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    one other thing pls someone tell me :
    lee minho and szy broke up or still together ?? i'm confused about this couple i swear
    7 years ago  
    Hanna-Riikka No idea...
    7 years ago
    MaRi She talked a few days ago about him. I'm sure they're still together.
    7 years ago
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    That decision I was considering...I decided to do it. Hopefully it will help your problem Ryan The things I do to help you... I might have to take it down after a few days so I won't get into trouble or anything

    9 years ago  
    alina Oh you use lang-8 too! I haven't written on it in a while but I used to go on every day haha I have been too busy to write a lot T.T
    9 years ago
    Jasmine I've been busy so I can't write a lot on it
    9 years ago
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    16:01 ready for another 50 items
    10 years ago  
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    get the answer about my question personally ui hate these things : treason lying and stupid people who can only speak without doing useful things for themselves or to others
    10 years ago  
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    11 years ago  
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    1000-992=?? this is hard~!!
    11 years ago  
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    But Ryan Oppa! I want to know the answer of the previous one, i'm curious
    How many chinese tourists visited Korea last year? kkk
    11 years ago  
    ryan 2,730,000
    11 years ago
    glory wow~~ jinja?
    11 years ago
  8. Recommender: bibo
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    My name is:
    2. I am:
    3. Around me, I see:
    4. The best thing about my personality is:
    5. Sometimes, I wonder about:
    6. I usually get bored while:
    7. If someone hates me, I:
    8. I admire:
    9. I wish:
    10. I appreciate:
    11. I'm jealous of:
    12. I trust:
    13. I am proud of:
    14. I feel most beautiful when:
    15. I often get distracted by:
    16. I'm glad that:
    17. I feel guilty about:
    18. I'm most talkative around:
    19. One feeling I hate is:
    20. One feeling I love is:
    i need honest answers
    11 years ago  
    kaz 13. My dad.
    14. Going out with a pretty outfit (?)
    15. Music
    16. I’m glad that I had the chance of meeting you guys. ^^
    17. Don’t doing exercise.
    18. My mom
    19. Hopelessness.
    20. That kind of happiness that comes out when an important person to you is happy.
    11 years ago
    Shazi 1. Shehnaz 2. from Jordan 3. I see what I'm working on ,books and my laptop. 4. long-suffering 5. life and people 6. I get bored while studying 7. I don't care, but I make sure to smile to them 8. I admire my parents and my teacher 9. I wish to visit Korea 10. everything 11. I'm jealous of people who reads books >> I get board 12. I trust everyone and each one controls how much my trust should be. 13. I'm proud of what I'm doing ( teacher) 14.I lose weight 15. paintings 16.I joined Mind Pasta 17. mmm 18. truth and Korea 19.talking behind my back 20.when my Friends call and ask about me^^
    11 years ago
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    대답해! (Korean)
    Answer me!
    11 years ago  
    ryan haha nope~
    11 years ago
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    아, 알겠어요 (Korean)
    Ah, I see.
    Ah, AlGet-EoYo : Ah, AlGeSSeoYo
    12 years ago  
    ryan 내 : 네 :D
    12 years ago
    maynas 네 ^^
    12 years ago
  11. Recommenders: Alaa other 1
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    난 신경 안써 (Korean)
    I don't care
    Nan SinGyeong AnSSeo
    12 years ago  
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    여기 있을게(요) (Korean)
    I will be here
    YeoGi ISSeulGe(Yo)
    13 years ago  
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