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  1. Recommender: Suicide_Girl69
         about LearningKorean
    Enjoy learning Korean~ Don't push yourself and get any stresses! I will help you and You will learn it! Fighting!!
    12 hours ago  
    syf 대박~~~기다려~~
    11 hours ago
    Emma Yazid (차 나연) 네. 고마워 오빠!
    11 hours ago
  2.      about LearningKorean
    이게 너무 어려워 >^<

    목동 로얄 뉴로얄 레스토랑 뉴메뉴
    미트소시지소스스파게티, 크림소시지소스스테이크
    2 weeks ago  
    Ryan Actually I don't know this game lol
    2 weeks ago
    Vip_Yiw3n @Ryan I don't know how to explain but it's like you need to read this passage quickly without any error, but for me I will get stuck because it's hard to read fast.
    2 weeks ago
  3. Recommender: ryan
         about LearningKorean
    It's very hard to differentiate ㅔ and ㅐ, Both of these pronunciation are similar
    2 weeks ago  
    Ryan haha same~~
    2 weeks ago
  4. Recommender: ryan
         about LearningKorean
    나는 예쁘다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    am i right? kkkk
    2 months ago  
  5.      about LearningKorean
    그러면 책은 예쁘다
    is my sentence correct?
    I'm back home yehet!!
    2 months ago  
    Ryan Then
    2 months ago
    Zaria oooooh kkkk i wont trust that site anymore
    2 months ago
  6. Recommender: ryan
         about LearningKorean
    Ryan oppa is this correct? This are my answers to your exercise in part 2.
    나(는) 밥을 먹는다
    나는 너(를) 사랑한다
    너(의) 펀지를 보냈다
    나는 커피를 마셨다
    너는 숙제를 했(니)?
    *I'm using my phone that's why I can't seem to open the note
    2 months ago  
    Ryan Na-Eui
    2 months ago
    Zaria is it na-ye / na-yi / na-wi?
    2 months ago
  7. Recommender: Dayanyanyanyan
         about LearningKorean
    Ryan oppa!! Are you there?? I don't get the 'woo' and 'u' in Korean
    2 months ago  
  8. Recommender: ryan
         about LearningKorean
    I hope that at the end of the month I already know how to speak Korean. Help me guys!
    Plan: Learning
    D-Day: 03/31/2014
    Goal: Language
    How to: Learn Korean
    2 months ago  
    Ryan Fighting!
    2 months ago
  9.      about LearningKorean
    나는 삼십 살이야
    3 months ago  
  10.      about LearningKorean
    This is fun^^
    3 months ago  
  11. Recommenders: febby other 4
         about learningkorean

    actually more than 2years ago i did print most of oppa's notes to make it easy for me learning korean and even had a copybook kkkkk they are very precious to me

    4 months ago  
    jiji lol @ray oppa i think i can just threw some words kkkk
    4 months ago
    jiji throw*
    4 months ago
  12. Recommender: ryan
         about learningkorean
    what i really loved on oppa's notes for learning korean was what he wrote in the begining! it open appetite for study miss them so much and hope you will write more for us thank you~~
    4 months ago  
    ryan I will but later~~
    4 months ago
  13. Recommenders: Zahra other 1
         about LearningKorean
    문법 (Grammar) 어떻게/~께서
    어떻게 (how)An interrogative adverb to mean 'in what method', and 'in which state'.보기:어떻게 함니까? What are you supposed to do?이것을 어떻게 말들었습니까? How did you make this?그 사람은 어떻게 생겼습니까?  What does he look like?~께서An honorific ex-pression of subject particle '~이/가'.보기:선생님께서 이야기하십니다. My teacher is speaking.할아버지께서 오십니다. My grandf...
    5 months ago  
    ryan 함니까? : 합니까?
    말들었습니까? 만들었습니까?
    5 months ago
    iachimo011 noted!! kkk it's difficult to write in hangul. T_T
    5 months ago
  14. Recommender: ryan
         about LearningKorean
    중결 어미 (Terminative endings) Part 1 - Grammar
    There are for kinds of endings expressing speaker's intention to determinate the conversation at the end of the sentence spoken.1. 서술형 종결 어미 (Declarative Verb Ending)In answering to questions or expressing desc-riptions, if the verb stem ends in a vowel, it is spoken or written '~ㅂ니다' and if the verb stem ends in a consonant, it is spoken or written '~습니다'.오다: 오+ㅂ니다 = 옵니다읽다: 읽+습니다 = ...
    5 months ago  
    ryan well done~~
    5 months ago
    iachimo011 Since we have common interest here which is learning Korean Language. I'll try to share what I know. ^^
    5 months ago
  15. Recommenders: Ashizent other 2
         about learningkorean
    wanna learn korean , wanna read your notes but i can't i need points to do that, is there any notes that doesn't need point to be read??? @ryan especially yours !!! :'(
    6 months ago  
    ryan Make more friends here. It's better to enjoy here
    6 months ago
    liliano ok
    6 months ago
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