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  1.      about Korean
    Got into a discuss of "I see" and "I know" as responses in a conversation, the subtle implicates of the two in English. Korean mentor offered to me that 알았어요 is similar to I know and 알겠어요 is similar to I see.
    Hmm. I see. Nods. I know. Uh-huh. Absolutely. Definitely. I understand. I see your point. I hear what you are saying. Is that a fact? I will get right on that.
    4 hours ago  
  2. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 4
         about korean

    don't worry about it
    everything will be fine
    cheer up

    5 hours ago  
    Mey ~<@ Thank you for the words ~ reminding to myself
    5 hours ago
    김 야스 u welcome mey
    5 hours ago
  3.      about korean
    여자 means "girl"
    and 남자 means "boy"
    right guys?
    10 hours ago  
    Sunshine 아니요
    10 hours ago
    10 hours ago
  4.      about korean
    gonna start studying Korean
    wish me good luck
    4 days ago  
    Malu-Lee Good lucky, my pretty!~~~
    4 days ago
    린나 ♥ MJ trust me! i will
    4 days ago
  5.      about korean
    i'm in love with korean language and korean ppl, but i'm not friend with lot of them
    4 days ago  
    Bibo  thanks dear and
    see u later incha allah
    4 days ago
    린나 ♥ MJ inshallah
    시 유 ♥
    4 days ago
  6.      about korean
    is korean language hard or just bc i'm a rookey??!!
    4 days ago  
    Julia Just be curious and keep learning about Korea and the language. If you are interested, then even if you do hit a bump in the road, you want to keep moving forward. I'm learning all second languages take time, but time passes anyway, so just keep at it and have fun along the journey.
    4 days ago
    린나 yes exactly + it's a very fun language so i'm defenetly enjoying every single second of the journey
    thank u Julia ♥
    4 days ago
  7.      about korean
    I'm starting my korean lessons now! Wish me luck
    6 days ago  
  8.      about Korean
    Anyone want to converse in Korean???^^but I'm not good at it T-T
    6 days ago  
  9. Recommenders: ximenamendezlavayen other 4
         about Korean
    Same word different pronunciation & meaning
    안다 : AnDa = know / AnTTa = Hug
    앉다 : AnTTa = Sit
    7 days ago  
    김 야스 victims
    7 days ago
    김 야스 thank you oppa
    7 days ago
  10. Recommender: jrbeanie17
         about korean
    I'm having a lovely time learning. I feel like I've actually learned a lot today!
    7 days ago  
    lune0725 Yes, thank you!
    7 days ago
    Julia Yeah! Cheering for your learning.
    7 days ago
  11.      about Korean
    Do you ever write a sentence, then think "Oh, I know some of those words in Korean!" I get this guilt now about writing in English things I should be practicing writing in Korean.
    7 days ago  
  12. Recommender: ElisaPaola
         about korean
    왜 이렇게 늦었어?
    http://m.wordbook.naver.com/endic/today/conversation.nhn?targetDate=2014.07.15 (Korean)
    what kept you?
    wae i-reoh-ge neuj-eoss-eo?
    1 week ago  
  13. Recommenders: gtiritan other 3
         about Korean

    A flashcard I designed for MP folks to show internet terms

    1 week ago  
    Zahra well done Julia
    1 week ago
  14. Recommenders: jrbeanie17 other 2
         about Korean
    1 week ago  
    Julia I approve! Such neat handwriting. Color coding! You are working hard. Oppa Ryan, we need to add a gold star emoticon.
    1 week ago
    Indra @CC CC found a page whit examples in Spanish
    @mey thanks!
    @wulan! thanks dear
    @Ryan thank you!!!
    @julia ohhh sweet Julia thank you so much, but i think i need to practice my hangul writting...and more kkkk
    1 week ago
  15. Recommenders: IndraMex other 14
         about Korean
    How Koreans call people with name as usual
    1. At Home
    - parents to kids : ~야 (영희야)
    - other case : special name 할머니, 할아버지, 엄마, 아빠...
    - kids talk about some old people to their family : 철수 아저씨가.. 영희 아줌마가...
    2. At School & Friend
    - among friends (same age) : ~야 (철수야)
    - junior to senior in the school : ~님 (영희선배님)
    - junior to senior after got closed : 영희선배! or 영희언니(among girls), 철수선배 or 철수형(among boys)
    - teacher to student : ~야 (영희야)
    - student to teacher : 선생님
    - teacher to teacher : 김(영희) 선생님 or name of position+선생님(교감 선생님)
    3. At Company
    - senior to junior : ~씨 (영희씨)
    - senior to junior after got closed : ~씨 or just their name (영희 씨!, 영희!)
    - senior to junior if junior has name of position : 김(영희)대리님 or just 김(영희)대리, 김(영희)과장님 or 김(영희)과장....
    - junior to senior : ~님 (영희선배님)
    - junior to senior after got closed : ~언니(among girls only), ~선배(철수선배)
    - if senior has a name of position : 김(영희) 대리님, 김(영희) 과장님, 김(영희) 팀장님 ... or just call name of position
    - boss to employee : ~씨 or name of position 영희 씨(just calling second name +씨 is very rude), 김 팀장! 김 과장!...
    4. When we meet stranger
    - on the road to ask way : 저기요... is best choice
    - we got introduction of someone who doesn't have any special name of position in their company for business : ~님 is better than ~씨 (영희 님,철수 님)
    - we got introduction of someone who has special name of position in their company for business : ~님, 김(영희) 대리님, 김(영희) 과장님...
    - we got introduction of someone to be friends : 형, 누나, 언니, 동생..
    - we got introduction of someone to be friends among old people : 형님, 누님, 언니, 동생..
    Look! calling ~씨 is very rare in the real life~
    Did 'iamCCrn' steal ryan's Emerald?
    2 weeks ago  
    Kristal Great!
    3 days ago
    Kristal 라이언씨, 안녕하세요!
    3 days ago
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