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  1. Recommenders: apperu other 3
         about 너목들
    너의 목소리가 들려 1화
    6 days ago  
    Sunshine I love every peace of work Jong Suk does
    6 days ago
    Lisa 리사 Love it!
    6 days ago
  2. Recommenders: Lisa other 5
         about Alexa
    6 days ago  
    Ryan @Julia nope. As you know MP doesn't ask personal information except gender
    6 days ago
    Sam☆ You gotta start your own stats oppa~
    6 days ago
  3. Recommenders: Nally other 3
         about Alexa

    Global Rank : can't be compared to twitter and facebook
    Bounce Rate : better than twitter and same with facebook
    Page View/Day : better than both
    Daily time on Site : Facebook > MP > Twitter
    Summary shows MP is a good site! lol

    6 days ago  
    MeriKarjalainen 축하해요 오빠 ! 화이팅 !
    6 days ago
    Julia Mindpasta is sticky. Ha! Makes sense. I know it is a place I both stay at and return to often.
    6 days ago
  4. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 3
         about Should
    너, 그거 꼭 봐! (Korean)
    You should watch it!
    Neo, GeuGeo KKok Bwa!
    7 days ago  
    Sunshine I should learn this sentence
    7 days ago
  5. Recommenders: IndraMex other 1
         about Tip
    How to find Ryan's short grammar tips?
    1. Move to Ryan's page
    2. Search keyword with 'Korean&' ex: Korean&이에요
    7 days ago  
    김 야스 move to your page is the simple way oppa
    7 days ago
    린나 ♥ MJ fiiiiiinally some luck
    7 days ago
  6. Recommenders: Lisa other 6
         about Notice

    Changed Photo menu on left column.
    You can check every posts of your friends and you through it but no more exhibition from now on.

    1 week ago  
    wulan기린 Thankyou very much oppa
    1 week ago
    Indra Woah great job i love it!!! Thanks
    1 week ago
  7. Recommenders: samlad other 3
         about He&She
    He & She in Korean
    Actually we don't use 그&그녀 in real conversation but use these words in the book or something like that sometimes.
    We use his/her name to express/explain something.
    so... he is a taxi driver would be 철수는 택시 드라이버다 , she is a nurse -> 영희는 간호사다.
    or we use 그 사람, 그 남자, 그 여자, 그 애, 그 할머니, 그 아저씨, 그 아줌마.. when we don't know his/her name in conversation
    1 week ago  
    Ryan Work hard~
    1 week ago
    Sunshine I do
    1 week ago
  8. Recommenders: samlad other 2
         about Should
    그가 나에게 일해야 한다고 했다 (Korean)
    He told me I have to work
    GeuGa Na-E-Ge ilHaeYa HanDaGo HaeTTa
    1 week ago  
    Cass 아~~ 그렇군요! 감사합니다!!
    1 week ago
  9. Recommenders: LouiseH other 4
         about Know
    알게 돼서 기뻐 (Korean)
    Nice to know you
    AlGe DwaeSeo GiPPeo
    1 week ago  
  10. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 4
         about Weekend
    주말 잘 보냈어? or 주말은 어땠어? (Korean)
    How was your weekend?
    JuMal Jal BoNaeSSeo? or JuMaReun EoTTaeSSeo?
    1 week ago  
  11. Recommenders: MeriKarjalainen other 3
         about Take
    네가 가져갔지? (Korean)
    Did you take it?
    NiGa GaJyeoGaJJi?
    1 week ago  
  12. Recommenders: MeriKarjalainen other 5
         about Name
    성함이 어떻게 되세요? When telemarketer ask your name on the phone or somewhere else like bank, airport, government office etc (Korean)
    What is your name?
    SeongHaMi EoTTeoKe DwaeSeYo?
    1 week ago  
  13. Recommenders: ElinYasGD other 6
         about Understand
    알겠어.. (Korean)
    I see..
    1 week ago  
    1 week ago
    Lisa 리사  감사합니다
    1 week ago
  14. Recommenders: MeriKarjalainen other 5
         about Show
    내가 보여줄게 (Korean)
    I will show you
    NaeGa BoYeoJulKKe
    1 week ago  
    Sam☆ BaeGa BoYeoJulKke...
    1 week ago
    Sam☆ Wait...coming
    1 week ago
  15. Recommenders: MeriKarjalainen other 4
         about See
    한 번도 본 적(이) 없어 (Korean)
    I haven't seen it!
    Han BeonDo Bon Jeok(i) EopSSeo
    1 week ago  
    Sam☆ 내가 너에게 보여 주 계신지. 오빠, 기다리십시오.
    1 week ago
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