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         about Russia
    I wonder what other nations think about Russia? Do u know where it is situated? We are famous for our native russian songs. one of the best in my opinion - Конь (Horse). Isn't it breathtaking?
    7 years ago  
    kaz I didn't know this... is really amazing! like it ^^
    7 years ago
  2.      about problem
    what should i do to attach video in my Mind? there si no embed link on youtube under the video ((((
    7 years ago  
    khrisan92 it is Thank U on German
    7 years ago
    ryan Oh Danke! ㅋㅋ
    7 years ago
  3. Recommender: ryan
         about mindpasta
    man, it takes time to understand how this site functions..))
    7 years ago  
    ryan Heeey! How did you know that this my website? lol Thank you for joining!! :D I will send a msg about how to use on here. see your profile below :D
    7 years ago
  4. Recommender: ryan
         about 2NE1
    Park Bom's voice is well as T.O.P.'s) they're those idols who make me shiver)
    7 years ago  
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