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  1. Recommender: Malu
         about Nell
    My fav of all time
    one of the best live perfs of them that i've seen 'online' so far
    10 years ago  
    Malu-Lee I have this song on my playlist.~~~~
    10 years ago
    Audrey me too. hehehehe I got lots of their songs on my mp3 player. almost more than my bias group's lol
    10 years ago
  2. Recommender: Malu
         about gloomy
    10 years ago  
    Malu-Lee My fav Korean band too!~~~
    10 years ago
    Audrey awwwwww~~~친구!!!!!
    10 years ago
  3.      about bye
    Good Morning. Good Afternoon. Good evening and Goodnight everyone! see y'all tomorrow
    10 years ago  
    Audrey have a nice day guys! o//
    10 years ago
    nana Good night~~
    10 years ago
  4. Recommenders: nadia_tkd other 6
         about MPshout
    this 'sort-of-a-formal' greeting might be a little bit late as I only found it now on 'find friends 'lol anyway~ let's get started !
    열러분! 안녕하세요~ 내이름은 오드리~난 말레이시아 사람이에요,그리도 올해 스물다섯살(korean age) 입니다!!!! 만나서 반갑습니다
    Hi MP guys~ I am Audrey, 24 years old. I am Malaysian-Chinese but currently living in England. So basically, I can speaks Chinese as well
    I am very interested in Korean Culture and her language, hence I would love to learn Korean and get myself to know more of her beautifulness!
    For sure I would also love to meet lots of friends here, and all of you guys seems very friendly here ^-^
    Thank you!! 감사합니다!! Terima Kasih!! 謝謝!!
    10 years ago  
    하데스 Nice to meet you ^^
    10 years ago
    10 years ago
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