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    And this immensity called world a palm tree is lonely!

    7 years ago  
    Zahra nice pic .. I like it ♥
    7 years ago
    Eduardo Anatálio thank you @Zahra
    7 years ago
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    Good morning, Afternoon, Evening
    Photography is the art of:
    immortalize the moment
    paralyze the movement
    share a sense
    register an event
    (Fernando Luiz de Souza Silva)

    7 years ago  
    noor Morning beautiful picture
    7 years ago
    Eduardo Anatálio Thank you @Kitta and @noor
    7 years ago
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    This is how I play with my maknae

    9 years ago  
    HanRin so cute
    9 years ago
    yjgift @glory @loomiar @rin thank you, dears
    9 years ago
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