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  1. Recommenders: samlad other 4
         about Korean
    기분이 꿀꿀해
    꿀꿀 is a sound of pig. you probably listened this in a song 돼지는 꿀꿀~ ㅎㅎ
    anyway when we are in the blue, we say 좀 우울해 or 좀 꿀꿀해 means I'm a bit feeling down
    6 hours ago  
    Ryan I'm okay~
    6 hours ago
    엘리사 파올라 진짜요? 괜찮아요?
    6 hours ago
  2.      about Bookmark
    1 day ago  
  3. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 2
         about Meal
    많이 먹었어? Literally "Did you have something a lot?" We use this after meal often.
    This has meaning of "How was meal? Hope you ate enough..' (Korean)
    How was meal? Hope you ate enough
    MaNi MeoGeoSSeo?
    2 days ago  
    2 days ago
    Sam☆ The pizzas were great! Yes, I think everyone had more than enough, thanks~
    2 days ago
  4. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 3
         about What
    도대체 뭐야? / 뭐야 도대체!! (Korean)
    What the hell!!
    DoDaeChe MweoYa? / MweoYa DoDaeChe!!
    2 days ago  
    Sam☆ Neither have I
    2 days ago
    연주 I see it as wth
    2 days ago
  5. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 4
         about Eat
    조금밖에 안 먹었어 / 조금(만) 먹었어 (Korean)
    I just have a little~!
    JoGeumBaKKe An MeoGeoSSeo / JoGeum(Man) MeoGeoSSeo
    2 days ago  
    AnaNadhirah2 How many people was been here?
    2 days ago
  6. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 4
         about HowMany
    (너) 얼마나 먹었어? (Korean)
    How many (foods/meal...) did you have?
    (Neo) EolMaNa MeoGeoSSeo?
    2 days ago  
    AnaNadhirah2 YES.correct..dictionary is good!
    2 days ago
    Sam☆ I had 1 & a half slices of pizza. 1 pepperoni and half of chicken and cheese.
    2 days ago
  7. Recommenders: KethrynEvelynn other 3
         about HowTo
    어떻게 발음하는 지 몰라 (Korean)
    I don't know how to pronounce it
    EoTTeoKe BaReumHaNeun Ji Mol-Ra
    2 days ago  
  8. Recommenders: Hika_Hika other 1
         about Both
    둘 다! (Korean)
    Dul Da!
    3 days ago  
  9. Recommenders: ayaty other 2
         about Rest
    아마 쉬고 있을 거야.. (Korean)
    They/She/He may get some rest..
    A-Ma SwiGo iSSeul KKeoYa..
    6 days ago  
    Sam☆ We're back! We're recharged!
    6 days ago
    6 days ago
  10. Recommenders: Nally other 3
         about Korean
    어떻게 지내세요? (How have you been?)
    We use this greeting when we met someone who we already known been a while after you met her/him.
    If you met someone for the first time, you can say 만나서, 반갑습니다. or casually 반가워(요)
    6 days ago  
  11. Recommender: Hika_Hika
         about 너목들
    너의 목소리가 들려 3화
    7 days ago  
    Mey ~<@ I see .. Me too I had promise to yuna to watch it ~
    7 days ago
    Sunshine It's a nice drama with the lovely Jong Suk
    7 days ago
  12. Recommenders: m3y other 1
         about Try
    노력 중이야 (Korean)
    I'm trying
    NoRyeok JJung-iYa
    7 days ago  
    Lisa 리사 Estoy tratando de aprender español Spanish
    7 days ago
    Lisa 리사 (Spanish) "Trato de aprender español" (I believe if not doing it at the time asked).
    7 days ago
  13. Recommenders: IndraMex other 2
         about Work
    거의 다 했다!! (Korean)
    Almost done!!
    Geo-Eui Da HaeTTa!!
    7 days ago  
    Sam☆ Yay!!!
    7 days ago
  14. Recommenders: samlad other 1
         about Buy
    아이스크림 사 줘!(formal:주세요!) (Korean)
    Buy me an ice cream!
    ice cream Sa Jweo!(formal:JuSeYo!)
    7 days ago  
    May 아이스크림 사 줘! ㅋㅋㅋ
    7 days ago
    Ryan 오백원!!
    7 days ago
  15. Recommenders: IndraMex other 2
         about Buy
    그거 왜 샀어? (Korean)
    Why did you buy it?
    GeuGeo Wae SaSSeo?
    7 days ago  
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