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  1.      about Phone
    Either the Galaxy S4 or Sony Z2 ~ Z2 supposedly being better than the S5 and only £2 difference~ guess it depends if I want to stick with Sony .. know the interface but now much of an adventure sticking with same type~ haha
    6 hours ago  
  2.      about gg
    9 hours ago  
  3.      about 99problems
    not only has my browser somehow kept unsubscribing me to youtube its done it to Twitch ones too -___-
    9 hours ago  
  4.      about decide
    Samsung mini galaxy phones any good ? Or just best with normal ones?
    10 hours ago  
    산/Choi Soyeon :) Greig isn't the Samsung Alpha now on the market?
    10 hours ago
    Greig Not heard of it :> will take a look~ thankies
    10 hours ago
  5. Recommenders: ryan other 6
         about Scooby
    this dog..
    12 hours ago  
    Greig hehe yeah~ Scooby has a sense of knowing the time and when to go out~ tho bit more lazy these days as of his age.. struggling to get up a little bit
    11 hours ago
    Julia You know he is probably upset cause some other animal marked his territory.
    10 hours ago
  6.      about game
    wow this guy beats the game Portal in just under 8 must of took me 8+ hours! crazy
    12 hours ago  
    Ryan seems like boring kkkk
    12 hours ago
    Greig hehe perhaps boring to watch~ but fun to play like a puzzle game
    12 hours ago
  7.      about gg
    new piccie when i was out yesterday~ kk
    13 hours ago  
  8. Recommender: jrbeanie17
         about lol
    Reaction to every male when Jennifer Lawrence nudes were leaked
    13 hours ago  
    Julia For reasons that I can't explain, this year I have had a lot of men fall in love with me. I mean, I am sweet, kind, and intelligent, so there are reasons why men might be attracted to me, but still ... so many have told me they love me and I have broken a few hearts this year. Yes, language exchange partner has a bit of a crush on me.
    12 hours ago
    Greig Perhaps thats why they did~ like I feel in love with mine for her personality.. at that time ~ complicated stuff haha
    12 hours ago
  9.      about movie
    oh cool~ there will be a Shutter Island prequel fil
    13 hours ago  
  10.      about thinking
    mobile deals~ hmm what phone
    14 hours ago  
  11.      about go
    how Harry Potter should have ended~
    14 hours ago  
    M3y:3~<@ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    14 hours ago
    Zahra kkk
    14 hours ago
  12. Recommender: Renegade
         about game
    14 hours ago  
    Greig kk I want to try this
    14 hours ago
    13 hours ago
  13. Recommender: Renegade
         about phone
    15 hours ago  
  14.      about gg
    can’t you show me those words?
    I love you, I love you,
    will you love me again?~~
    1 day ago  
  15.      about uh
    why cant i stop thinking of you ..~
    1 day ago  
    Greig ah~ radical sis is too much~ kk
    1 day ago
    •.¸¸.Kikachu.¸¸• I know ;) hahahahaha
    1 day ago
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