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         about MpTip
    How different using Mind or not in your post.
    1. using mind
    - This will make your plants grow up faster and also your post goes to public timeline(Minds).
    - You can search, read other's minds/thoughts through minds
    2. without mind
    - you and your friends can only ready your post so if you mind that your post goes to public timeline, don't use Mind
    1 week ago  
    wendy Thanks ryan i will watch it first.
    1 week ago
    wendy Okey sam thanks
    1 week ago
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         about Who
    그게 누구야? / 그게 누구예요? (polite) (Korean)
    Who's it?
    geu-ge nu-gu-ya? / geu-ge nu-gu-ye-yo?
    1 week ago  
    유비 i dont want to.
    1 week ago
    wendy Aniyo! is No! Do i am correct?
    1 week ago
  3. Recommenders: Rein other 5
         about Awake
    왜 아직도 안 자? (Korean)
    Why are you still awake?
    wae a-jik-ddo an ja?
    1 week ago  
    유비 because my eyes wont go to sleep oppa.
    1 week ago
    Deibbie 아아아아앙아 감사합니다!! ^^
    1 week ago
  4. Recommenders: Edu other 2
         about Keep
    계속 움직여! (Korean)
    Keep on moving!
    gye-sok um-ji-gyeo!
    1 week ago  
    CC (っ´▽`)っ Aww. Thank you oppa. Noted
    1 week ago
    nathan Wow! Very nice. Can you teach me too? Jebalyo...
    1 week ago
  5.      about MPtip
    How to listen to music of your favorite band!
    1. search the name of band -ex: muse
    2. click ▶ play songs button next the youtube video in any results
    1 week ago  
    Brenda Yey!! o/
    1 week ago
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         about HelpMP
    Can you do me a favor? I want to get more friends who love Korean thingy! Please spread this to your friends, blog, group or other page in your language.
    Thanks in advance
    "Do you like kpop, Kdramas and, especially, want to learn Korean??
    Come check the social network MindPasta!
    MindPasta is a place where you can learn Korean for free and in a very easy and fun way.
    You can also play social mini-games, share your thoughts, make friendships with amazing people from all around the world who also love Korea, learn other languages ​​with native speakers and many other interesting features that are waiting for you.
    Come to have fun with us! Sign in http://mindpasta.com/ "
    1 week ago  
    noor Already done
    1 week ago
    Ryan Thanks guys
    1 week ago
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         about Late
    학교에 늦을 거야 (Korean)
    I'll be late to Uni/school
    hak-kkyo-e neu-jeul kkeo-ya
    2 weeks ago  
  8. Recommenders: samlad other 4
         about What
    뭐라고 했어? (Korean)
    What did you/she/he/they say?
    mweo-ra-go hae-sseo?
    2 weeks ago  
  9. Recommenders: LouiseH other 2
         about toNewbie
    to New friends
    to enjoy MP, you will need perfumes. perfumes are kinda currency here to play games with friends.
    You can get perfumes from your plants when they bloomed.
    to grow your plants, you should be an active friend.
    Hope you find interest and enjoy MP with us.
    P.S Try Puss (orange cat)! Friends will willingly give their pink perfumes to you.
    - Ryan
    2 weeks ago  
    Ryan Check this guys~~
    1 week ago
    Viih Oh thank you!
    1 week ago
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         about MpShout
    Hello, I'm Ryan from south Korea. I've been helping people to learn Korean almost 4 years for free. You can learn Korean here with me and play simple games, share emotions, listen to music, and else.
    Don't hesitate to make friends. Everyone here is so nice, Kpoper, Kdrama & learning Korean so far.
    Let's be friends!
    2 weeks ago  
    nathan Very nice to read that. Im a new member to this site. Im so eager to learn korean language...please help me to learn it.
    1 week ago
    Amy1 안녕! I leant korean for 1 year, but I stop !! Please help me !!
    1 week ago
  11.      about Notice
    MP has more than 10,000 population from last night~
    2 weeks ago  
    Nazgul woah
    2 weeks ago
    연주 축하해~ ㅋ
    2 weeks ago
  12. Recommenders: maroners other 18
         about Notice

    MP supports Portuguese as 15th language from now on!
    Thank you Louise for hard work

    2 weeks ago  
    안젤라 Woohoo ^^ congrats and thanks for hard work ^^
    2 weeks ago
    Appl3 Woow thks
    2 weeks ago
  13. Recommender: samlad
         about Wear
    셔츠 하나 입었는데.. (Korean)
    I'm only wearing shirt..
    shirts ha-na i-beon-neun-de..
    2 weeks ago  
    Ryan @Hanna escape there!!!
    2 weeks ago
    Hanna-Riikka Shall I immigrate to Seoul?
    2 weeks ago
  14. Recommenders: Mika_ist08 other 1
         about Weather
    밤에 추울까? (Korean)
    Will it be cold at night?
    ba-me chu-wool-kka?
    2 weeks ago  
    Ellyn ahahaha Now I see. thanks. :D
    2 weeks ago
  15. Recommenders: madelinetay other 2
         about Eat
    방금 아이스크림 먹었어! (Korean)
    I just ate ice cream!
    bang-geum ice cream meo-geo-sseo
    2 weeks ago  
    wulan share!
    2 weeks ago
    2 weeks ago
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