1. Recommender: ryan
         about Jojo

    Jojo stayed like this for a couple of minutes because she liked the airflow coming from the fan

    5 years ago  
    5 years ago
    Mika cute
    5 years ago
  2.      about jojo
    about great come back for this incridbl women ... jojo
    great look and great body >> relly i want my body like that and i will work on that alot .... i am verry happy for her for such a great comback ,,,,,,
    so cheers up for her ..... jojo
    6 years ago  
    최야스권 halla halla reem
    6 years ago
    Sam Hi, Reem!
    6 years ago
  3.      about Jojo
    My nurse buddy is nice. She used to work in UK!
    7 years ago  
    Sam 박서린 How come nobody wants to come next to me?
    7 years ago
    Ellyn Lucky
    7 years ago
  4.      about Jojo
    I'm doing my last buddy shift tonight with an ICU nurse that supposedly likes to give neck and shoulder massages
    I hope she gives me massages too
    7 years ago  
    Sam 박셔린 Let's go meet Jojo and get massages while on duty!
    7 years ago
    Sam 박셔린 HThree ~~~
    7 years ago
  5. Recommenders: bibo other 2
         about JOJO
    It's just too little too late
    A little too wrong
    And I can't wait
    But you know all the right things to say
    You know it's just too little too late
    You say you dream of my face
    But you don't like me
    You just like the chase
    To be real, it doesn't matter anyway
    You know it's just too little to late
    8 years ago  
    bibo i love this song
    8 years ago
  6.      about Jojo
    Jojo - Too Little, Too Late
    10 years ago  
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