1.      about Myfriends
    I miss you~~ ~~
    6 years ago  
  2.      about myfriends
    everyone fine and ok today?
    wish everyone have brighter day always
    smile and keep calm everyone
    ^_^ ^_* :D
    9 years ago  
    Ryan hi, welcome back
    9 years ago
    Sam Good morning
    9 years ago
  3.      about myfriends
    Feel to sleep at bed..
    I’m tired today,today my mom cooking and make some drink for me~so pretty~
    Today was rain and raining again..
    I was switch off fan becausr too cool
    Sorry if i make any mistake at here..
    Nice to meey you guys at here..
    Thank you
    I will come back at november if too many works and busy
    10 years ago  
    Ellyn Take care good night!
    10 years ago
    Glory C Good luck
    10 years ago
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    My Friends -book collects info like this:
    (Address and phone number)
    Date and place of birth
    Hair color
    Eyes' color
    Favourite subject
    Favourite band
    Favourite TV-series
    Favourite book
    Favourite animal
    What I'm going to be when I grow up

    11 years ago  
    Sam  Mine looked all so girly
    11 years ago
  5.      about myfriends
    hello frıends how are you ?
    11 years ago  
    ^_BLue _^ hi looniiar l miss you but I must go now lm too tried ..
    11 years ago
    loomiar1018 ohh so see you soon love you more
    11 years ago
  6. Recommender: ryan
         about myfriends
    Я очень скучаю по друзьям! (Russian)
    I really miss my friends
    Ya ochen skuchayu po moim druziam!
    13 years ago  
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