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      3 mom has a stage performance last Sunday
    It was unexpectedly awesome (i mean no off keys and such...) she had her wig on....actually she has bought many wigs from taobao these days and trying wigs on everynight many of those made her look like a man hahahaha this one was the most normal looking one lol....(i know i am too frank, but that's our family way of communication!)
    Good show mom!

    6 years ago  
    Qing53 ما شاء الله حماتك بتاخد العقل وشكلها راح تدعم باقي أزواجك فنيا" ههههههه
    6 years ago
    최야스권 ان شاء الله ايه ان شاء الله لو زوجي جي دي وزوجي طوب يحكوا مع حماي الي داعمهم فنيا يخلوها تدخل معهم للشركة ويتنج لهم اغنية مشتركة راح افرح كثير
    6 years ago
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