1.      about rainyday
    Hot coffee or tea even cocoa is always perfect for rainy day!
    12 years ago  
  2.      about Rainyday
    Back from Shopping!
    its such a rainy Day~
    makes me feel kinda sad~ D:
    13 years ago  
    Moj1 I love rainy days ;)
    13 years ago
    LittleNorii i don't like rainy days either~ ._.'
    13 years ago
  3. Recommenders: Misa other 1
         about Rainyday
    I don't like rainy day because it make me feel lazy and sleepy and moody and ..... Traffic jam !! Kkkkk
    14 years ago  
    yjgift I have many bad experiences with rain so I don't like it at all unless I am at home! ;P
    14 years ago
    rinongirl777 yeah !! Rainy day sometimes can see rainbow I like to see it ^^
    14 years ago
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