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G-Dragon, leader of the top Korean pop band Big Bang, will be having a solo act at Fide Fashion Week 2013 in Singapore on 12th October. Not only is G-Dragon known for his chart-topping songs and extravagant dances, he is also widely hailed as a super fashionista by his fans around the globe.

G-Dragon sets a perfect example that music and fashion share a symbiotic relationship, his performance at Fide Fashion Week 2013 will definitely be one of the highlights of the event, and not just for his fans.

The G-Dragon Showcase will be held at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Hall F, Marina Bay Sands on the 12th October at 4.30 pm. For more details on ticketing, please check here.

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Rain is ready with his comeback this January. The album, Rain Effect, will be released on January 2 and Rain’s first performance will be at M! Countdown on January 9. To give the fans a sneak peek of his new album, Rain released a teaser of his two title songs, “30Sexy” and “La Song”. Like his previous single, “Ways to Avoid the Sun”, “30Sexy” portrays a sexy image of Rain. While “La Song” is a more powerful song with a mixture of hip-hop, rock and punk in it. Most of the songs in this new album are written and composed by Rain himself.

Check out the song teasers below.


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Lee Min Ho‘s encore concert scheduled for January 2014 received overwhelming response when the 4000 over tickets sold out within a mere 2 minutes! True to his booming popularity, not only in South Korea but internationally as overseas fans are expected to be attending the encore concert as well.

He gained popularity through his princely and charming characters played in dramas such as the famous Boys Over Flowers and recent hit The Heirs. He was also recently in Singapore as an ambassador for the opening of Innisfree.

The encore concert will be the last performance and a closing for his ‘My Everything’ global tour which started back in May. It will be taking place at Seoul Olympic Handball Stadium on January 18.

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The Star magazine recently revealed a set of pictorials of Kim Hyun Joong from January’s issue. The pictorials adopted a black and white concept and showcased Kim Hyun Joong’s charisma and sexy abs.

It was also revealed that Kim Hyun Joong was very frank during interview conducted after the photoshoot. Kim Hyun Joong is currently filming for his new drama ‘Inspiring Age’ in China, the drama will be aired on 15th January.

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The year 2014 starts with a shocking news that Lee Seung Gi and SNSD’s Yoona are dating. With the leaking news about the couple to the media, both of their agencies quickly confirmed about the two’s relationship. SM Entertainment and Hook Entertainment said that both of them had been dating in secret since September 2013 and asked everyone to watch over the two kindly.

Years ago when Lee Seung Gi was one of the MCs for Strong Heart, Yoona came as a guest. At that time Lee Seung Gi admitted that Yoona was his ideal type. Now, they are officially a couple. Congratulations to both of them!

Source: @RealKshownow, @SMTownEngSub

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JYJ’s Jaejoong has just pre-released a track from his upcoming album, titled ‘Shiny Day’.

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‘Shiny Day’ is a beautiful ballad, and features Noel’s Lee Sang Gon. The song is the work of Baek Moo Hyun, composer for the OST ‘Love Is Like Snow’. The track demonstrates the harmony of the two men, as well as Jaejoong’s strong vocal ability.

‘Shiny Day’ is available to purchase on iTunes, Bugs Music, Naver Music and Melon.

The full solo album is due to be released on the 29th of this month. In the meantime, Jaejoong has released a set of teaser images and the album cover!



Source: C-JeS Entertainment 

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width="270" src='' alt='' width="270" with the release of Incheon Asiad Song, Kpop trio JYJ released the making video, behind-the-scenes of ‘Only One’ MV. The making video featured JYJ members practicing the choreography, recording the song and having fun while filming. They were also seen playing soccer on the field of stadium and enjoying the whole width="270" width="270" here to view the embedded width="270" out Incheon Asian Games’ official
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Super Junior’s KyuHyun is here to teach you the Pazzo Dance. Clothing brand, SPAO, which uses Super Junior as their CF model, just released a video on Youtube. In this short clip, you can see KyuHyun dancing the Pazzo Dance. His cute dance movements and expressions will make you want to replay the video over and over again.

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TripleS in South America can rejoice! After two of SS501 members (Heo Young Saeng and Park Jung Min) holding their solo tours in South America this year, Kim Hyung Jun – the maknae of SS501, will also be having his solo concert tour in South America early next year.

Titled ‘The First Kim Hyung Jun’s Concert & Fanmeet‘, Kim Hyung Jun will have concert in 4 countries – Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia in January 2014. This will be the first time Kim Hyung Jun is preparing for concert and fanmeet that will be held beyond Asia.

In the meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun has recently attended Busan International Film Festival as a cast of the movie ‘An Actor is An Actor’. He will also be acting as the male lead in ‘Love Through Song’ with Sistar’s Dasom.

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XIA Junsu held his first solo concert in Australia, titled “XIA’s Incredible Concert in Austrailia,” at the Sydney Big Top on September 28. The event drew an audience of 2,500 fans, who cheered, “XIA Junsu Saranghae (We love you)” during the performances. He performed “Tarantallegra,” “Incredible,” “Fever,” “Uncommitted,” and many more of his hit songs.


He said, “This is my second visit to Sydney but my first concert, so it feels great.  I’m happy that I’m back in such a beautiful city, this time for a concert, and to spend my last night with you, is an honor. I hope I can have a concert in Australia again as a member of JYJ or as a solo artist.”


On the day of his arrival, he held a press conference, took part in the taping of a TV show, and was in top form for his concert, enrapturing fans with his powerful performances.


XIA Junsu has held concerts in Bangkok, Shanghai, Seoul, and Busan since he released his second album, and he will continue his solo concert tour in Japan in October.

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JYJ member Kim Jaejoong is set to start a tour of Asia after his first solo album is released. Starting in Seoul at Coex Mall, in Samseong-dong, on November 2 and 3, Jaejoong is planning on heading around Korea before hitting many other Asian countries and cities.


His agency said that the album is about half done and features songs by various other artists as well as songs written by Jaejoong himself. It will probably be released by the end of October.


Since the album includes a variety of rock numbers, this Asia Tour will be like a rock festival.


Jaejoong released his first solo EP in January, and the song “One Kiss” took the top spot on the iTunes charts in nine countries, including Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan. It also ranked first on the daily, real-time, and weekly Hanter Charts five days after the EP was released.

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G-Dragon is inviting fans to his music video shoot for “Who You?” According to his agency, 1,000 fan club members will personally participate in the filming of the music video and create a music video by editing in fan videos and pictures. Although there have been many times when fans appeared in music videos as audience members, it is rare to have fans actually working on the filming of a music video.


Following the news, fans commented: “I’m so excited that fans will get to actually film this!” “This is Awesome.”


On the same day, G-Dragon tweeted, “10.5 Who You? I’m the director,” and “Everyone, let’s make and film a music video together.”

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width="270" src='' alt='' width="270" Junior fans in Mexico received the news they have been hoping and praying for…. Super Junior will be holding a SS5 in Mexico City the first week of width="270" is a huge number of ELF in Mexico and they have been petitioning for a concert for a couple of years now. When Super Junior came to the Americas earlier this year, Mexico wasn’t included in the tour, despite many rumors to the contrary. However, they didn’t lose hope and continued petitioning SM to send Super Junior for a width="270" hard work finally paid off… it was just announced 2 days ago that Super Junior will be performing in Mexico City on November 7th.  Because they were so many false rumors in the past, the news was met with disbelief. When SAT Marketing (the group who recently brought MBLAQ to Mexico) finally made their official announcement that Super Junior would in fact hold a SS5 in Mexico City, fans went crazy…. crying, shouting, jumping, dancing, cheering! It was a moment of triumph and pure width="270" around the world celebrated with Mexican ELF and shared in their happiness. Congratulation messages started pouring in from all over the globe and the width="270" width="270" soon become the #1 worldwide trend on width="270" concert will fall on the day after Super Junior’s 8th anniversary since width="270" to all the Mexican width="270"
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On September 12, CFP, of China, revealed a filming location in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, where the new movie Hellios was being shot. In the movie, Choi Si Won, of Super Junior, plays a policeman. He has been shown in the media while riding a bike on the street.

Choi arrived on location at Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui at 11:30 p.m., greeted the other cast members and staff, and dressed in gray suit for a scene. Because he doesn’t have a Hong Kong driver’s license, he was riding a bike towed by a truck. While being towed, he looked very serious, as if he were running at breakneck speed. He used a double for the bike chase scene. The shooting session was finished by 1:00 a.m.

Hellios is directed by Luklongman and Sunny Luck, who also directed Cold War. It has been seven years since Choi previously appeared on Chinese movie screens. In addition to Choi, several top-profile stars are in the cast, including Ji Jin Hee, Jacky Cheung, Shawn Yue, and Nick Cheung.

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Yesterday Microsoft announced the pricing scheme for Windows 8.1 and stated that, instead of selling “upgrade” and standalone versions of its operating system, all purchases of the new code will be complete. Therefore, if you want to move a non-Windows 8 PC to Windows 8.1, or want to build a new PC from scratch, the same software will work in each case.

This led to confusion, as it appeared that Microsoft was halting sales of its “System Builder” builds of Windows, at least to consumers. After much digging (I was not the only confused party), I’ve managed to figure out that I was wrong yesterday and that Microsoft isn’t killing System Builder SKUs entirely.

Instead, Microsoft is shifting gravity away from System Builder builds except for OEM partners and others that buy its operating system in bulk from distribution partners. For the average person, Windows 8.1′s two normal SKUs (regular, and “Pro”) will replace what System Builder SKUs provided previously: the ability to build a new PC from scratch and install Windows on it.

I apologize for the error.

So you will be able to buy a System Builder copy of Windows 8.1 in certain locations, such as Amazon. However, you will not find that code at Best Buy or any other normal retailer. There you will only find the two normal versions of Windows 8.1.

The question now becomes why you would want to buy a System Builder copy of Windows 8.1 when the regular build will do what you need? Perhaps a minor cost differential, or you just really don’t want support from Microsoft with your operating system.

What matters here is that Microsoft has killed System Builder SKUs of Windows — in spirit — for everyone but OEM partners, though the enterprising will still be able to dredge up a copy. The more important news here is that Windows 8.1 won’t be sold as an upgrade, but I wanted to correct the record after my mistake.

Top Image Credit: Dell Inc.

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“I Hear Your Voice” Lee Bo-young and long-time boyfriend, Ji-sung will be getting married soon. The wedding photographs, which were taken in Spain was revealed. Let’s take a look.

Lee Bo Young Ji Sung

Lee Bo Young & Ji Sung (Photo: Grazia)

Lee Bo Young Ji Sung

Lee Bo-young and Ji Sung (Photo: Grazia)

Lee Bo Young Ji Sung

Lee Bo-young and Ji Sung (Photo : Grazia)

Name: Lee Bo-young (이보영/李寶英)
Birthday: January 12th, 1979
Height: 168cm
Weight: 48kg

Name: Ji-sung (지성/地成)
Birth name: Kwak Tae-geun (곽태근/郭太根)
Birthday: February 27th, 1977
Height: 178cm
Weight: 70kg

See also:
Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung 

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“Monday Afternoon”, IU’s latest single, was released on 11th and ranked ninth on the Oricon Chart the same day. It’s been fourteen months since her second Japanese single, “You & I.”


IU played Lee Soon Shin in the KBS 2TV drama series You Are The Best, Lee Soon Shin, which recently finished, and she will release a new album in Korea in October.

In related news, TVXQ’s new Japanese single, “Scream,” ranks second on the Oricon Weekly Chart.

Malu 2013/09/15 10:43:54

On 11th, JYJ released second MV teaser of ‘Only One’ – 2014 Incheon Asian Song via youtube. The second teaser video of JYJ’s ‘Only One’ mainly focused on JYJ’s activities and preparations as goodwill ambassador of 2014 Incheon Asian Games (IAG), such as photo shoots and dance practices.

Check out the teaser MV below! Full MV will be revealed on 16th September.

Click here to view the embedded video.

JYJ will also be having overseas activities to promote for 2014 Incheon Asian Games (IAG) :

- Singapore Roadshow – Video conference and interview (9.26)
- Vietnam Roadshow – media event and attend cultural events (10.24)
- GuangZhou Roadshow – media event and attend cultural events (11.21)
- Asian Games 100th anniversary media event in Boracay (end of November)

For more information on 2014 Incheon Asian Games, please visit IAG’s FB page (Here) and official blog (Here).

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The boy band CNBLUE’s first pictorial book, titled Blue Travel, has garnered a tremendous number of advance orders in South Korea and Japan. Advance orders began to be accepted on September 5, and the book ranked at the top on the Japanese charts HMV and Tower Records on the 8th and 9th. The photo book also ranked at the top of Korean advance-order charts for magazines and books on the 9th.


The photos were shot in Sydney, Australia, and feature the members in four main themes: nostalgia, shelter, experience, and healing. A behind-the-scenes DVD and handwritten messages and autographs from each of the members will also be included in the book set.


A teaser video for Blue Travel has been released on the group’s official YouTube channel, and the pictorial set will be released on the 26th.

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5dolls will release a new EP, First Love, on the 17th. It contains seven songs, including the lead number, “I Love You, I Don’t Love You.” The hit-making composers Double Sidekick and Shinsadong Tiger took part in the production of the EP.


The girls will give their first performance of songs from the new album on Mnet Countdown on the 12th, and Dani, the newest member of T-ara N4, will be also on stage to support them. Dani joined T-ara N4 in July and is featured in the rap segments of “I Love You, I Don’t Love You.” The upcoming performance with 5dolls will be the first time that fans actually get to see Dani perform on stage.


T-ara and 5doll’s agency, Core Contents Media, says, “Dani has trained hard in rapping, singing, and choreography. She joined T-ara N4 in July. Belying her cute look, Dani’s voice is quite deep. Through ‘I Love You, I Don’t Love You,’ fans will be able to check out her mature rapping skills. The upcoming performances with 5dolls on Mnet Countdown on the 12th will be Dani’s first TV performance. She will perform with 5dolls to back them with their new album.”


“I Love You, I Don’t Love You” is a medium-tempo pop ballad that mixes the sounds of an acoustic guitar with Korean traditional instruments. It was composed by Double Sidekick, who also composed “Soulmate No.1.”

Malu 2013/09/15 10:33:17


According to an announcement by their agency, Super Junior’s first Japanese studio album, Hero, will be released in the Korean market on September 13. The album is a set of two CDs and a DVD, released on July 24 last year in Japan and ranked at the top of Japan’s Oricon Daily Chart at that time.

The album contains a total of 23 tracks, including, three songs, “Mr. Simple,” “Sexy, Free & Single,” and “Bonamana,” that ranked third on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart; three new songs, “Bambina,” “Tuxedo,” and “Hero”; and such other hit songs as “Promise You,” “Rokuko,” “Perfection,” and “I Wanna Dance.”

Various hit songs and music videos by the group are on the DVD. In particular, the music videos of the new song “Hero” and Super Junior-K.R.Y’s “ハナミズキ (A Cornelian Cherry)” are included for the first time. Scenes from the shooting of the music video of “Hero” are also included.

On the 14th, Super Junior will be in China to present the Super Junior World Tour “Super Show 5″ in Guangzhou.

Malu 2013/09/15 10:25:15

According to the September 13 Billboard 200 Album Chart, G-Dragon’s second studio album, Coup d’état, Part 1, ranked 182. His previous album, One Of A Kind, released in September 2012, ranked 161st and Big Bang’s Alive album, released in February 2012, ranked 150th on the same chart.

G-Dragon is getting a lot of attention from such foreign media as Fuse TV, Complex, and Dazed & Confused. His second studio album, consisting of Coup d’état Parts 1 and 2 and two new songs, will be released on September 13.

G-Dragon took the number-one ranking on Mnet’s M-Countdown on September 12.

Malu 2013/09/15 10:21:37


By the morning of the 5th, the Oricon Chart, which is the most authoritative in Japan, had already placed TVXQ’s new Japanese single, “Scream,” at number two. It had sold 50,707 copies. Only the Japanese female group HKT48 was ahead of TVXQ on the chart.

TVXQ wrapped up their TVXQ Live Tour Time Final concert at Nissan Stadium in Japan on August 17 and 18. The audience for these two days of concerts totaled 14,400. In the 18 concerts of the tour they attracted a total audience of 85,000.

Malu 2013/09/06 07:16:48

Babyz! Remember B.A.P’s ”Warrior”? Well, we can finally view the trailer of ”Warrior”’s JAPANESE version! Yes, Japanese!

Click here to view the embedded video.

If we remember, B.A.P’s leader Yongguk, has announced the group will make a Japanese Debut. B.A.P and Japan’s King Records, together, were planning to release the new version of ”Warrior” on October 9. They were also thinking about a Japan Tour on the next month: November. Japanese fans are highly anticipating for these coming months. 

B.A.P, is really working hard. After releasing already so many songs in the same year, they also started a Japanese Debut! These boys are really tough like mentioned in their track’s title: Real Warriors.

Source: YouTube

Malu 2013/09/06 07:13:54

G-Dragon will kick off the promotion of his new album by appearing on You Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, which airs on KBS 2TV. On September 3, his agency announced, “His appearance on Sketchbook is being recorded today. This follows his appearance on Running Man on September 2 and is part of his efforts to push ahead with the promotion of his second studio album.”

The new album, which comes four years after the first one, was released yesterday, and immediately five of his new songs conquered all the online charts in Korea by being ranked first to fifth, which proves his great popularity.

His album has already reached the top of the iTunes Chart in eight countries and the rank of the two lead songs, “Who The Hell Are You?” and “Black,” has skyrocketed on various singles charts. The star will also perform on SBS’s Ingigayo on September 8.

Malu 2013/09/04 01:41:39

Heechul made it clear that he left MBC’s Radio Star for good before his enlistment in the military and has now left the reins of the show in Kyuhyun’s hands.


Heechul was welcomed back on the September 2 broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio. About his former spot on Radio Star, Heechul revealed, “I probably won’t even appear on Radio Star as a guest. I don’t think it’s right for me to take Kyuphyun’s spot. He’s like a brother to me and is on the same path as I am.”


Heechul enlisted in September 2011 and served as a public-service officer at the Seongdong District Office. He was discharged on August 30. Heechul has been flooded with calls from variety shows but says that Radio Star isn’t one of them. He says, “I didn’t leave that position temporarily. Kyuhyun is now the owner of that spot.”


Heechul was actively engaged in various fields, not only as a singer but also as a performer on TV shows and drama series, so he’s already being sought after left and right. His management agency revealed that he is considering his next move but nothing is settled yet and added that Heechul will join Super Junior on its current world concert tour once he has had sufficient preparation.

Malu 2013/09/04 01:37:10

Super Junior’s HeeChul is finally back after a 2-year military service as a public service worker. He is even awarded a good service award for his service. Welcome back, HeeChul!!!



bratzjzel 2013/08/30 15:58:54

Idols are spotted filming for the latest episode of Runningman. Infinite’s L and SungKyu, A Pink’s EunJi and NaEun, B3ST’s DooJoon and KiKwang, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and SeungHo, Girl’s Day’s MinAh and YuRa, 2PM’s WooYoung and ChanSung, and also SISTAR’s HyoRin and DaSom are teaming with a Runningman member to compete against one another. This will be an episode with the most numbers of guests ever appear on Runningman to date. This highly anticipated episode is scheduled to be aired on the second week of September 2013.

Source: @RunningManVirus

Photo Credit: @RunningManVirus


NicoleHan 2013/08/29 13:42:40


C-JeS Entertainment, the agency that represents Kim Junsu (XIA), of JYJ, says, “Junsu will continue with his second concert tour from next month. He already has confirmed dates to perform in Australia on September 28, Nagoya on October 8 to 10, and Yokohama on October 14 to 16. Over 60,000 fans are expected to attend his concerts at Nippon Gaishi Hall and Yokohama’s Yokohama Arena this October. Junsu will seek to move his fans in Japan with his live performances.”


Since releasing his second album, Incredible, on July 15, Kim has followed up with concerts in Bangkok, Shanghai, Seoul, and Busan, performing for a total of 40,000 fans. He performed a variety of dance, ballad, R&B, and other numbers in the first concert tour, and already fans are looking forward to his second tour.

NicoleHan 2013/08/29 13:41:33


Kim Hee Chul, a member of Super Junior, is receiving a lot of calls from various parts of the entertainment world. He will be discharged on the 30th after completing his duty as a public-service worker at the SeongDong-gu office in Seoul. He was originally scheduled to be discharged on the 31st but will be released one day earlier because the 31st is a Saturday.

A lot of people in entertainment are paying great attention to his discharge because he is talented in a variety of fields, having worked as a singer, a radio DJ, an MC, and an actor before serving in the military.

According to an August 28 announcement by his agency, “Kim Hee Chul is currently getting a lot of offers from various entertainment shows and drama series. He will consider those offers carefully after being discharged and make decisions about them, but at this moment, nothing has been settled on yet. After being discharged, he will join the world tour that the other members of Super Junior are on now when he has rehearsed enough to perform with the group, but for now, we cannot be sure when that will be.”

Kim Hee Chul started his alternative duty on September 1, 2011, and has served as a public-service worker at the SeungDong-gu office for about two years. He had no choice but to choose alternative duty since he had a big accident in the summer of 2006 and underwent major surgery in which eight metal pins were inserted into the lower half of his body.

He has decided to remain demobilized without any official appearances in the media. He told those close to him about this decision because he considers military duty a matter of course that any Korean man is bound to undergo and thinks his discharge is not the sort of thing that merits a loud welcome.

NicoleHan 2013/08/29 13:41:03

Actor Song Joong Gi will go to the army recruit training center in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, today, and about 30 minutes beforehand, he will say good-bye to his fans and the press. Netizens’ supporting comments flooded various Internet communities. Some examples: “I’m just about to like him.” “It’s good to fulfill his military duty, but I personally will feel very sorry not to see him for the time being. I hope to see him again on TV.” “Have a good time.” “This beautiful guy becomes a soldier.”

Song reported his draft through his agency on August 1, saying, “I appreciate all your love and support with all my heart. I can’t say good-bye to all in person, but I express my gratitude to all the fans this way. I’ll do my best during my two-year military duty and hope to see you again on a good drama series after that. Stay healthy!”

The actor will get military training at the army recruit training center for five weeks after going through the 102 recruitment depot. Then he will be assigned to a regular military unit as the first celebrity to enter the military since entertainment units were recently abolished because of their lack of discipline.


Malu 2013/08/28 07:17:41


On August 20th, Park Jung Min and Heo Young Saeng performed at the Metropolitan Theatre in Mexico City. The two are currently on a joint fan meeting tour for Latin and South America. A few days before their performances in Mexico, they were in Lima, Peru where both artists held highly successful fan meetings.


The events in Mexico City marked the first time for both artists to perform in Mexico. SS501 has always been very popular in Mexico, as well as in other parts of Latin and South America. Despite the current hiatus of the popular singing group, Mexican fans have still been extremely supportive and have waited patiently for the arrival or performances of any of the group’s members. Their patience was finally rewarded by fan meetings with both Park Jung Min and Heo Young Saeng.


Heo Young Saeng started his fan meeting at 5:00pm on Tuesday evening at the historic Metropolitan Theatre in downtown Mexico City. He was met with deafening cheers and screams, some fans crying with the excitement of finally seeing their beloved idol and the main vocalist of their favorite group ss501. He started the fan meeting with the ss501 song, Love Like This. He was very cute throughout his entire performance- brightly shining a crooked smile, making eye contact with the fans, dancing coquettishly and charming the audience in general. He sang many of his current solo songs, including his hit The Art Of Seduction.


One of the greatest moments for fans is when the lights dimmed and he began to sing the popular ss501 song, Because I’m Stupid. Hearing him sing this song as solo was a moving moment for all fans and left many of them in tears as they sang along. The voices of the audience became so loud that at one point, he lifted the microphone to the audience and listened quietly as they sang, standing there with a sweet smile on his face.


The fan meeting also included a Q&A time, with the gorgeous Young Saeng sharing his thoughts on a variety of subjects including marriage (he doesn’t want to get married), what it’s like to be a soloist after being in a group (not that different since he was the main vocalist in the group before) and his thoughts on his reception in Mexico. He stated that he had been concerned after a quiet welcome in the airport but once he was onstage, he had never felt such love and passion from fans. He said usually he was the one to excite the crowd but this was the first time he had ever been excited by the fans instead. Indeed, his pleasure at being so well received was shown on his face as he smiled genuinely throughout performances and looked surprised at the deafening response when he first stepped on the stage.


He also played a game with 5 lucky fans. After playing rock, paper scissors, each fan was rewarded with a special prize- one fan received a signed t-shirt, another received a polaroid picture with Young Saeng and another was even rewarded by a moment that could have come out of a drama… the handsome artist slowly walked up behind the 15 year old fan, placed his suit coat on her shoulders and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her from behind while saying, “I love you.” The poor fan looked so overwhelmed at the intimate moment, that the translator jokingly told her to calm down and breathe.


By the time the fan meeting was over, Heo Young Saeng had completely charmed the audience. His vocal talents are undeniable, his normally reserved personality shined adorably onstage, his passion for music was felt by everyone present and his cute smile enchanted everyone as he walked around stage during the encore with a flower in his hair and holding a Mexican flag. After one of the dancers handed him a necklace being offered by a fan, he immediately put it on, then went to the front of the stage to find the fan who had given him the necklace.


When the incredibly talented artist finally left the stage, fans were left in tears of joy at finally seeing their idol and tears of sadness that his fan meeting had come to a close.


Seeing the main vocalist of ss501 onstage was truly a dream come true for everyone in the audience, but the night continued on with the fan meeting of Park Jung Min. Stay tuned for coverage and pictures of his fan meeting and performance!


Check out some of the pictures from Heo Young Saeng’s fan meeting below or click here for the full gallery!


Photo Credit: @writer_korea

NicoleHan 2013/08/27 09:41:41


The Hallyu 10th Anniversary Japanese Music Awards, which will be held in Chiba, Japan, on October 9, will feature 53 Korean idol groups. According to Oricon, the awards ceremony will take place at the International Convention Hall in Chiba. The organizing committee for the event will hold a poll from the 22nd to the 30th of September for boy bands, girl groups, and female and male soloists in order to choose the top five in each category.


