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  1. Recommenders: mrsim00 other 4
         about Greeting
    어떻게 지냈어? (Korean)
    How have you been?
    eo-teo-ke ji-nae-sseo?
    3 days ago  
    noor Here it is little minion
    3 days ago
    Lyra 김리세 Ooooh!!! Thank you!!!
    3 days ago
  2. Recommenders: samlad other 2
         about Gift
    선물 고마워 (Korean)
    Thank you for the gift
    seon-mul go-ma-weo
    3 days ago  
  3. Recommenders: anniekissbel other 4
         about Call
    선생님이라고 부르지 마!
    ~이라고 comes after consonant / ~라고 comes after vowel (Korean)
    Don't call me as teacher!
    seon-saeng-nim-i-ra-go bu-reu-ji ma!
    4 days ago  
    Miyuki 왜요? 싫어요? ㅋㅋㅋ
    4 days ago
    Ryan 네~
    4 days ago
  4. Recommenders: anniekissbel other 5
         about Name
    그냥 'Ryan'이라고 불러 (Korean)
    Just call me 'Ryan'
    geu-nyang Ryan-i-ra-go bul-reo
    4 days ago  
    Sam 박셔린 네, 라이안 오빠 선상님!
    4 days ago
    4 days ago
  5. Recommenders: samlad other 3
         about Wish
    한국에서 영어를 가르치고 싶어 (Korean)
    I want to teach English in Korea.
    han-gu-ge-seo yeong-eo-reul ga-reu-chi-go si-peo.
    4 days ago  
    Lyra 김리세 한국에서 영어를 가르치고 싶어
    4 days ago
    강젠나 I want to.
    4 days ago
  6. Recommenders: samlad other 2
         about AllDay
    하루 종일 잘 수 있어 (Korean)
    I can sleep for all day!
    ha-ru jong-il jal su i-sseo
    4 days ago  
    Selenne  Me too I love sleeping!!!!
    4 days ago
    강젠나 I can't, even if I'm very tired.
    4 days ago
  7. Recommenders: lequiet other 2
         about Korean
    ~에 ~가 있다 / ~에 ~이 있다
    Place에 something/someone(with vowel)가 있다
    ex: 주차장에 자동차가 있다
    Place에 something/someone(with consonant)이 있다
    ex: 공원에 사람들이 있다
    ~는,가 ~에 있다 / ~이,은 ~에 있다
    Something/someone(with vowel)는/가 place에 있다
    ex: 차는 주차장에 있다
    Something/someone(with consonant)이/은 place에 있다
    ex: 사람들은 공원에 있다
    5 days ago  
  8. Recommenders: LouiseH other 4
         about Betrayal
    이 배신자! (Korean)
    You are a betrayal!
    i bae-sin-ja!
    5 days ago  
    Nisa97 hahahahahah omg.. 언니 just give 오빠 idea.
    5 days ago
    noor Hahaha your oppa is making fun of me
    5 days ago
  9. Recommenders: LouiseH other 6
         about Lucky
    너는 전생에 나라를 구했냐? Literally did you save your country in previous life? (Korean)
    You are so~~~ lucky!
    neo-neun jeon-saeng-e na-ra-reul gu-haen-nya?
    5 days ago  
    noor Hahaha I guess I was a betrayal ,, no luck at all
    5 days ago
  10. Recommenders: LouiseH other 1
         about Especially
    특별히 먹고 싶은 거 없어? (Korean)
    Do you have something to eat.. Especially?
    teuk-byeol-hi meok-kko si-peun geo eop-sseo?
    5 days ago  
    Nisa97 oppa always thinks about food.. 나도
    5 days ago
  11. Recommenders: noor other 3
         about WillDo
    그렇게 할 게(요) (Korean)
    I will do that
    geu-reo-ke hal-kke(yo)
    5 days ago  
  12. Recommenders: noor other 7
         about Alright
    괜찮아 (Korean)
    It's alright / you're welcome / it's ok
    5 days ago  
    thkriss 너 괜찮아요?
    5 days ago
    Ryan 네!
    5 days ago
  13. Recommenders: nisa97 other 3
         about side
    너 누구 편이야? (Korean)
    Whose side are you on?
    neo nu-gu pyeon-i-ya?
    5 days ago  
  14. Recommenders: ElinYasGD other 4
         about Greeting
    요즘 많이 바쁘지? / 바쁘시죠? (Korean)
    Are you busy these days?
    yo-jeum ma-ni ba-ppeu-ji? / ba-ppeu-si-jyo?
    5 days ago  
  15. Recommenders: DoNichiArt other 2
         about Thoughtfully
    내가 생각이 짧았어.... (Korean)
    I should have thought thoughtfully..
    nae-ga saeng-ga-gi jjal-ba-sseo..
    5 days ago  
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