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         about Yield
    여기 앉으세요 (Korean)
    You can take my seat
    When you yield your seat to another person who sick, elderly, pregnant woman....
    yeo-gi an-zeu-se-yo
    7 months ago  
    Ryan Conglats
    7 months ago
    NOOR Thank you
    7 months ago
  2.      about Yield
    귀여운 꼬마아가씨에게 자리를 양보했어 (Korean)
    I willingly yielded my seat for cute little girl
    GwiYeoUn GGoMaAGaSSiEGe JaRuReul YangBoHaeSSeo
    7 years ago  
    kayoko very good thing!! )
    7 years ago
    yjgift yeah ^^
    7 years ago
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