The nominees for the boy band category total 33, including Infinite, Ajax, EXO, Epic High, FT Island, MBLAQ, CN Blue, JYJ, SHINee, SHU-I, SHinhwa, Super Junior, ZE:A, Choshinsung, Teen Top, 2AM, 2PM, TVXQ, NU’EST, B.A.P, B2ST, B1A4, Big Bang, VIXX, Boyfriend, and U-Kiss.


The girl group category has a total of 20 nominees, including Jewelry, After School, A Pink, f(x), Girl’s Day, Kara, Secret, Sistar, Girls’ Generation, Davichi, Dalshabet, T-ara, 2NE1, 4Minute, Brown Eyed Girls, Miss A, Rainbow, and the Wonder Girls.


The male soloist category includes Psy, Se7en, Rain, and Kim Bum Soo while the female soloist category includes IU, Gummy, Ailee, BoA, and Wax.

NicoleHan 2013/08/27 09:41:20

On the upcoming episode of Runningman, Runningman members will be isolated in an island where they will fight against one another in a series of survival games. A fun and inquiring preview of the episode has made the fans eager to watch it. Something thrilling and surprising is expected to happen in this episode. It will be worth waiting and watching for the fans.


Photo Credit:

NicoleHan 2013/08/27 09:40:31

On August 26 at about 9:00 a.m., G-Dragon, a member of the group Big Bang (G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri), posted the first teaser image for his new solo album on YG Entertainment’s official blog, YG Life. In the teaser image, he is wearing a black mask that exposes only his eyes. Seeing his eyes in their smoky makeup is enough to sense his intensity. The phrase, “Coming very soon: G-Dragon’s Coup d’état” on the image suggests that the new studio album will be released soon, and the powerful meaning of the title has everyone wondering what the album has in store for us.

Initially, G-Dragon planned to release the album on August 18, his birthday, but it was postponed as he put so much work into the final stages of producing it. It has been four years since he last released a solo studio album. The last one was Heartbreaker, the first solo studio album, released in August 2009.

G-Dragon, who takes part in producing Big Bang’s albums, also served as an executive producer on his own album. The album is drawing added attention with its featured artist, the world-famous female rapper Missy Elliot.

G-Dragon is scheduled to hold a solo concert at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena on August 31and September 1.

NicoleHan 2013/08/27 09:39:53


A handsome doctor has appeared!


SHINee’s Minho shows his flaming charisma as a doctor in the still cuts for the upcoming drama Medical Top Team. Through the filming crew, Choi Minho expressed, “I was very nervous on the first day of filming, so it is regretful that I didn’t do as well as how I had prepared for it. But in future I will work harder as an actor. Together with seniors, the director and staff, I will do my best to make it a good production.”


In Medical Top Team, Minho will act as Kim Sung Woo, who is passionate and has delicate skills. He is a doctor who specializes in Thoracic (chest) Surgery, who has an image of a doctor with an extraordinary charm, attracting a lot of attention.


On the day of filming at The Severence Hospital in Sinchon, Minho displayed his strong visual appearance in his doctor’s gown. His small face and and tallness contributed much to his superior body ratio, and of course, not forgetting to mention his trademark fatal flower-boy smile. Although Minho is not the male lead of the drama, his casting has definitely increased everybody’s expectations of the drama.


As the name of the drama suggests, Medical Top Team comprises top doctors from different medical fields. Unfortunately, there are still bound to be disagreements between the doctors, so viewers can expect to see intense war and conflict that goes on in the hospital.


This new mini-series will have its first broadcast on MBC on October 2, taking over the Wednesdays and Thursdays 9:55pm time slot after the drama Two Weeks ends.


Source: StarNews
Photo Credit: StarNews

Malu 2013/08/23 05:21:54

HMV, a major record company in Japan, released its Korean Asia weekly chart on the 21st, and “One More Time,” from CN BLUE’s second Japanese album, What Turns You On?, sat at the top of the list. It was also number one on Asia weekly chart by Recochoku, a music download site.


This album features 11 songs, including “Change,” “Let Me Know,” “Crying Out,” and “I Can’t Believe.” The members of the group participated in writing the material on this limited edition album, which will also feature an extra song written by Jung Yong Hwa and titled “Robot.” The lead track, “One More Time,” was also written by Jung Yong Hwa.


All the members of the group performed in the music video, which featured the theme of putting one’s whole life on the line for the sake of victory.


The band will hold a World Tour Blue Moon Concert in Malaysia on August 24.

Malu 2013/08/23 05:18:14

FT Island (Choi Jong Hoon, Lee Hong Ki, Lee Jae Jin, Choi Min Hwan, Song Seung Hyun) is back in Korea. According to an August 22 announcement by their agency, FNC Entertainment, they will give a special concert titled FTHX, to celebrate the sixth anniversary of their debut and will release a special album in September.


It has been nearly a year since the group gave a performance in Korea. That one was titled Take FT Island and took place last September. The upcoming performance will be held at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park on September 28th and 29th.


The title of the concert, FTHX, is a compound word of FT Island and Thanx. It is said that the group has prepared the performance in appreciation of their fans for being with them for six years since they debuted in 2007. On September 23, a special album is scheduled to be released, which will feature tracks written by the members of the group themselves.


An official of the group’s agency says, “FT Island has been performing in other countries on their Arena Tour and Asia Tour. In the upcoming concert, they are expected to perform their own songs.

Malu 2013/08/23 05:16:25

After finishing his current round of solo activities, Super Junior-M member Henry will appear in the Chinese drama series My Sweet City (working title). His agency says, “Henry is a lead character in this drama, and will play opposite an actress playing an older woman. He will stay in China for the duration of the shooting.”


My Sweet City is a remake of an SBS series of the same name, broadcast in Korea in 2008. A popular actress named Jang Shin Yie will play the female lead.


Meanwhile, Henry will perform his new song “1-4-2 (I Love You)” on August 22 on Mnet Countdown.

Malu 2013/08/23 05:14:21

On the morning of August 12, Big Bang’s agency, YG Entertainment, unveiled the track list and teaser images of Seungri’s second solo EP, Let’s Talk About Love, which will be out on the 19th. It has been two years and seven months since Seungri last released an album with new songs. His first solo EP had two lead songs, “Vvip” and “So What.” The new teaser images show a more mature-looking Seungri, dressed in a suit, and the album contains seven tracks, including six new songs. Seungri has proved his musical talent by taking part in writing all the songs and serving as executive producer.


The main song of the upcoming album is the second track, “Gotta Talk to U,” which is an upbeat lyrical number of the house genre. The music video will be directed by Han Samin, who also directed Big Bang’s “BLUE,” “Bad Boy,” and “Monster.”


The EP is drawing added attention with its featured artists. Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang took part in writing the title song, “Let’s Talk About Love,” in addition to being featured on it. Also Kim Jenny, who is known as a member of YG’s new girl group, was a featured artist on “GG BE,” the third track.


After the digital release on the 19th, the EP will be available on online and offline music stores two days lator, on August 21.

Malu 2013/08/17 02:31:48

According to an August 13 announcement by their agency, FNC Entertainment, CNBlue will release a second Japanese studio album, titled What Turns You On?, on August 28.Seven of the 11 songs on the album were written by Jung Yong Wha, including “One More Time,” “Change,” and “Let Me Know,” and the other four are by Lee Jong Hyun, including “Crying Out” and “I Can’t Believe.”

The lead song of the album is “One More Time.” The fact that all the songs were written by members of the group has attracted fans’ attention even before the album’s release. Note that the English version of Jung’s song “Robot” will be included only in the first limited edition.

The album has ranked at the top of the Korean-Asian Pre-order Chart of HMV, a large music distribution company in Japan, since August 5, 20 days before the album’s release.

The group will hold a Zepp-tour concert in Nanba, Osaka on August 14 and 15 and will continue to its 2013 Bluemoon World Tour in Malaysia on August 24.

Malu 2013/08/17 02:23:34


IU’s agency announced on the 14th, “IU will finish her role in KBS’s weekend drama series Best Lee Sun-sin soon. Right after that, she intends to dedicate herself to working on a new album. As of now, the new album is scheduled to be released in late September, and certainly no later than early October. IU wants to present as many new songs as possible because it has been a long time since she last released an album.” This suggests that IU will likely release an EP or even a full studio album. The agency has also said that IU plans to come out with a new single in Japan before releasing the new album in Korea.


It has been a year and four months since IU released any new material. The last new number was the single “Every End of the Day,” which came out in May last year.


IU committed to acting after being cast in a leading role in Best Lee Sun-sin, which began last March. The drama is to air its final episode on the 25th, and IU will be able to focus on her singing career again.


The news of her new album is drawing a lot of attention because IU has long since established herself as an excellent singer with outstanding stage presence.


Malu 2013/08/17 02:15:40

JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) has announced he will performing his solo concert in Sydney Australia on the 28th of September!

The concert will be held at the Big Top Luna Park, and marks Junsu’s first concert in Australia.

The Incredible Junsu (XIA) live in concert


Junsu will be performing concerts in Seoul and Busan this month, before focusing on his role in the musical ‘Elisabeth’ until early September. His concert in Sydney will mark the restart of Junsu’s solo concert tour.


Australian fans are exceedingly excited to see Junsu live in concert. JYJ recently appeared in an interview on Australian program SBS PopAsia, discussing their music, fans, Australia and Crocodile Pizza, and it is clear that Australia loves Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun!

Click here to view the embedded video.


Source: C-JeS Entertainment, SBS PopAsia 



NicoleHan 2013/08/14 15:32:54

MBLAQ is currently in Mexico for a concert and the filming of a new reality show which will air in November in 188 different countries around the world, including South Korea, Mexico and the USA.


MBLAQ has paired with Arirang TV and Televisa as part of a joint project with popular Mexican recording artists Reik. MBLAQ is in Mexico and soon Reik will be heading to Korea. The reality show/documentary will feature both MBLAQ and Reik as they visit and perform in each other’s countries and will focus on aspects of every day life such as food, nightlife, traditional culture, tourist attractions, and more.


In celebration of the joint project and the first ever MBLAQ concert in Mexico, the 2 music groups held a press conference at the Camino Real Polanca hotel in downtown Mexico City. Many MBLAQ fans, known as A+, were there to support the idol group.

The conference was a big success, with both groups answering questions from the audience. Representatives from were there at the conference and took part in the Q&A.


When they asked MBLAQ what super power they would choose if they were granted one specific power, Seung Ho responded coyly (to the delight of the crowd) that he would love to have teletransportation so he could go to Mexico immediately any time he wanted.  Thunder said he would like to be like Tony Stark and be Iron Man.

Earlier on twitter, the members of Reik had teased that they have been giving advice to MBLAQ on how to conquer the hearts of girls. When MBLAQ was asked to share these tips in the press conference, Reik quickly said they were secret tips and couldn’t be shared. However, they added that MBLAQ didn’t really need any help conquering the hearts of fans because they were already very handsome. Seung Ho was quick to add that his only tactic was to be honest and sincere with girls.


MBLAQ was extremely polite during the press conference and behaved like true gentlemen. Though they were quite serious and reserved at first, they quickly became all smiles and started laughing when asked about super powers and Reik’s advice concerning women.

Over the past few days, Reik has been giving MBLAQ a tour of Mexico by showing them local tourist spots, shopping around town and trying traditional Mexican dishes such as mole. The two groups seem to be getting along extremely well, despite the language barrier. Many pictures have been tweeted of the Mexicans and Koreans hanging out and having a good time. Fans have also been following the group around town and MBLAQ has graciously been taking pictures  and giving hugs to fans that have come to support them.


Stay tuned for coverage of the MBLAQ in Mexico concert and check out more photos of the press conference and group below.


MBLAQ and the 3 members of Reik (cr. El Universal)



MBLAQ and Mexican pop group Reik touring Mexico City


Reik member Jesus Navarro tweeted this picture posing with Lee Joon.

Reik teaching MBLAQ a Mexican game

Embedded image permalink

Lee Joon posing with a fan (cr. @frida_abril)


Thanks to Francis and Daniela for their help in covering this event on behalf of

Malu 2013/08/09 23:03:58

Actor Lee Seung Gi showed up at Incheon International Airport on August 9 to depart for Thailand to meet his fans there. In spite of the early hour, fans at the airport recognized and greeted him. According to an announcement by his agency, Hook Entertainment, Lee will meet fans in Thailand for the first time since his debut.

An agency official reported to Starnews on August 9, “Lee left for Thailand to hold a fan meeting titled 2013 Lee Seung Gi Fan Meeting, to be held at Central World in Bangkok at 6:00 p.m. on August 10. We expect he will enjoy the time with his local fans. This is his first visit there. After the kickoff in Thailand, his Asian fan-meeting tour will continue to Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, China, and Indonesia.”

His status as a Hallyu star actor has skyrocketed because of the popularity of his recent drama series Gu Family’s Book and this fan-meeting tour is drawing an explosive response from his overseas fans. Another agency official of his from Thailand says, “Korean content receives a lot of love in Thailand and especially a male character who shows single-hearted devotion to his love engrosses local female fans. Lee Seung Gi is regarded as that type of character by Thailand fans.”

Starting from Thailand, the star will continue meeting his fans in Osaka, Japan on August 31, Singapore and Taiwan in September, and China and Indonesia after October.

Malu 2013/08/09 22:35:52

Korean star Jang Keun Suk has reported that it is not true that he has been cast in MBC’s new drama series Hwatu (the name of a Korean card game). An official of Jang’s agency told TV Report on August 8, “Jang won’t join the cast of the drama series. He considered it but decided not to accept the role.”

The drama is about Queen Gi of the Chinese Yuan Dynasty, who married a king of Goryeo (a Korean kingdom, 918 – 1392) and was a crucial influence on the relationship between the two countries.

Ha Ji Won has been cast in the role of Queen Gi, and Jang was suggested for the role of the Yuan king who lost his throne to his brother. Joo Jin Mo will play King Chunghye of Goryeo.

Malu 2013/08/09 09:43:24

According to a August 5 announcement by his agency, YG Entertainment, Daesung performed in the finale of A-Nation Hit Island Carnival 2013, which was held in Japan’s Yoyogi National Gymnasium on the 4th. A-Nation is an annual series of summer concerts held outdoors since 2002 in various cities of Japan. The event is organized by the Avex Group, which is one of the biggest record companies.


Daesung performed seven songs, including his first Japanese single, “I Love You,” “Wings,” and “Joyful.” He said, “I attended this festival as a Big Bang member last year, but I performed as a solo artist this time. Thank you so much for your support.”


From November 16, 2013, to January 12, 2014, Big Bang will hold concerts at Seibu Dome, Osaka Kyocera Dome, Fukuoka Dome, Nagoya Dome, Tokyo Dome, and Sapporo Dome.

Malu 2013/08/08 06:58:06

Henry’s agency announced on August 3 that that singer had held promotional events for his for his first solo EP in Thailand on August 1 and 2. He had already been gaining popularity in Thailand as a member of Super Junior M, and the EP, Trap, is getting good reactions in the local market.


He appeared on a popular program broadcast live by Thai Channel ‘V and told various stories about his work on the EP.


At a press conference for Trap, attended by Daily News, Pingbook, Sanook, ViVi, and other media, Henry set the mood using his fluent English, Thai, and Korean.


After the successful promotion in Thailand, Henry is going to participate in the Super Junior World Tour — Super Show 5 in Bangkok, which will be held at Bangkok’s Impact Arena. The group will perform the title song of the EP for the first time in front of Thai fans.

Malu 2013/08/08 06:55:50

In a recent appearance as a guest on the SBS show Thank You, Si Won of Super Junior revealed that he is a close friend of Boa’s. The episode will be broadcast on August 9 and is follow-up on the last week’s show, in which Son Hyun Ju, Boa, and Moon Jung Hee appeared.

In the episode, Boa invited Si Won, who is known as one of her closest friends. He came on the show with a lot of presents for her, which touched the hearts of all the staff members.

The Super Junior member said, “I can’t forget the first time I met Boa, because I was so embarrassed at her behavior.” But Boa herself said she couldn’t remember. He added, “Now, we’ve become so friendly that I can say I’d be willing to be her manager. I even call her ‘Sister Boa.’”

Besides Si Won, actor Yoo Hae Jin, who is close to both Son Hyun Ju and Boa, and other friends of Son appear on the program.

Malu 2013/08/08 06:53:20


According to an August 7 announcement by his agency, YG Entertainment, Seung Ri will appear on Fuji TV’s variety show Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke Eight as a special guest MC. The show will be aired on August 8. Seung Ri appeared on this program last summer and had interviews with popular Japanese stars, including Oguri Shun, EXILE’s Akira, and Takei Emi.

On the upcoming program, Seung Ri will walk down the Kamakura streets with Japanese singer May J. in Kanagawa, and he is supposed to attend an event at which Kumi Koda will appear, which will be held at Yuigahama Beach. His meeting with Kumi Koda is drawing special attention. She is his senior on the Avex label, which is also Seung Ri’s label in Japan.

May J. is a talented female singer who has experience working with Seung Ri. She collaborated on his solo album. She will tell some anecdotes about her experience working with him.

Seung Ri will release his first solo album in Japan this coming September 25, and he will continue to perform not only as a singer but also as a guest on various entertainment programs.

In addition, Seung Ri will make an appearance in at the Mezamashi Live Island Tour 2013, which will be held at Zepp Fukuoka on the same date as the release of his album. He is also scheduled to go on a our of the Seven Domes of Japan as a member of Big-Bang from this coming November until next January. The Seven Domes of Japan Tour is a first for non-Japanese artists.

Malu 2013/08/08 06:51:30

According to an August 1 announcement by their agency, SM Entertainment, SHINee will release combined volume of The Misconceptions of Us made up of the two parts of their third studio album: Chapter 1: Dream Girl—The misconceptions of you and Chapter 2: Why So Serious?—The misconceptions of me.

An agency official says, “The third studio album, which consists of Charters 1 and 2, contains different concepts, colors, and stories. This combined volume summarizes all the emotions that SHINee wanted to convey.”

One of the two new songs on the combined album is “Our Street (Selene 6.23),” which is an emotional ballad. The members’ voices are well matched with the orchestration and piano accompaniment. The other new song, “Better Off,” for which New Age pianist Iruma joined in producing the work, is a medium-tempo melody embellishing the sorrow of parting beautifully. Both songs were written by group member Jong Hyun.

SHINee is currently on a Japanese arena tour, titled SHINee Arena Tour: SHINee World 2013 — Boys Meet U.

Malu 2013/08/05 06:22:54


According to an August 1 announcement by his agency, Blossom Entertainment, Song Joong Gi will go to the army recruit training center in Choonchun, Kangwon Province, on August 27 and will serve as a regular soldier after taking basic military training.

Song reports his feelings through his agency, saying, “I received a draft notice from the Military Manpower Administration a couple of days ago and will enter the military on August 27. I’ll wrap up all my activities before entering the training center. I appreciate all your love and support with all my heart. I’ll do my two-year military duty well and hope to see you again on a good drama series after that. Stay healthy!”

Song debuted in the movie The Frozen Flower on 2008 and became popular with his impressive acting in such series as KBS 2TV’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal and SBS’ The Deep Rooted Tree. He gained more popularity last year as a lead actor in the KBS drama No Such Thing As Nice Guy and the movie Werewolf Boy.

The actor will meet his fans on August 17 through his official fan club, Ki Aile, at its third fan meeting, under the title of “Our Stories.”

Malu 2013/08/05 06:19:42

SM Entertainment’s boy group EXO recently released the full music video of comeback track ‘Growl’, not just one but two – a Korean and Chinese version! That’s not all, rumour has it that there would be more versions of the follow-up title track in future. So stay tuned for it!

Since the release of both version, search engines and the YouTube channel has been jam-packed with much traffic from eager fans.

Look out for EXO’s comeback performance on M!Countdown as well as the release of their repackaged album scheduled for August 5. Did ‘Growl’ surpass their previous title track ‘Wolf’?

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.


Source: SMTOWN

Malu 2013/08/05 06:16:28

According to the Billboard Chart of the 2nd of August, Kim Hung Joong’s third solo EP, Round 3, which has released on July 22, grabbed the top spot on the Billboard World Album Chart. This is his first time to rank so high on the World Album Chart.


Currently he’s gaining worldwide popularity. Both the lead song, “Your Story,” and another song, “Unbreakable,” are also getting much attention from all over the world. On July 24, Kim’s album took over the iTunes Dance Album Chart for Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Macau.


The Billboard World Album Chart is the week’s top-selling albums from around the world, ranked by sales data as compiled by Nielsen SoundScan.

Malu 2013/08/05 06:13:26

Babyz, prepare yourselves because BADMAN is coming out soon! August 6 2013 is a day not to miss!

TS Entertainment recently added BADMAN’s Teaser on their YouTube account.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Watch the boys as they become real bad men, rebelling against authority.

BADMAN is the group’s third mini album. On the 28th June, B.A.P announced they will be releasing their third mini album. Through the album, they will show many different styles of music. Their latest tracks such as Coffee Shop (sweet, simple guys falling in love) and Hurricane (rich, chic, handsome guys) will be present in the album.

Let’s not forget, Coffee Shop, Hurricane and BADMAN were all filmed while they were on their first World tour ”Live on Earth”.

B.A.P will do a comeback on next week’s Music Bank, so don’t miss it!


Malu 2013/08/05 06:09:37
width="270" src='' alt='' width="270" Korean band width="270" will showcase width="270" INFINITE 1ST WORLD TOUR ’ONE GREAT STEP‘ in Singapore presented by Samsung GALAXY width="270" 5th Oct at Singapore Indoor Stadium. Infinite will put on a world-class concert backed by their internationally renowned production team to their Singapore width="270" K-Pop group megastar, who is now at the very heart of the massive popularity of K-Pop, consists of seven members Sung Kyu, Dong Woo, Woo Hyun, Hoya, Sung Yeol, L, and Sung Jong, debuted in June 2010 with their first mini album going straight to the top of the charts. In 2012, Infinite became more popular with ‘Scorpion Dance’ featured in ‘B.T.D’ and propelled into super-stardom with from winning music awards. Following this, they continuously made No. 1 hits, like ‘Paradise’, ‘The Chaser’, ‘Man In Love’ and width="270" from around the world are drawn to Infinite’s pitch-perfect live performances and their music, which distinguishes them from other K-POP music. In 2012, named their single ‘The Chaser’ as K-POP Song of the Year and confirmed Infinite’s fast growing popularity in Asia, evident from their worldwide music charts conquering width="270" has always given their fans total satisfaction with powerful, eye-catching performances. This summer, Infinite celebrates their 3rd anniversary since exploding on the scene and takes their music to the world, starting in Seoul, Korea, coming 9th and 10th August. Their journey will continue on to Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, cities in China, the US, Peru, UK, France with more than 30 shows lining up until end of 2013. Coming 5th Oct, Infinite will make their way down to Singapore Indoor Stadium and put on a world-class concert backed by their internationally renowned production team to the Singapore width="270" tickets sales will starts on 2nd Aug via SISTIC. Make a date with Infinite on width="270" Oct at Singapore Indoor width="270" and it will be a night that you will never width="270" more concert updates, visit
Malu 2013/08/05 06:08:01

According to a July 31 announcement by singer Rain’s agency, Cube Entertainment, his first post-military meeting with his official fan club, “Cloud,” which was originally scheduled for 4:00 p.m. on August 3 at Kyunghee University has been postponed. Several thousand fans were set to turn up at the event. Rain was discharged from the military three weeks ago.


The agency stated, “We apologize for having to postpone the fan meeting in consideration of ongoing preparations. We plan to make an announcement later on with a new schedule. We will work hard to put on a good performance for all the fans who have waited so long.”


With this, Rain’s first official gig will be the music festival Sonic Bang, which will be held on August 24 in Bangkok, Thailand. Sonic Bang is the biggest music festival in Thailand. This year, international artists Far East Movement and Jason Mraz will participate along with Korean musician Epik High.


The agency added that Rain has not even started to make his next album yet. Since he was discharged just recently, he’ll take some time off for a while.


Cube Entertainment officially announced in May that they have made a contract with Rain.

Malu 2013/08/05 06:06:30

According to a July 29 announcement by their agency, Super Junior held Super Junior World Tour — Super Show 5 in Tokyo at Tokyo Dome on July 27 and 28. They performed several of their hit songs, including “Sorry Sorry,” “Mr. Simple,” “Beauty,” and “Sexy, Free & Single” and some songs from their first Japanese studio album: “Hero,” “Tuxedo,” and “Bambina.”

They did 29 songs in the concurt, put on a makeup show, and gave sub-unit performances to a total audience of 110,000 Japanese spectators. The group has performed for two consecutive years at Tokyo Dome and will hold additional performances at Kyocera Dome in Osaka on November 15 and 16 in response to fans’ explosive requests.

Japanese fans congratulated both their stars’ successful world tour, during which their accumulated audience total topped one million, and the release Super Junior’s first Japanese studio album.

Super Junior will continue the Super Show 5 tour at Bangkok Impact Arena in Thailand on August 3 and 4.

Malu 2013/07/30 08:58:03


According to a July 29 announcement on YG Life (YG’s official blog) by the chairman of his agency, Yang Hyun Suk, Big Bang’s Seungri is coming out with a new solo EP 31 months after the first one. The announcement said, “You may be surprised to hear that. Seungri’s second EP will be released on August 19. Six songs will be included on the new EP, comes two and half years after the first one, which was released in January 2011. Just as on the first album, Seungri wrote the lyrics and music himself ‘and also produced the EP. The lead song is ‘I Have Something To Say,’ a fast but lyrical piece. The music video will be directed by Sa Min, who also directed Big Bang’s ‘Blue’ and ‘Monster.’ He will stay in Korea until the end of September and go to Japan in October.”

Yang also announced that other members of Big Bang would release solo albums: “Beginning with Seungri, other Big Bang members, inclufding G-Dragon and Tae Yang, will also be coming out with new songs soon. They are staying up all night almost every day at the studio pushing ahead with the final stages of work on their albums.q”

Malu 2013/07/30 08:55:44


Dae Sung (or D-LITE, as he’s known in Japan), member of the great group Big Bang, made his solo debut in Japan at the beginning of the year.

He managed to conquer everone’s heart thanks to his powerful voice with the album “D’scover” and now he’s going to reach an other huge success. The month of July will see his first solo Japanese single, “I Love You“, which is a remake of the legendary singer Ozaki Yutaka’ song.


Click here to view the embedded video.


