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  1.      about Dice
    I should have circled myself on the pic~ but dont wanna upload it for 3rd time haha
    17 minutes ago  
  2.      about gg
    Home~ that was an awkward bus drive back
    37 minutes ago  
    Mey ~<@ Woah congrats big chance
    30 minutes ago
    Greig gift hereee
    21 minutes ago
  3.      about :)
    I'll be there for you through it all~ Even if saving you sends me to heaven~ nice song hehe
    3 hours ago  
  4.      about Chat
    trying different chat softwares similar to msn~ don't like Skype now :> and no one to talk to really
    4 hours ago  
    Greig There is that desktop version~ but I just dont like talking in fb altogether prefer talking in Skype or Msn when it was still alive kk
    3 hours ago
    Hanna-Riikka Hahah! Msn was my favourite too. When I still had use for it... Lol.
    3 hours ago
  5.      about Smash
    This is it here, Alaa~ you probably wont know whats going on..but yeah ..random match kk
    17 hours ago  
    Alaa I loove Mario . It's the only thing I can play ..! Lol u could tell he's a man .. a person .. not so confusing
    17 hours ago
    Greig hehe yeah~ Luigi in it too kk~ and Peach! I'm sure you'll reconnise a few of them
    17 hours ago
  6. Recommenders: AnaNadhirah2 other 2
         about Me

    Seems theres not going to be other pics~ So this was taken at the end of the tournament I was at yesterday~ for Super Smash Bros Melee~ I didn't win~ but had a lot of fun . Notice me? kk

    17 hours ago  
    Greig hehe~ you said you were doing a version too~ didnt you?
    14 minutes ago
    Sam☆ Yup! Wait~~~
    14 minutes ago
  7.      about love
    depressed.. dammit =/
    20 hours ago  
    lila ah... i know that feeling too well...
    20 hours ago
    Alaa Aaaah me too we are married, depression and I ..!
    17 hours ago
  8.      about Hyuna
    black people react to Hyuna
    21 hours ago  
    Mika_h8 LOL
    21 hours ago
    김 야스 Hhhhh omg
    20 hours ago
  9. Recommenders: KamilEt other 1
         about k.will
    one that features IU~
    21 hours ago  
    Anna such cute couple
    21 hours ago
    Greig indeed lol~
    21 hours ago
  10. Recommenders: KamilEt other 3
         about k.will
    always liked k.will songs~
    21 hours ago  
    Greig @mika oh I just posted that
    21 hours ago
    Mika_h8 hehe thumbs up
    21 hours ago
  11.      about song
    How can I explain this feeling?
    When I see you, my heart becomes numb and sore
    Oh, with what word can I explain you?
    All the words of the world is probably not enough~~
    21 hours ago  
  12. Recommenders: GlynnCReece other 1
         about Hyomin
    But failure gives you new opportunities~ Don’t forget how to get back up again
    I’ll say it proudly after I get back up~ As you can see, I can get up by myself
    22 hours ago  
  13. Recommender: Mika_ist08
         about IU
    She should do this song more live .. still love it~ warms my heart
    22 hours ago  
    Anna  It's good to hear~
    22 hours ago
  14. Recommender: jrbeanie17
         about longpost
    Yesterday I had 2 different friends who got into a relationship~ 1 that had a crush on a girl for long time. He told me yesterday they were now dating~. The other was ex that both had a few nasty fights, but both knew they loved one another~ so they are starting and getting on better than ever ^^.. happy for both of the but made me a bit sad too~ miss that feeling
    22 hours ago  
    Anna congrats to them
    22 hours ago
  15.      about Dice
    I don't need perfect girl~ just someone who can accept me for who i a
    23 hours ago  
    Mey ~<@  see your game ! @Greig
    22 hours ago
    Greig oh~ not sure about that... no offense but other way around yes ^^
    22 hours ago
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