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  1.      about badmood
    The bitchy side of me comes out when someone pisses me off or irritates me..
    2 years ago  
    iAmHani21 no im not ok!
    2 years ago
    yjgift T.T hope you'll feel better soon
    2 years ago
  2.      about HARSH!
    im kinda hating korean girls!at first they will make friends with you eventually geezz~not the first time i encountered annoying korean girls.. sorry for being rude but i think most of them are arrogant,insecure!hahha..lol
    2 years ago  
  3. Recommender: piepoi
         about sopriceless
    We had a fun family outing yesterday.it was my niece's birthday celebration! It was so nice to bond with my cousins again.
    2 years ago  
    Kim_Loula good to hear that! ^^
    2 years ago
  4.      about HOTHOTHOT
    It's Getting Hot In Here! Summer is coming~ i cant stand hot weather!!HOT weather makes me smelly and sweaty! lols!^^
    2 years ago  
    ryan Hi, your flowers are blooming! Why don't you make perfume?
    2 years ago
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