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    Weird random question, does any one know. Is Snow and Eye the same word in korean?
    8 years ago  
    Sam Then it's just by context that we'd figure these words out
    8 years ago
    Ryan yes~~~
    8 years ago
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    I ended up being late for class today. I overslept and missed 6 alarms
    8 years ago  
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    Hi I'm Melanie. I joined MindPasta 3 months ago, but hadn't had the time to figure things out yet. I'm hoping to actively make new friends and learn Korean. I found a love for Kdramas about 3-4 years ago, and recently also jumped in with an interest in Kpop. *someone save me, lol* I wanted to learn Korean, because I watch shows with subtitles, and I'd like to be able to follow what's going on without them I started learning on my own with some Audio books, and understand some very basic Korean now. I can also read the characters, and sound them out (slowly) but usually don't know what it means ^ - ^ Please feel free to add me as a friend
    8 years ago  
    Hanna-Riikka Yes, I like 2PM. Jun.K Heheh!
    8 years ago
    Keen if you dont mind,may i know where did you come from ?
    7 years ago
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