1.      about SMTM777
    ah~~ he is just a legend!
    Rap genius
    ok.. I'll stop now, sorry
    6 years ago  
  2.      about SMTM777
    Loopy was amazing too with Simon~
    MkitRain representing! kkkk I'm so glad they're getting the recocnition they deserve through SMTM!!
    6 years ago  
  3.      about SMTM777
    Awww Nafla
    He was absolutely amazing!
    He was going against Kim Hyo-eun, Deepflow and Dok2!!!
    He made the song ALONE and still won! I'm so proud!
    6 years ago  
  4.      about SMTM777
    Finally!! I'm so excited for this season
    I'm a fan of Nucksal for a long time.. last season he was amazing and now came as a producer kkk I'm rooting for VMC team, but I love Code Kunst and Giriboy as producers too
    But whatever the team.. Nafla will be the winner anyway
    6 years ago  
    6 years ago
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