The short version of the song was realead in the first half of the month and shows the collaboration with the renowed Japanese violinist Hakase Taro. This song is important and probably unforgettable for Dae Sung because he did his very first kissing scene and after filming he said that he was too nervous to remember anything.


Click here to view the embedded video.


On July 18th the singer has also attended the first airing ceremony for UULA drama “I LOVE YOU” in Japan, giving the audience an enjoyable performance and demonstration of his singing hability, receiving also high praises from Japanese female actors for his surprise live performance. This is not a fortunate coincidence, in fact, “I Love You” will also be used as the theme song for the drama


Click here to view the embedded video.


During the whole month different versions of the song were realeased, creating a great expectation for the single, which will be released on July 31st. A part of the title track “I Love You” and its instrumental version, it will contain three bonus tracks: the incredible “Wings”, “Try Smiling” and “A Big Hit~ Look at Me, Gwisun”. 




Sources: YG Entertainment website and BigBang’s Youtube account

Malu 2013/07/25 10:35:06


This is the profile photo Bruce Automatic (in the middle) uploaded on Sunday.

In the picture you can see Junsu, Quincy (on the left) and Ebony Cunningham, Bruce’s fiancee.

“INCREDIBLE!” is written by Junsu, Automatic and Ebony and is produced by Automatic for InRage Entertainment. He’s already wrote the lyrics for “Uncommited”, Junsu’s previously English song, which obtained an enormous success.

For this new song, Quincy, son of the famous singer Puff Diddy, does the rap part, giving it an American yet cool touch.


Click here to view the embedded video.



The official JYJ LINE account has also updated their fans saying that XIA’s second album was finally released, adding also that it includes 12 tracks, different in style and genre : there are ballad, dance, Neo Soul and also funky!


Click here to view the embedded video.


Moreover, on July 15th, C-Jes and Loen have decided to show, through different websites XIA’s Showcase, in order to let also foreigners and people that couldn’t attend it to follow it live!


Sources: Bruce Automatic facebook, JYJ LINE, LOEN Youtube channel.

Malu 2013/07/19 02:22:14


Last week JYJ and their staff went to France, in the town of Chamonix Mont-Blanc, in order to do a photoshoot for the famous brand M-LIMITED.

Chamonix Mont-Blanc, often known as only Chamonix, is an important tourists destination thanks to its ski resort and the beautiful view of the Mont Blanc.



The members have alternated moments of leisure, Jaejoong was spotted riding a bike by some fans, and moments of boredom, as Junsu said on his twitter that he had nothing to do after shooting.

Regarding this episode, Junsu added also that since they were so bored they decided to play baseball but the people there kept on looking at them in a strange way, so he thought Europeans didn’t know this kind of game.



A part some moments of boredom, their work was funny as Jaejoong confirms trought his twitter account:


“The photoshoot for M-Limited~~ It was funny~~ Winter winter hot hot” 


Sources : JYJ LINE, Jaejoong and Junsu twitter

Malu 2013/07/18 22:59:40

Singer Kim Hyun Joong returns with Hollywood movie standard MV ‘Unbreakable’, causing hot response from fans.

‘Unbreakable’ MV was released on 18th, is one of the songs from Kim Hyun Joong’s new album ‘Round 3′ which will be released digitally on 22nd July. ‘Unbreakable’ is a urban hip hop song combining both orchestral sound and Korea’s traditional instruments.

The lyrics “Hey ho, going in well’ also adds a unique touch Korea’s style. In addition, the song featured Jay Park‘s sexy rapping, which generates further attention from the netizens. The audio gives off a strong bouncing effect while visual gives off a chilling effect, as if you are watching a Hollywood blockbuster.

‘Unbreakable’ MV costs 300 million in production fees, with elements such as luxury cars, wushu, mask and eagle. Black, white and red colour contrasts also present an enriched visual, attracting more attention. Kim Hyun Joong dancing with a bare upper body is definitely another key attraction of the MV. Together with previously revealed teaser images, where he shows off his masculine body and tattoo, have caused a great stir among his female fans.

Kim Hyun Joong’s 3rd mini-album ‘Round 3′ will be released digitally on 22nd while physical album will be available on 29th July. Are you anticipating his comeback?

Check out ‘Unbreakable’ MV below!

Click here to view the embedded video.

Source : Nate

Malu 2013/07/18 22:49:32

Kim Hyun Joong showcases a manly and charismatic look via Star1′s August issue cover shoot.

A set of photos were released via Star1 magazine from Kim Hyun Joong’s recent photoshoot. In one of the photos, Kim Hyun Joong was seen with a new short hairstyle, well-built upper body dressed in leather jacket, giving off a sexy charismatic feel.

Although it was just days before his comeback, Kim Hyun Joong finished the photoshoot with professionalism and gained many praises and approval from the staffs. One of the staffs at the photoshoot remarked that “He left me with a strong impression, he gave even more concentration with every cut, irregardless of the stormy weather.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s interview regarding his thoughts about the new album and variety programme will be published in Star1 August issue, which will be released on 19th July. In the meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong’s 3rd mini album ‘Round 3′ will be released via online music portals on 22nd July, he will have full scale comeback promotional activities in Korea.

Malu 2013/07/18 22:47:19
width="270" of MKC's Revenge Week (July 8-14, width="270" a society Korea has been slow to change despite its economic growth. At times it can seem like a gigantic, perpetually simmering pot of discontent that seems dangerously close to boiling over. One aspect of Korean society that is often brushed under the carpet is repressed sexuality and while it isn’t something you will encounter much in TV dramas, music and the news, the Korean film industry, of late, has been vocal in its depiction of the widespread abuse that rages through the country. Truth be told, it is often used opportunistically and many of the works in question tread a very fine width="270" to read width="270" This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! width="270" class='entry-copyright width="270" width="270" width="270"
Kim_Loula 2013/07/12 12:45:01
Kim_Loula 2013/07/12 12:40:22


According to Cube Entertainment, BEAST will be releasing their second full-length album “Hard to love, How to love” on 19th July 2013. It has been a year since their last album “Midnight Sun”, BEAST’s 5th mini-album, where they promoted with “Beautiful Night”.


Also, BEAST will hold their “2013 Beautiful Show” Concert on 20th and 21st July 2013 at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium, one of Korea’s largest indoor venues. The group is expected to introduce a new song at the concert for the first time!


For this new album, BEAST released the first title song “괜찮겠니” (Will you be alright) in May and the second title song “I’m Sorry” in mid-June. Although the group did not participate in broadcasting activities for these two songs, BEAST did well as their songs topped the music charts.


Cube Entertainment expressed that BEAST will portray a dark image and make use of lyrics, hoping that the public will be able to relate to the songs. The highlight of this second full-length album is that every member took part in the production of the album!


On a side note, INFINITE is also making a comeback around the same time as BEAST, releasing their new “Destiny” mini-album on 16th July 2013. With INFINITE coming back with a darker look too, we can expect wonderful songs and intense competition between the two popular male groups!


Source: Starnews
Photo Credit: Starnews

Kim_Loula 2013/07/12 12:36:04

Triple S can rejoice, for the month of September will be the month specially for you!JNation Entertainment presents Park Jung Min Beautiful Fan Party In Singapore on September 8 at Zouk!It has been nearly 3 years since Park Jung Min last met fans in Singapore. So don’t miss out this one-night only event. The fan-party will be the first of its kind organized by JNation Entertainment. As the name says, the fan-party promises an up-close opportunity with plenty of interaction time and activities planned. Park Jung Min will also be performing songs off his solo albums.The South Korean singer made his entrance in the entertainment industry as a member of boy group SS501. He also played the leading role of ‘Danny Park’ in the musical Grease, for which he bagged the title of ‘Best New Musical Talent’ in the Golden Ticket Awards.He impressed with his solo debut in January 2011 with a mini-album . In 2012, he made a much-awaited comeback with a self-produced Korean album titled . Venturing into the Japan market, Jung Min continued his solo career under the name ‘Romeo’ and released a Japanese album  at the end of 2012.An all-rounder talented artiste, Jung Min has also dabbled in acting and modelling. In 2012, he starred in a leading role in Taiwanese drama.

Tune in to JNation for more updates abkut the event at @JNationent on Twitter.

Source : JNation

Kim_Loula 2013/07/12 12:33:10

Actor and singer Kim Hyun Joong has been suggested for the lead role of Shin Jung Dae in a new KBS drama series, The Age Of Impression, and is considering accepting it. A representative of his agency, Yang Keun Whan, said in an interview with Starnews today that Kim is giving positive consideration to accepting the offer of a role in the series but hasn’t definitely confirmed that yet.”

Kim was supposed to appear in the drama series The City Invasion, but the project was canceled, so he had no choice but to postpone further appearances in TV dramas.

The Age of Impression is based on a graphic novel by Bang Hak Gi. The story is about love, friendship, patriotism, and the desires of young people living in Shanghai, China. It will start airing in November.

Malu 2013/07/06 07:47:17

The girl group 2NE1 look like the “Beach Girls” in teaser image for their new song. The picture was posted on July 4 on the YG Entertainment official blog, 2NE1 will perform “Falling in Love” for the first time on SBS’s Inkigayo on July 7, a day ahead of its release on July 8. The teaser image shows the girls against a refreshing beachside backdrop, exposing some skin to the sun in their perky summer outfits. Sandara Park stands out with blond-dyed tresses in big curly angel-wing bunches.

“Falling in Love” is a reggae number, an entirely new genre for 2NE1. The girls have completed filming a music video for “Falling in Love” and are rehearsing for their intro performance of the song with a new choreographer from overseas.

Malu 2013/07/05 09:21:22

F.T. Island has revealed a music video of their 11th Japanese single, “Shiawaseori.” According to a July 3 announcement by F.T. Island’s agency, the music video was taken in Chiba, Japan, and it shows the group’s five members (Choi Jong Hoon, Lee Hong Gi, Lee Jae Jin, Choi Min Hwan, and Song Seung Hyun) singing and playing on a cliff somewhere by the seashore. The beautiful scenery of the sea seen from the cliff is a highlight of the music video.

The title “Shiawaseori” is a combination of the Japanese word shiawase, which means ‘happiness,’ and seori, meaning ‘theory,’ creating a made-up word for ‘theory of happiness.’

The new single will be released on July 24 together with two other songs: “Eyes On Me,” written by Choi Jong Hoon, and “Rainy Day,” written by Choi Min Hwan and Song Seung Hyun.

‘Shiawaseori’ was chosen as the ending theme song of the animated feature-film version of Toriko, which will be released in Japan on July 27.

Malu 2013/07/05 09:19:25

Kyu Hyun has admitted that he was wrong to use excessively familiar language while emceeing a talk show. In a recent episode of the talk show Happy Together Season 3, which searches for next-generation stars, 4 Minute’s Hyun A, Hur Ga Yoon, Sistar Dasom and So Yoo, Super Junor’s Kyu Hyun, and Super Junior-M’s Henry appeared.

Kyu Hyun, who is an emcee of shows on two major TV networks, introduced himself as a “Chameleon MC” because he often imitates other MCs’ way of talking and behavior, saying “I think I assimilate with others easily. When I’m with Jong Shin, I tend to badger the guests. With Se Yoon, I try to create little comedy routines. Because Kim Gura was back on Radio Star, I realized that I kept using language that’s a bit too familiar.”

In this week’s episode of the talk show, which will be broadcast at 11:20 p.m. today, a method of figuring out how much girl groups weigh is revealed.


Malu 2013/07/05 09:17:31

Big Pocket Group is excited to announce that they will be bringing 4 Running Man members to Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur will be the next highlight for the most anticipated South Korean Variety show, Running Man. After the international showcase that will be held in  HongKong on 13 July 2013, their next stop will be in Star Stage, KWC Fashion Mall on 7th September 2013, The main cast that will perform and entertains fans on stage are Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Gary and Ji Suk Jin

This is a not be missed show as the casts will be showcasing their talents and a few surprises will be added in for the fans. Due to high demand from fans, half of the seat has already been booked and it is expected to be sold out fast due to limited seating.

Big Pocket Group is pleased to announce that for the RACE START! in MALAYSIA RUNNING MAN FAN MEETING ASIA TOUR 2013 showcase will be go on the sale on 20 July 2013. A special ticket launch has been arranged to cater for the expected rush for the tickets once they go on sale and this will be held at 15th Floor of KWC Fashion Mall between 11am – 5pm. Only Premium and VIP Tickets will be available at the launch. Online booking will be available via TicketCharge on 21 July 2013.


For more information on this, follow @bigpocketgroup on Twitter and get the latest announcements from the Big Pocket Group’s facebook page.

NicoleHan 2013/07/04 09:20:07

Concert, drama and more concerts! Sounds like it has been a busy but amazing year for Hallyu star Kim Hyung Jun. However, despite of his busy schedule, Kim Hyung Jun took some time off to provide fans with some insights into his latest plans.

Over the past month, in between the filming for new drama ‘Gold, Appear Quickly!’, Kim Hyung Jun also held ‘Who Am I’ Live Tour in Japan. The tour kicked start on 31st May in Tokyo, with 3 concerts and meeting 5000 fans in 2 days. Just over the weekend, he has successfully concluded his concert tour in Nagoya in which even more fans were met.

When asked about this recent concert tour in Japan, Kim Hyung Jun said “This time it was held at ZEPP again, instead of choosing a big venue, this venue is medium sized. I was able to have a good performance and meet fans up close. Actually, there’s a concert tour held in Japan every year, this year I have prepared bright songs to enjoy the summer coolly with fans on stage.”

Ending the first half of 2013 with a success, where is he heading to and what is he planning to do next? Kim Hyung Jun revealed “I wish to prepare for a concert tour in Latin America or Asia in the second half of the year. This year I have schedules for drama filming, I will release a new album next year. Please show me love in both fields (drama and music).”

In the meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun was just appointed as the new face of Korean travel agency ‘Lotte JTB’ and is expected to have Hallyu promotional activities overseas as their representative. Kim Hyung Jun is also currently filming for drama ‘Gold, Appear Quickly!’ and will be holding a birthday party with fans in Korea.

Do check out some photos from his recent concert tour in Japan below!


Source :
Photo Credit : S Plus Entertainment

Malu 2013/07/04 08:34:01


A new music video of Xiah Junsu singing live and a cappella is currently getting a lot of attention. The singer’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, says the song, titled “11am,” is from his second solo studio album, to be released on July 15.

The song is about the pain of parting with a loved one, and is sung with raw emotion. The special video clip was released through Loen TV. This is the first time in Korea for such a music video to be recorded live and released unedited.

On the fan board, fans commented favorably about “11am,” saying such things as “The live recording is so impressive!”

According to Loen TV, “The music video is of a performance by Xiah Junsu to reveal loneliness and was done a cappella to make the original vocal color stand out. The singer’s sorrowful vocal conveys fantastic emotions along with the sounds of nature at the site where the clip was shot.”

Malu 2013/07/04 08:31:45

2013 06 25 12.11.02 550x733 Summer Treat: Brownie Cup Bingsu

Couldn’t resist this one at Cafe Goodovening. They’re primarily a cupcake cafe. We have two interesting things going on here.

  • Patbingsu in a cup
  • Brownies!

I ordered one today. Rainy season’s about to hit us hard tomorrow, so I’m getting this one in now while I still have two hands free outside.

2013 07 01 13.52.52 550x412 Summer Treat: Brownie Cup Bingsu

It looks pretty much like the picture. The brownies are a little cakey with some walnuts. I had to carefully work my way around the ice cream first so that none of these morsels would be sacrificed to the brick sidewalk gods. Since it’s patbingsu, there were some sweetened red beans, which I like. The nice surprise was the dark espresso flavor under the ice cream. At times I wondered if there were even some whole coffee beans in there. All-in-all a pleasant after-lunch treat.



Malu 2013/07/03 08:57:54

Running Man’s Lee Kwang Soo has confirmed his first ever fan-meeting and showcase, and it’ll be in sunny island Singapore!

Prior to the show, Lee Kwang Soo has released a special video message to greet his fans. Revealing his nervous yet excited feelings, Kwang Soo appears chic and cool unlike his comedic image in Running Man. As mentioned, he will be showing a hidden side of him, not seen on television! So catch it first-hand live on August 17.

For first-hand updates, do check out organizer Faith&D’s Facebook page! Stay tuned to as we bring you full coverage of the upcoming fan meeting!

Click here to view the embedded video.

Source: faithndentertainment

NicoleHan 2013/07/01 09:38:14

Shared from YG Entertainment’s Official Twitter last week, girl group 2NE1 will be coming to G-Dragon‘s ‘ONE OF A KIND’ World Tour in Singapore this coming 29 and 30 June 2013!

Known to have brought guest stars from his label mates in each city he tours, this Singapore visit is not to be missed as 2NE1 has previously came as guests in his Seoul concert more than two months ago and we will expect the same craze and surprising collaborations VIP and Blackjacks must look out for!

Upon the completion of the Singapore visit, they will continue their journey as Mnet Countdown Indonesia‘s main artists line-up.

Malu 2013/06/19 11:30:03

 According to an June 18 announcement by his agency, Cry J Company, Jang Keun Suk is definitely joining the cast of the TV drama series Beautiful Man, which is based on the cartoon written by Chun Gyeo Young. Jang will play Matthew Dokgo,  who is regarded as the most beautiful man in the world.

An agency official says, “As soon as Jang reviewed the script, he said ‘This is what I’ve been waiting for.’ He was fascinated by the character.” Jang is preparing for his part and trying to get into good shape for it.

The drama is produced by Group 8, which also produced Boys over Flowers, and Tamna the island.

Malu 2013/06/19 11:17:38

Malu 2013/06/19 11:14:28

 Super Junior’s Hong Kong concerts, held on June 15 and 16 at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, were a big success, with a total audience of 24,000 in attendance. The audience went wild as the group showed off the variety and scope of their talent, performing 25 songs, including their hit songs “Sorry Sorry,” “Beauty,” “Mr. Simple,” “Sexy, Free, and Single,” and more.

Especially when the group’s subunit Super Junior-M performed “Breakdown” and “A O,” fans showed even hotter response. When they performed “Shake It Up” and “Rock Star,” the stars jumped around and danced along with the fans.

It has been four years since the 2009 Super Show 2. At the June 15th concert fans held placards that read, “Thank you for visiting here again,” and on the 16th, they read, “See you again.”

According to an announcement by their agency, SM Entertainment, on June 17, “Super Junior wrapped up the Hong Kong concert successfully by appreciating fans’ passion and support. They prepared greetings in Cantonese for the local fans to create a feeling of closeness with them.

The group will continue their world tour on July 6 at Indoor Stadium in Singapore.

Malu 2013/06/18 06:15:06


Marie Claire is a renowed fashion magazine first published in 1937 in France. Of course it has many international editions and one of them is the Korean one, launched in March 1993.

The cover of the July 2013 issue is the singer Xia Junsu, who will be the first Korean male artist to appear on the cover of Marie Claire.

Since his comeback is in July with the new second album, the issue will be full of photos and an interview where he expresses his real thoughts about the album!


The issue is going to be extremely interesting for his fans so that some Korean online shops are already making pre-sale reservations.



Source: JYJ (EN) Line

Malu 2013/06/17 11:14:35
width="270" width="270" width="270" are the ten most influential Korean width="270" width="270" width="270" highly worthy question has been languishing for years in the Korean’s inbox for one simple reason: the Korean is not a big movie person. Sure, he likes movies, and Korean movies. But he cannot write about Korean movies in a way that he could write about, say,
Malu 2013/06/17 10:54:09
width="270" src='' class='attachment-post-thumbnail wp-post-image' alt='Nell Ocean of Light' width="270" width="270" here to view the embedded width="270" “Ocean of width="270" width="270" here to view the embedded width="270" wound up reading in one of our TL;DR questions what we think about Kpop idol culture, specifically to do with what Lee Hyori said. Supposedly, she didn’t want to promote her song for more than two weeks, because the stages of shows are mostly for idols and fan culture, rather than for music, or something like that. The point of me raising this question is because we’re not sure what to really do when it comes to Nell. They’re not Kpop, but they’re really big. It was the same for Busker Busker. Unfortunately, “Kpop” has become synonymous with idols and fans, so much so that people barely even consider Psy a part of Kpop, though he’s the biggest thing to ever happen to Korean music, which is some thing that Kpop fans have a hard time accepting. Where is there room in Kpop for people that don’t follow the idol path? It’s not necessarily Indie. We just don’t have a better term for it. width="270" doesn’t really matter too much, really, because they’ll still be great with or without the label. Nell’s still very popular, moreso than lots of Kpop bands out there, and they keep on making great songs. We don’t like this as much as last year’s “The Day Before,” but it’s still a good song. Check it out and let us know what you width="270" featuring Neon Bunny “Listen to Your width="270" width="270" here to view the embedded width="270" Y U SO NEON BUNNY BIAS? Yes, we totally broke the rules for this song. There’s no video. I’m sorry, other Korean Indie Bands whose songs we didn’t talk about because you didn’t have a video! We’re trying to pressure you into making more videos, so people can see them, and we really cheated on our rule. That’s only because we have a crush on Neon Bunny. It was one of the best things we heard all of last year, and so now we’re anxious for anything else Neon Bunny related. This isn’t a full video. It’s not even Neon Bunny’s best song. But it’s still good! We’re not too familiar with Smells, though, but they do seem familiar. I just Googled to see if we spoke about Smells before, and typed in “eatyourkimchi smells” as the search term. I quickly closed the window. I didn’t want to see what I didn’t want to width="270" “Whale of a width="270" width="270" here to view the embedded width="270" it unfair of us to compare this song to the Decemberists? Not everything ship and whale related must be theirs? It’s also not really fair that this song kinda sounds Decemberists-y. Just without the middle English. Though Decemberists aren’t really Middle English. More…Pre-Victorian? Is that right? I don’t know. I haven’t taken an English lit course in a long width="270" it seems that we’re not being unfair, because even Leigh saw the video and suggested the Decemberists on her own. See! It’s not just width="270" if you don’t listen to the Decemberists much, I’m sure you probably have no clue what we’re talking about…so don’t worry! Just check out the song and hopefully you’ll like width="270" we’re gonna get back to enjoying our anniversary! We’ve been married for six years as of today! Ok, back to husband and wifely things. See you width="270" the original post on
Malu 2013/06/17 10:49:57

Big Bang’s Daesung and Taeyang have been busy with acitivites in Japan recently. Now the title of Daesung’s new upcoming Japanese single has been revealed, as well as the CF which Taeyang had been filming for JSDA.



After the success of his first solo album, “D’scover”, Daesung (known to Japanese fans as D-Lite) has also successfully sold out his first Japanese Tour “D’scover Tour 2013″, which is due to end on on June 18. On June 4 the first mention of a new single had been made, and now more information about Daesung’s upcoming project has been revealed by YG Entertainment.

The new Japanese single is entitled “I Love You” and is essentially a remake of the 1991 original song by Youozaki Yutaka. Daesung’s version will furthermore be the theme song for the Japanese drama “I Love You”, and is the result of a collaboration with famous violinist Taro Hakase. Big Bang’s Official Facebook page also released a photo of Daesung with Taro Hakase, showing the singer’s obvious enthusiasm about working together with such a distinguished musician. The single will be released on July 31.


Meanwhile, Taeyang (known to Japanese fans as SOL) had been busy with another solo project in Japan: filming his first solo CF for Japanese Street Dance Association (JSDA). As reported here previously, Taeyang was chosen to be the visual artist of the CF, which in turn was filmed with an impressive high-speed motion control shooting technique. Indeed, the camera manages to capture the singer’s movements remarkably, using captivating angles and occasional slow motion to create a strong impact. With an entirely black and white concept, nothing distracts from Taeyang’s smooth dance moves, which once again ascertain the singer’s rightful reputation as one of the best dancers in Kpop. Check out the CF here:

Click here to view the embedded video.



Big Bang’s popularity in Japan seems to know no boundaries. In fact, besides the members’ individual activities, the group is also currently planning a six-dome tour in Japan, which is to commence in November. Until then, fans can enjoy Taeyang’s new CF and wait anxiously for Daesung’s new single.



Source: BIGBANG Facebook, BIGBANG YouTube, BIGBANG Official Website

Malu 2013/06/17 10:46:18

It sure was a rainy and cold day but the handsome boys of CN BLUE warmed the hearts of everyone present in their Open Press Conference at SM Megamall yesterday, June 14. Despite the bad weather, more than a hundred fans came just to see them. The venue was filled with not only the press but also the fans who waited for the group to arrive.

As soon as CN BLUE arrived, the venue was filled with excited screams as this is the first time for both the fans and the group to see each other. The members were dressed stylishly and as soon as they got on stage, they started waving at their fans making them scream some more. The boys definitely enjoyed the response as they even copied it and initiated it through out the interview. The fans definitely weren’t complaining. The press conference was hosted by the beautiful Jinri Park and Kring Elezano.



Malu 2013/06/17 10:44:03



Wait no more, because the beautiful ladies of SISTAR are back with a new album ‘Give It To Me‘ which consists a total of nine songs with Geeks, Duble Sidekickwho is also one of the people behind the album—and Joohun as featuring artists.

Not only that, SISTAR also treats fans with a music video of “Give It To Me” which further proves their sexy image as they dance a musical-like choreography in fancy dresses. Make sure you watch the music video below to see for yourself!

Click here to view the embedded video.


Source: Starship TV


Malu 2013/06/13 07:08:02

 The group Kara is going to hold a fan meeting in Korea to keep a promise they made to fans. According to a June 12th report by Kara’s agency, the group will meet their fan club Kamilia at Gyedang Hall in the Sangmyung Art Center, located in Hong-Ji dong, Seoul, on June 13. Kara will spend time with about 1,000 fans who enrolled in advance, with the theme of “Kamilia Awards.”


This event is planned to commemorate “Kamilia Day,” as announced by Kara at a big fan meeting on June 11, 2011, at which Kara decided to make every June 11th an anniversary for Kamilia, whose members always support Kara. In 2012, the meeting was attended by about 400 fans.


A staffer from the agency says, “Even though they are very busy, all the members of Kara will attend the fan meeting to keep the promise they made to fans two years ago. Kara will be the prize winner and fans will be the audience at the awards. There will be a variety of events and performances for the fans.”


The members of Kara are appearing in the drama series Secret Love, produced by Kim Kyu Tae, who is also known for producing That Winter, The Wind Blows.


