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  1.      about Korean
    English words that using in Korean
    애프터 서비스(A/S) : Warranty
    SNS(Social Networking Service) : Social meida
    SkinShip : Physical contact (touching)
    Sline : 'S' shape of women's body as coke bottle
    BJ : broadcasting jockey as DJ
    2 hours ago  
    Ryan What about you?
    2 hours ago
    Crystal (수정) Ummm um um a human and I'm a girl
    2 hours ago
  2.      about Korean
    Fill in the blank with proper word
    사과가 ( ).
    1. 달다
    2. 짜다
    3. 맵다
    4. 시다
    3 hours ago  
    3 hours ago
    2 hours ago
  3. Recommender: lequiet
         about What
    그거 알아? (Korean)
    You know what?
    geu-geo a-ra?
    6 hours ago  
  4. Recommender: ElinYasGD
         about Sick
    좋아지고 있어 / 나아지고 있어 (Korean)
    I'm on the mend
    jo-a-ji-go i-sseo / na-a-ji-go i-sseo
    6 hours ago  
  5.      about Bookmark
    19 hours ago  
  6.      about AndroidApp
    안드로이드앱을 제대로 공부해 봐야지..
    22 hours ago  
  7.      about Korean
    English words that using in Korean
    헬스 : gym
    볼펜 : ballpoint pen
    매직 : marker
    개그맨/개그우먼 : comedian
    싸인 : autograph
    니트 : sweater
    원피스 : dress
    워커 : boots
    후드티 : hoodie
    맨투맨 : sweat shirt
    사이다 : sprite
    캐미 : chemistry
    원룸 : studio
    1 day ago  
    Ellyn Ahh Konglish words!!!
    20 hours ago
  8.      about Rain
    비 맞는 거 싫어.. (Korean)
    I hate being caught in the rain
    bi man-neun geo si-reo..
    1 day ago  
    최야스권 okay going to check
    thanks you
    1 day ago
  9. Recommender: ElinYasGD
         about Luck
    내가 그렇지 뭐.. (Korean)
    That's my luck..
    nae-ga geu-reo-chi mweo...
    1 day ago  
  10.      about Chromebook
    오.. 집에 있는 구형 노트북에 설치해 봐야지...
    3 days ago  
  11.      about WonderWoman
    Must watch!!!
    3 days ago  
  12. Recommenders: ajvictoria other 4
         about Korean
    English words that using in Korean
    노트북 : laptop
    선글라스 or 선글래스 : sunglasses
    라디오 : radio
    아이스크림 : ice cream
    쎄일 : discount
    가스 : gas not gasoline
    리모콘 : remote controller
    에어컨/에어콘 : air conditioner
    버스 : bus
    택시 : taxi
    게임(kke-im) : game
    컴퓨터 : Desktop
    팬티 : underpants
    쥬스 : juice
    테이크아웃 : takeout
    피자 : pizza
    콜라 : coke
    커피 : coffee
    넥타이 : necktie
    햄버거 : burger
    잉크 : ink
    5 days ago  
    최야스권 샤워
    5 days ago
    Emmli 카메라 camera
    셀카 self cam (selfie)
    5 days ago
  13. Recommender: ElinYasGD
         about Korean
    그게 뭐였지? and 그게 뭐였어?
    when we ask something to yourself or someone
    그게 뭐였지? What was that/it?
    you can use this question to yourself or someone
    A: 그게 뭐였지?
    B: 나도 몰라(I don't know..)
    A: 그게 뭐였지?
    A: 기억이 안 나...(I don't remember..)
    그게 뭐였어? What was that/it?
    you can use this question to someone
    A: 그게 뭐였어?
    B: 나도 몰라 (Korean)
    5 days ago  
    Sammy Thanks~~
    5 days ago
    Ryan Thank you for pink?
    5 days ago
  14. Recommenders: ElinYasGD other 1
         about Sing
    매미가 시끄럽게 운다 (Korean)
    Cicadas are singing loudly
    mae-mi-ga si-kkeu-reop-kke un-da
    5 days ago  
  15. Recommender: DoNichiArt
         about Koreanwords

    매미(mae-mi) : Cicada

    5 days ago  
    Emmli Cicadas are fatter and have longer wings while crickets are long and have longer legs. Theh also make different sounds too I'm pretty sure.
    5 days ago
    Lyra 김리세 Oooh. Thaaanks! haha!
    5 days ago
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