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  1.      about Morning
    Try my Rps
    10 hours ago  
  2.      about Morning
    Good morning
    5: 30 am I'm sooooo sleepy T-T
    1 day ago  
    Ryan Aw.. work harder!! btw New friends came from there~
    1 day ago
    Hanna-Riikka Good morning!
    1 day ago
  3. Recommenders: KamilEt other 4
         about morning

    Good morning!
    Here's the reason why I can be proud of myself today. I have a very bad and confirmed habit to bite nails but sometimes I can hold myself and grow pretty nails. I had to celebrate that achievement somehow.

    1 day ago  
    연주 really pretty! and well done! my sister has the same habit too...but I introduced her to 'nail polish' and it did help her stop at least for a while...but, hanna, keep going! fighting!
    1 day ago
    Hanna-Riikka Thanks @Gift! I use nail polishes more too because those last longer than the sticker art. x) There are also nail stamps but I haven't bought those ones yet.
    1 day ago
  4.      about morning
    좋은 아침 여러분!!
    1 day ago  
    Simone Heeey~~~how have you been sam?
    1 day ago
    Simone Hi malu unnie!
    1 day ago
  5.      about Morning
    Good Morning 05.18 am here
    Still early Morning but i just woke up ㅋㅋㅋ
    3 days ago  
    Mey ~<@ Morning wataru San
    Morning yas
    3 days ago
    Mey ~<@ Morning Louise
    3 days ago
  6. Recommender: kwanning0606
         about Morning
    Just a quick post before driving to work. I'm just so thankful that the weather is a bit cooler today. Last night I was afraid that I'll melt to death. It was so uncomfortable. :'D
    I'll MP with you more later! Now I'm off!
    4 days ago  
    CC (っ´▽`)っ Take care Riikka
    4 days ago
    Mey ~<@ Morning take care Hanna ~~
    4 days ago
  7.      about morning
    Good morning ^_^
    Have a great day
    5 days ago  
    kami90 (경민) me too ^^
    5 days ago
    aya Nice to meet you too ^_^
    5 days ago
  8.      about Morning
    Good morning
    Sunday, 06.28 am here ~
    5 days ago  
    Mey ~<@ Morning Greig
    Morning wataru San
    5 days ago
    Sam☆ Good morning~~
    5 days ago
  9.      about morning
    Today is a movie day!
    I drive to the city with a fried, do some shopping and then go to the movies.
    I still have a moment to play with you guys! How are you?
    6 days ago  
    Hanna-Riikka @Sam Well then it's good that you can go to sleep soon. I'm fine! I'm going to have a fun day so I'm positive at the moment.
    @Gift Transformers 4. At last!!
    @Mey Oh boy...Get well soon dear!
    6 days ago
    연주 @hanna enjoy~ its a good fun!
    6 days ago
  10.      about morning
    good morning
    i just woke up..
    its hard for me to fall asleep, so i ended up sleep late
    6 days ago  
    김 야스 morning
    6 days ago
    Mika_h8 Morning Jzel
    6 days ago
  11.      about Morning
    Good morning !! Dear MP's friends It's 5:40 am in Japan !!! Early morning~~~
    7 days ago  
    wataru Good morning !! Aisha
    6 days ago
    wataru Good morning~~~ Indra
    6 days ago
  12.      about morning
    This song set me in so good mood that I hope it helps me to start working on book cover soon.
    1 week ago  
    Mey ~<@  Head ?!
    1 week ago
    Hanna-Riikka Yeah... A human head.
    1 week ago
  13.      about morning
    morningg alll,,, ~
    1 week ago  
    Dewi Paramitha Morning Oppa
    Morning Wulan
    And you too Samm,, Morningg
    1 week ago
    Ryan Things are fine?
    1 week ago
  14.      about morning
    Counting Days..
    1 week ago  
    Malu-Lee Morning!~
    1 week ago
    Dewi Paramitha Morning Sam
    Morning Yass
    Thanks Meyy ~
    Morning Malu!
    1 week ago
  15.      about Morning
    Good morning !! It's so hot this morning !! 27.5℃.... So hot !! Have a nice day~~~~
    2 weeks ago  
    wataru Morning~~~ Ryan
    2 weeks ago
    Sam☆ Have a great day~~~
    2 weeks ago
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