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    Naguabo is the birthplace of the pastelillo de chapín, which is a very popular food in Puerto Rico. It is trunkfish wrapped inside a flour dough that is deep fried; a very tasty food found in almost any seaside establishment on the island. Making me hungry now...

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         about Naguabo,PuertoRico

    About my town in Naguabo, Puerto Rico:
    Location of Naguabo
    Naguabo is known as "El Pueblo de los Enchumbaos" (the town of the soaked ones). Naguabo was founded in July 15, 1821. Derives its name from a local Indian Chief Naguabo.
    Naguabo is located in the east coast of the island, north of Humacao; south of Río Grande and Ceiba; and east of Las Piedras.

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    indialatina829 In Taíno, the word naguabo means "here is the land, rich in water, where the mountain starts."
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