Malu 2013/06/13 07:03:35

 On June 12, FTIsland’s agency, FNC Entertainment, released a photo of members of the group standing by a truck that is covered with the jacket image of the group’s third Japanese album, Rated FT. The members are taking a break in front of the so-called “FT Car” and have left their autograph on the truck.

From June 10 to 16, the truck is touring several busy city commercial districts in Japan, including Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Omotesando to promote the group’s album.

The album contains eleven songs, including the lead number, “Freedom,” and several songs the members wrote themselves. It will be released soon.

Malu 2013/06/13 07:00:27

 Jung Yong Wha, the leader of CNBlue, greeted his Chinese fans on June 11, posting a message on Weibo (a Chinese site similar to Twitter) that said, “Hi! It’s Yong Wha. I’ve heard there was an SAT in China. I hope you get good results. We’ll have a concert in China soon. I really want to go there soon for the concert as well as to have delicious food. Please expect for us. Take care of your throat so that you can shout at the concert. See you soon!”

He released a photo taken in Australia. In the photo, he is sitting on a lawn. Fans responded after seeing the photo, saying: “I’ve made reservations for the concert.” “Time goes so slow.” “You look like the boy next door.” “Can I see CNBlue’s live concert?”

CNBlue is on their world concert tour under the title of 2013 Cnblue Bluemoon World Tour. They will held a concert in Beijing on June 29.

Malu 2013/06/13 06:56:03

One more week to go and the popular boy band, CN BLUE will be rocking Manila! Filipino BOICEs, do you have your tickets already?

CN BLUE, is a boy band under FNC Entertainment and label mates with FT Island, AOA and Juniel. The group is comprised of four members namely Yonghwa, Minhyuk, Jungshin and Jonghyun. They will be holding their first ever concert in the Philippines this coming June 15, 2013 at the SMART Araneta Coliseum.

PULP LIVE WORLD, the producer of the event released a video of these handsome boys greeting their Filipino fans. Watch it below!

Click here to view the embedded video.

Source: pulpliveworld

Malu 2013/06/11 07:32:17

Park Yoohwan, Yoochun’s little brother (dongsaeng), appeared on the Japanese magazine Hot Chili Paper, in the June issue.

In the article there’s an interview to him where he talks about Jaejoong. It seems like a continuous compliment to Jaejoong’s kindness, ”obscuring” his real brother Yoochun. In fact in the interview he states that his older brother Yoochun doesn’t like accessories, giving us the reason why he doesn’t like him very much, of course he says everything in a joking way but also laughing.

The key point of the comments about his older brothers are the accessories. Jaejoong is well-known for having an incredible amount of accessories and he’s very generous towards him. When Yoohwan wants to borrow something he says that he really likes the design, so Jaejoong replys with “I’ll give it to you, then” but with the promise that he Yoohwan would send him photos of him wearing the accessories as proofs. He adds also that he’s not going to return Jaejoong‘s accessories, just like a good dongsaeng (little brother)!

In addition Yoochun and Jaejoong are featuring in the same issue.


Malu 2013/06/11 07:28:39

Although June 6th is Kim Hyun Joong’s birthday, it was actually the artist who gave a present to his fans.


The singer surprised everyone on his birthday by releasing a single entitled, “The Reason I Live” (aka “Why I’m Alive”). The lovely ballad expresses his appreciation to the fans which have supported him so faithfully over the years.


Although fans had been expecting the release of the singer’s “Tonight” album, most of them were surprised and grateful for the singer’s single released for his birthday.


The singer will perform the song for the first time in public on June 8th at a fan meeting in Seoul. June 8th is also the anniversary of the group ss501, of which Kim Hyun Joong is the leader. Several of the members have made comments lately which hint at a reunion, so some fans are wondering if the rest of the band members will be making a surprise visit at the “2013 KHJ Show- Party People,” since it coincides with the group’s anniversary as well.


The release of the single comes on the heels of a special event KHJ held in Tokyo, where he spent approximately 6 hours shaking the hands of over 8,000 fans. Reports say the singer even showed concern for his fans standing outside in the hot sun and asked them to be escorted inside. Time after time, the talented singer and actor has expressed his gratitude to his fans and continues to show his appreciation by these special events and surprises. Along with his many talents, his humility and true appreciation for his fans continue to earn him more support and respect from Kpop fans around the globe.


We wish Kim Hyun Joong a very happy birthday and many years of continued success!


Check out the new single below.


Click here to view the embedded video.

Video Source: BublleFeetGravityCH9
Photo Credit: wink860606

Malu 2013/06/08 06:08:32


Yesterday, June 4th, was Park Yoochun’s birthday. Fans from all over the world gathered together in order to celebrate this special event. They organized birthday parties, meetings but also donations for charity projects. There were also Chinese fans, from the community Baidu, who showed a billboard in Seoul’s Hongdae entrance subway station.



His agency, C-Jes Entertainment reported “Fans from all over the world are celebrating Park Yoochun’s birthday. Not only in Asia, but also in South American countries. Fans there gather together to celebrate his birthday and do different activities, from tasting Korean food in fan meetings to donating to charitable causes.”

Yoochun’s fame is well known worldwide as evidenced by also the twitter trend #28thYuchunDay, which was on the top on Universal trends and #Happy28thParkYuchun, first in Indonesia,Japan,Singapore and Malaysia. Moreover also some famous Korean stars, such as Kim SoHyun (actress) and the film critic Shim Youngseop, wished him a happy birthday through their twitter account.


Meanwhile JYJ’s members, Jaejoong and Junsu, had a surprise party for him, as they let us know through JYJ Official LINE. Jaejoong also sang a song for him : ” Happy birthday to you ~~ Happy birthday to you ~~ Happy birthday dear Yuchun ~~~” asking to sing it together with him.


Sources : JYJ Official Facebook Account,, JYJ LINE, DBSK/TVXQ/JYJ ITALIA Facebook page.

NicoleHan 2013/06/06 16:00:45

On 3rd June, Kim Hyun Joong’s agency Keyeast has released the news that the singer’s new digital single ‘나 살아있는 건’ (Translated title : My reason why I’m living) will be available via online music portals from 6th June at noon.

Previously, Kim Hyun Joong was busy with overseas activities (Asia Tour and a National Tour in Japan) Feeling sorry to fans in Korea, the song is going to be released on his birthday (6th June) as a special present for Korean fans.
As he was busy with activities in Japan and not so active in korea. He will be giving this song as a special present to fans. It is also revealed that the song will be a traditional ballad with a sweet melody and accompanied by Kim Hyun Joong’s sweet voice. Using lyrics such as “the reason why I’m living is because of the love from you” to thank fans for their continous love and support for him.

In the meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong will be holding a fanmeet -’KHJ Show Party People’, in Korea on 8th June.

Source :
Photo Credit : Keyeast

Malu 2013/06/05 03:17:21

Big Bang member Daesung, known in Japan as D-Lite, has sold out his Japanese tour and appears to have plans to release a new single next month.



Daesung released his first solo album, “D’scover”, in Japan on February  27, 2013. It consists mainly of remakes of well-known Japanese songs, as well as Japanese versions of his original songs “Baby Don’t Cry” and “Wings”. The album effectively showcases Daesung’s powerful vocal abilities. It now seems that Daesung, known to Japanese fans as D-Lite, is working on a new Japanese single which is to be released on July 31. The picture above has been released today and has sparked the curiosity of fans, with the words “New Single 2013.07.31 Release!!” clearly indicating the singer’s comeback at the end of next month.


Meanwhile, Daesung is currently completing his Japanese Tour, “D’scover Tour 2013″, which started on March 23 and is due to finish on June 18. Due to high demand, over 20 additional tour dates were added by YGEX, all of which have been sold out. This was highlighted in a short spot which Big Bang’s official YouTube channel released today.


Click here to view the embedded video.


There is no doubt about Daesung’s huge popularity in Japan, and we are looking forward to learning more about this new upcoming project of his.



Source: BIGBANG’s Official YouTube,

Malu 2013/06/05 03:15:32

Kyuhyun Releases New Single For Special Project Album


Super Junior’s Kyuhyun continues to amaze people with his smooth vocals on his latest single, “Love Dust.”


The gorgeous song is the 2nd lineup for the special project album of talented composer Hwang Sungjae. The Hwang Sungjae Project Album “Superhero” celebrates the 15th anniversary of the composer’s debut.


The album will include a total of 10 songs which were recorded in the past by other famous artists. However, the songs will be remastered and recorded by new singers.


“Love Dust” was previously recorded by the Bubble Sisters in 2006. The composer says that Kyuhyun maintains the original feeling of the song but that his version is “more concise and warm.”


Without a doubt, Kyuhyun does indeed deliver a wonderful rendition of the song with his beautiful phrasing and flawless vocals. As with other solo recordings such as ”Late Autumn”, Kyuhyun once again shows us that he goes far beyond being a handsome face in a popular boy band. He is an extremely talented musician and a true artist.


The first single to be recorded for the project album was “Atlantis Princess” by Park Jung Hyun, a song made famous by BOA. The next line up for the album is yet to be announced.


To check out an interview and behind the scenes footage for the making of “Love Dust,” watch the video below. The last video features the full length song as recorded by Kyuhyun.


Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Video Credit: mykikiikyu6


Malu 2013/06/05 03:13:43

 According to an official from his agency, Song Joong Gi is currently considering a role he’s been offered in Bong Joon Ho’s latest cinematic project, Sea Fog. Song has come to be regarded as one of the most prominent actors in the movie industry since he starred in Werewolf Boy, a big hit that drew a total audience of seven million. The drama series No Such Thing as Nice Guys, in which he appeared last year, has also cemented his reputation.

While he is between gigs and considering his next move, Song is thinking about whether to work together with the renowned Korean director Bong Joon Ho, whose movie Snow Country Train is soon to be released. Other movies Bong is known for include The Memory of Murder, Monster, and Mother.

Sea Fog is based on a 2007 play with the same title about the crew of a smuggling ship who experience tragedy and madness at sea.

Malu 2013/05/30 01:15:33

 According to an announcement made by local media on May 26, Girls Generation received an explosive welcome from Taiwanese fans when the K-pop stars visited Taiwan for a concert. The airport was packed with fans and local media. When the female stars left the place, it caused a lot of congestion because of the crowds of people wanting to see the Korean stars.

Soo Young couldn’t come, because of other engagements. Most of the other members wore sunglasses, without makeup. They pleased fans with their comfortable but stylish looks.

Four Korean idol groups performed at the Happy 4 Kpop Concert in Taiwan, held in Taipei on May 26: Girls’ Generation, EXO, ZE:A 5, and BTOB.

NicoleHan 2013/05/28 20:09:54

Lee Hyori made an appearance in the recent episode of ‘Barefoot Friends’. Lee Hyori, who was from the same agency as Kim Hyun Joong, asked him “I saw on a programme that you have changed your ideal type?“.
Kim Hyun Joong who has revealed his ideal type to be Lee Hyori previously, quickly denied and said “It did not change!“. However, Lee Hyori continued to ask Kim Hyun Joong, “Just say it!“. To which Hyun Joong appear to stammer but denied immediately!
Members also bursted into laughter when Eun Hyuk remarked “Kim Hyun Joong likes the young Lee Hyori” and Hyori reacted by attempting to kick him.

Source :

NicoleHan 2013/05/28 20:09:29

 The members of B2ST show off a mature attractiveness all dressed up in dark suits. Their agency has released a photo for the title song of their latest album, Will You Be Okay? The six present an image of strong masculine beauty, but also with tragic tones.


Their classic suits emphasize maturity at the same time as revealing the individuality of each member. Overall, there’s a soft charisma about the picture.


“Will you be okay?” is a ballad written by Yong Jun Hyung and Kim Tae Joo. The song is to be released at noon on May 29. B2ST’s dramatic voice color, which has matured, exudes sadness, arousing sympathy.


A staffer of the group’s agency says, “B2ST have released not only dance songs but also a series of ballads, which widens their spectrum of musical genres. With their first studio album, B2ST topped the chart with the song “On Rainy Days.” In the last album, they cover the lyrical song “Midnight,” making victorious inroads into the ballad genre.”


B2ST have given notice that they will be back performing in July. Starting with the release of “Will You Be Okay?” on May 29, the group will proceed with a special meeting with fans in June and a solo concert in July.

NicoleHan 2013/05/28 20:08:18

 Lee Jong Hyun, a member of the idol boy band CNblue (Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk, and Lee Jung Shin) gave his thoughts on the group’s concert with a picture tweeted on May 26,  with the caption: “Hello. This is Jong Hyun, the guitarist. We thank you for making this a wonderful night. We will always be waiting here. Come see us at any time.” In the photo, CNblue members are huddled together in front of the camera, wearing black T-shirts with the title of the concert, Blue Moon, on them. The group members seem to be cheerful about the great time they had with the audience.


Seeing this photo, netizens reacted: “The concert was frantically entertaining. It was the best!” “I was touched.” “I was there, too.” “Thank you for making a wonderful night.”


Starting from the concert in Taiwan on April 6, CNblue held their concert series 2013 World Tour Blue Moon and have ended it successfully, with tickets sold out every day in Singapore and Taiwan.


So far, the concert tour has attracted 12,000 fans, and CNblue ended the current series of concerts at Seoul Jamsil Indoor Stadium, on May 25 and 26. The group is going to continue the world tour in Melbourne, Australia, on May 31 and in Sydney on June 1.

NicoleHan 2013/05/28 20:07:44

 On May 27, IU’s agency, Loen Entertainment, made an official announcement about the rumor that IU will marry a well-known singer. The rumor is based on a document circulating widely in the securities industry.

The announcement said: “We regret to hear that a document that has no basis in truth is circulating widely, making people believe a lie. We have requested a police investigation to find the writer of the document and the person or persons who have circulated it. We intend to take legal action against them. We have also requested an investigation of those who wrote malicious comments on the Internet and will take strong legal action in this case too. This is to protect our artist from being badly affected by the harmful messages. We ask you politely not to write reports based on presumptions and exaggerations.”


NicoleHan 2013/05/28 20:07:06

Kim Hyun Joong’s 2nd teaser ‘Cappuccino’ was revealed for his 3rd single album ‘Tonight’, which will be released on 5th June.

Regarding the song ‘Cappuccino’, Kim Hyun Joong commented that “This is a song with a fun feeling and a humorous atmosphere. I even did extra studies in order to take full advantage of reggae style rhythm.”

As for the concept of the MV, Kim Hyun Joong remarked “This MV incorporates fun and witty elements to match the concept of the song. In addition, CG effects were used. The most interesting part is at the latter part of the MV, in which it will make people to have an urge to join the party”.

Please look forward to ‘Tonight’ album version B in which the full MV can be found.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Source : Universal Music Japan

Malu 2013/05/28 02:08:53

Actor Zo In Sung of the the popular melo-drama That Winter, The Wind Blows recently embarked on a promotional tour to Malaysia and Singapore last week. The tour was in line with the drama being aired on Channel ONE (SingTel mio TV Ch 513, 604 / StarHub TV Ch 823, 876, 124).

Being the first time that the 31-year-old actor is visiting Singapore, he met up with members of the media for a press conference followed by the meet-and-greet event with fans at Suntec City Mall. Despite the hectic back-to-back schedule and having just arrived from Malaysia, Zo In Sung’s cheery smile never left his face.

The mall was quickly filled up with close to 4,000 fans, all prepared with cameras in hand waiting to capture a timeless memory of the charismatic actor. Prior to his appearance, emcee Pei Fen (93.3FM DJ) handpicked 6 couples to compete on stage. What better game is there than re-enacting the romantic cotton candy scene!

The top 3 couples had to re-enact the scene in front of the actor himself, thereafter getting a polaroid picture with him. Showing his romantic gentlemanly side, Zo requested for a photo with the female contestants and posed intimately as he did with his leading female Song Hye Kyo. Hugs, heart signs, and that cheeky smirk gets any lady’s heart thumping for sure!

Lucky subscribers of ONE who won passes also received a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get up-close and personal with Zo In Sung on stage that evening, getting a polaroid couple shot as well.

He indeed deserves top marks for fan-service. With a personal mission to make eye-contact with as many people, Zo In Sung scanned the crowd thoroughly whilst flashing his smile and victory signs.

Photo credit: ONE

Zo In Sung’s visit is the fifth promotional tour organized by ONE, following actor Jang Hyuk in January 2011 to promote Midas; Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun-Ah in December 2011 for Scent of A Woman; K-pop boy group BTOB in June 2012 to perform in Jakarta; and budding actor Lee Hyun Woo in promotion of To the Beautiful You in October 2012.

Who do you wish for ONE to bring on their next promotional tour?

Malu 2013/05/28 02:03:55


Hint after hint was given before YG Entertainment officially announced that 2NE1‘s leader CL will be releasing her solo single “The Baddest Female“, which was previously titled as “Bad Girl“, and to hype it up, a photo teaser has been revealed.

Just as her usual on-stage image, CL looks fearless in a warrior-like black outfits and accessories in the photo, making fans curious about what concept will be accompanying her upcoming single that’s described as a “Slow hip-hop track, which is not much different from a ballad, that combines CL’s powerful rap with dubstep and modern sound.” 

Who else is anticipating what CL will deliver?


Source: YG Family

Malu 2013/05/25 04:09:43

Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun met up recently and tweeted some pictures of the three ss501 members together.


With Heo Young Saeng’s recent comments about his hopes for the future of ss501, people have already been talking about the possibility of a reunion. In one of the pictures however, the group’s maknae Kim Hyung Jun made a comment which left people wondering if there is really a reunion in the works. His comment loosely translates, “Before coming together as ss501. Coming soon!”


With Kim Kyu Jong currently fulfilling his military duty and the news that Kim Hyung Jun will be entering the service next year, it makes you wonder how the group will be able to reunite and if it truly is a possibility.


What do you think? Do you think there is a real possibility of ss501 reuniting any time soon?


Check out the pictures below to see what the guys tweeted.





Source: Twitter 2kjdream, hyungjun87, and jungmin0403




NicoleHan 2013/05/24 13:58:10

EXO is going to have their release, XOXO soon and they finally came out with a video teaser.


EXO (Photo: SM Entertainment)

This will probably the title track of the album. It is titled “늑대와 미녀 (Wolf and Beauty)” or simply just “Wolf” in English.



In early 2013, the song “Wolf” has been leaked out and many fans were anticipating their release. Now, people were surprised that the song will really be included and perhaps the title track of the album as the song wasn’t really well-received.

EXO Wolf


There were many fans like the song as the song is very different and unique from K-pop tunes these days.

exo wolf


See also:
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Malu 2013/05/24 05:08:32


The first teaser for Kim Hyun Joong’s latest music video has been released. The song is entitled “I Can’t Erase Only You” and is the 2nd track on the Japanese single album. The end of the teaser also shows a quick glimpse of another music video, which appears to be the album’s 3rd track, “Cappuccino.”


The video shows KHJ singing in a field with his band, while the main storyline of the MV centers around a young man and woman. In some comments released about the MV, Kim Hyun Joong states that it has a ”drama concept that mixes the story of men and women passing each other.” He also went on to reveal that he and his band shot their scenes in Jeju Island, while the actors filmed their scenes in Tokyo.


The song has a slightly more indie feel to it, with a softer melody and different vibe than some of his last songs. According to KHJ, it has a tune of a quiet atmosphere which excludes the glitz, a song which channels British rock.


The album will be released on June 5th and also includes the title song, “Tonight.” This will be Kim Hyun Joong’s 3rd Japanese single.


Click here to view the embedded video.



Source: Universal Music Japan
Photo Credit: Lotte Duty Free


Malu 2013/05/22 11:38:49

 According to an announcement made by their agency on May 21, the duo UV (Yoo Se Yoon and Muzi) will hold concerts on May 24 and 25 and Kim Hyun Joong has agreed to perform as a special guest, at Yoo’s invitation. Kim is currently appearing in Barefoot Friends on SBS along with Yoo.

Kim will show a different side of himself, attuning with UV, at the concert. Through his agency, Yoo has said, “Kim Hyun Joong is a true friend of mine. I feel grateful to him for accepting my invitation to perform, in spite of his busy schedule.”

In addition to Kim, other artists will also be joining the concert as special guests. The UV concerts on May 24 and 25, titled “Kkachi and Hani,” will including a show using black light and performances using acoustic instruments.

Malu 2013/05/22 07:58:13

 According to several Chinese media reports, made on May 21, Choi Si Won of Super Junior has proved himself to have strong personal connections by attending the wedding ceremony of his media partner, Wang Ker, the vice chairman of EE Media, one of the biggest entertainment companies in China.

He is known to have good personal connections because he is a well-known member of the popular group Super Junior and has acted several times on the screen. Besides Choi, several MCs of the most popular Chinese entertainment program attended the ceremony. Choi took photos with Chinese stars and posted them on Weibo (Chinese Twitter).

Super Junior successfully finished their Super Show 5 tour in South America and will continue in China and Japan.

Malu 2013/05/22 07:55:02


After more than a year without a comeback to followup their explosive debut with ‘MAMA‘ in 2012, SM Entertainment‘s newest boy group EXO, which consists of two sub-groups EXO-K and EXO-M, is finally making their way to please the fans with a new full-length album titled ‘XOXO (Kiss & Hug)‘.

Following the two yearbook-like photo teasers that were released yesterday, today fans are treated with two new group shots of EXO-K and EXO-M in colorful shirts and a black-and-white photo of EXO as a whole in suits. More teasers are expected to be revealed until their comeback date, so stay tuned for more!



Source: SMTownGlobal

Malu 2013/05/21 13:13:17




Super Junior gains its ”world’s biggest boy band” title by having the most

number of members in a group than any other male groups in the music

industry around the world. The title goes well with another biggest achievement

complementarily, by having E.L.F as the biggest fandom among all K-pop fandoms.




The biggest boy band had once reached their record of 13 members in total,

which includes Leeteuk (leader), Siwon, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Yesung, Ryeowook,

Shindong, Sungmin, Heechul, Kangin, Kibum, Kyuhyun and Hangeng in their

“Sorry Sorry” days, later on with the addition of Zhoumi and Henry in Super

Junior M, which gives a sum of 15 members as in overall. However, their number

of members is getting lesser due to various unavoidable circumstances such as

enlistment, acting career and internal/personal issue.




Hangeng left Super Junior due to his dissatisfaction with SM Entertainment under

some internal/personal issue with the company. Kibum went enthusiastically into

his acting career. Likewise any other male Koreans, Super Junior could not detach

themselves from the honorable enlistment duty for their country. The members

take turns to fulfill their duty. Right after the return of Kangin, Leeteuk went for

his enlistment. Yesung as well, has joined the military service recently. Alternately,

Heechul will finish his duty and is expected to join Super Junior in August.

Unfortunately sometimes Siwon too, might not be joining the members in certain

performances due to his busy acting career.




Obviously, the curse of enlistment has left all K-pop fans desperate. The absence

of their bias during their military service is aching the hearts of millions fans around

the world. And yet, patience is the only way to cope with and need not to be taught.

The fans know the best.




Although Super Junior might fail to withhold its honor title with their decreasing

members in the future, ELFs will never abandon Super Junior. Similarly, Super Junior

will always repay ELFs for their magnificent love and support given to them by giving

them their quality performance and the best of Super Junior.


Image Source: Google Image

Malu 2013/05/21 13:10:10

 According to a report by his agency on May 20, Zo In Sung is departing the same day on a four-day three-night trip to promote the popular drama series That Winter, The Wind Blows (written by No Hee Kyung, directed by Kim Kyu Tae), which ended at the beginning of April.

Zo is heading to Malaysia. After an interview with the local media, Zo will meet local fans at the Paradigm Shopping Mall in downtown Kuala Lumpur. Moving on to Singapore, Zo will greet fans at the Suntec City Shopping Mall, after another interview with reporters.

Zo was already well known throughout Asia for the drama Something Happened in Bali and Spring Days, and recently he has received greater attention when That Winter, The Wind Blows aired in Southeast Asia.

A staffer connected to the promotion says, ”That Winter, The Wind Blows aired Singapore and Malaysia at the same time, from March 13 to May 2, and it was tremendously popular. The local media have expressed high expectations for Zo In Sung, and he enjoys the passionate support of fans.”

That Winter, The Wind Blows, having already in Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan will soon be seen in countries throughout Asia.

Malu 2013/05/21 05:44:06

B.A.P’s Himchan and Jongup took a break while visiting New York City for a concert.

First time on Twitter in a while!” he posted earlier today. “Keke, taking a break in New York and snapped a photo with Jongup.

The photo shows Himchan and Jongup posing with two of New York’s ubiquitous ‘Liberty Ladies’, actors or actresses dressed up to resemble the city’s famous Statue of Liberty. Standing tall with red, white, and blue draped around their shoulders, they look positively American! (‘Murica!)

Malu 2013/05/20 12:10:28

TVXQ’s Yunho tried out a look he’s never tried before!

Usually, we’re used to seeing Yunho fierce and strong, but for ‘High Cut’ he decided to go for a more innocent, and – dare I say it – helpless look. Instead of the masculine image he usually has on, he went for a more young, boyish image with shorts and scarves.

During the interview, he talked about his drama ‘Queen of Ambition’, where he said, “While I was filming, I thought I was so lucky. The sunbaes just all watched at first, but when we got close, I learned so much. I especially got close with Kwon Sang Woo hyung, and he really took good care of me.

On reaching their 10th anniversary soon, he said, “You can’t help but be lonely when you become a sunbae. I want to break away from that, so every time a new album comes out, I go around personally to hoobae’s waiting rooms and give them our CD.

He also said, “I would have married about now [if I wasn’t a celebrity]. I wanted to marry when my parents did, but that age has already passed. Realistically, I don’t think it’s time yet. I’ll get married when I can be responsible for someone and I’m definitely married.”

What do you think about this look for him?

Malu 2013/05/20 12:08:00

Singer and ‘Running Man’ star Kim Jong Kook proudly displayed his chiseled legs on the latest episode of ‘Running Man’.

The newest broadcast saw the ‘Running Man’ members – along with guests Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Sang Kyung – chasing after the ‘betrayers club’ of HaHa, Ji Suk Jin, and Lee Kwang Soo, who had run away with the grand prize that was supposed to be given with the winner.

One of the missions along the way to apprehending the culprits was gathering as many inner tubes as possible and stacking them on their team’s side of the playing field. Kim Jong Kook took the time to layer them on himself, which, combined with the shorts he had been wearing, gave the (not unpleasant) effect that he wasn’t wearing any pants at all!

