but it could be
    ex: 그게 사자일 지도 모르겠다
    ~일 텐데 : it will be
    ex: 그게 사자일 텐데..
    5 days ago  
    Ryan yup~
    5 days ago
    Alexandra Wonderful! Just what I needed. Thank you again!
    5 days ago
  4.      about Schedule
    Wake up at 5am -> off to airport at 6am -> get to airport at 7am -> board on a flight at 8am -> get to Jeju island at 9am -> attend to a meeting at 10 am -> board on a flight at 1630pm -> get to Seoul at 1730pm
    5 days ago  
    lalaland3 @ryan wow tough schedule. 화이팅! ㅎ
    5 days ago
    Mariz Wow! so busy! Take care.
    5 days ago
  5.      about Work
    그거 돼? (Korean)
    Does it work?
    geu-geo dwae?
    6 days ago  
    Ryan mm HTC? Hope you like it
    6 days ago
    reemoo4095 htc i have .. no problem and very responding phone
    6 days ago
  6. Recommender: danielleraschx
         about Flight
    여덟시 비행기야. (Korean)
    I will be taking 08:00 flight
    yeo-deol(b)-ssi bi-haeng-gi-ya
    6 days ago  
  7. Recommenders: samlad other 7
         about 엽기적인그녀
    Have you watched this movie?
    This is very nice old romantic comedy movie in Korea
    Main actor and actress are 차태현 & 전지현
    I strongly recommend to watch this
    6 days ago  
    연주 That's why we said you should've come!
    5 days ago
    Greig But i was busy that time cause of uni nowi can kk
    5 days ago
  8. Recommenders: yjgift other 3
         about 신승훈
    I believe
    6 days ago  
    연주 one of the very first Korean songs I heard kkk
    6 days ago
    Ryan 오늘 착착 달라붙네..
    6 days ago
  9. Recommenders: yjgift other 2
         about MpTip

    Sammy's google ads is published now!
    How it works :
    1. Create google adsense
    2. confirming from google.
    3. Insert adsense script in your own learning page by Ryan
    4. visitors click Sammy's google ads
    5. google saves little money at Sammy's account
    6. When the money reached to $100, google will send the money to Sammy
    If the page can be popular, it will give some pocket money.
    Don't expect much money...

    7 days ago  
    Ellyn oppa I think it's the same mail but mine was saying they rejected me TT_TT
    6 days ago
    Sam Ellyn, was there any explanation as to why it was rejected? Maybe your application was just lacking some information?
    6 days ago
  10. Recommenders: judith other 9
         about Korean
    먹다 Vs 들다 Vs 식사하다 Vs 진지 들다 & 잡수다
    These words have same meaning about "to eat" but usage is different.
    1.먹다 : usual expression. We can use this for formal and informal
    formal : 아침 먹었어요 / informal : 아침 먹었어
    2. 들다 : normally pick up but formal way of 먹다 around meal time to older people.
    아침 드셨어요? : Did you have a breakfast?
    점심 드셨어요? : Did you have a lunch?
    저녁 드셨어요? : Did you have a dinner?
    3. 식사하다 : formal way of 먹다
    식사하셨어요? : Did you have a meal? (We use this word for breakfast, lunch, dinner)
    4. 진지 들다 & 잡수다 : high level of formal way to older people but we don't use this expression that much.
    어머니, 진지 드셨어요? : mother, did you have a meal?
    어머니, 진지 잡수셨어요? : mother, did you have a meal?
    1 week ago  
    1 week ago
    amira11 perfect
    7 days ago
  11. Recommenders: coffeecupcloset other 5
         about Greeting
    즐거운 하루 보내! (Korean)
    Have a good/wonderful day!
    jeul-geo-un ha-ru bo-nae!
    1 week ago  
    amira11 즐거운 하루 보내
    7 days ago
    JihiKarisuma 안녕하세요 여기에 새로운 오전 우리 친구하자! 즐거운 하루 보내!
    6 days ago
  12.      about Korean
    I have pain on my finger of left hand today. Which one?
    Hint : 네 번째 손가락
    1. thumb
    2. index finger
    3. middle finger
    4. ring finger
    1 week ago  
    Ryan 자고 일어났더니 아파요~
    1 week ago
    Sam 통풍, 관절염? 고통스러울 거야
    1 week ago
  13. Recommenders: samlad other 1
         about Korean
    곧 Vs 빨리
    1. 곧
    - something is going to be happened
    ex: 곧 비가 올 것 같다.(It will rain soon)
    - someone should/will do something soon
    ex: 숙제를 곧 시작해야겠다.. (I'm going to do my assignment soon)
    2. 빨리
    - someone (should) do/finish something quickly/ASAP
    ex: 빨리 먹어! ( eat ASAP! )
    1 week ago  
  14. Recommenders: amira11 other 3
         about Destination
    목적지에 거의 다 왔어 (Korean)
    I almost got to the destination
    mok-jjeok-jji-e geo-eui da wa-sseo
    1 week ago  
    Naruko Got to
    1 week ago
    Ryan Ah!!!
    1 week ago
  15. Recommenders: samlad other 7
         about Korean
    반말 Vs 존댓말
    A. 존댓말 has respects, manners in the words so we use these words to older people, strangers, group of people (no matter with age this case), and colleagues
    most of case of 존댓말 has 요,ㅂ니다 that end of 반말
    ex: 반말: 반가워 , 존댓말: 반가워요 / 반말: 고마워, 존댓말:고마워요
    B. 반말 is used among close people as family, friends, or to young people(not stranger).
    First of all we use 존댓말 till we feel close. It's no matter with age but if it has too big age gap, I recommend to use 존댓말.
    반말 makes people feel close so after became friends we use 반말 as always.
    So learn 반말 first and after learn how to make 존댓말 (반말+요)
    That's easy. isn't it?
    2 weeks ago  
    Jasmine Yay I'm not alone!
    2 weeks ago
    시리나 저는 처음에 존댓말을 배웠고 일반적으로 사용해서 반말을 하는게 아직 조금 어색해요 ㅠㅠ
    1 week ago
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