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  1.      about JYJ
    18 hours ago  
  2. Recommenders: Mika_ist08 other 4
         about JYJ
    Aww Can't wait to see the MV
    20 hours ago  
    Hanna-Riikka In my experience YesAsia has been the most reliable. Dvdheaven works well for everyone else except me (I have to do the order twice because the first order tends to disappear for some reason). Still I use it sometimes because they might add something extra into your package. I've used Soompi Shop only once.
    18 hours ago
    Sunshine kkk I use soompi shop or a shop on ebay http://www.ebay.de/usr/secretgardenkr11?_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2754 I always get my stuff well from them but the ebayshop needs a bit more time . I've never used YesAsia but I will compare the prizes the next time
    18 hours ago
  3. Recommenders: MeriKarjalainen other 2
         about JYJ
    finally the return of JYJ feel excited happy to see them again
    4 days ago  
    김 야스 me too lisa
    4 days ago
    4 days ago
  4. Recommenders: mejda other 2
         about jyj
    JYJ - Empty
    4 days ago  
    Mika_h8 Sorma bir de bu çıktı başıma Tamam canım bakıyorum şimdi teşekkür ederim
    4 days ago
    kami90 (경민) ne demek
    4 days ago
  5. Recommenders: Mika_ist08 other 1
         about JYJ
    Good night all
    4 days ago  
    Mika_h8 aww JYJ
    4 days ago
    Sunshine Jep mika Still waiting for the new album aaaaaa so bad they don't do a Europetour
    3 days ago
  6.      about JYJ
    great, greater, greatest, JYJ
    5 days ago  
  7. Recommender: wulan
         about JYJ
    Aaaa can't wait for it
    6 days ago  
  8. Recommender: Hika_Hika
         about JYJ
    How I wish I could be there...can't wait for the album
    3 weeks ago  
  9.      about JYJ
    JYJ are the ambassadors, this is so embarrassing for such a country. IAG should be ashamed !!!
    4 weeks ago  
  10.      about JYJ
    It makes me sick and mad what they still do to JYJ. It's not like they killed someone or did any other crime. Damn it's really enough
    4 weeks ago  
    Sunshine yes dak is chicken (buldak is one of my fav food kkkk) but i didn't know the word for chick thanks Julia
    4 weeks ago
    Julia I am just learning, always double check with someone who actually knows Korean !!! But I have resolved to try to use Korean because I learn from my mistakes.
    4 weeks ago
  11.      about JYJ
    Now I listen to JYJ's song in heaven damn xiah killed me with his incredible voice ♡♡♡♡ in love heart attack
    3 months ago  
  12.      about JYJ
    I'm in love with JYJ, just for these two days !
    8 months ago  
    kwanning0606 kkk, which one? J/Y/J
    8 months ago
    ElinYasGD i love Xia ma man
    8 months ago
  13. Recommenders: Zahra other 3
         about JYJ

    i went to beauty shop and i find these! it's remind me of nicole..
    Posted these pics instead of natasha

    9 months ago  
    tinybeehermosa i wonder where is nicole..
    9 months ago
    NicoleHan i am here~~~ 유천아~~~
    9 months ago
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