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    Have I posted this one before? It's kinda motivational or something and I think I should learn it on piano and singing.
    9 years ago  
    Avishadur I can't decide between "Before Tomorrow Comes" and "permanent mistake". they're kinda bittersweet favourites of mine for various reasons. I only listen to them in certain circumstances
    9 years ago
    CC 지 은 hmm.. Title itself depicts the whole melody of the song.
    9 years ago
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    Just while we're all on music atm
    9 years ago  
    9 years ago
    Avishadur If I could find sheet music for this, it be the first song I could fully sing and play
    9 years ago
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    침착해야돼! (Korean)
    You should keep it together!
    11 years ago  
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