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    Hi everyone! This is Ra, from Spain ;)
    I've been learning korean for a few months on my own and I think that I'll forget everything I've learn unless I use it. So I was wondering if someone on this site would like to chat with me by KakaoTalk to improve my/our korean and maybe become friends. I speak Spanish, Basque, English and French, therefore I can help people who's trying to learn those languages too.
    Feel free to send me a message!
    KakaoTalk ID: RaKid11 B-)
    10 years ago  
    Marín Hola, Ra...creo que podemoa ayudarnos,la verdad aun estoy en el nivel basico. Como vos decis, la pronunciaciin cuesta...crees que nos podemos ayudar mutuamente?
    9 years ago
    海蒂Heidi hola Ra, encantada. me llmo heidi, soy de indonesia. lets be friend
    9 years ago
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