Drawing the viewers’ attention to his fit and tanned legs, the ‘Commander’ definitely gained a few more female fans this episode, we’re sure.

Check out the full episode below!

ㅇㅇㄹ by sehi_03

ㄹㄴㄴ by sehi_03

Malu 2013/05/20 12:06:15

2PM’s Jun.K posted a photo to his Twitter showing his gratitude for their fans’ thoughtful gifts.

Clustered around at table at a waiting room backstage, Jun.K’s photo shows the 2PM members gathered around a feast of a meal prepared by Hottests in support for their long-awaited comeback. Although all of the members look amazing, Taecyeon particularly wows with his baby face and stuffed cheeks!

2PM, who has made a comeback with “Grown”, has been continuing promotions for their new albums on music shows.

Malu 2013/05/20 12:04:24

Actor Jo Jung Suk revealed his ideal type to be none other than his ’You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin‘ co-star IU!

On the May 18th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, Jo Jung Suk became the next celebrity to play the game, ‘ideal type world cup’. Among the beautiful contenders, miss A‘s Suzy, IU, 4minute‘s HyunA, 2NE1‘s CL, Lee Yoon Ji, Kim Yuna, Lee Na Young, and Song Hye Gyo, Jo Jung Suk had a hard time deciding between four of them.

The actor chose IU, CL, Lee Yoon Ji, and Lee Na Young as his top four and in the final round of Lee Yoon Ji vs. IU, he ended up giving the ‘ideal type’ crown to his co-star IU.

Jo Jung Suk said his parting words to Lee Yoon Ji, “I hope you understand. You understand me right?” To IU, he shared, “I hope you don’t think, ‘Why did oppa pick me?’, and you got the crown.”

Do you agree with Jo Jung Suk’s pick? Who would win your ‘ideal type world cup’?

Watch Jo Jung Suk’s budding onscreen romance with his ideal type, IU, on ‘You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin’ every Saturday and Sunday.

Malu 2013/05/20 11:59:04


K-pop is invading the world! Agree or not, K-pop becomes one of the fastest

growing leading successor within worldwide’s music industry.


More and more K-pop rookies made their debut every year. Many of these

rookies did not turn out to look like a rookie at all due to their 360 degree

flawless preparation during their training period before debut.


Many of them performed like they have been in the K-pop music industry for

experienced years instead of amateurs who lacked in many things. Some

good examples would be such as B.A.P, EXO, Hello Venus and many more. 

Many of them are able to stand out among senior artists, having superb stage 

performance and even having their first world tour after short period of debut.


As we can see, the rookies are no longer rookies. They are capable of anything

and able to gain fame and love from fans with expanding fandoms and received

great attention. As a conclusion, K-pop kingdom is now being dominated with

high quality K-pop idols and groups each year.


Can you think of anyone who fits into this category?


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Malu 2013/05/20 07:44:48

Kim Hyun Joong finally ‘exploded’ because of the intense labour!

In the recent episode of SBS’s “Barefoot Friends”, Kim Hyun Joong’s mission was to live like a normal Indonesian for 24 hours.
Kim Hyun Joong earned the most out of his team, by doing labour such as carrying heavy baskets loaded with fruits. Although the amount he has earned is enough to make him a rich man in Indonesia, however, in order to make a saving even after paying for accomodation and food, Kim Hyun Joong worked until late night.

Kang Ho Dong and JongShin used excuses such as “a handsome person does everything handsomely” to make Kim Hyun Joong work. To this, Kim Hyun Joong finally “exploded” and through his hat onto the floor, causing members to burst into laughter.

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Malu 2013/05/20 07:42:50

Although SS501′ member Kim Kyu Jong is currently serving in army, but he is not forgetting the important days! On 16th May, Kim Kyu Jong tweeted “SS501 mansae!!! hehehehehet”, followed by another tweet “2900 days, the day is coming very soon heehee~ see you”.

Turns out, it has been 2900 days since SS501 debuted, many fans commented on his tweet, saying “You are the president of TripleS”, “Oppa, are you a ss501 member or are you really a fan like us ^^” and “waiting for ss501 to comeback!”.

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Malu 2013/05/19 10:22:39

Earlier today, One Foundation revealed via Chinese social platform -Weibo, that hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong has made a donation of 100 million Won to victims of Ya’an earthquake in China. Ya’an earthquake, also known as Lushan earthquake happened on the 20th of April, it was said to be the most traumatizing disaster for China in 2013. The earthquake has resulted in at least 196 people dead, 24 missing and at least 11,826 injured.

On weibo, One Foundation confirmed the receive of donation from Kim Hyun Joong and promised everyone to make good use of the money in reconstruction of affected areas. With the donation made, Kim Hyun Joong also wishes that victims in Ya’an could be blessed.

In response to this, fans on various social platforms left messages praising Kim Hyun Joong of his good deed, such as – “He did this once again, I’m proud to be his fan.” , “He is always reaching out to those in need!” and “He knows how to give back to the society, really proud of him!” etc.

Indeed, Kim Hyun Joong is known to be a charitable man as he has made various donations to people in need throughout the past few years, such as donating to victims of Japan earthquake, World Vision and Abierta’s House of Friendship in Philippines.

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Malu 2013/05/19 10:17:51


When it comes to Korean food, what do you think of? Kimchi. Kimchi is a so-called

must have dish in every Korean meal, whether it is used as the main ingredient of

the dishes or just simply an additional appetizer or an authentic side dish.


No doubt kimchi plays a very important role in all Korean food. The most common

Korean food which easily come across our mind would be Bibimbap, Bulgogi, Kimchi

Jiggae and Korean Pancake. Whether like it or not, Kimchi is served to you without

special request. 


Kimchi is a traditional Korean fermented dish made of vegetables, chili paste and spices.

Koreans eat it everyday, throughout their life. Its recipe was similar in every different

types of Kimchi. However, it can be made of raddish, cabbage and a variety of vegetables,

all mixed thoroughly in a big tray and kept as a pickled dish, as if it will definitely come in

handy in every meal preparation. 


Korean food is generally perceived as healthy due to the large ratio of vegetables used

alongside with every main dish. However, some might think Korean food as unhealthy

because large portion of ingredients used was pickled and prepared with excessive

salt. The debate rooted in different opinions.


What is your opinion on Korean food?


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Lee Seung Gi really does deserves every compliment he gets!

For Teacher’s Day in Korea, he wasn’t able to go to class because he was busy filming ‘Book of the House of Gu‘, which is currently the top drama in its time slot. So instead, he gifted the 50-60 Masters/Doctorates students and professors at the Dongguk University Culture Contents Graduate School a feast at a restaurant.

The school was delighted and said, “We didn’t have a separate event for Teacher’s Day at school, but we had our first event in years thanks to Lee Seung Gi. He prepared the highest quality food, and the manager stayed until the last person left and took care of everything.

This really is how top stars should be!

Malu 2013/05/17 23:25:43

Brian revealed his ideal type as the actress with timeless beauty, Choi Ji Woo, and even sent her a proposal!

On the upcoming episode of Life N‘s ‘Ruby Slipper‘, Brian entered a coffee shop and noticed the many autographed mugs, sharing, “[The coffee shop] must have a lot of celebrity visitors.”

When he discovered Choi Ji Woo’s signature on a cup, Brian shared, “Choi Ji Woo is totally my ideal type. I’ve been a fan of her since high school.” When Kim Jun Hee joked, “We’re also celebrities, so why are you being like this. It makes me embarrassed.” Her comment didn’t seem to faze Brian, and he proposed to Choi Ji Woo right at that moment, saying to the camera, “What does it matter. She is my ideal type. Ji Woo, I will wait for you at the coffee shop. Let’s get married.”

Brian has been a busy bachelor with the launch of his own entertainment agency, B You Entertainment.

Let’s hope Choi Ji Woo is watching when Brian’s full proposal airs on the 17th at 11 PM KST!

Malu 2013/05/17 23:23:28

YG Entertainment has a special announcement for Blackjacks on 2NE1‘s 4th anniversary!

As you know, to celebrate the special occasion, YG Entertainment‘s official blog YG-Life posted a 4th anniversary poster for the girls. The poster reads, “ARE YOU READY?”, and it’s now confirmed that those words are meant to not only prepare fans for CL‘s solo debut on May 28th, but 2NE1′s comeback as a whole as well!

Rumors have been circulating for a while that the group’s comeback may happen after CL’s solo single promotions, and they have turned out to be accurate!

YG Entertainment stated regarding the poster, “It’s a teaser that embodies CEO Yang Hyun Suk‘s goal to make this year 2NE1′s golden year,” as well as, Although 2NE1′s official comeback date hasn’t been confirmed yet, the girls will be releasing a new song.”

So, “ARE YOU READY?” for 2NE1′s comeback?

Malu 2013/05/17 11:00:58

If you’ve been awaiting more news on Lee Min Ho‘s first album, then you’re in luck as he’s revealed some details!

He revealed his jacket image for ‘My Everything‘ on the 16th, and fans are looking forward to the album more than ever! Even though he’s busy acting, he’d always taken time to sing for his fans during his fanmeetings. Fans loved it so much that requests were endless for an album, and he decided to celebrate his 7th anniversary with one!

His label said, “He wanted to show something he’d never been able to before, and he wanted his fans to enjoy his music and approach them comfortably. This album’s concept is ‘communication with fans’.

The album will contain 7 song including “My Everything“, “Without You“, “Love Motion“, “My Little Princess“, and “You & I“. The album will also have a special making DVD and a photoshoot.

The release will take place on the 22nd!


Malu 2013/05/17 10:58:57

As you all know by now, EXO is finally getting ready to return after what seems like forever, and they’re continuing the excitement with more photos!

Ahead of the boys’ first full length album, ‘XOXO (Kiss&Hug)‘, coming up, the group has unveiled a new set of group teasers showing the boys shedding their school uniforms for a more casual, sporty attire, going from the model-student image to a more rambunctious group of students!

As mentioned earlier, EXO-K and EXO-M will be promoting as EXO (that means all 12 members) this time around and travel back and forth between Korea and China to promote!

We’ll be greeted with a new teaser each day most likely up until the release, so make sure you’re on the lookout!


Malu 2013/05/17 10:56:51

Yoon Gun has returned with the release of his theme song for his own TV series ‘Yoon Gun’s British Memories‘.

The talented singer should have you reminiscing back on 90s rock music with this track that incorporates elements from that period with its piano riff and guitar sounds.

Check it out below as well as a short 30 sec MV teaser!

Malu 2013/05/16 13:11:46

Jinwoon and Star Love Fish have revealed a new song for the upcoming music event ‘Strawberry X-treme Festival‘, in which the two will be performing.

Various artists are already lined for this event, taking place starting June 13th, including the mentioned two as well as Baek Ji YoungDok2, Ailee, and more.

In addition to the festival, various songs will be released from the participating artists, and revealed today is Jinwoon and Star Love Fish’s collab track, “Words I Couldn’t Say“.

Take a listen below!

Acoustic Version


Malu 2013/05/16 12:55:18

IU celebrates her birthday today, May 16th!

IU’s reps shared on her official Facebook, “Today is an exciting day because it’s IU’s 21st (20 international age) birthday! Congratulations! Let’s all be excited together!!!! Please congratulate her.” IU also previously updated her fan cafe with a message of thanks for the early birthday presents given by fans.

Fans congratulated the singer commenting, “I am watching your drama well. Happy birthday, Soon Shin!”, “Congrats. I can’t wait to hear your next album”, and “I love you, IU!”

IU plans to return with new music after her KBS 2TV drama ‘You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin‘, so continue to get your dose of the singer every weekend until then!

Happy birthday, IU!


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Malu 2013/05/16 12:53:24

The longest running idol group in K-pop, Shinhwa, have achieved another milestone with their 11th album ‘The Classic‘ which is now available for your listening pleasure!

Shinhwa has recruited the best of the best for their comeback with the composer behind their previous single “Venus”, Andrew Jackson‘s team as well as Samuel Waermo, Robert Vadadi, Lee Hyori‘s “Ten Minutes” composer Kim Do Hyun, Ahn Young Min, Shinhwa’s “Once In A Lifetime” composer Brian Kim, and more.

Their title track “This Love” features a trendy beat that will have music lovers grooving along. The group will also go where no idol has gone before with their ‘voguing dance’ choreography, which fans will get to see onM! Countdown‘ later today!

Without further ado, take a listen to the songs and watch the MV for “This Love” below!

Geurae (“Yes”)

A Guy You Know


New Me

While Laughing…



I Gave You

Love Song

Malu 2013/05/16 12:51:15


Tickets for the G-DRAGON 1st WORLD TOUR 2013: ONE OF A KIND IN MALAYSIA concert went on sale on 11th May 2013 at a special ticket launch event at Fahrenheit88 and here’s a short update on the event. In the meantime, here are some pointers about the event:

  1. The first fan started queuing since Wednesday evening, and she was also the first fan in the queue for last year’s BIGBANG concert ticket launch
  2. Fans who got to know each other while queuing for BIGBANG tickets last year met up to queue together this time
  3. Parents came to queue (some overnight!) with their children for the tickets
  4. Hundreds of fans queued overnight and there were more than 1000 people in the queue before doors opened
  5. VIP tickets sold out within an hour of the start of sales and Cat 2 (RM488) tickets are selling fast; limited tickets are available via Ticketcharge and Redtix outlet and online channels
  6. Merchandise can be purchased online from next week onwards. Details can be found on:

RITS website:

Malu 2013/05/16 11:14:39

EXO is coming back! You better believe it because it’s really actually confirmed this time around with the release of teaser photos!

They’ll be presenting their fans, who have been waiting for ages, with their first full length album, ‘XOXO (Kiss&Hug)‘!

To tease you all, the boys of EXO-K and EXO-M have teamed up for teaser photos that look much like something you’d see in a school yearbook!

It’s said that the 12 members will promote together traveling back and forth between Korea and China to once again show off powerful stages that are sure you make you swoon all over again.

Starting on the 17th, individual teasers will be released one by one, so stay tuned for more to come!

Malu 2013/05/16 09:24:31

2013 is off to a great start in K-pop with the return of some of the top acts in the music industry. Even though digital sales have been steadily taking over the physical album sales, this year many idols have enjoyed high album sales.

The ranking isn’t exactly scientific as album releases vary by date, and certain albums have more than one part or include repackage editions. But still, when’s a ranking ever not fun?

Here is a list of the top 10 artists who sold the most albums in 2013 so far from January 1 to April 30 courtesy of Gaon:

1. SHINee

283,189 albums sold (Part 1 & Part 2)
Dream Girl: Misconceptions of You‘ released February 2
Why So Serious?: Misconceptions of Me‘ released April 26
SM Entertainment

2. Girls’ Generation

282,760 albums sold
I Got a Boy‘ released January 1
SM Entertainment

3. Jaejoong

206,740 albums sold (EP & Repackaged Album)
I‘ released January 17
Y‘ released February 26
C-JeS Entertainment


158,084 albums sold
New Challenge‘ released March 21
Woollim Entertainment

5. Cho Yong Pil

150,000 albums sold
Hello‘ released April 24
YPC Production


118,666 albums sold
RE:BLUE‘ released January 14
FNC Entertainment


91,958 albums sold
Fly High‘ released January 10
Woollim Entertainment

8. B.A.P

77,990 albums sold
One Shot‘ released February 12
TS Entertainment


76,917 albums sold
No.1‘ released February 25
T.O.P Media

10. Super Junior-M

50,505 albums sold
Break Down‘ released January 7
SM Entertainment

Did your favorites make the list?

Malu 2013/05/16 07:20:07

IU revealed the secret to her change in appearance compared to her past graduation photos.

On the May 15 broadcast of SBS‘ ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, IU’s past graduation photos from elementary, junior high, and high school were unveiled. IU explained why she seemed to have lost a lot of weight from her elementary to high school days sharing, “My graduation photos for elementary and middle school were so so.. I always took the photo while laughing so my cheeks came out more chubby. For my high school graduation photos, I smiled a little less.”

Most viewers agreed with IU stating that you lose most of your baby fat in the cheeks as you grow older and transition into college.

IU is currently undergoing another transformation to become a star in ‘You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin‘.

Malu 2013/05/16 04:39:37

SS501‘s Heo Young Saeng gave hope to fans with his wish to possibly reunite like the longest-running idol group Shinhwa.

During a recent filming for KBS2TV‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘, Heo Young Saeng revealed he’s been thinking a lot about his group SS501 these days with the pending comeback of Shinhwa. He shared, “When I look at Shinhwa, who continues to gain popularity without breaking up over the past 15 years, it makes me reflect [on my own group].”

“After watching Shinhwa on ‘Win Win‘, I thought of my SS501 members and sent text messages to them. The other members were also watching that broadcast with the same heart,” revealing their members’ special bond that they’ve gained throughout their years together.

Is a possible reunion in store? Tune in to see what Heo Young has to say about SS501 on May 16 at 11:15 PM KST.

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Malu 2013/05/16 02:03:43

VIXX took things to the extreme in their teaser for “HYDE“!

We saw the boys with black wings in their teaser images, and it looks like they won’t be just having black wings – they’ll be taking the famous story ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde‘ to their album concept. They’re first seen smiling serenely and dressed in white, but obviously there’s something wrong when we see snakes and other creepy crawlies featured in the teaser.

The creepiness goes up a bit with the words “You’re beautiful and I want to own you forever“. The boys go through a transformation into a ‘demon’, with crazy eye makeup and even more bugs. VIXX’s official YouTube channel wrote: “VIXX introduces mans who turned into a demon due to a hurt of love, but still has internal duality, good and evil through ‘Jekyll & hyde’ concept. [sic]

As we wait for the release on May 20, check out their unique teaser below!

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Malu 2013/05/16 01:40:30

 2NE1’s leader CL will be back as a solo artist. Her agency, YG Entertainment, revealed a fourth teaser, titled “Who’s Next?” in the company blog today. The date “2013.05.18” is written in the teaser along with the name CL. The agency has been screening out their artists to see who would make a sortie on May 28 and finally they revealed it is CL.

The 2NE1 leader is well known for her distinguished talents at dance and rap music and is also good at vocals. She has drawn attention for her solo activity since the 2NE1’s debut in May 2009, and she has finally announced the release of a solo song, which has fans thrilled.

A high official of her agency says, “CL is a hidden card that president Yang Hyun Suk has been preparing to reveal. People will feel the freshness of her music. Her new song is not regarded as a project song that will last for just a short period of time but as a song that she can perform continuously as a solo artist. A music video is soon to be released along with the song, and we will promote it from the weekend after the song is released.”

Malu 2013/05/16 01:36:59

The longest-running idol group will be making another legendary return to the K-pop scene. To get their fans pumped up, Shinhwa have unleashed their comeback teaser photos and the making-of film for the “This Love” music video.

The individual shots highlight the members’ mature, manly charms that set them apart from the other idol groups out there, and their obvious chemistry can only come from the 15 years they’ve been together.

Shinhwa will be returning with their 11th album ‘The Classic‘ on the 16th, and they’re pulling out all the stops by bringing in director Cho Soo Hyun, who worked on “Gangnam Style“ as well as Shinhwa’s very own “Once in a Lifetime” back in 2006.

Get a dose of what’s to come with these hot teaser photos as well as the making of the MV!

Malu 2013/05/16 01:35:18

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun, f(x)‘ Sulli, and Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA were all smiles as they showed some SM family love on the set of their upcoming ‘SKT LTE‘ CF.

Kyuhyun posted to ‘SKT LTE’s official Twitter, “It’s already time to wrap up. I filmed a CF with Sulli and YoonA today, and I think this CF will also turn out to be a fun one!~ I feel regretful that it is so short… It would be nice to meet you again soon~ Bye.” He also added a selca of himself in a matador costume and labelmates Sulli and YoonA hovering over his shoulder. The three SM Entertainment idols are currently endorsement models for ‘SKT LTE’.

Fans commented, “It’s nice to see you all together,” “Kyuhyun has two women by his side,” and “They all look like idols.”

Are you excited for the CF?!

Malu 2013/05/16 01:31:19

Fans of handsome actor Lee Min Ho celebrated his 7th anniversary since his debut!

Lee Min Ho made his debut on the EBS teenage  drama ‘Secret Campus‘ back in 2006, and fans of the actor from all over the world banded together to show him their love and support. His agency stated, “A great number of fans from Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia,  America, and other countries in Europe and South America are holding large events in celebration of Lee Min Ho’s anniversary.”

For the fourth year in a row, Korean fans put on a ‘billboard event,’ posting advertisements celebrating his anniversary on billboards across Myungdong, Gangnam Station, and Dongdaemun. Fans from Japan wrapped buses that traveled around Seoul to advertise Lee Min Ho’s world tour, while Chinese fans made a donation to the victims of the Sichuan earthquake in his name.

Lee Min Ho’s Turkish fans showed their support with a laser message on a bridge in Bosphorus that said, “Happy 7th Debut Anniversary Lee Min Ho! Minoz (Lee Min Ho’s fan club) Turkey will always love and support you!”

The actor is currently preparing for his upcoming world tour, which will start in Korea later this month. He’ll also be releasing a new album, ‘My Everything‘, as a gift to his fans.

Lee Min Ho posted to his SNS: “Lucky7! Thank you for your celebrations.”

Malu 2013/05/16 01:14:20

Rising star Kim Woo Bin is in discussion to join the star-studded cast including Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye in the upcoming SBS drama, ‘Heirs‘!

As mentioned before, ‘Heirs’ will be a 20-episode drama and has already piqued the interest of fans with the reveal of its top-notch writer and director, Kim Eun Sook and Kang Shin Hyo PD. Kim Woo Bin has already worked with writer Kim Eun Sook before on ‘Gentlemen’s Class‘ so this will be her second work he’s been cast for. He and the drama production team are currently working out the details before the finalization, so if everything goes smoothly, we should be seeing him alongside others in the program!

‘Heirs’ will focus on the story of wealthy high school students and their roller coaster ride of love and friendship, and is set to premiere this October!


Malu 2013/05/15 11:57:10

Blackjacks have been waiting eagerly on the edge of their seats to find out if their girls will be coming back as a whole or if it will be a solo album for leader CL.

The answer has been revealed as YG-Life has revealed their final teaser poster for their “Who’s Next?” question!

CL will be releasing her first solo track in 5 years, and it’s guaranteed to be a good one because.. well.. it’s CL! And because Yang Hyun Suk himself is said to be the one behind this project.

According to a rep at the agency, CL’s solo track won’t be just a one-step project, as she’ll be having promotional activities as well.

So stay tuned for CL’s solo release and its music video on May 28th!


Malu 2013/05/15 10:41:09

Even though Park Si Hoo had stated multiple times before that he’d ‘reveal the truth’ during the investigation, it seems like he won’t be doing that anytime soon.

Throughout his sexual assault case, Park Si Hoo had often commented that he had been wrongly accused and stated multiple times, “I will reveal the truth.” His acquaintances also previously said, “He’s been wrongly accused about many things. If there is something he did do wrong, he’d take responsibility, but on things he has been wrongly accused of, he feels the situation is unjust. Once the investigation is over, he’s planning to hold an official event to reveal everything.”

However, that has all changed, as his law firm Purme said, “We can’t release any statements about this case. The representative lawyers are all refraining from commenting about Park Si Hoo. Park Si Hoo will also not be having a press conference nor making any official statements.

The public will never hear about ‘A‘s reason for dropping her charges either as her lawyers have also revealed that they will not be offering any comments, remaining firm on the silence with comments like, “It’s true that she has dropped her charges, but we cannot reveal the reason.”

With both pledging silence and dropping their lawsuits against each other, many speculate that there were settlements and negotiations that took place between the two sides. However, it seems the public will never find out, and are now left with the questions: Why did A drop her lawsuit?, Why did Park Si Hoo drop his lawsuit?, What took place between the two?, And of course, most importantly, what’s the truth?

Source: Newsen, No Cut News via Nate

Malu 2013/05/15 10:06:14

Psy is taking over the popular mobile app ‘Kakao Talk‘ with his character for ‘Wind Runner For Kakao‘ and now with a second set of emoticons on the messaging app.

Those of you with the ‘Kakao Talk’ app may already have Psy’s first set of emoticons downloaded, but now a second set has been launched in 230 countries to commemorate his latest release!

The new set is made special in that they’re not just regular old emoticons, but ‘sound-cons’ (sound emoticons). Psy’s set features 4 sound emoticons in addition to 8 regular emoticons. The new set is bound to be a hit in chat rooms with Psy’s catch phrases and dance points from his new song “Gentleman” such as “Mother father gentleman”, “wet psy“,allangamolla, his ‘arrogant dance’, and more.

Kakao Talk stated, “We are joyful that users will get to meet Psy’s dace and voice through the sound emoticon function on ‘Kakao Talk’. We are also proud to collaborate with the international star Psy who is receiving popularity with ‘Gangnam Style‘ and now ‘Gentleman’.”

The new Psy emoticon set can be purchased for $1.99 through the app for android phones (not yet available for iPhones).


Malu 2013/05/15 10:02:11

Jason Mraz will be appearing on tvN‘s ‘SNL Korea‘!

The singer-songwriter will be appear on the May 18 episode of ‘SNL Korea’ along with Sam Hamington, JK Kim Dong Wook, and Younha. ‘SNL Korea’ decided to cast celebrities that you can’t normally see on variety shows, and they managed to bring on the world famous singer.

The CP of the show said, “The celebrities that have their own charms will be showing off the SNL style including sexy, crazy humor, and they’ll parody themselves. All of these celebrities will be heating up Saturday night.

Jason Mraz is also scheduled to perform at the Jamsil Sports Complex on May 17.

Malu 2013/05/15 09:59:58


DATV has announced they will air the Kim Hyun Joong drama City Conquest this summer.


The program will be aired in July and features Kim Hyun Joong in the role of Baek Mi-reu, a young man who takes revenge on society after becoming bitter with his father for abandoning their family.


Though filming had begun and the drama was pre-sold to several different countries, it went unaired after KBS denied it a slot in their 2013 lineup. However, footage from the show was aired last October as part of the City Conquest Memorial Event put on by Henecia, the official fan club of KHJ.


The drama also features Jeong Yu-mi, star of the 2011 melodrama A Thousand Days’ Promise. When City Conquest was unable to secure a time slot, Jeong Yu-mi went on to accept a  lead role in the show Wonderful Mama.


