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  1.      about dice
    Sorry for just reappearing now...I had persisting headache since Saturday night...it wasn't severe but still I couldn't wake up for work this morning. Been to the doctor and was diagnosed with migraine! so uncool
    Though, I had some med and now feel like nothing ever happened! I'll be back to work tomorrow!
    5 hours ago  
    Hanna-Riikka I'm glad you got the medicine! That definitely helps better than normal painkiller. You'll be better soon!
    5 hours ago
    M3y:3~<@ Resting well gift ~ hope you gets better Tomorrow
    5 hours ago
  2.      about dice
    Keep rolling~~~
    10 hours ago  
  3.      about Dice
    Estoy muy emocionada pero aún no puedo creer que ya es mañana No me imagino allí pero estoy lista para disfrutar
    20 hours ago  
    권야스민 me quiero siwon y GD
    20 hours ago
    •.¸¸.Kikachu.¸¸• Las llevo, los llevaría a todos e incluso a Siwon, GD ;) a Seungri, Daniel Henney... todos pueden venir ;)
    16 hours ago
  4.      about Dice
    It's so hot here @___@ hate the hot weather so much...
    23 hours ago  
    Malu-Lee Bad booom!~~~~~
    23 hours ago
  5.      about Dice
    I'm leaving tomorrow morning, I'm so excited
    24 hours ago  
  6.      about dice
    it's getting late and I should go to bed although I wanna play with twin and daughter, and you guys a bit longer
    My headache may get worse...so see you
    1 day ago  
    산/Choi Soyeon :) Good night dear
    1 day ago
    •.¸¸.Kikachu.¸¸• @Daddy Joob joob
    1 day ago
  7.      about Dice
    넌 내게 반했어 ♪♫
    1 day ago  
  8.      about Dice
    Y... me entró pereza. Agh @.@
    2 days ago  
    Malu-Lee Hi, my linda!~~
    2 days ago
    •.¸¸.Kikachu.¸¸• Hello Sam my princess, Hello Malu mi guapa
    2 days ago
  9.      about Dice
    Today I'm going to see a performance of my sister I'm so happy
    2 days ago  
    Hanna-Riikka Omomo... Multi-talent! So cool. Have a good time Kika!
    2 days ago
    •.¸¸.Kikachu.¸¸• Thank you girls I'll ♡
    2 days ago
  10.      about Dice
    He's the most perv person I ever met and he call US perv????? What's wrong with my bro's head???
    PD: I love you bro
    2 days ago  
    •.¸¸.Kikachu.¸¸• That's sweet hahahaha
    2 days ago
    Greig kk tho now i feel like i'm treated as stranger to someone~ buy yeah
    2 days ago
  11.      about dice
    Roll~ roll~ roll~
    2 days ago  
  12. Greig Yeah .. poor IU .. he only picked her because of taeyeon having a bf..then not picking Suzy because her company would disagree
    2 days ago
    Alaa Wise man ..! Lol
    2 days ago
  13.      about Dice
    After a long break from Korean class, I found that my school hired new korean teachers and all guys!
    Its like a 미남학원 now!
    3 days ago  
    산/Choi Soyeon :) When can I start in your class?
    2 days ago
    jzel Wow sounds cool I want to attend to their classes
    2 days ago
  14.      about Dice
    오늘 뭐해♪♫
    3 days ago  
    Ryan @FD I have invited my friend's dinner tonight
    3 days ago
    •.¸¸.Kikachu.¸¸• @FD Uhh enjoy~~
    @Ing Yep so lucky!
    3 days ago
  15.      about Dice
    Noche de confesiones (?
    3 days ago  
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