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  1.      about LearningKorean
    Do not forget to read my notes for learning Korean!
    11 months ago  
    ryan You're welcome~~
    11 months ago
    yrilu yeii I have my notebook ^^
    11 months ago
  2. Recommenders: Malu other 2
         about LearningKorean
    Learning Korean Part38 - Passive tense
    Hi, guys! I forgot to write a new note for a long time. So sorry! :Da few months ago Nicole asked me about passive tense in Korean. So I will tell you about it from now on. Are you ready?Actually, there is no passive tense in Korean grammar but yes we use it like in English.But we just use it. so I think this part won't long Anyway look at these examples.명박이가 자동차에 치였다 ( MB was hit by a car )근혜가 개에 ...
    2 years ago  
    samlad 3.
    I despise learning language like a toothache! specially when teachers argue with students lol!
    3 weeks ago
    Orvokki hehe Sam I like when teacher is arguing with students
    2 weeks ago
  3. Recommenders: gehadahmed other 4
         about LearningKorean
    Learning Korean Part37 - Advanced using 은,는,이,가,을,를
    Hi buddies~It's sure been a while since the part36. SorryI've been giving quizzes and phrases here.I saw that you are always confusing when using 은,는,이,가,을,를 That's why I'm writing again about them.We will see how they are different in this part.Hope after read this, you don,t confuse in using 은,는,이,가,을,를Let's start!We use 은,는,이,가 as postposition for subject as usual btw 은,는 & ...
    2 years ago  
    ryan @Mimi read from part 1
    2 years ago
    kwanning0606  전 '이/가/은/는'을 정확하게 구별해서 이용하려면 아직 시간이 필요할 것 같지만 이제 덜 헷갈릴 것 같아요~이 노트 덕분에~고마워요)
    10 months ago
  4.      about LearningKorean
    Learning Korean Part 36 Polite or impolite
    I see many foreigners who confused using polite or impolite ex-pressions in Korean.I thought I wrote about it in former note but I will write it in more detail this time.Btw sorry for using those confused ex-pressions for you. Anyway let's see those annoying ex-pressions.We are usually using 습니다(ㅂ니다) or 어요(ㅏ요) or 세요 for polite ex-pression standard ex-pression :  - Verb Be : 습니다 example) 이다 -> 입니다, 있다 -&...
    2 years ago  
    no0o0da now I got it ~ 고마워요 :D
    2 years ago
    marcodix 괜찮아요... gwaencanh(ayo)
    2 years ago
  5. Recommenders: liliano other 3
         about LearningKorean
    Learning Korean Part 35 - Nouns
    1. CraftsCar : 자동차 or 차 or 승용차 - 운전사 : driver - 핸들 : wheel ( steering handle ) - 문 : door - 와이퍼 : windshield wiper - 속도계 : speed meter - 엔진 : engine - 브레이크 : brake pedal - 휀더 : fender - 사이드미러 : side view mirror - 룸미러 : room mirror - 트렁크 : trunk - 범퍼 : bumper - 후미등 : tail lamp - 바퀴 : wheel - 타이어 : tire &nb...
    2 years ago  
    yjgift 노트 써 주셔서 고마워요~ 수고하셨어욤!
    2 years ago
    ryan 도움이 되는지 모르겠네요.. 명사쪽;;;;;
    2 years ago
  6. Recommenders: liliano other 3
         about LearningKorean
    Learning Korean Part 34 - Nouns
    Hey, it's been a while How have you been doing? Is your learning Korean going so well? )I think it's the time to share about nouns in Korean to you guys. Let's start! 1. Body = 몸머리 = head  - 머리카락 : hair얼굴 = face눈 = eye = eyes ( *we don't divide one or two )   - 눈동자 : pupil   - 눈꺼풀 : eyelid   - 눈썹 : eyebrow코 = nose  - 콧구멍...
    2 years ago  
    together4ever_  .. i mean in Korean, is it 머리 too? so k-ppl use 머리 for both head and hair ! & they find out the meaning from the sentence ?
    2 years ago
    ryan @together4ever_ yes we can find which meaning
    2 years ago
  7. Recommenders: liliano other 3
         about LearningKorean
    Part33 - Sino Korean and Native Korean
    mm I guess many people think to hard to count Sino-Korean so I prepared it! Let' count numbers correctly!Arabic   Sino-Korean   Native Korean   Native Korean ordinal numbers0                   영(공)                   -                     &n...
    3 years ago  
    Noona I can't read them but Ryan ssi it is so long ,,, it seems you take time writing this ,,
    fighting ryan ssi,,
    7 months ago
    mayel_31 Hey! I can't open this.
