1.      about Vowels
    There is a lot more double vowels than what I thought there were.
    8 years ago  
    Uphuin 핀 wait please,, i must reopen my book. what do you want to know?
    8 years ago
    Emmli Younsaid you had tricks to remember double vowels
    8 years ago
  2.      about Vowels
    Vowel harmony is part of what make Korean sound so lovely to my ears. I can't describe it well. Some vowels as "dark" and some are "light", and the way Koreans make words takes this into account.
    In part, this is because of how we make the sound of "light" vs. "dark" vowels. It would be hard to make the sound of switching from light to dark vowels in the same word.
    Positive/"light Vowels ㅏ (a)ㅑ (ya) ㅗ (o) ㅘ (wa) ㅛ (yo)
    Negative/"dark Vowels ㅓ (eo)ㅕ (ye/) ㅜ (u) ㅝ (wo) ㅠ (yu) ㅔ (e)
    See Wikipedia for full explanation
    9 years ago  
  3.      about vowels
    OK STUDY TIME ...... BASIC VOWELS HERE I COME !!! #Ineedasupermancape
    10 years ago  
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