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  1.      about goodmorning
    안녕하시요 Good morning everyone How are you?
    Its just 8 a.m. and everyone is sleeping except me ~
    10 years ago  
    Ryan I'm working.. a bit busy you?
    10 years ago
    NoNa (이서연) I finished my mid exams yesterday so I'm Ok & feeling released ~ BTW you are a student or you have job or what?
    10 years ago
  2. Recommender: ellyn
         about wishes

    Seoul wait for me I'll just graduate and save money & Come 2 you
    WiLL THaT DaY eVer CoMe ?

    10 years ago  
  3. Recommenders: r056789 other 6
         about MPshout
    안녕하세요 My name is Noor (It is an arabic name means LIGHT) .. I'm 20 years old girl in love with KOREA How are you there? ^_^ I hope we become good friends and learn KOREAN together ^_^
    10 years ago  
    habibaa hi nour , where are you from ?
    10 years ago
    10 years ago
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