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  1. Recommender: noor
         about SeatBelt
    벨트 맸어? (Korean)
    Did you fasten your seat belt?
    belt mae-sseo?
    9 hours ago  
  2.      about SeatBelt
    벨트 매! (Korean)
    Fasten your seat belt!
    belt mae
    9 hours ago  
  3.      about SeatBelt
    안전벨트를 착용해주세요 (Korean)
    Plz fasten your seat belt
    an-jeon-belt-reul cha-gyong-hae-ju-se-yo
    9 hours ago  
  4. Recommenders: Dasuri other 1
         about Cinema
    지금 극장이야! or 지금 극장에 있어.
    - 극장 or 영화관(yeong-hwa-gwan) (Korean)
    I'm at the movies right now.
    ji-geum geuk-jjang-i-ya or ji-geum geuk-jjang-e-i-sseo
    17 hours ago  
    Anwei Thanks alina and oppa
    17 hours ago
    Dasuri NeyKiiry Torres Thank you very much!! ^_^
    1 hour ago
  5. Recommenders: samlad other 1
         about Snow
    거기 눈 와? (Korean)
    Is it snowing there?
    geo-gi nun wa?
    18 hours ago  
    Sam 박셔린~♥ It's not snowing here right now, oppa;)
    18 hours ago
  6. Recommender: NanaSouza
         about Snow
    거기 눈 왔어? (Korean)
    Is it snowed there?
    geo-gi nun wa-sseo?
    18 hours ago  
    Ryan ah.. was I wrong???
    18 hours ago
    Sam 박셔린~♥ Or "is it snowing there?"
    18 hours ago
  7. Recommenders: samlad other 1
         about Sony
    a7II 5-axis image stabilization
    3 days ago  
  8. Recommender: LouiseH
         about 마마무
    피아노맨 - 마마무
    4 days ago  
  9.      about KoreanSentence
    Let's make Korean sentence with these words.
    먹다, 먹는다, 드신다
    아빠, 동생, 언니
    6 days ago  
    CarAmel ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀ 아빠랑 언니랑 동생랑 빵을 같이 먹어요...
    6 days ago
    Rupam 아빠가 동생과 언니와 같이 빵을 드신다 .
    6 days ago
  10. Recommenders: kathyv25 other 1
         about Awesome
    Animator Vs Animation IV
    7 days ago  
    wendy Kkkk
    7 days ago
    MyBrandhon Ohh cool O:
    7 days ago
  11. Recommenders: ericka other 8
         about Notice

    Please Share Ryan's Learning Korean Resources on Twitter.
    How to use it.
    1. If you signed in with twitter you will see this button.
    2. Click it whenever you want.
    3. Ryan's one of learning resources go to twitter as random.

    7 days ago  
    Malu-Lee Wow! I love it! ~~
    7 days ago
    wendy wow yes yes
    7 days ago
  12. Recommenders: samlad other 4
         about Use
    그거 어떻게 써? (Korean)
    How do I use it?
    geu-geo eo-tteo-ke sseo?
    1 week ago  
  13. Recommenders: sweet_hana other 1
         about Korean
    양성모음 and 음성모음 (positive vowel and negative vowel)
    양성모음 : ㅏ ㅗ ㅑ ㅛ ㅘ ㅙ ㅒ
    음성모음 : ㅓ ㅜ ㅕ ㅠ ㅝ ㅞ ㅖ ㅢ
    중성모음 : ㅣ
    It affects some changing word. Let's look how it affects.
    양성모음 : ㅏ of 빠 : 빠르다 -> 빨라 : 르다 changed as ㄹ라
    음성모음 : ㅓ of 부 :부르다 -> 불러 : 르다 changed as ㄹ러
    양성모음 : ㅗ of 모 : 모르다 -> 몰라 : 르다 changed as ㄹ라
    음성모음 : ㅜ of 구 : 구르다 -> 굴러 : 르다 changed as ㄹ러
    1 week ago  
    Greig ˙ ͜ʟ˙ Oh~ thank you Ryan
    1 week ago
    Ryan you're welcome~~
    1 week ago
  14. Recommenders: samlad other 1
         about Subway
    가까운 지하철역이 어디죠?(예요?) (Korean)
    Where is the subway station around here?
    ga-kka-un ji-ha-cheol-yeo-gi eo-di-jyo?(ye-yo?)
    2 weeks ago  
  15. Recommenders: samlad other 2
         about Transfer
    갈아타다(transfer public transportation)
    2호선으로 갈아타! (Korean)
    Transfer the line 2!
    i-ho-seon-eu-ro ga-ra-ta!
    2 weeks ago  
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