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         about Apologize
    Perdón / Perdóneme / Lo siento mucho (Spanish)
    Sorry or pardon / Sorry or Pardon me (is a polite way) / I´m so sorry
    Perdón / Perdóneme / Lo siento mucho 뻬르돈 / 뻬르도네메 / 로 시엔또 무초
    8 years ago  
  2.      about Apologize
    I apologize to myself before I apologize to you
    9 years ago  
    Sam  No apologies necessary~
    9 years ago
  3. Recommender: Reina
         about apologize
    Hi Guys i'm back... D: sorry i've been far from Mindpasta for months D: T________T
    10 years ago  
    Malu Hi! Welcome back!
    10 years ago
    Reina Welcome back!!! ^^
    10 years ago
  4.      about Apologize
    Miahne! im back.... and receive the notice about S.Korea's new president! she looks nice ^_^
    10 years ago  
    yjgift Many ppl I know are complaining about the result.
    10 years ago
    NicoleHan yes, 초희도!
    10 years ago
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