    6 months ago
  8. Recommender: liliano
         about LearningKorean
    Part 32 - Adverb
    Hi, friends!Do you know what day is today in Korea?Yes! It is HanGeul Day! (Actually, I started this note on 9th of October. Uhehe ---;;;)The king SeJong invented HanGeul in 1443. Btw scholars of the Chinese classics treated HanGeul with contempt when it was created. But thanks to the creation of HanGeul, people could learn how to read and write easily. The characters are shapes of tongu...
    3 years ago  
  9. Recommenders: YukieBeatrice other 1
         about LearningKorean
    Part 31 - Adjective
    I thought that I already shared useful grammars in Korean but it was wrong. What a fool! I've never shared about adjectives and adverbs. lolSo now we will look up how to make adjectives and more in this note. We really have lots of adjectives than English I think.But don't worry casue we don't use too many adjectives in living.  Okay Let's start to know that. How the word co...
    3 years ago  
  10. Recommenders: Kim_Loula other 2
         about LearningKorean
    Part 30 - fairy tale
    Hey guys it's been a while. kkI've been really busy and had many kind of things to me and they are still around me.Anyway I will tell you a Korea's fairy tale.Hope you like this story. :D The golden axe and silver axe Long Long times ago there was a honest and poor wood gatherer. One day, the wood gatherer slipped his own axe into the pond in the deep forest."OMG! I don...
    3 years ago  
    ryan 움.. 어디서 작성 했을 때 올라오는지 알아야해요.. ㅎㅎ
    3 years ago
    yjgift 그쵸 ᄏᄏ
    3 years ago
  11. Recommenders: yjgift other 2
         about LearningKorean
    Part29 - Structure of sentences
    How to make sentences in Korean?  I've wrote about this in part3 and part4 already.First of all see the part3 and part4. They will help you to understand.Btw let's see the sentences more in detail at this time. We can send subject to end of the sentence or omit subject in one sentence. let's see this. 나는 사람이다.(I'm a human being) : normal ex-pression사람이다 나는!(I'm a real human...
    3 years ago  
  12. Recommender: Kim_Loula
         about LearningKorean
    Part 28 Frequently using verbs 2
    Hi, there!It has been raining in Seoul since 2weeks ago every daaaays b/c it is rainy season in here. ;;Even it was almost pouring. I don't like getting wet my pants while walking on the streets. Anyway it is the 2nd time of frequently using verbs in Korean. Let's start!   Frequently using verbs *past : verb ㅆ+다, ㅆ+니, ㅆ+어, ㅆ+습니까? *polite : verb  어+요, +나요?, +ㅂ...
    3 years ago  
    KatieTSH 들다(DeulDa) = hold or pay or listen...how about 듣다? hear and listen, right?
    2 years ago
    ryan @Katie yes that's right!
    2 years ago
  13. Recommenders: Phoebe other 1
         about LearningKorean
    Part 27 Frequently using verbs
    Hey, how is your Korean going? I'm sure! If we are here together, you will be better than before! :D It rainy season started here you know, I will take the lightning during the period. kkI will show you if I take them as well! haha So How was the slangs? Was it fun? haha  Anyway, Let's know about the frequently using verbs in Korean. :D Frequently using verbs *past : verb ㅆ+다, ㅆ+니, ㅆ+어, ㅆ+...
    3 years ago  
    Phoebe thumbs up! (:
    1 year ago
    12 months ago
  14. Recommender: yjgift
         about LearningKorean
    Part 26 - Slangs in Korean
    Sorry for the Korean! -_  -;;;; I just got wondered how many slangs are in Korean. Usually, Slangs have been using by little boys and girls.   Just have fun!  Anyway here we go!! 아~놔!(Ah~Nwa!) : Shit! (I'm gonna crazy!!)악플러(AkPlRer) : people who reply abusive comments to someone  안습(AnSeup) : situation got tears애자(AeJa) : person who disabled 어...
    3 years ago  
    chicestchnpk ㅡ_ㅡ" my name is Ing >> 잉여(IngYeo) : useless people -___-""
    3 years ago
    nana05 this one is COol
    2 years ago
  15.      about LearningKorean
    Part 25 - Let's emphasize your words!
    Hi, there! you waited so long time for my notes! lol Didn't you?  Seoul has became Summer season so it is very hot these days. Korean has a summer vacation for a week in July 10 to August 20 as ususal. Most of people who live in Seoul goes GangWonDo. GangWonDo has most beautiful natures in Korea. Deep forest, High Mt and deep blue sea etc.Most of all GangWondDo i...
    3 years ago  
    Orvokki oo, no comments here or my laptop just lies
    1. 집에 가고싶어 내가 / 집에 가고싶어요
    2. 배고파요
    3. 공부해요?
    that was hard one ^^''
    1 month ago
    ryan 1. 나는 ( 진짜 or 정말) 집에 가고 싶다
    2. 나는 ( 정말 or 진짜 ) 배가 고프다
    3. (진짜 or 정말) 공부 하자! are normal way to emphasize
    1 month ago
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