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  1. Recommender: ryan
         about excited
    Basically, Philippines has no Summer because there are only 2 seasons. The dry and wet season. but most Filipinos perceived dry season as "summer" so I'll stick to the tradition.PH is a tropical country and April is usually falls on a dry season. this is the best month to spend "summer" for swimming activities.
    2 weeks ago  
    연주 안 받았는데...음~
    2 weeks ago
    Ryan .. 뭐냐.. PC버전에서 나한테 한 번 보내 봐.. math 옆에~
    2 weeks ago
  2.      about excited
    about to watch eric nam's new mv ooh ooh ! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
    2 weeks ago  
  3.      about excited
    let's play
    2 weeks ago  
  4. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 2
         about Excited
    Guyz guyz guyz, the interview went very well lhmdullah .. and I'm having high hopes ^^ i really hope they call back.. fingers crossed :D
    4 weeks ago  
    4 weeks ago
    Alaa @cc love you my dear ^^ it's mine inshalah ;)
    @Aisha heheheh u r adorable ! I'll keep cheking my phone every sec for them to call !! lll
    @elisa ^___________^
    4 weeks ago
  5.      about excited
    One month after will be my bday.. What should I do?
    4 weeks ago  
    m3y 유리 yup.. simple and usually we have dinner or lunch with my mom favorite's meal..
    4 weeks ago
    CC I'll be happy to be with you Sam but I think tourist visa in Canada is very expensive
    4 weeks ago
  6.      about excited
    One hour and I'll be off to my weekend trip. I already have butterflies in my stomach! xd
    1 month ago  
    Ryan nope...but I couldn't sleep well
    1 month ago
    Hanna-Riikka Oh, that's bad... Take a nap at some point! Maybe that helps.
    1 month ago
  7. Recommender: d_elf13
         about excited
    Rawr why am I already so excited?
    results about school aplications comes at summer....
    내가 흥분한 왜요?
    2 months ago  
  8.      about Excited
    2 months ago  
    CaRoLiNa @Malu fazendo o mesmo. Mais que bom q voce esta aqui!
    @Bibo hello dear! Doing fine...how about yourself?
    2 months ago
    Bibo same here sweetie
    2 months ago
  9.      about excited
    You Guys! I know many of you like Kpop and idk bout jpop, but Jpop princess kyary pamyu pamyu just upgraded her concert venue for the Australian concert and released more tickets. yay
    2 months ago  
    Avishadur On top of that, Running Man is in Australia, so everybody on my twitter is going nuts today
    2 months ago
    Wulan Herlambang Ah.... Running man
    2 months ago
  10.      about excited
    I'll do a cover of Zutto Kimi No Soba De by Matsuda Yuki tomorrow.
    3 months ago  
    Zahra ohh how nice .. can't wait to hear the cover :D
    3 months ago
    iamCCrn But I'm not using any mixing software. I'll record it as is.. thanks sis
    3 months ago
  11.      about excited
    Hopefully have my new website up and running tonight ^^
    3 months ago  
    wulan Fighting !!^^
    3 months ago
    Cici 화이팅!!!
    3 months ago
  12.      about Excited
    I just get excited when more friends join Mindpasta!!!
    3 months ago  
    ryan I can feel it!
    3 months ago
    CarolinAna20 It's in the air...
    3 months ago
  13.      about excited
    Vocalization today for tomorrow's choir practice.
    4 months ago  
  14.      about Excited
    So I have renewed my ID... two more things to be done. Buy the flight tickets and save money. =D
    6 months ago  
  15.      about Excited
    Renewing my passport.... Someone is getting ready!!! =D
    6 months ago  
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