1.      about Myfriends
    I miss you~~ ~~
    6 years ago  
  2.      about myfriends
    everyone fine and ok today?
    wish everyone have brighter day always
    smile and keep calm everyone
    ^_^ ^_* :D
    10 years ago  
    Ryan hi, welcome back
    10 years ago
    Sam Good morning
    10 years ago
  3.      about myfriends
    Feel to sleep at bed..
    I’m tired today,today my mom cooking and make some drink for me~so pretty~
    Today was rain and raining again..
    I was switch off fan becausr too cool
    Sorry if i make any mistake at here..
    Nice to meey you guys at here..
    Thank you
    I will come back at november if too many works and busy
    11 years ago  
    Ellyn Take care good night!
    11 years ago
    Glory C Good luck
    11 years ago
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    My Friends -book collects info like this:
    (Address and phone number)
    Date and place of birth
    Hair color
    Eyes' color
    Favourite subject
    Favourite band
    Favourite TV-series
    Favourite book
    Favourite animal
    What I'm going to be when I grow up

    11 years ago  
    Sam  Mine looked all so girly
    11 years ago
  5.      about myfriends
    hello frıends how are you ?
    11 years ago  
    ^_BLue _^ hi looniiar l miss you but I must go now lm too tried ..
    11 years ago
    loomiar1018 ohh so see you soon love you more
    11 years ago
  6. Recommender: ryan
         about myfriends
    Я очень скучаю по друзьям! (Russian)
    I really miss my friends
    Ya ochen skuchayu po moim druziam!
    13 years ago  
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