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  1.      about Morning
    Good morning! It's freezing cold!
    5 months ago  
    Malu Bom dia!!!~~
    5 months ago
    yjgift mornning Carolin~
    5 months ago
  2.      about Morning

    This is where I am now... I'm drinking my morning coffee and watching the news before I go to work. And yes, it's a bar! No I'm not drinking, I don't drink. I normally come here when Im early to work, there's no people and I know the people who work here!

    7 months ago  
    CarolinAna20 Yup but you shouldn't expect much from a girl who drinks coffee with a bowl of hot noodles!
    7 months ago
    CarolinAna20 @Gift hahaha yes lovely! I guess people in America are pretty cool weird!
    7 months ago
  3.      about Morning
    Good morning! I'm drinking my morning coffee!
    7 months ago  
    mejda how are you doing !! ^^
    7 months ago
    CarolinAna20 @Oppa
    @Glory morning sweetie!
    7 months ago
  4.      about Morning
    Good morning! Today is going to be a long day. I might not be able to stop by here tomorrow or the weekend. My schedule is all booked up. Anyways, if I do get a chance, I'll come say hello. You all have a wonderful rest of the week! Luv you all!!!! ; )
    10 months ago  
    ryan Good morning!
    10 months ago
    yjgift Miss ya~
    10 months ago
  5.      about Morning
    Good morning everyone! I'm feeling great today! (⌒▽⌒)
    11 months ago  
    bratzjzel your welcome dear lina ^^
    11 months ago
    CarolinAna20 @Greig kkk I'm just kidding you know! ; ) Thank you! @Nicole morning girl! : )
    11 months ago
  6.      about Morning
    Good morning! (^v^)
    1 year ago  
    kayoko good morning!
    1 year ago
    CarolinAna20 IO! Bom dia meninas! (☆^ー^☆)
    1 year ago
  7.      about Morning
    Morning everyone! Im sure for some of you its a good night and ready to start the week while I enjoy my last day of my weekend...Sunday! ; )
    1 year ago  
    ryan I took a good nap toady so it's okay!
    1 year ago
    CarolinAna20 That explains it! ^_^
    1 year ago
  8.      about Morning
    Am I the only one who thinks and feels like mostly everyone is here today? Or am I still sleepy?
    1 year ago  
    ryan 굿모닝~~~~
    1 year ago
    CarolinAna20 Morning! ^.^
    1 year ago
  9.      about Morning

    To Ryan: Since I didnt pick on you today....I wanted to leave you this picture! That happens when you havent get up in the morning! Hope you did! Morning! ; )

    1 year ago  
    NicoleHan ㅋㅋㅋ
    1 year ago
    ryan ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    1 year ago
  10.      about Morning
    Morning all!...
    2 years ago  
    CarolinAna20 Morning Gift! How are you?...
    2 years ago
    yjgift Not good thanks~ hahaha how are you??
    2 years ago
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