1.      about Passport

    I will retire from architectural office in Nov 30.
    Reason is that I am getting depression and ADHD from 11 years old.
    So I retire ~~~ This pic is passport of mental handicaps !!
    But I will find job !! Fight !!!

    7 years ago  
    양 마리 I got chronic pains due to too much stress..i feel you. Hope you find a good job that doesn't stress you too much
    7 years ago
    wataru @Mari morning~~ ! The present society is a stress society
    Oh~~Thank you Mari
    7 years ago
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         about passport

    Today I went to get my passport! I am so happy!

    8 years ago  
    Qing53 That's great! Hope you will be able to travel soon
    8 years ago
    Sammy Congratulations!!
    8 years ago
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