With the news that DATV will be airing City Conquest, the question that fans are asking is will they finish filming the television series now that it will be broadcast. However, no details have been announced at this time.


Are you looking forward to the new drama?


Stay tuned for more news about Kim Hyung Joong and City Conquest.




Malu 2013/05/15 09:57:58

Want to go to school with SHINee‘s Minho?

Well, that’s exactly what Konkuk University wants you to think when you see these photos! Minho took promotional photos for the school he’s attending with a major in film. He took photos which will be featured on the promotional material for admissions and also filmed a video as well.

Minho was dressed up in the Konkuk University Varsity Letterman Jacket, and he looked as cool as ever as he talked with the other students and then enjoyed the sun with a bright smile.

Who wouldn’t want to attend the school after seeing these pictures?

Malu 2013/05/15 05:00:49


Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Donghae are releasing a new single album on June 19th. To celebrate the release of their new album, the duo will be holding a launch event in Japan on July 4th.


The adorable pair from Super Junior are known to be great friends and have a huge fan following known as “Eunhae” shippers. So when the duo’s first album “Oppa, Oppa” was released in 2011, it came as no surprise that it was a big hit with fans. The day it was released in Japan, it quickly reached #2 on the Oricon charts and went on to place #1 on the Tower Records’ daily charts.


Perhaps it is due to the success of the first album in Japan that the duo is now releasing their second album for Japanese fans and holding the launch party in Tokyo. The album is entitled “I Wanna Dance” and includes the title song, plus an additional song called “Love That I Need.” The 2nd song was composed by Henry from Super Junior-M and features him on the album.


To see Eunhae talking about their new album, check out the video below. The English translation is written below the clip.


Click here to view the embedded video.

EH:Hello, everyone. We’re “Super Junior”Hi, Im EunHyuk.
DH:Im DongHae.
EH:DongHae & EunHyuk’s Japanese activity was confirmed again!!
DH:You shouldn’t say “Again”
EH:Oh I shouldn’t have said“Again”?
DH:Yea, it’s a little bit late.
EH:That’s right.
DH:Yea, it’s what everyone had been anticipated for long!!
EH:DongHae & EunHyuk’s new single was finally confirmed!!
DH:The date is.. as far as I know,, it’s June 19th!!
EH:That’s right!! On June 19th, Super Junior – DongHae & EunHyuk’s new single album 『I WANNA DANCE』will be released!! We prepared a really great song, great single for you, so please look forward to it! This single has got many wonderful songs.
DH:There are only 2 songs..
EH:I mean those 2 are wonderful.^^; First of all, the title song 『I WANNA DANCE』is the song, which has enjoyable beat, can make you happy.. and who composed the 2nd song??
DH:Our member!! This time, I coded the role to him. He’s Henry.
EH:『Love That I need』which Henry-ssi composed and featured..
DH:Oh,, ur English pronunciation might be hard (for everyone) to get..
EH:『LOVE THAT I NEED』Anyway, two songs are in the single album. Everyone, please love both of those songs much. I’d like you to anticipate SJ DongHae & EunHyuk’s new single much. Arigato gojaima~~su


Source: avexnetwork
Translation: MineMygf & Just 8604 via

Malu 2013/05/15 01:00:25

Super Junior‘s Yesung quietly enlisted in the army on the 6th, and fans were able to see him for the first time since his enlistment with a new, short hairstyle.

Although it’s only been a week since Yesung enlisted in the army, fans who missed him were definitely happy to see the photo update, which was posted to a military training department’s online cafe. Yesung followed the normal procedure for every soldier who enlists by shaving his head and putting on a standard uniform.

ELF commented, “It’s nice to see Yesung again after his enlistment,” “He looks good with short hair,” and “I don’t need to worry anymore after seeing him smile.”

What do you think? Does he look much different from the Yesung you’re used to?

Malu 2013/05/15 00:54:38

According to a May 13 report by MBC, actress Ha Ji Won has accepted the role of Empress Ki, a real historical person, in Hwatu, which is going to air in the second half of this year. Hwatu will be the sequel to The Goddess Of Fire, Jung-Yi, which will take over the time slot of The Gu Family Book when it ends. Hwatu is a historical drama that describes loves and conflicts in the life of the real Empress Ki.


In the drama, Ha Ji Won play the attractive, wise empress of Goryeo, who has a powerful influence over the Yuan Dynasty of Genghis Khan. Empress Ki fulfilled political ideals and predestined love with pride in Goryeo as part of an unfamiliar foreign imperial family. The story of Empress Ki is not popularly known and will fascinate viewers with its tale of beautiful yet sorrowful predestined love.


It has been a year since Ha Ji Won appeared in The King, Two Hearts, which ended in May 2012. Viewers will be looking forward to seeing how Ha Ji Won will do. SHe has shown acting skill in a variety of genres playing very different characters in MBC’s Damo, SBS’s Secret Garden and Something Happened in Bali.


Hwatu is written by Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon, who has been credited for outstanding historical research and powerful writing skills for KBS 1TV’s Dae Jo Young and SBS’s Giant and Salaryman. Producer/director Han Hee, who directed MBC’s Dr. JIN and Over the Rainbow, will direct the series.

NicoleHan 2013/05/14 09:21:44

 Actor Jo Jung Suk, who is an honorary ambassador for the Taiwanese Travel and Tourism Administration, held a fan meeting at the Taipei International Convention Center on May 11. Fans were taken by the way he treated them to hugs, tried the local food, and even said “Hello” and “Good night” to them in halting Chinese.

Taiwanese actress Chun E Han, who is also an honorary ambassador along with Jo, attended the event, too. Jo and Chun appear together in “Futong Futon 24 Hours In Taiwan,” a promotional video for the Taiwanese Travel and Tourism Administration.

NicoleHan 2013/05/14 09:20:55

In the episode of SBS’s Barefoot Friends broadcast on May 12, the cast visited Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Their mission was to act as gendong, or Indonesian porters, in order to earn their daily wage.

Kim Hyun Joong earned the largest amount of money and other members of the cast drew laughter by trying to curry favor with him.

Yoon Si Yoon was criticized by other cast members when he said, “Actually, at first I wasn’t interested in joining the cast of Barefoot Friends but changed my mind when I heard Kim Hyun Joong was going to be on the show.” Uee used flattery on Kim, saying, “My ideal type has been changed since the show began: Kim is my ideal man now.”

NicoleHan 2013/05/14 09:20:03

JYJ has kicked off their activities as the honorary ambassadors of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games!

On May 12, they started recording the official theme song for the Incheon Games. As previously reported, they will also be doing the ‘Incheon Dance’ and record the MV for the “Incheon Song“.

The boys were selected since they’re so well known not only in Asia but also all over Europe, North America, and South America. Since they’re now the honorary ambassadors, JYJ will surely be one of the best ambassadors for the Asian Games.

In June, they’ll wrap up filming the MV for the “Incheon Song”, release the song in the Summer, and then head over to Vietnam and China to have a showcase for the Games in October and November.

Tip: Ecah

Malu 2013/05/14 07:36:07

Jonghyun celebrated his upcoming birthday with 7,000 fans in Hong Kong!

CNBLUE held the Hong Kong leg of their ‘Blue Moon World Tour‘ on May 10 and 11 at the AsiaWorld-Arena. During the concert that took place on the 11th, Yonghwa, Minhyuk, and Jungshin brought out a birthday cake for Jonghyun, an early birthday surprise as he will officially celebrate his birthday on May 15. Jonghyun was incredibly surprised and Minhyuk made to sure to emphasize, “This was my idea“, bringing laughter from the crowd.

All 7,000 fans at the concert sang ‘Happy Birthday’ for Jonghyun, and afterwards, Jonghyun took to his Twitter to share the good news with fans, writing, “Hello, it’s Jonghyun who plays the guitar. We finished our Hong Kong concert today successfully! ^^ I was so happy ^^ Everyone, thank you for congratulating me on my birthday!! And members, I love you. I was so happy today! Thanks!! Heart heart.”

Happy early birthday to Jonghyun and check out a fan cam of the birthday surprise below!

Malu 2013/05/14 06:40:58

IU and the rest of the ‘You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin‘ cast and staff shared their honest opinions on why their drama wasn’t meeting expectations in terms of ratings.

Of course, with ratings in the 20% range, the drama may seem like it’s doing very well on the surface. But following hits such as ‘Unexpected You‘ and ‘My Daughter Seoyoung‘, dramas that have achieved ratings in the high 40s, the drama isn’t exactly living up to expectations. It’s not due to the original concerns of IU’s acting, but because of issues with the storyline. Some have voiced their complaints that the story progresses too slow, while others are frustrated with IU’s character constant flip-flopping on important decisions.

On May 13, the drama held a brief press conference on one of its sets during a public shoot, where PD Yoon Sung Sik said, “I can’t say that it isn’t a burden (to be following such successful dramas). It’s true that I was very burdened because the previous works had such good results. KBS weekend dramas usually have low ratings on Saturday and good ratings on Sunday. It’s somewhat of a tradition. But I know our ratings aren’t as good as expected. We’re analyzing why that’s happening. We think it’s because most of the people watching our drama is younger than the norm. Also, we have one story arc of IU’s and Jo Jung Suk’s love line being anticipated and another arc with IU’s birth secret running simultaneously. This may not be very appealing to a more elderly audience (50′s – 60′s) which is our main demographic, so we’re doing further research. We’ve been building up the characters. It’s true that our beginning was slow, so it’s a little disappointing, but we’re going to speed it up. We have 30 episodes left. The end is what’s really important. We’ll be ending the drama beautifully.

IU also stated, “It’s probably because the shooting set is always in such a good mood, but our aura hasn’t dropped. Saturday dramas normally don’t perform as well as Sunday dramas. On Sunday morning, I feel a little… I do think a lot about ratings, but I’m satisfied about the ratings on Sunday. When I was active as a singer, only young people recognized me when I went out. But lately, the elderly see me and say, ‘It’s Soon Shin’. When I see that, I think that I did good participating in this drama.

Jo Jung Suk added, “We’re having fun filming. I think there’s still a long way to go. I’m satisfied with our ratings now, but I think the response we’re getting is because the ratings of the dramas before us were so high. I’m filming with the mindset that if I work hard, we’ll get good results, since we have a long way to go.

Are you actively watching the drama?

Malu 2013/05/14 06:39:07

After news came out that ‘A’ had dropped her charges against Park Si Hoo and his hoobae, it’s now been revealed that Park Si Hoo had tried to reach a compromise with his previous CEO ‘C’.

Park Si Hoo’s lawyers contacted C’s lawyer by phone, asking to reach a compromise and drop both lawsuits against each other. However, C’s side had other ideas as they stated, “It’s true that we had a phone call with Park Si Hoo’s lawyers. But we have no intent to end our lawsuit here. As Park Si Hoo made it appear as if CEO ‘C’ had been controlling ‘A’, we need an official apology first.

Park Si Hoo had sued ‘C’ with false accusations, and defamation of character, and ‘C’ had filed a countersuit against Park Si Hoo for similar charges.

Source: Sports Hankook via Nate

Malu 2013/05/14 06:37:37

 Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong will hold a showcase for Korean fans in June. On May 13, Kim’s agency said, “The 2013 KHJ ShowParty People, which combines a fan meeting and concert, will be held at the Hwa Jung Gymnasium of Korea University on June 8. We are producing the concert because we have been sorry that Kim Hyun Joong has had little opportunity to meet fans in Korea because of his activities overseas. Kim is busy these days preparing a new album which will be released in Japan in June. He also appears as a regular on the SBS Sunday entertainment program Barefoot Friends.”


Tickets for Kim Hyun Joong’s showcase can be reserved from 8:00 p.m. on May 16 through Interpark.

Malu 2013/05/14 01:25:03

As a break between grueling filming sessions for ‘Book of the House of Gu‘. Lee Seung Gi sponsored a pizza party for the drama cast and staff members.

Taking advantage of his current endorsement deal with pizza chain Pizza Hut, he had dozens of piping-hot pizzas delivered to the set as a means of feeding the time-strapped filming crew. Dressed in their stage costumes, the cast members seem to have jumped straight out of a time-travel novel, munching on pizza slices while wearing their traditional costumes for the drama.

“When filming gets extended, most of the time we have to skip meals,” a staff member said. “Thanks to the pizza, we were able to enjoy lunch for the first time in a while.”

Source: Newsen via Nate

Malu 2013/05/13 12:28:41

Popular Korean cosmetics brand The Face Shop’s annual event TOP GIRL is back again! In conjunction with it’s 10th year anniversary, The Face Shop is inviting all ladies to join their search for Top Girl and stand a chance to get papmered with attractive prizes, free trip to Korea and most excitingly – meeting The Face Shop ambassador Kim Hyun Joong and have a special photo-shoot with him!.

TOP GIRL 2013 will be selecting the finest girls from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and Philippines to be the new face of the brand in their respective countries. Application is now open at .

So, will you be the one?

Click here to view the embedded video.

(Greeting message from Kim Hyun Joong)

“Hello! Greetings to all THEFACESHOP customers! This is Kim Hyun Joong, official ambassador for THEFACESHOP. 2013 T.O.P. GIRL event has just started. I am looking for your active participation and interest in this exciting event. I can’t wait to meet you all here in Korea! I will be waiting for you so see you in July! Thank you.”

Source :

Malu 2013/05/13 03:44:40

Many people know Kim Jong Kook for his amazing singing voice and his ‘Commander’ role on ‘Running Man‘. However, what’s been going on with his one-time Turbo partner, Mikey?

During a recent appearance on jTBC‘s ‘Hidden Singer‘, Kim Jong Kook reported on what his erstwhile bandmate has been up to these days. “Mikey is living in America,” he related. “He’s transformed from a rapper into an insurance man.”

“Apparently, he’s doing very well at selling,” he said. “He told me that he’ll become the insurance king soon.”

Malu 2013/05/13 03:41:53

Kangta broke his usual charisma to unearth his compassionate side on Mnet‘s ‘Voice Korea 2‘.

The competition became more intense on the May 10th episode when Kangta’s team, consisting of Kim Woo Hyun, Lee Jung Suk, and Jang Jun Su, faced off for the one ticket available to move onto the live broadcast competition.

Although all three of Kangta’s singers received good reviews from the judges with their impressive stages, Kangta was only able to choose one and hesitantly called out the name, “Lee Jung Suk.” He then went on stage to comfort the other contestants and suddenly broke down in tears.

Kim Jin Pyo responded in shock, “This is really my first time seeing coach Kangta unable to control his emotions like this.”

Kangta revealed the reason for his tears, sharing, “I shared eye contact with the two friends who lost and I just felt so sorry. Those two worked harder than anyone else. I grew attached to them, and I began to cry at the thought of having to leave them.”

Malu 2013/05/12 00:36:49

G-Dragon successfully wrapped up his two-day concert in Taiwan in front of 26,000 fans at the Taipei Arena on the 10th.

He had fans jumping up and down for two hours as he sang a total of 20 songs, including “Heartbreaker“, “MichiGO“, “One of A Kind“, and more. Fellow Big Bang member Taeyang also showed his support as a guest performer and sang “Bad Boy” with G-Dragon as well as his own solo hits.

The Big Bang leader recently kicked off his solo world tour, ‘G-DRAGON 2013 WORLD TOUR : ONE OF A KIND‘, at Seoul in March, and he’s visiting 13 cities across 8 countries for a total of 26 concerts in front of 550,000 fans. He’ll move onto Hong Kong to perform at the AsiaWorld-Expo on the 17th and 18th.

G-Dragon has also received a platinum commemorative plaque in honor of his album ‘One of A Kind‘ hitting platinum in Taiwan with over 10,000 albums sold.

Congrats to G-Dragon!

Malu 2013/05/12 00:33:04

It’s been reported that Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun will replace labelmate SHINee‘s Minho as the new MC of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Mamma Mia‘.

According to a few broadcast representatives, Kyuhyun is said to have already completed his first recording for the show on the 9th. Minho, who was one of the original MCs, will be stepping down from his position with his final appearance on the May 12th broadcast.

‘Mamma Mia’ gathers celebrities and their mothers who share behind-the-scenes stories on their childhood, and is led by three MCs. With Minho’s leave, Kyuhyun will make up the trio with Park Mi Sun and Lee Young Ja as the replacement MC.

Jo Hyun Ah PD explained that Minho’s departure is due to his conflicting schedule, revealing, “Since the beginning, Minho was only supposed to film for one month due to SHINee’s Japan tour. Minho’s portion will be aired until this week’s episode”

The PD also revealed why Kyuhyun was selected sharing, “Because of his hosting on MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, we believed he is a more experienced MC compared to other idols. Upon seeing his good teamwork with MCs Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Guk Jin, Yoo Se Yoon, and more, we feel that he will work well with Lee Young Ja and Park Mi Sun as well.”


Malu 2013/05/11 12:39:54

With the summer season approaching, Nell is receiving a flood of love calls from domestic rock festivals, becoming the #1 most requested band!

In response to this, Woollim Entertainment said, “Every rock festival in Korea requested their appearance. They’re trying to attend as many rock festivals as possible to meet with their fans. But realistically, it’s not possible to attend everything, so they feel disappointed about it.

So far, Nell has confirmed their attendance for the Rainbow Festival and the Insan Valley Rock Festival in June and July, and they’ll be performing their hits like “Time to Walk Memories” and “White Night“.

In addition to practicing for the upcoming events, they’re also busy with preparing for their comeback this month with the second part of their 3 part ‘Gravity’ album series.


Malu 2013/05/11 08:57:49

MBLAQ‘s Mir befriended a terminally ill cancer patient.

Channel A‘s documentary ‘Like A Miracle‘ filmed the story of Kim Dong Hee, a 20 year old who has suffered from cancer since he was in the 10th grade. He was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma and spent three years of high school in and out of the hospital. However, he never gave up on his life and even took the college entrance exam to successfully become a college student. In a tragic turn of events, even when the tumor was removed from his spine, the cancer cells had already spread to his lungs, and he even stopped his chemotherapy treatments.

When Mir heard of Kim Dong Hee’s story, he pushed aside all of his other schedules and requested that wanted to appear on the show. He revealed that when he was young, he had problems with his lungs and he had to be hospitalized for a long time, so he could somewhat relate.

Before they met, Mir prepared a handmade lunch for Kim Dong Hee, making sure to include the meat that Kim Dong Hee loved. They talked for a long time and Mir told Kim Dong Hee to call him hyung. Mir then went on to help Kim Dong Hee as much as he could to fulfill the list of things Kim Dong Hee wanted to do, and even prepared a surprise birthday party.

Looks like Mir really has a heart of gold! The documentary will air on May 12.

Tip: asha

Malu 2013/05/11 04:56:36

Kim Hyun Joong‘s fans from all over Asia gifted the staff members from his variety reality show, ‘Barefoot Friends‘!

The official Twitter account of SBS‘ posted the above photo and wrote, “Kim Hyun Joong’s fanclubs from 6 different countries gifted a surprise present to the staff o #BarefootFriends~ >_< The fans’ love was sent to the staff who were filming in Indonesia. Thanks to you, we felt strong~^^*

Fanclubs from Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, China, and Thailand had gifted the staff members with sunblock and moisturizer while they were filming in the scorching heat of Indonesia. The PD said, “Thank you for thinking about the staff. We’re going to work hard to give back to the fans who came so far to visit us to give us strength during the hot weather.

The episodes that were filmed in Indonesia will begin airing this Sunday on May 12.

Malu 2013/05/11 04:33:38


Super Junior Siwon had tweeted previously through his Twitter that he will be visiting Singapore prior to his other overseas trip. He arrived in the country on 8 May 2013, and made his appearance on the 9th as one of the distinguished Chanel Cruise Show held at Loewen Cluster, Dempsey Hills, Singapore.

The show marks the first ever foray of the Parisian brand to show in Singapore as their ongoing statement to showcase their collections in Asia.

He was also spotted with Hollywood A-list Dakota Fanning (above) and fellow Korean actress Jung Ryeo-won  with Chanel creative director himself, Karl Lagerfeld.

Photo Credits Sup3rjunior

Malu 2013/05/11 01:22:25

Younha chose her ideal type on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘!

During the latest episode, she confessed, “I’m always especially nervous on ‘Sketchbook’ performances. I try so hard to be good that I end up being awkward. It’s like meeting the parents of your fiance.

Yoo Hee Yeol joked, “Does that mean I’m the father-in-law?” and Younha replied, “Looking at your body, you’re more the sister-in-law,” bursting into laughter. He added, “As an oppa, I feel bad for you because I feel like you’re only focusing on music at such a young age. Who is your ideal type?

Younha answered, “I don’t care about looks.” However, contrary to what she said, she chose Song Joong Ki as her ideal type! It’s true that Song Joong Ki’s known for being a gentleman, but perhaps she considers looks after all?

Tip: sofia

Malu 2013/05/11 01:19:18

BoA showed her support for the veteran ‘K-pop star’ Lee Hyori.

BoA took to her Twitter and wrote to Hyori, “Unni, I will anticipate your new album~~!! Please take care of your health~~ Fighting^^ Miss Korea~~!!” Lee Hyori replied back, “Thanks~~”, and fans were happy to see their friendship is still going strong.

Lee Hyori made her debut back in 1998 while BoA made her debut soon after in 2000 and the two stars have been known to be good friends over the many years they’ve been together in the K-pop scene.

Now that Lee Hyori has her trusty divas Uhm Jung Hwa and BoA by her side, there is no stopping her as she gets ready to unleash her 5th album on the 21st!

Malu 2013/05/11 01:12:23

G-Dragon censored himself because he ‘wasn’t wearing any pants’!

The Big Bang leader posted a photo of himself sitting on a chair, possibly wearing shorts (or perhaps nothing at all). In any case, he left that part up to the fans’ imagination as he tweeted the above photo and wrote, “This is sexual it’s like I’m not wearing any pants. I’m going to censor myself“.

He placed a big red line in the center of the photo to ‘censor’ himself while looking a bit uncomfortable.

Fans commented, “So Shy“, “Post the photo again without the red line“, and “You’re the Best“.

Malu 2013/05/11 01:10:57

U-KISS successfully visited and greeted their Indonesian Kiss Me’s after obstacles for the event to happen.

Last month, they played, sung, hugged, and even piggy backed their lucky fans during the showcase.

But other than that, the six members who were present had disclosed what they found to be their new favorite dish in Indonesia: “Our favorite foods are nasi goreng and mie goreng!” (Fried rice and Fried noodles)

The showcase, despite the abrupt cancellation for Hi-5 session was ultimately engaging and warm; most U-KISS members could speak English fluently and thus, made communication with fans very easy just like friends.

Malu 2013/05/11 01:09:28

 The group Shinee (Onew, Jong Hyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin) compete against female high school students in KBS 2TV’s Let’s Go! Dream Team 2. The episode, which is to air on May 12, will be not like the usual ones, which typically feature such events as obstacle races, but will be a Shinee special.

The episode was shot at Dongsan Information Industry High School on May 1. All the members of the group took part except for Jong Hyun, who was not able to appear, because of a car accident he was injured in last month. Comedian Noh Woo Jin filled in for Jong Hyun.

They had some good times with soccer players of the high school, playing games related to soccer. Minho, a member of Shinee, is the son of Choi Yoon Gyum, who was a former couch of the Daejeon Citizens of the K League, and it seems that this gives Minho a more competitive spirit.

A preview of the Shinee special was shown during the Children’s Day episode that aride last week.

Kwon Yong Taek, the director of Let’s Go! Dream Team 2, shared his thoughts on the atmosphere of the shooting of the episode: “Minho showed his passion, and he is known for being good at sports. Whenever he takes on a challenge, he takes a deep breath with his hand on the chest, showing off his ability, which is as good as that of pro athletes.”

Malu 2013/05/11 00:32:31

U-KISSEli has always been good about updating his fans on Twitter, replying to as many as he can as frequently as possible.

Of course, because of the sheer number of mentions he gets, it’s impossible for him to reply to everyone, and that apparently results in some sad fans. For these particular fans, Eli had a piece of great advice: to stop being so negative! He wrote,

Well, KISSMEs, now you know what not to do when you want a reply back from Eli! Make sure to stay positive, and since Eli is usually very good at replying to fans, you may just get a reply yourself.

Malu 2013/05/11 00:29:37

 According to a May 9 announcement by a staffer of the KBS Entertainment Department, Shinhwa are to appear in the episode of Happy Together 3 that will be shot on May 11. It has been nine years since all the Shinhwa members appeared o Happy Together, Season 1 in 2004.


In this episode, announcer Choi Hee and singer Heo Yeong Saeng, who were charter members of Shinhwa’s fan club, Shinhwa Chang Jo, will appear, too. Choi and Heo are to disclose all kinds of rumors, such as hints of scandals, that circulated among the fans.


A staffer for the program says: “Shinhwa revealed a lot about their past themselves on the episode of MBC’s Golden Fishery – Radio Star that air on May 8. In Happy Together 3 episode, the group’s past as remembered by fans will be disclosed. Viewers are looking forward to seeing how Shinhwa members will react when their fans talk about the group’s past. Staffers are also curious about how Shinhwa regarded Choi Hee and Heo Yeong Saeng, who represent the fans. Viewers can expect to see a completely different side of Shinhwa from what they showed on Radio Star.”


The episode of Happy Together 3 in which Shinhwa appears will air on the afternoon of May 16.

Malu 2013/05/11 00:25:09

On May 9, Hyun Bin attended the 49th Paeksang Art Awards, held at Peace Hall of Kyung Hee University. Joo Won, Kim A Joong, and Oh Sang Jin emceed. The actor attended as a presenter and said: “It’s been a long time since I stood at this stage. I’m a bit nervous. I was in the military when I received the grand prize in 2011, so I couldn’t attend the ceremony at that time. I wanted to say thank you for giving me the award. I’ll do my best to bring you some quality acting in my next project.”

The Paeksang Art Awards are Korea’s only annual performing-arts awards for production crew members and actors, in TV series or movies. The purpose of the award is to stimulate the development of popular culture as well as to boost to the morale of artists.

Malu 2013/05/11 00:22:35

 On May 9, Jang Keun Suk tweeted a picture of his mother, saying, “It’s Parents Day. I had dinner at a restaurant with my parents. My dad got drunk.”

His mother, smiling brighly, is holding a bouquet of flowers in the picture. Anyone can easily tell she is Jang’s mother, because there is a strong resemblance between them.

