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         about Cooking
    소고기김밥 만드는 중이야 / 소고김밥 만들고 있어 (Korean)
    I'm cooking 소고기김밥
    so-go-gi-gim-bbap man-deu-neun jung-i-ya so-go-gi-gim-bbap man-deul-go i-sseo
    4 hours ago  
    Sufranto Tjong "만들고 있어" basically means "I'm making" right?
    2 hours ago
    연주 오빠가? 지금?
    17 minutes ago
  2.      about Tired
    아~ 배고파~~~~~~ 빨리 가서 밥먹자!!
    16 hours ago  
    Jenan i lost all of them in the games
    16 hours ago
    lila eat a lot
    16 hours ago
  3. Recommenders: ShinHyeSeok other 1
         about Tired
    눈이 빠질 것 같다 (Korean)
    I feel like my eyes will come out
    nu-ni ppa-jil geo ga-tta
    16 hours ago  
    noor Take a nap when you get home
    16 hours ago
    Ryan Yup! *running*
    16 hours ago
  4. Recommenders: ShinHyeSeok other 3
         about Fast
    너무 빨라! (Korean)
    too fast!
    neo-mu ppal-ra!
    20 hours ago  
    Monique 그래. 재 씨가 너무 빨라. ㅋㅋㅋ
    20 hours ago
  5. Recommender: eunhyoonique
         about Health
    건강이 일보다 중요해 (Korean)
    Health is more important than work
    geon-gang-i il-bo-da jung-yo-hae
    20 hours ago  
    Monique 그렇지! 오빠 이것을 기억해요 네? ㅋㅋㅋ
    20 hours ago
    Ryan will try~
    20 hours ago
  6.      about Coffee
    (나는) 하루에 커피 네 잔 마셔 (Korean)
    I drink 4 cups of coffee a day
    (na-neun) ha-ru-e coffee ne jan ma-shyeo
    24 hours ago  
  7. Recommender: Abigail
         about CreateAccount
    How to create an account from Korean bank in Korea.
    * You will need Alien Registration Card & passport
    1. Create Alien Registration Card
    a. You must have visa and it's allowed first 90 days after entrance
    b. Visit immigration office ( you can contact there before you go : tel 1345 )
    * you have to prepare your passport, 1 passport photo of yours, 30,000 won
    2. Create account from the bank.
    a. visit near bank in the city with Alien Registration Card & passport
    2 days ago  
  8. Recommenders: samlad other 2
         about Eat
    혼자 먹으면 안 돼! / 혼자 먹지 마! (Korean)
    Don't eat alone!
    hon-ja meo-geu-myeon an dwae / hon-ja meok-jji ma!
    3 days ago  
    3 days ago
  9. Recommender: samlad
         about Have
    사진 있어? / 사진 갖고 있어? (Korean)
    Do you have a photo?
    sa-jin i-sseo? / sa-jin ga-kko i-sseo?
    3 days ago  
  10.      about Bookmark
    부트스트랩 한글버전이 있었네..
    7 days ago  
    AngryShark Congrat! @ryan
    7 days ago
  11. Recommenders: Abigail other 3
         about Korean
    ~까지 가요 : we use this phrase when we talk about destination
    Taxi driver : 어디까지 가요?
    Passenger : 서울까지 가요
    Stranger on your trip : 어디까지 가세요?
    You : 서울까지 가요
    Or we can just answer ~에 가요 / ~까지요
    7 days ago  
    Kelly Anaya is this correct?
    서울까지 갔어요.
    3 days ago
    Ryan @Kelly yea if someone ask you some situation like race thingy?? mm If your mom ask you 데이빗은 어디까지 갔니? (Where is davit now?/Where is davit going?) while you watching rally. You can answer ~까지 갔어요.
    mm understand?
    3 days ago
  12. Recommenders: Jaymarins other 1
         about QuizEvent

    Thank you for joining my 21st QuizEvent and congrats for the winner!
    Winner is http://mindpasta.com/sns/?thinker=Consuelo

    1 week ago  
    asbestime Congrats ^_^
    1 week ago
    1 week ago
  13.      about Korean
    Eh? I didn't know this video!!
    보고 싶었어!
    1 week ago  
    최야스권 easy part hhhhhhhhhh eo wasso siposo
    1 week ago
    차나연 (Emma) Heheh! So cute
    1 week ago
  14. Recommenders: CarolinAna20 other 2
         about BigDay
    내일은 중요한 날이야 (Korean)
    tomorrow is a big day
    nae-i-reun jung-yo-han na-ri-ya
    2 weeks ago  
  15. Recommenders: seventyandthree other 4
         about WellDone
    잘 했어! (Korean)
    Well done!
    jal haw-sseo!
    2 weeks ago  
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