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  1. Recommenders: samlad other 2
         about SadMorning
    We lost many beautiful boys and girls yesterday in the cold sea in Korea. I imagine how they were scared in the cold dark sea. Police and people are still working to rescue. Hope they can rescue more than yesterday... So sad morning..
    3 days ago  
    Hanna-Riikka What a tragedy... I pray and hope that they can rescue as many as possible!
    3 days ago
    Orvokki *hug*
    3 days ago
  2.      about Pray
    A passenger ship in Korea has foundered on a rock this morning. Many of them were high school students in 495 people. They were heading to Jeju island for school trip. Currently 164 people were saved. Pray for them.
    4 days ago  
    CC 지 은 God be with them
    4 days ago
    엘리사 파올라 I saw this news
    3 days ago
  3.      about Facebook
    이번데도 잘 가는 지 한 번 보자구~
    4 days ago  
    Ryan 이번에도 ;;
    4 days ago
  4. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 1
         about Korean
    We can make "," with noun+랑 in real conversation.
    If vowel is end letter of noun : noun+랑
    If consonant is end letter of noun : noun+이랑
    사과랑 배랑 수박이랑 귤 주세요 = 사과, 배, 수박 그리고 귤 주세요
    We can use ~하고 also
    사과하고 배하고 수박하고 귤 주세요
    4 days ago  
  5.      about Facebook
    이번엔 꼭 잡고야 말테닷!!
    Did 'nada' steal ryan's Emerald?
    4 days ago  
    m3y 유리 Kk sorry
    4 days ago
    Aisha kkkkkk
    4 days ago
  6.      about Facebook
    이거 없이도 잘 가나 보자!
    4 days ago  
  7.      about Facebook
    오늘도 집에 일찍 가야해~
    4 days ago  
    Orvokki Isn't that a good thing?
    4 days ago
  8.      about Facebook
    집에 가고 싶당..
    4 days ago  
    m3y 유리  ?? Do you say home ? Take care oppa
    4 days ago
    NicoleHan 못 가?
    4 days ago
  9. Recommenders: Zahra other 1
         about Notice
    Sending your minds to Facebook
    1. Connect to Facebook in settings
    2. Move to Settings > check facebook sending option
    3. Post with a mind
    *Note, Sending minds to facebook seems work a bit slower
    4 days ago  
    meem I will .. but give me perfume ㅋㅋ JK
    I don't have any alive friends on fb !! kk
    4 days ago
    Ryan @meem it's okay~~ this is just an option
    4 days ago
  10.      about Facebook
    이렇게 하면 조금 더 빨라질까??
    4 days ago  
    Ryan I just tested to send Facebook but it seems slow when I clicked Share button
    4 days ago
    Sam Did my question make sense, oppa? I wanted to say "What does facebook have to do with speed?"
    I guess this does not concern me coz I don't share to either fb or twitter anyways. However, was it like that even before the upgrade?
    4 days ago
  11.      about facebook
    다시 해보자!!
    4 days ago  
    Malu-Lee Fighting!~~
    4 days ago
  12.      about Facebook
    잘 갈까?
    4 days ago  
  13. Recommender: Malu
         about Bookmark
    4 days ago  
    Ryan @mey no~
    4 days ago
    m3y 유리 Kk it looks futuristic kkk
    4 days ago
  14. Recommenders: Neko_nyasu other 1
         about Notice
    After MP server upgrading
    1. Hardware upgraded *a little*
    2. Changed thumbnail generator
    3. Upgraded Server OS include APM
    4. dot problem of image filename in uploading fixed
    5. twitter login works not clearly... but it works..
    * Heart bleed bug was not in old server too.
    5 days ago  
    Diana have done oppa ? whoho *claps
    5 days ago
    Ryan yup done~~
    5 days ago
  15. Recommenders: Neko_nyasu other 2
         about Upgrade
    서버 업그레이드를 했어
    I upgraded my web-server
    Server upgrade-Reul HaeSSeo
    5 days ago  
    CC 지 은 congratulations
    5 days ago
    5 days ago
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