Netizens who saw the picture commented: “Jang’s mother is very beautiful.” “He is handsome because he takes after his mother.” “She must be very happy with his son.” “He looks like a good son.”

On May 1, Jang was a guest on Verbal Jint’s Pops Pops on KBS Radio Cool FM and talked about his recent activities and his next move.

Malu 2013/05/11 00:17:43

No one said the road to stardom would be easy.

IU, whose character is preparing for her debut, became a victim of bullying as seen in new still cuts from ’You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin‘.

IU unknowingly walks into the path of her enemies’ wrath as her female classmates enter the restaurant where she works and begin egging her. Young Hoon (Lee Ji Hoon) and Jae Bum (Choi Kang Won) come to IU’s rescue as they pull the other girls away from the fight.

A representative commented, “During the filming that lasted until the early morning, the passion of the cast who keep their fighting spirit while acting and the staff’s effort were amazing. Please look forward to Soon Shin’s growing pains, which begin on this week’s ‘You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin’.”

Watch to see if IU can successfully make her debut on ‘You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin’ every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 PM KST!

Malu 2013/05/11 00:14:49

Beautiful Korean actress Jung Ryeo Won dropped tweet hints alongside with Super Junior Choi Siwon for their trip to Singapore this mid-week.
Chosen to be the distinguished guests from Korea for Chanel Cruise Collection Show held in Singapore, they had attended the event on 9 May 2013.

At the show, they both had a chance to meet and take a photo together with the reverent designer from Paris himself, Karl Lagerfeld, and the photo was shared from Jung Ryeo Won’s Twitter.

Netizens commented how “it’s a great shot of all you three!” and “A great chance to meet Karl Lagerfeld in the Chanel Show!”

The Chanel show ended with an elegant touch and mingling A-lister Hollywood and other Asian stars that came to watch the show.


Photo Credits  Jung Ryeo Won’s Twitter

Malu 2013/05/11 00:13:18

After the release of CLDara, and Park Bom‘s teasers for a mysterious project called ‘2NE1 Loves‘, as predicted, Minzy is now here with her own!

Continuing on with the naming scheme, this new clip is titled ‘2NE1 Loves Vol.2 – Minzy Loves‘ with a link to the website

As mentioned previously, although fans are hoping that this is related to their comeback, it seems most likely that it’s actually for an endorsement project of some kind as YG Entertainment commented on their me2day, “Please continue to keep an eye on homepage!! What kind of collaboration could it be?”

Take a look at Minzy’s clip below!

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Malu 2013/05/10 10:26:12

Fans of k-drama That Winter, The Wind Blows will soon get the opportunity to catch the dashing leading actor, Zo In Sung (Spring Day, Memories in Bali) upclose and personal! The star of the beautifully shot and popular Korean romantic drama series will be on going on a promotional tour to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore – organized by ONE/ONE HD channel.

Leading man Zo In Sung stars opposite Song Hye Kyo (Full House, The World That They Live In), both making their comebacks to TV with this series. That Winter, The Wind Blows is Zo’s first TV drama in eight years since Spring Day in 2005, and first acting project since completing mandatory military service in 2011.

In That Winter, The Wind Blows, Zo plays Oh Soo, an orphan who gives up on life after losing his first love, gets obsessed with gambling and becomes a con-artist. His next target is Oh Young, played by Song, the sole heiress to a large corporation after tragically losing her parents and her eyesight. He tries to get near Oh Young by pretending to be her long-lost brother and henceforth, these two individuals – isolated in their own ways from the world, begin to understand the meaning of life together.

Zo In Sung’s visit is the fifth promotional tour organized by ONE / ONE HD, following actor Jang Hyuk in January 2011 to promote Midas; Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun-A in December 2011 for Scent of A Woman; K-pop boy group BTOB in June 2012 to perform in Jakarta; and budding actor Lee Hyun Woo in promotion of To the Beautiful You last October.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Stay tuned for’s coverage on the charming Zo In Sung’s visit to Singapore! For more information, visit ONETVASIA‘s facebook page!

Malu 2013/05/10 06:14:32

CNBLUE‘s Jungshin has been cast in the upcoming KBS 2TV historical drama ‘Knife and Flower‘.

The new drama will be a suspenseful historical drama involving martial arts, love, jealousy, and revenge between a daughter of a murdered king and the illegitimate child of his murderer.

Jungshin will play the role of Goguryeo Kingdom’s finest swordsman, Si Woo. Although Si Woo normally blazes with charisma, he turns into a romantic guy around the king’s daughter Mooyoung (Kim Ok Bin). He watches over Mooyoung and gets himself entangled in a love triangle with Yun Choong (Uhm Tae Woong), who Mooyoung has her eyes on.

‘Knife and Flower’ will premiere following ‘Mandate of Heaven‘ this July.

Malu 2013/05/10 06:10:41

 Kim Soo Hyun’s agency, Key East Entertainment, announced on May 7 that Kim will hold a large-scale fan meeting in Shibuya, Tokyo, on June 30 to celebrate the inauguration of an official fan club. He has visited Japan before to promote his drama series, but this is the first time for him to meet his fans officially. He will reveal some video content during the event, including highlights from the series he appears in and scenes from his movies.

An agency official says, “Kim is regarded as one of the hottest Korean stars in Japan. His drama series The Moon that Embraces the Sun is currently being broadcast on NHK, gaining viewer recognition in Japan, and his movie Thieves is going to be released in June. We expect public interest in the actor will be even greater.“

Kim will expedite his overseas activities starting with this official fan meeting in Japan. Greatly Secretly , a movie in which he appears in a lead role, will be released on June 5.

NicoleHan 2013/05/09 13:09:49

 In the May 7 episode of the MBC drama series The Gu Family Book (written by Kang Eun Kyung, directed by Shin Woo Chul), Dam Yeoul (played by Suzy) reveals her name to Gang Chi (played by Lee Seung Gi).


In an earlier episode, Yeoul was attacked by Gang Chi, who transformed to a gumiho. Because of this, Yeoul has developed a high fever and has begun losing consciousness. To make matters worse, she can’t move at all, because she is being kept in a room in which a silver box is hidden, with Gang Chi.


Worrying about her, Gang Chi says, “Hey, Miss Dam.” Yeoul answers, “My name is Yeoul, you silly boy,” and blanks out. In this conversation, Gang Chi recalls a meeting with her in their childhood. In a previous episode, Yeoul was disappointed that Gang Chi couldn’t remember her. It is anticipated that a romantic relationship between the two will develop because Gang Chi says, “Would it be meaningful if I recall a memory with you?”.


The Gu Family Book is an action historical drama that tells the story of love between shapeshifter Choi Gang Chi, the son of the guardian god of Mt. Jiri, and Dam Yeoul, who is an instructor of martial arts.

NicoleHan 2013/05/09 13:09:20

JYJ‘s Junsu has lent his heavenly voice for KBS 2TV‘s ‘Mandate of Heaven‘!

His fellow agency member Song Ji Hyo is the female lead in the drama, and a snippet of the song was previewed through the latest airing of the episode.

There’s no information about his song yet, – not even the title, or when it will be fully released. But it will be the theme song of the love line between Lee Dong Wook and Song Ji Hyo’s characters.

A representative said, “Junsu’s voice is perfect for emphasizing the two main characters’ desperate love. We expect a great synergy effect between the drama and Junsu’s voice.

Check out a bit of the song played during the latest episode below!


Malu 2013/05/09 09:54:50

Taemin was chosen as the idol mostly likely to be good to his parents.

An online portal site ran a poll from April 30th to May 7th asking users, “Which idol will be the most filial to their parents?“. Out of the 379,633 total votes, Taemin placed first with 37.2% of the vote. Even though Taemin had debuted at a very young age, he previously revealed that he gifted his parents with a house in Cheongdamdong as well as an expensive car.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon wasn’t far too behind Taemin as she received 31.1% of the vote. Taeyeon also revealed last year that she’d bought her parents a house that had 3 bathrooms. In third place was IU with 16.1% of the vote. The “Nation’s Little Sister” revealed that she had gifted her father with his dream car.

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon, JYJ‘s Yoochun, and Kim Hyun Joong followed respectively in the rankings.

Do you agree with the results?

Malu 2013/05/09 06:14:04

What’s Psy‘s secret to having two huge hits and 4 Guinness World Records?

Well, he says it’s because he’s “a bit handsome”. On the show ‘Live with Kelly & Michael‘, the singer was asked, “What do you think you’ve tapped into globally with people, that your songs and dances are so catchy? That everyone does them instantly, and everybody rushes to the computer to see the new Psy number?“. He answered jokingly, “So, my previous song ‘Gangnam Style’ has 1.6 billion views right now… [On 'Gentleman'], it was 38 million a day. Isn’t it crazy? Two songs in a row on YouTube. I can say at this point, I think I’m a bit handsome, maybe?“.

MC Kelly Ripa agreed vigorously as the audience clapped and laughed. Psy then taught the pair the “Gentleman” dance. When Kelly Ripa announced, “We want to be in your next video“, Psy suggested that the trio do a dance cover of the song instead.

Check out the clip below!

Malu 2013/05/09 02:22:22

 Tiffany, a member of Girls’ Generation, visited LA Dodgers Stadium on May 7 to support Ryu Hyun Jin, a Korean Major League Baseball pitcher who was scouted by LA Dodgers this year. She threw the first ball before the game began.

Ryu didn’t pitch at this game but went to the mound to catch Tiffany’s trial pitch. She tried her best, but the ball she threw flew the wrong way.

LA Dodgers asked Girls’ Generation to throw the first ball before the game began. Tiffany responded because she was available. She shook hands with Ryu and shot several photos too.

The LA Dodgers tweeted several photos that day, including ones of the singer’s visit and a photo taken with player Matt Kemp.

Malu 2013/05/09 02:00:41

miss A‘s Suzy is spending her days busily, switching back and forth between being the ‘nation’s first love’ and her character Dam Yeo Wool in ‘Book of the House of Gu‘.

As a treat for fans, JYP Entertainment revealed BTS cuts of this singer-turned-actress going back to her characteristic ‘first love’ image with her long hairstyle and innocently cute charms.

Since we’ve seen quite a few still cuts of Suzy in character as the rough-on-the-edges martial arts instructor in the drama, fans were glad for the bit of a break, seeing the idol’s familiar image again.


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Malu 2013/05/09 01:58:18

With longevity you build a large fan base and Shinhwa‘s fans came out in full force.

Their 11th album ‘The Classic‘ went on pre-sale at 10AM KST on May 8, but due to an overwhelming surge of traffic, the server for Synnara Records crashed immediately as soon as the clock hit 10:00 AM.

Synnara Records, the pre-order site, revealed, “Most popular idols crash the server for 1-2 hours, but the server will come back up soon after that. However, Shinhwa’s pre-order site is still down. It’s the first time this has happened in our history.

Shinhwa Company was awed themselves as they announced, “We sold out the concert last year, and sold out every copy of the album last year. We were wondering if they’d perform well this year as well, but we never thought they could crash the server. We’re very awed.

Shinhwa’s 11th album ‘The Classic’ will be released on May 16.

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Malu 2013/05/09 01:50:34

The members of CNBLUE were appointed as ambassadors for the international relief organization, Food for the Hungry, to help bring awareness to child poverty.

CNBLUE were all smiles as they showed up to bring some light onto the bleak situation of underprivileged families. The group has been active as ambassadors who bring awareness on the plight of children around the world on issues such as receiving proper education, poverty, and forced child labor.

Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Jungshin, and Minhyuk also played with the ‘Pororo‘ mascot that was present at the ceremony for the children.

Image(s): Star News

Malu 2013/05/09 01:42:36

It appears that Nell will also join the May comeback rush!

Their agency Woollim Entertainment revealed, “Nell’s upcoming songs are filled with the members’ efforts to get closer with the public. You will be able to come across different songs from the ones you’re used to from the old Nell.”

Nell is gearing up for a return with part 2 album of their three-part album series entitled, ‘Gravity‘. The group will also perform at the upcoming Rainbow Festival and Ansan Valley Rock Festival this summer.

With more quality music heading our way from the likes of Nell, May just seems to be getting better with each day!


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Malu 2013/05/08 13:32:41

Here’s proof that Super Junior‘s Siwon doesn’t need any makeup to look like a prince.

On the May 7th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education‘, Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soo Geun, and TVXQ‘s Changmin asked their athletic friends to come join them over the phone. Changmin called in his labelmate Siwon asking if he wanted to grab a drink. Siwon, believing that he was simply meeting up with Changmin for a casual get together, arrived without any makeup on and seemed bewildered by the cameras upon entering.

Changmin as well as the other cast members complimented Siwon’s sculpted face sharing, “He is really handsome.” Siwon looked a little flustered as he said, “I was on my way to the gym when I received the phone call and came straight here. I have no makeup on and didn’t even shave. This if my first time doing broadcast like this.”

Are you digging Siwon’s ‘rugged’ look?

Malu 2013/05/08 09:55:26

Lee Seung Gi showed fans that you’ve got to really dig in to enjoy chicken to the fullest.

Book of the House of Gu‘ released still cuts of the actor devouring a chicken meal during one of the filming sessions. Since the singer-turned-actor had lost weight and had been strictly maintaining his diet to accurately portray his character on set, he seems to have been glad to take this opportunity to feast.

As soon as filming started, he gripped the chicken pieces in his hands and started to eat away, which made the filming staff hungry according to those on set.

PD Park Tae Young said, “Lee Seung Gi is doing his best no matter which scene. Because of the delicious way he ate his food, the entire set had fun. He’s a source of energy that gives laughter everywhere.

Are you enjoying this drama?

Malu 2013/05/08 06:43:38

As Shinhwa‘s comeback date rolls closer and closer, Shinhwa Company has released new information about the 11th album ‘The Classic‘ through their Facebook!

The title song will be “This Love“, and the MV will be directed by Cho Soo Hyun, the same director for “Gangnam Style“. However, it’s not Shinhwa’s first time working with the director as he previously directed the MV for “Once in a Lifetime” back in 2006.

Shinhwa Company said, “We’ll be revealing Shinhwa’s unimaginable choreography through the screen. They’ll be showing a new side that no one could have imagined, and it’ll be ‘the best choreography in history’. The Shinhwa members all practiced waiting for their turn while they were filming for the MV.

They also released the tracklist:

  1. Okay
  2. A Man I Know
  3. This Love
  4. Scarface
  5. New Me
  6. I Was Laughing…
  7. Mannequin
  8. Hurricane
  9. I Gave You
  10. Love Song

Their album will be released soon on the 16th. Are you ready for the return of the legends?

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Malu 2013/05/08 06:38:53

People are enthusiastic about something Hyun Bin recently said about his thoughts on his career. He joined the army when he was at the peak of his popularity and had his first interview after being discharged on the episode of KBS2′s Entertainment Relay that aired on May 4,after a fan meeting in Shanghai, China.


About the timing of his joining the army, Hyun Bin says, “I planned to join the army then. The drama series Secret Garden was working out well for me, and though I hadn’t intended to reveal it, during the filming of the series, it became known that I had had a physical and an oral exam.”


Asked about whether he was worried about losing popularity because of the break, Hyun Bin says, “I have been concerned about my acting and about fear that I might disappoint people who trust me as an actor. I haven’t thought much about popularity.” This thoughful revelation has had an effect on viewers.


On the interview, Hyun Bin’s appearance drew attention. He looked as good as ever. After the interview aired, people reacted variously: “Hyun Bin is not only handsome but also thoughtful.” “He is a perfect guy.” “Hyun Bin is the best.” “He has become more manly since the army.”

Malu 2013/05/08 06:37:02

It wasn’t just Psy who was invited to the annual costume ball in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. A handsome gentleman, Super Junior‘s Siwon was also in attendance at the Met Gala, otherwise known as the ‘party of the year’ on May 6!

He first hinted that he’d be at the Met Gala when he wrote,

He then confirmed he’d be at the Met Gala, writing,

At the Gala, he posed next to a bed of roses and wrote,

New Yorkers, did you manage to catch him while he was in New York?

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Malu 2013/05/08 06:28:19

TVXQ debuted in back 2003, and they’ve come an incredibly long way.

The legendary group will be meeting their 10th anniversary this year in December, and now the boys men are more than just singers. Korean media outlet Newsen recently wrote an article chronicling how much the group has achieved over the years.

Yunho and Changmin have been active in both dramas and variety shows, and they’ve spread out from just Korea and Japan to all over the world.

Yunho has been sometimes criticized for his acting, but he showed much improvement in the recent drama, ‘Queen of Ambition‘. In the past, Changmin was never active in variety shows, but that’s changed recently and he has been a permanent panel member of ‘Moonlight Prince‘ and ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education‘.

They then went onto create a record for themselves with a 5-dome tour in Japan, attracting 850,000 fans. They’re also have the privilege of being the first foreign artist to perform at the 72,300 seat Nissan Stadium. Of course, after that they’ll be heading toward the rest of the globe with their world tour.

It can’t be said that their road had some bumps along the way. They experienced the biggest pain when they split into halves with JYJ and TVXQ. But still, all five (even those who aren’t active under the TVXQ name anymore) broke out the road of ‘idol-dom’ for countless hoobaes that would follow in their steps.

Malu 2013/05/08 06:20:15

A few short hours ago, the above picture was posted on Yesung’s official twitter with the message, “I will miss it all. Stages, songs… I look forward to the day we meet again, ELF. No worries, love you all!”

May 6th is the day Yesung (real name Kim Jong-woon) reports for his enlistment to the Jeonbook Jeonju 35th Reserves. He will receive 4 weeks of basic military training and will then serve as a public worker for 22 months.


Anyone who follows Super Junior will have witnessed many changes in Yesung over the years. Always blessed with an amazing voice, he was never the strongest dancer of the group and was generally placed towards the back of the routines. Because of that, most fans will remember the charming story of how his mother cried when Yesung was featured on camera for 3 whole seconds during an onstage performance at the beginning of his career. The emotional moment is still a precious memory for Yesung to this day.


We have seen Yesung grow from a slightly awkward trainee to a confident, gorgeous and talented artist whose unique voice wows people around the globe. Without a doubt, he will be greatly missed from the entertainment scene over the next 2 years.


Always open and friendly with fans, Yesung is one of the most active idols on social networks. Always posting current updates and pictures of him, his family and friends, he even recently answered a fan letter on twitter. Because of his engaging personality, most fans truly feel that they know the “real” Yesung and not just the distant image of a Kpop idol. With the news of his enlistment, his dedicated fans have been posting messages telling the star they will faithfully wait for him and encouraging him as he faces these new changes in life. Many fans have shared how he has changed their lives through his music and how they will always love and support him.


The 28 year old is not the first member of Super Junior to enlist. Kangin completed his service in 2012 and both Heechul and Leeteuk are currently in the service. Since most of the other Super Junior members still have to complete their service, fans wonder who will be next to enlist and what changes are in store for the future of the band.


Yesung expressed a desire to spend his last few days before enlistment with his family and then to enlist quietly and without fanfare. This is a change from some of the very public enlistments of Kpop idols in the past.


We wish Yesung the very best of luck and assure him that fans will wait faithfully for his return.


Until then, I leave you with this gorgeous video featuring some words of praise for Yesung from fellow band member Eunhyuk.


Click here to view the embedded video.


Please join us in wishing Yesung a fond farewell. Fighting!

NicoleHan 2013/05/06 09:19:52

Shinhwa teased their fans with a photo of their silhouettes as they prepare to return with a new album.

A photo of the members filming the music video for their latest album ‘The Classic‘ has been uploaded onto their official Facebook with the caption by the administrator, “This is the site of  the MV shooting for Shinhwa’s 11th album’s title song, continuing on late into the night. I have to show at least the silhouette of the dramatic choreography, no, the best choreography and outfit ever.

Even though there’s no information on the album yet except for its release date of May 16th, the announcement of their comeback has fans excited to see the longest-running idol group make their return.

Can you tell which member is which from their silhouettes?


[Thanks to those who sent this in!]

Malu 2013/05/03 11:09:52

On 2nd May, singer Kim Hyun Joong released jacket photos of his upcoming 3rd Japanese single ‘Tonight’. A total of 5 versions of album covers were revealed.

The photos displayed an array of concepts used for Kim Hyun Joong’s new album. With the use of graffiti and pop art, new jacket photos also display an unique theme in which fans can look forward to.

Record label Universal Music Japan also revealed that Kim Hyun Joong’s new Japanese single ‘Tonight’ will come in 5 different versions – A, B, C, D, E. This time round, 3 songs ‘Tonight’, ‘Cappuccino’, etc. will be included in each album.

Last year, Kim Hyun Joong release Japanese albums ‘Heat’ and ‘Unlimited’, both of which has gained great success in Japan and topped Oricon chart. Kim Hyun Joong’s 3rd Japanese single will be released on 5th June. In the meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is participating in SBS’s new varity programme ‘Barefoot Friends’.

Check out jacket photos for ‘Tonight’!

4ec2d5628535e5dd5b115b8377c6a7efce1b62a9 9f2f070828381f30a6e472f5a8014c086f06f0e9 377adab44aed2e73cfd478708601a18b87d6faa9 b812c8fcc3cec3fdfc9c5829d788d43f869427cf cefc1e178a82b90172303c6f728da9773812efc9

Source :
Photo credit : Universal Music Japan

Malu 2013/05/03 11:05:10

Kim Hyun Joong has released 5 different covers for his new Japanese single “Tonight“!

As he previously revealed, Kim Hyun Joong went for 5 completely different image concepts for each of the covers. In one, he gave of a bad boy vibe as he was dressed as a hardcore biker. In another, he looked like a classic gentleman, dressing up in a neat suit. The other covers feature him as a playful guitarist and he also went for a more classical old school look in an old building.

His third Japanese single will include 3 songs including “Tonight” and “Cappucino“. The 5 different versions includes 3 different limited editions that will include a DVD with the music video to the 3 new songs. There will also be a supplement version that contains photocards, and a normal version that just comes with the CD.

The single will be released on June 5.

Check out the 5 covers below! Which is your favorite?

Malu 2013/05/03 07:46:09

Yesung has chosen to enlist as quietly as possible.

Unlike Leeteuk, Heechul, or Kangin held public events where most of Super Junior were present, the other members will not be present for Yesung’s enlistment. He plans on having a quiet goodbye before enlisting.

SM Entertainment said, “His military training area is far away, and he wants to enlist quietly. The Super Junior members will not be accompanying him this time.

Currently, Yesung is preparing for enlistment and spending time with his family and friends.

Yesung will be enlisting at the Jeonbook Jeonju 35th reserves on May 6. He’ll be receiving 4 weeks of basic training and then serve 22 months as a public service worker.

Malu 2013/05/03 07:36:40

Super Junior and f(x) decked out in rainbow colors for apparel brand ‘SPAO‘!

‘SPAO’ released the making film for the two respective groups 2013 S/S photoshoot. Both Super Junior and f(x) are all smiles for the entire set, dressing up in colorful shirts and belts. The groups also display their friendship with one other, goofing around and encasing each other in hugs.

Check out the video below!

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Malu 2013/05/03 06:05:26

Big Bang‘s Seungri seems to have a way with animals. He met Bambi in real-life and showed how he’s popular even among deer!

Seungri shared on his Instagram on the 1st, “Bambi’s Like me!” He also shared a hilarious proof shot of him holding food for the deer to eat, looking frightened as the deer approach him. The ‘Bambis’ seemed to like Seungri, but judging by how freaked out he looks, Seungri didn’t feel the same way.

Fans commented, “Seungri’s facial expression is priceless,” “But you’re scared of them,” and “You’re bigger than the deer, but you’re scared.”

Seungri is currently promoting in Japan as V.I.

Malu 2013/05/02 23:35:32

It’s been revealed that SS501‘s Kim Hyung Jun is planning on enlisting next year in 2014.

He was recently cast in the upcoming MBC drama ‘Gold, Appear!‘ (‘I Summon You, Gold!‘), and he revealed that he wanted to secure the image of himself as both an actor and a singer before he enlists.

For ‘Gold, Appear!’, he’s so passionate that his sunbae actors are coming earlier than they’re scheduled to go over their lines with him and monitor his acting. Not just that, he’s also been cast in ‘An Actor is an Actor‘, where he plans to further hone his acting skills.

As for being a singer, he’ll be heading to Japan for his live tour ‘Who Am I‘ in June and sing 23 songs live. His label said, “Since he’s planning on enlisting next year, he’s trying to secure his image as an actor and a singer. He’s working hard to make sure he doesn’t lose his image.

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Malu 2013/05/02 05:13:30

Book of the House of Gupreviously achieved its highest viewer ratings yet, and its now broken its former record.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the April 30th broadcast of ‘Book of the House of Gu’ achieved a 16.4% viewer rating, which beats its 16.3% viewer rating achieved last night.

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV‘s ‘God of the Workplace‘ gave ‘Book of the House of Gu’ a run for their money by achieving a solid 14.5% viewer rating, which is a 1.0% increase from its previous viewer rating of 13.5%.

SBS‘ ‘All About My Romance‘ fell behind with a 7.8% viewer rating which was a 0.4% decrease from its previous viewer rating of 8.2%. Luckily for loyal fans of this drama, SBS has denied the rumors of ‘All About My Romance’ cutting its run short due to poor viewer ratings.

DiaHaksaeng 2013/05/01 20:27:15

Jazzy Group will be bringing Lee Min-Ho to Malaysia, to hold his world live concert at Kenanga Wholesale City (KWC Level 15) on the 29th June 2013, at 7.00 p.m. Tickets will be available starting 26April 2013 (Friday) at 11a.m. VVIP zone tickets only can be purchased at Jazzy group office.

Lee Min-Ho was born in Heukseok-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, South Korea on June 22, 1987. In the 2nd year of his high school career, Lee Min-Ho turned his attention to acting. By the time Lee Min-Ho reached senior year in high school, he joined Starhaus Entertainment with the help of an acquaintance. After going through training, Min-Ho started auditioning for roles and landed smaller roles in several television dramas. His major breakthrough came with Min-ho landing the lead role in the KBS2 drama “Boys Over Flowers” as Ku Jun-pyo. The television series became immensely popular and regularly received ratings of over 30% in South Korea. Lee Min-Ho is currently majoring in Film & Art at Konkuk University.

In 2011 Lee Min-Ho starred in popular drama series “City Hunter.” The drama was based off a Japanese manga by Tsukasa Hojo.

