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    안녕하세요. 반갑습니다.
    저는 Joie 입니다.
    Hi, nice to meet you!
    My name is Joie Yap and I am starting to be active in learning Korean.
    I am from Malaysia, but currently studying in the United Kingdom. I'm pursuing my degree in Communications and PR.
    I chose to study Korean because I would like to give myself a shot in pursuing my career in the entertainment business, and all of us know how amazing KDrama could be!
    Apart from that, I love the culture in Korea and I hope to experience every part of it in the future.
    I need a lot of assistance and I hope you all will help me
    Thank you.
    10 years ago  
    10 years ago
    Jin Hi Joie! 반가워요!
    9 years ago
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