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    Weird random question, does any one know. Is Snow and Eye the same word in korean?
    10 years ago  
    Sam Then it's just by context that we'd figure these words out
    10 years ago
    Ryan yes~~~
    10 years ago
  2.      about insomniac
    I ended up being late for class today. I overslept and missed 6 alarms
    10 years ago  
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    Hi I'm Melanie. I joined MindPasta 3 months ago, but hadn't had the time to figure things out yet. I'm hoping to actively make new friends and learn Korean. I found a love for Kdramas about 3-4 years ago, and recently also jumped in with an interest in Kpop. *someone save me, lol* I wanted to learn Korean, because I watch shows with subtitles, and I'd like to be able to follow what's going on without them I started learning on my own with some Audio books, and understand some very basic Korean now. I can also read the characters, and sound them out (slowly) but usually don't know what it means ^ - ^ Please feel free to add me as a friend
    10 years ago  
    Hanna-Riikka Yes, I like 2PM. Jun.K Heheh!
    10 years ago
    Keen if you dont mind,may i know where did you come from ?
    9 years ago
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