1.      about Myday!
    It's been long time since I off, doesn't have many change.
    I continue studies and people I love do changed.
    I'm still single and they're married.
    I still in my studies, they're working and having good job.
    I still walking, they're running to their career.
    I'm late but I hope I'm not last and not weak to facing challenge life
    Oh I'm was like you but however no work no boyfriend but however they talked i didn't care just kept supporting myself and kept strong and working hard and now i did it I'm fine and happy to what i do just keep strong friend !!! Fighting!!
    1 year ago  
  2. Recommender: ryan
         about Myday!
    Our dogs got loose this morning and we could not find them anywhere. We were running all over our neighborhood jajaja But lucky my cousin's wife shared the pic of our dogs on facebook and were found in a dog shelter. We are going to pick them up tomorrow.
    10 years ago  
    Ryan What a relieves
    10 years ago
    IchaB relieves: relief sorry. Haha We have to pay $50 each to get them out plus get them dog licenses which is $25 each: so much!
    10 years ago
  3.      about MyDay!
    At the Le Meridian Amman, having a full day training!
    It's kinda fun but bored. !!!
    10 years ago  
    Mika_할리메 Hello Alaa sis
    10 years ago
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