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  1.      about Sick
    I'm in my IPod right now. I'm not feeling well ://
    2 years ago  
    wazzabiiiia no, I haven't. :s I have to do it tomorrow. it's 5 days until I'm leaving.. :s
    2 years ago
    ryan I see..
    2 years ago
  2. Recommenders: yjgift other 1
         about drawing

    Ok, It's done. I give up.

    2 years ago  
    ryan wow! great!
    2 years ago
    wazzabiiiia thanks! ^^
    2 years ago
  3.      about korean
    annyeonghaseyo ~ je ireum eun Marianne imnida. ilumi moashieyo? (is that right?)
    2 years ago  
    wazzabiiiia thanks! you're the best! *hugs*
    2 years ago
    ryan You're welcome~ *hugs back*
    2 years ago
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