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  1. Recommender: samlad
         about korean
    남자는 망각으로 살아가고, 여자는 추억으로 살아간다. (Korean)
    men live by forgetting, women live on memories.
    namjaneun mang-gag-eulo sal-agago, yeojaneun chueog-eulo sal-aganda.
    16 hours ago  
    14 hours ago
    14 hours ago
  2. Recommenders: m3y other 1
         about korean
    아름다운 것은 절대로 완벽한 것이 아니다 (Korean)
    a beautiful thing is never perfect.
    aleumdaun geos-eun jeoldaelo wanbyeoghan geos-i anida
    16 hours ago  
    14 hours ago
    M3y:3~<@ True
    14 hours ago
  3. Recommenders: Zahra other 3
         about korean
    솔직한 대답은 진정한 우정의 신호 (Korean)
    an honest answer is the sign of true friendship.
    soljighan daedab-eun jinjeonghan ujeong-ui sinho
    16 hours ago  
    14 hours ago
    14 hours ago
  4. Recommender: samlad
         about korean
    폭우가 온 다음에는 늘 무지개가 뜬다. (Korean)
    After every storm, comes a rainbow.
    pog-uga on da-eum-eneun neul mujigaega tteunda.
    16 hours ago  
  5. Recommenders: samlad other 1
         about korean
    난 너무 화가 나 (Korean)
    i'm so angry
    nan neomu hwaga na
    2 days ago  
  6. Recommenders: nooddlesss other 8
         about Korean
    Omit postpositions in a sentence
    Korean grammar shows many kind of postpositions to make sentence.
    은,는,이,가,를,을,에,로,도,랑... these help to make clear subject or ob-ject in sentence but Koreans often omit them in common to make sentence shortly and naturally.
    For example :
    - 나는 책을 읽어. -> Without postposition : (나) 책 읽어.
    - 너는 어디에/로 가? -> Without postposition : (너) 어디 가?
    - 너는 밥을 먹었어? -> Without postposition : (너) 밥 먹었어?
    We can omit postposition as usual but always there are exceptions.
    When we don't have to omit it.
    1. when we use 니/네(you) ~가 : 니가 해! (O), 니 해!(X)
    2. When it means any conjunctions as and, then.. : ~랑, ~도, ~서... - 나랑 너랑, 나도 너도, 밥을 먹어서...
    3. When we answer where we are going : 나 집에 가(O), 나 집 가(X)
    4. When we emphasize someone/someting ~만 : 너만 그래! only you do so.
    2 days ago  
    Julia Koreans often omit them in speech to make the sentence shorter and more natural.
    2 days ago
    2 days ago
  7.      about Korean
    I love to learn conversations than writing '
    3 days ago  
    3 days ago
  8. Recommenders: nooddlesss other 5
         about Korean
    너, 당신, 니 & 네
    They mean You in Korean. Let's look what's different of them.
    A. 너 : This is basic word of You in Korean but sometimes we have to use 니, 네 & 당신 instead using 너
    When we use 너 :
    1. 너!(it's you or just you!)
    2. with postposition 는, 를, 도, 의, 랑, 와.. : 너는, 너를, 너도, 너의, 너랑, 너와...
    B. 니 : This is common word of you for real
    1. with postposition 가 : 니가 해!
    2. without postposition 의 : 너의 = 니 ( your thing.. = 너의 or 니 )
    C. 네 : This is grammatically right word of 니 so we write 니 as 네 but it's no matter if you pronounce as 니
    D. 당신 : This is polite way of you but use this word carefully because using this word makes each one upset. Usually we can see this word in the book or poem thingy..
    I recommend to don't use this word
    1 week ago  
    Ryan Check using 니 this is a bit important to make it right
    1 week ago
    Julia Thank you Ryan.
    1 week ago
  9. Recommender: ElisaPaola
         about korean
    도와드릴까요? (Korean)
    can i help you?
    2 weeks ago  
  10. Recommender: ElisaPaola
         about korean
    이것은 무엇입니까? (Korean)
    what's this ?
    igeos-eun mueos-ibnikka?
    2 weeks ago  
  11. Recommender: ElisaPaola
         about korean
    들어가지 마시오 (Korean)
    don't enter
    deul-eogaji masio
    2 weeks ago  
  12.      about korean
    일몰 전에 (Korean)
    before sunset
    ilmol jeon-e
    2 weeks ago  
  13. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 1
         about korean
    나와 함께 (Korean)
    with me
    nawa hamkke
    2 weeks ago  
  14.      about korean
    나는 벌었습니다 (Korean)
    i earned
    naneun beol-eossseubnida
    2 weeks ago  
  15. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 1
         about korean
    혼자이신가요? (Korean)
    are you alone ?
    2 weeks ago  
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