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         about Depress
    Finished packing and just left our house (((( dang i hate moving
    10 years ago  
    10 years ago
    Sam Alex & I are northbound now. Canada Customs Border line up.
    10 years ago
  2.      about depress
    I hate my life, everything is sucks!God, please don't let it be more than my strength
    11 years ago  
    glory yes sometimes we feel that we cant stant it anymore ...ant that please someone will take us from here to somewhere else..but its all just a dream... if we are happy or not we are going to stay here for some long we must look after some activities,,happiness etc to made this life to be better place ..
    and as i read once :god dont let us things we cant handle them so be sure you are fine and try~(even if its very hard and i know..) to be happy 'cause im sure you are great ~!! and we always here for you ~FIGHTING!
    11 years ago
    tinybeehermosa Hwaiting dear.. God won't burden you with things that more than your strengh.. and there will be wisdom on what happens.. be strong and enjoy your life with your love
    11 years ago
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