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  1.      about xD
    Dinner is not yet ready
    Since my lilsis got home from school, I ask her to buy food, but now she already on her room. Okay then means she's not going out even we call her
    2 days ago  
  2.      about housecleaning
    Done cleaning
    80% of our first floor done, continuation tom
    3 days ago  
    jzel @hanna yep its is.. thanks dear
    @sam yup i need help, only me and my oppa clean the house
    2 days ago
    Sam☆ I'm coming over!!! Hopping on the plane now!
    2 days ago
  3.      about holiday
    Philippines is a Christian country..
    but for the show of respect of Muslim celebrating Eid Mubarek
    today is holiday!
    Time for family and friends
    4 days ago  
  4. Recommender: Hika_Hika
         about Eidday
    Eid mubarek to all muslim friends ..
    tomorrow is eid day here for the bro/sis muslim..
    4 days ago  
    Hika_Hika Eid Mubarak
    4 days ago
    Aisha Btw it's same thing for morocco hhg
    4 days ago
  5.      about latelunch
    Done watching the movie
    hungry, decided that me and my bestfriend get late lunch for us
    5 days ago  
  6.      about filmed
    Watching "the possesion" then i saw the place where bigbang filmed their "bad boy" mv
    5 days ago  
  7.      about xD
    Guys already fall asleep
    Only girls still watching
    5 days ago  
  8.      about moviemarathon
    2nd horror film
    this time its a english movie
    5 days ago  
    AngryShark Congrat! @ryan
    5 days ago
    jzel I can't watch horror
    5 days ago
  9.      about startled
    Mping then my phone fell from my hand
    i got shock when the face (zombie) show on the screen
    5 days ago  
    Lord Congrat! @m3y
    5 days ago
    Ning66동면~깨우지마~ facepalm here too lol
    5 days ago
  10.      about movie
    Watching "coming soon" thai horror film..
    5 days ago  
    연주 "coming soon"? about a ghost in the cinema is it? kkk
    5 days ago
    jzel Yep eonni, that movie..
    5 days ago
  11.      about movietime
    Done eating..
    time for movie
    5 days ago  
    AngryShark Congrat! @bratzjzel
    5 days ago
    Ning66동면~깨우지마~ enjoy jzel~which one btw
    5 days ago
  12. Recommender: m3y
         about fart
    When two mans fart
    They said we have to be thankful because it's not smelly
    5 days ago  
    5 days ago
  13.      about kitchenwar
    Good luck to my best friend kitchen
    3 boys and 1girl (bestfriend) is in the kitchen right now..
    her mom and one of my guy friend mom nag
    5 days ago  
  14.      about food
    When the rain stop, we decided to go home and eat pizza,
    but there's no pizza parlor in this time..
    then ended up making tuna pasta
    5 days ago  
    jzel  going at your place to eat with you
    5 days ago
    Mey ~<@ You are welcome here ~
    5 days ago
  15.      about xD
    Good morning jogging with my friend..
    but because of the rain we ended up eating at 7-eleven while waiting for the rain to stop
    5 days ago  
    김 야스 sorry naehna
    morning jzel
    5 days ago
    5 days ago
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