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  1.      about Way
    방금 지나쳤어요.. (when explain someone's way) (Korean)
    You just passed it.
    bang-geum ji-na-chyeo-sseo-yo
    3 days ago  
  2.      about Honest
    사실대로 말해 줘서 고마워.. (Korean)
    Thank you for being honest with me
    sa-sil-dae-ro mal-hae jweo-seo go-ma-weo..
    3 days ago  
    최야스권 i like this one
    3 days ago
    Uphuin 핀 MPeople should be honest to everyone
    3 days ago
  3.      about Breathe
    (아..) 숨차 (Korean)
    I'm out of breath
    (ah...) sum-cha
    3 days ago  
    최야스권 really?? then do it and save him kay
    3 days ago
    lequiet I'll save you Ryan!
    3 days ago
  4. Recommender: tinybeehermosa
         about Greeting
    어떻게 지내? (Korean)
    How are you getting by?
    eo-tteo-ke ji-nae?
    3 days ago  
  5.      about Bye
    잘 보고 갑니다 (Korean)
    I enjoyed watching your something. bye~
    jal bo-go gam-ni-da
    3 days ago  
  6. Recommenders: JooYeon other 2
         about Picky
    넌 너무 눈이 높아. (Korean)
    You're too picky!
    neon neo-mu nun-i no-pa
    5 days ago  
  7.      about iOS10
    앱이 자꾸 튕겨....
    6 days ago  
  8. Recommenders: Maya13 other 5
         about Cheer
    힘내!! (Korean)
    hang in there! / keep your chin up!
    1 week ago  
    Sufranto Tjong 힘내세요 형님!
    7 days ago
  9.      about Sims
    How many population is in the world?
    just curious~~
    1 week ago  
    Uphuin 핀 Okta just make mp world, not real world..
    1 week ago
    양 마리 different worlds? no we live all in one
    1 week ago
  10.      about 소식
    그냥 적당하게 먹었다...
    1 week ago  
  11. Recommenders: ChimJiMin951013 other 3
         about Patch
    등에 파스 좀 붙여줘 (Korean)
    Can you apply this medicated patch on my back?
    deun-e pa-sseu jom bu-chyeo-jweo
    1 week ago  
  12. Recommenders: ChimJiMin951013 other 3
         about Watch
    말 조심해! (Korean)
    Watch your mouth!
    mal jo-sim-hae
    1 week ago  
  13.      about 네트웤
    지금까지는 괜찮지만, 언제 또 나빠질지 모르니 불안하네...
    1 week ago  
  14.      about Nas
    진작 살 걸 그랬다...
    2 weeks ago  
    Ninggg 2017 그건 testing하고 있다면??
    2 weeks ago
    Ryan 대충 테스트 했어.. 아이폰에 있는 사진들 백업하거나, 컴퓨터에 있는 파일들 백업, 폰에서 NAS에 업로드한 영화 같은 거 볼 수 있어
    2 weeks ago
  15.      about NAS
    동영상 올려서 테스트 해야지
    2 weeks ago  
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