With the release of Lee Min Ho’s special album, he will be embarking on a live world tour concert series to 10 countries including Korea, Beijing, Taipei, Bangkok, Osaka, Tokyo, Malaysia, Shanghai, Myanmar and Hong Kong. The tour will last until July and each concert will be in the hybrid format of a talk show. However, the purpose of this album is to give his thanks to supportive fans. Lee Min-Ho’s domestic and international fans have been asking for this album and Lee Min-Ho put two years of time and effort into this album in return. Moreover, a part of the profit made from this album’s sales will be donated to charitable organizations helping people in need. Up to now, Lee Min-Ho has prepared a song for every fan meet he’s hosted but never released the song officially or performed elsewhere.

Minoz - get ready to join him at Kenanga Wholesale City (KWC Level 15 as the venue sponsor) to enjoy his loveable and spectacular performances that will definitely melt your heart.

Stay tune always with Jazzy Group Facebook, Jazzy Group Twitter, official radio station One FM & Hot FM, and official TV station One HD & 8TV for their latest news update. For more information, please visit Jazzy Group website

Malu 2013/05/01 00:49:21

On April 30, TVXQ’s agency, SM entertainment reported that the duo will hold a concert for two days (August 17 and 18) at Nissan Stadium in Yokohama, Japan. This concert will be the final performance of TVXQ’s Live Tour 2013 Time and the first concert at which foreign singers perform at the stadium.


Nissan Stadium is a very large stadium that can accommodate up to approximately 75,000 people, and about 150,000 people are expected to attend during the two days of the concert. Singers who have performed at the stadium include such legendary Japanese singers as X Japan, L’Arc-en-Ciel, SMAP, and EXILE. A stadium concert is regarded as a next step up from an arena (or “dome”) concert, and only singers who rise to the top can give a concert at stadiums in Japan. TVXQ’s final performance at the stadium proves popularity in Japan.


It is expected that TVXQ will draw a total of about 850,000 spectators durintg the big-five dome tour and the final stadium concert. If so, TVXQ will have the record for drawing the highest number of attendees. The Japanese press, including Sankei Sports, have given major coverage of the news in such words as “splendid achievement” and “skyrocketing popularity.”


The concert tour began on the 27th for three days at the Saitama Super Arena (in stadium mode) amid 100,000 fans’ tremendous enthusiasm, and the concert will be hold at the Sapporo Dome on May 5; at Nagoya Dome from May 10 to May 12; at Fukuoka Yahoo Japan Dome on May 25 and 26; at Osaka Kyocera Dome on June 5, 6, 8, and 9; at Tokyo Dome from June 15 to 17; and finally the last concerts on August 17 and 18 at Nissan Stadium.


-Also, TVXQ are planning to release a new Japanese single, titled “Ocean,” on June 12.


Malu 2013/05/01 00:43:35

 Actor Hyun Bin has chosen The King’s Wrath (directed by Lee Jae Gyu, Choicecut Pictures) as his first movie after being discharged from the military.


Yeongnin (The King’s Wrath) is a historical drama dealing with the period of political chaos during the conflict between the Old Learning (Noron) and the Young Learning (Soron) in the Joseon Dynasty.


There have been many TV series and movies dealing with the life of King Jeongjo. However, Hyun Bin is going to differentiate his character from the earlier portrayals, giving it a tough and charismatic personality. The movie is highly anticipated because it is the first time for Hyun Bin to attempt acting in a period piece.


The meaning of title, Yeongnin, implies “rubbing the scales on the dragon’s neck the wrong way,” which stands for the king’s wrath. It implicitly shows Jeonjo’s determination not to allow his royal authority to be undermined in the conflict between the  and the Young Learning.


The director, Lee Jae Gye, who directed such TV series as Damo, Beethoven Virus, and The King Two hearts, is making his debut as a movie director.

Malu 2013/05/01 00:36:40

As blue chips in the endorsement world, JYJ can add another deal to their list as they’ve become the new faces for outdoor brand ‘Millet‘s ‘M-Limited‘.

‘M-Limited’ is an outdoor gear series targeted towards the 25 to 35-year-old demographic, and the handsome trio is expected to do a good job in engaging this age group.

Millet stated, “When we noticed the growing trend of the young generation taking part in an outdoor lifestyle, we decided to conduct exclusive branding with ‘M-Limited’. JYJ, who have been receiving a lot of love from the whole world with their unique music and style, have been chosen as the endorsement models.”

JYJ recently made a triumphant return to Japan through their long-awaited three-day concert at the Tokyo Dome, selling out all 150,000 seats.

Malu 2013/05/01 00:32:49

After their incredibly successful South American tour, it can be expected that the Super Junior boys would be welcomed as heroes back in Korea.

But being Super Junior, the boys took things to a literal level.

The members proudly stepped out of the gate to greet the fans and media that were patiently waiting for their return at the Incheon airport, and the boys decided to surprise their fans as they stepped out in Superhero costumes!

Henry had dressed up as Goku from ‘Dragon Ball Z‘, Kangin had turned into Thor, Eunhyuk changed to Wolverine from ‘X-Men‘, Shindong was the Incredible Hulk, Siwon was Captain America, Donghae was Iron Man, Kyuhyun was Loki from ‘Thor’, Ryewook (presumably) was Spiderman, and Sungmin was Huo Yuanjia from Jet Li‘s ‘Fearless‘.

Which outfit is your favorite?

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Malu 2013/04/30 09:08:08

It appears Heechul will be rejoining Super Junior soon!

A close friend of Heechul stated, “Heechul really wants to rejoin Super Junior as soon as he’s done with his service on August 31. He’s preparing to stand on stage on Super Junior’s world tour ‘Super Show 5′ when he’s discharged. He has about 4 months left of service. Heechul is using his free time on weekend and nights to practice choreography by himself.

He will be the second Super Junior member to successfully return from the army after Kangin. So far, Leeteuk is in the army, and Yesung will be soon be joining him when he enlists on May 6.

Tip: L

Malu 2013/04/30 02:24:28

Super Junior wrapped up the South American leg of their ‘Super Show 5‘ world tour in Peru!

They set records in every country, by being either the first Korean artist to have a solo concert or drawing the largest crowd. The group started off their South American journey in Brazil on the 21st and continued onward to Argentina, Chile, and Peru. In all, they performed in front of 40,000 South American fans.

SM Entertainment said, “Every airport Super Junior went to was filled with an incredible number of fans, so they had to use the VIP passageways for safety precautions. It wasn’t just limited to the airport. Fans were waiting for them everywhere they went, including their hotel and concert venue, they showed an immense amount of passion and support for them. At one point, the police even had to step forward.

Super Junior held the South American finale in Peru at Lima’s Jockey Club in front of 10,000 fans. About 3,000 extra fans stood outside the concert venue because they weren’t able to get tickets. Super Junior said, “It hasn’t hit us yet that we’re done with the South American tour. We had such a great time. We’re so thankful to our South American fans for showing us love from the opposite side of the globe.

In Celebration, Zhoumi posted a photo onto his Weibo, writing, “We’re done with our South American tour. Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, good work everyone!“. In the photo, all the members were sharing a drink with a big grin.

Super Junior will be having a break in May and then ‘Super Show 5′ will continue onto Jakarta and Hong Kong in June.

Malu 2013/04/30 01:23:34

Malu 2013/04/30 01:16:05

Actor Uhm Tae Woong has been cast to play the lead role in the upcoming KBS drama ‘Knife and Flower‘.

The new drama will be a suspenseful, martial-arts historical drama revolving around love, jealousy and revenge between a daughter of a murdered king and the illegitimate child of his murderer.

The drama will be directed by Kim Yong Soo, who also oversaw the production of last year’s acclaimed ‘Equator Man‘.

Playing the role of Yun Choong, the illegitimate child, Uhm Tae Woong defies his father’s orders to murder the daughter and travels between his love for his prey and his fealty towards his father.

‘Knife and Flower’, currently wrapping up its casting, is expected to begin broadcasting in July following the final episode of ‘Mandate of Heaven‘.

Source: TV Report via Nate


Malu 2013/04/29 10:31:35

YG Entertainment announced that singer Se7en, currently serving out his military duty, will be following in the footsteps of celebrities such as Boom, Rain, and Super Junior‘s Leeteuk to join the ‘celebrity soldier’ ranks.

“After completing basic training on the 26th, his status has been changed to a celebrity soldier,” his agency stated.

As a designated celebrity soldier, Se7en will be participating in non-combat areas such as military radio broadcasts and performance tours.

Source: Star News via Nate

Malu 2013/04/29 08:58:48

Kim Hyun Joong went through a cathartic moment after his experience abroad for SBS‘s ‘Barefoot Friends‘.

Wrapping up their visit to Vietnam, the cast of ‘Barefoot Friends’ gathered to reflect on what they had learned after completing their mission to live their lives as a normal Vietnamese person for 24 hours.

“As a celebrity, I always had a soft spot for living as a normal person,” Kim Hyun Joong said. “But after experiencing today, I felt that being a normal person is the hardest thing.”

“I’m very happy right now, where I get to do what I want to do,” he concluded.

Malu 2013/04/29 08:54:48

Actor Jang Geun Suk has become a student like many of us as he studies for the TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication).

Jang Geun Suk shared on his Twitter, “Tomorrow is the test and today is the first extracurricular assignment.. looking at this, it’s full of language twists and turns.. getting sleepy just looking at it… School dean, can you let me take a test besides the TOEIC which is harder, but tests my Korean language ability…”

Fans commented, “I also hate taking the TOEIC”, “It seems Jang Geun Suk also gets stressed from the test”, and “I wish there was a Korean language test besides the TOEIC.”

Good luck, Jang Geun Suk!

Source: TV Daily via Nate

Malu 2013/04/29 04:17:42

South American ELF are in for some tears as Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk says goodbye to Chile.

Eunhyuk said goodbye to ELF in Chile,

Super Junior recently set a record with their ‘Super Show 5‘ concert in Chile by drawing in the largest audience for a Korean group in South America with their latest concert.

Super Junior will be wrapping up their South America tour in Peru on the 27th.

Malu 2013/04/28 08:34:46

Epik High‘s DJ Tukutz revealed a photo of his adorable son!

Tukutz’s son Yoon Woo greeted the world back on December 14, and Tukutz shared a photo of his newborn’s feet through his Twitter. He took to Twitter again to introduce the world to his son, as he first wrote, “Yoon Woo’s 100 day just passed… Are you curious as to how he looks?“.

Tukutz had posted photos of his son’s feet often, but he’d never shown the public the face of his son. He finally posted, “Our Yoon Woo~ To be honest, even I think we look so alike keke“.

The photo showed his adorable son at his baby photoshoot, and he looked exactly like a baby version of Tukutz. DJ Tukutz must be so happy to be the father of such a cute son!

Malu 2013/04/27 10:21:13

Actor Hyun Bin visited Shanghai and was warmly received by local fans. Hyun Bin visited China for the first time since his discharge from the military and appeared at a launching event held on April 23 in Shanghai.


Hyun Bin captured the hearts of women at the event with his fashionable, chic appearance in all black, including coat, tnrousers, and shoes, and a shirt with an unusual black-and-white pattern.


Prior to the event, Hyun Bin expressed his consolations to the victims of earthquakes that occurred in Sichuan on April 20. He said, “I’ve heard that there are many victims of the earthquakes. I would like to offer my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and hope that the surviving victims recover soon.”


At the event, Hyun Bin gave out gifts to the fans and also gave hugs, which excited the fans in China.


Hyun Bin is currently holding a series of fan meetings after his discharge from the Marine Corps. They will continue in Singapore, Shanghai, and Guangzhou on April 27 and 28.

Malu 2013/04/27 01:09:09

Super Junior‘s Siwon and Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun have joined their labelmates Kyuhyun, Sulli, Minho, and YoonA as the new endorsement models for ‘SKT LTE‘.

The official CFs feature Siwon and Seohyun enjoying a date with some orange juice and showing off their moves in a dance battle.

Check out the CF as well as their interviews in the clips below!

Siwon and Seohyun’s CF

Seohyun’s CF

Siwon’s CF

Siwon vs. Kyuhyun and Seohyun vs. YoonA CF

Malu 2013/04/27 01:06:35

SHINee has just revealed the music video to their title track “Why So Serious?“ as well as other songs on their album!

The group’s third album’s second half, which is titled ‘Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me‘, has been released containing a total of 9 tracks. This is a continuation from their first part of the album, which was titled ‘Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You‘, and is geared to show you a bit of a transformation compared to their “Dream Girl” promotions.

They’ve had fans holding onto their seats with the release of a video teaser, and now the full release is here!

Check out the MV below!

Malu 2013/04/26 12:20:45

Super Junior captivated Argentine fans’ hearts at the concert they held in Luna Park Stadium, in Buenos Aires on April 23 for a gathering 8,000 local fans. This is a meaningful event because it is the first concert held in the region by Korean pop stars.

The group performed 24 songs, including several of their hits and ballads, and also gave some funny performances.

At a press conference held prior to the concert, 20 local media, including C5N, Telenoche, La Nacion, La Capital, and Reuters, attended to report on the K-pop idols. On April 22, the day when the group landed in the country, a large crowd gathered at the airport and hotel, singing the group’s songs and occupying the street at night.

Having finished the concerts in Brazil and Argentina, Super Junior will continue their tour in Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile, on April 25.

Malu 2013/04/26 03:37:54

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Siwon relax at the L.A. airport, while waiting for their flight to Brazil.


Super Junior fans… take a deep breath and prepare yourselves for a treat! Eunhyuk, Donghae and Siwon are getting into the summer spirit by relaxing poolside in Brazil and we have the shirtless pictures to prove it.


Eunhyuk tweeted two different photos of the trio. The first one shows the 3 gorgeous guys flashing peace signs at the camera while walking. The photo caption read, “walk walk walk….run run run!!!!!!!” Eunhyuk and Siwon are both smiling at the camera, while a shirtless Donghae peers around Siwon to get in the shot also.


The second picture Eunhyuk shared shows them by the pool, each one relaxing and without a shirt. The caption read, “swim swim swim.” Donghae is wearing a black cap and gazing up at the camera, Siwon is looking out across the water and Eunhyuk is smiling at the camera while making a v across his forehead.


Though Donghae and Siwon’s bodies are mostly hidden in the shot, Eunhyuk is posing playfully in his swim trunks and gives a fully exposed view of his amazing abs. It appears someone has been doing some extra exercise lately! Judging from all the comments and responses on twitter, the pictures have certainly met with the approval of Super Junior fans around the globe.


Super Junior is currently on their world tour “Super Show 5″. The tour kicked off with two performances in Seoul and was followed by a performance in Sao Paulo, Brazil on April 21st. The tour continues in South America, with the next show in Argentina on April 23rd. The tour marks the largest South American tour by a Korean artist.


While many of us won’t be able to attend the “Super Show 5″ in South America, I don’t think anyone will be complaining too much. Because if the warm, summer-like weather in South America is what will give us pictures like these, then I say bring it on!



Photo Source: Twitter

NicoleHan 2013/04/25 14:50:28

Shin Se Kyung chose between her ‘When a Man Loves‘ co-stars, Song Seung Hun and Yeon Woo Jin.

The cast of the MBC drama was present for the press conference at the Gyeonggido Culture Land. On her two co-stars, Shin Se Kyung commented, “I have a romance line with Song Seung Hun and Yeon Woo Jin. Seung Hun oppa has a lot of childish elements, so when I see him, I can’t help but smile. But when I see Woo Jin oppa, my heart starts beating all of a sudden.

When asked about who she would pick for her character, she answered, “If it were up to me, I’d pick Yeon Woo Jin. But Seo Mi Do [her character] has a lot of personal pain, such as her family, so she has a lot of points when she does things that aren’t easy to understand. Because of her wishy-washy attitude, there are times when she’s criticized by the viewers. But I started this knowing she’d be criticized. I hope a lot of people can see from her perspective.

Currently, the drama ranks #1 in the Wednesday-Thursday drama slot.

Malu 2013/04/25 02:35:38

Super Junior performed in front of 8,000 Brazilian fans at ‘Super Show 5‘ in Sao Paulo.

It’s the first time a Korean artist held a solo concert in Brazil, and the boys had sold out all 8,000 seats. They performed a total of 24 songs, including “Twins (Knock Out)“, “Sorry Sorry“, “Bonamana“, “Mr. Simple“, and “Sexy, Free & Single“. They showcased their trademark brightness and high performance throughout the entire concert, and even sang Brazilian singer Michel Telo‘s “Ai Se Eu Te Pego“.

Their fans responded so passionately to their rehearsed Portuguese and high quality stages that it has over 140 fans either passed out during the concert or had to be wheeled out of the venue. The on-site medical staff were surprised at this high number, and revealed that it was the first time they had such an experience.

Super Junior said, “We flew 25 hours for our South American tour. We thought it was far, but when we stand on stage, we realize it’s actually very close. When we debuted, we couldn’t even dream that we’d have a solo concert in Brazil, and we thank you for letting us keep setting new paths.

The boys will be performing in Argentina tonight, in Chile on April 25, and they will wrap up their South American tour in Peru on April 27.

[Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!]

Malu 2013/04/24 03:16:37

Idol group Super Junior’s South America Tour has opened first in Brazil. According to an April 23 report from the group’s agency, SM Entertainment, on April 21 Super Junior held their Super Show5 concert at São Paulo Credit Card Hall. The concert lasted about three hours from 7:30 p.m. (local time). This concert is the first show that a Korean idol group has held in Brazil and is the start of Super Junior’s South American Tour.


Super Junior performed a total of 24 songs, including “Twins,” “Sorry, Sorry,” “Bonamana,” “Mr. Simple,” and “Sexy, Free and Single,” showing a variety of performing styles unique to the group. About 8,000 local fans attended.


After the concert, the group said: “South America seemed far away, but now that we have performed here, it feels closer. We did not expect that someday we’d hold our own concert in Brazil, but now we’ve done it, thanks to Brazilian fans.”


Super Junior will continue the South American Tour at luna Park Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the 23th of April.

Malu 2013/04/24 03:14:11

CNBLUE celebrated the release of their 5th Japanese single “Blind Love” with no one other than their BOICEs!

Only 100 lucky fans were able to meet and greet CNBLUE during their fan meeting, ‘Only 100 fans! Recochoku’s exclusive premium event‘. Japanese music download site Recochoku invited 100 fans who downloaded CNBLUE’s new single ‘Blind Love’ to the event held in Tokyo on the 21st.

CNBLUE shared, “We wrote the lyrics while pondering on the image of cherry blossom songs.”

CNBLUE’s 5th Japanese single “Blind Love” was composed by Jonghyun and expresses the feelings of a man who can’t forget his past love. “Blind Love” has already topped charts in Japan prior to its release on the 24th.

Malu 2013/04/24 03:10:44

JYJ will become honorary citizens of Jeju Island for their contribution on the Seven Wonders of Nature Campaign.

The boys have previously been chosen as the ambassadors of the island for international promotion purposes.

With JYJ’s help, the island was voted as one of the New Seven wonders of Nature by the New Seven Wonders committee. On behalf of the island, JYJ actively promoted internationally to help raise the profile of the island. The members were selected as honorary citizens for their influence and ability to attract and raise foreign votes for the island.

Depending on their world tour schedule, there’s a possibility the members will be able to attend the official appointment ceremony.

Tip: Ecah

Malu 2013/04/24 03:03:23

Have you gotten your tickets to TVXQ Live World Tour ‘Catch Me’ in Kuala Lumpur? The good people of JPM Music have announced that every week from now until concert day, a few lucky fans will be chosen to win exclusive pass to attend the official media press conference.


Also with every purchase of VVIP tickets or Premium zone tickets, ticketholders may even win themselves a holiday to Korea that includes tickets to a concert by one of the incredible K-Pop artists under SM Management.


Check out JPM Music website for more information. Only less than a month away to concert day – are you ready?

Malu 2013/04/23 12:15:43

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and Donghae have personally announced the upcoming release of their new single in Japan!

The duo introduced themselves through a video shout-out as they revealed that there’s a single album in store entitled ‘I Wanna Dance‘! This will be released on June 19th, and to make this even more exciting, there is an inclusion of a special song. Along with the title track “I Wanna Dance” will be another song, “Love That I Need“, by their fellow member Henry, who will also feature in the track.

Check out their message below!

Malu 2013/04/23 12:12:28

On the evening of April 20, actor Hyun Bin held his third Asia tour fan meeting in Hong Kong, which turned out to be a great time spent with local fans. Most of those in attendance were female fans, who responded Hyun Bin’s every move. The popular star drew great cheers from the crowd.


He showed previously undisclosed aspects of himself to thousands of fans as he sang a song and put on a laser show. During the event, Hyun Bin greeted fans with the “V” sign and went down from the stage into the audience to personally hug a fan who did not understand Cantonese and had therefore missed the hugging event. His warmhearted behavior touched the fans.


Hyun Bin returned to Korea on April 21, and will continue his Asia tour in Singapore on the 27th and then proceed to Shanghai and Guangzhou in May.   

Malu 2013/04/23 08:15:04

Super Junior finally went to see their Brazilian fans.

The boys landed in Brazil on April 20 for the South American leg of their ‘Super Show 5‘ tour. More than 10 times the normal amount of security officers were stationed at the Sao Paulo airport for their arrival, but even with the extra security there were so many people gathered that Super Junior had no choice but to use the hidden VIP passageway.

However, the members didn’t forget about their fans, as the vans that contained the members was driven to the front of the airport just so they could greet their fans before they departed.

The member then went to the KOTRA CSR event at the Sao Paulo Renaissance Hotel. Super Junior attended the seminar celebrating the 50th anniversary of Korean immigration into Brazil, and donated 2,000 t-shirts that were specially made to the Sao Paulo government and the Red Cross.

Super Junior said, “As we prepared the South American tour, we thought about how to give back to the fans who had loved us and waited for us. We heard about the CSR event, and decided to participate. It’s a small present, but we hope that the t-shirts get used for a good cause.

The boys also put on an awesome performance the following evening at the Sao Paulo Creditcard Hall.

Malu 2013/04/23 08:11:07

Super Junior is having a blast in Brazil ahead of their sold out concert there today. The members have been keeping fans updated with periodic updates of their zany South American antics.

Donghae began with a tweet from Los Angeles, together with this baby photo/present day two shot, while other members also tweeted anticipation for their arrival in Brazil.

Eunhyuk, on the other hand, tried his hand at some Spanish Portuguese tweeting, “Hello!!!!!! Please wait!!!!! Brasil fans~~~~“.

Even before Donghae disembarked, he was tweeting more goodies for rabid fans, this time bringing Siwon on for the ride, in set of wacky selcas.

The long flight did not dampen thier zest to get out and soak up the famed Brazilian sun.

What’s a holiday in Brazil without a bit of topless fun at the pool?

Looks like they are having so much fun, wish we were there.

After their concert in Brazil, Super Junior will be heading to Argentina, Chile, and Peru!

Malu 2013/04/22 07:11:56

Kim Jong Kook will try his hand at acting for the first time since he debuted 18 years ago.

Sadly, it won’t be an actual drama, but a short special of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Crisis Escape Number 1‘ for the ‘dangerous spring outing’ episode. He plays the part of a man going on a fishing trip. Even through the harsh early spring wind, Kim Jong Kook never lost his smile and finished his first acting project ever.

The episode will air on April 22nd at 8:50PM KST, so keep a watch out for his scene!

Malu 2013/04/20 21:49:24

It looks like the rumors were wrong. Singer Baek Ji Young (Korean age: 37) and her boyfriend actor Jung Suk Won (27) are marrying this June after 2 years of dating!

Jung Suk Won’s agency Polaris Entertainment announced on the 18th, “Famous celebrity couple Jung Suk Won and Baek Ji Young are getting married. The final date and wedding hall have yet to be confirmed.”

According to an insider, the couple began to have serious discussions about marriage earlier this year. They both decided on June, which is when Jung Suk Won wraps up filming the movie ‘N.L.L.-Battle of Yeonpyeong‘.

Congratulations to both of them!

DiaHaksaeng 2013/04/18 19:15:43

Korean Media outlet Sport Seoul has released a video talking about a ‘rude and disrespectful’ female idol along with a ‘two-faced’ male actor.

Their corner ‘SS Rumors and Truth‘ spoke about a certain female idol group member who is getting very popular. They didn’t mention a specific name as it was beeped out. However, in the YouTube description they described her as someone who is also active as an actress and is nicknamed the ‘Nation’s First Love’, in addition to providing her initial ‘B’.

Reporter Kim Ka Yeon reported, “OO is currently the biggest issue. However, because of her rapidly growing popularity, we have heard that she is getting arrogant, and she is being criticized by reporters, broadcast PDs, and broadcast station personnel. She is always late to her photoshoots, and when it’s time for her to resume filming after her break, she gets annoyed. Not only so, but she uses profanity that is not befitting for a female idol. There is also a reported case where she cried and complained she didn’t want to film, and ran off the set. Even though she has a beautiful face, because of her contrasting personality, she is currently being called the rudest among all the girl group members.

That was not all. The corner continued to talk about a male actor who was famous for his kind manners but that his true personality is anything but. The reporter revealed, “Even though he is well known for his manners, other actors are shaking their heads at his two-faced personality. Because of his recently faltering health, he orders his staff members to fetch him tea or give him a massage. If they’re even a bit late in doing his chores, he gets annoyed and angry at them. A broadcast personnel said, ‘He’s only nice in front of reporters. Even if he gets nice, his rude temper won’t go anywhere’.

Even though the names are bleeped out, from the clues including the ‘zy’ pronunciation at the end of the bleep, along with the nickname of ‘Nation’s First Love’, and Suzy’s last name being ‘Bae’ (Initial ‘B’), it seems to hint that the the female idol in question is miss A‘s Suzy. The male actor is a bit harder to decipher. Who do you think the male actor could be?

DiaHaksaeng 2013/04/18 12:05:35

Actor Han Jae Suk and actress Park Sol Mi will be getting married later this month and recently unveiled their beautiful pre-wedding pictorial!

Park Sol Mi left fans in awe at how gorgeous she was as she donned three different wedding dresses, especially since her last fixed appearance on the small screen was through ‘Laws of the Jungle‘s Amazon edition. Han Jae Suk, whom many of you will recognize from the drama ‘Oohlala Couple‘, also looked like the prince charming every woman dreams of in his suit and tie , and even played the role by putting Park Sol Mi’s white high heels on for her.

Han Jae Suk and Parl Sol Mi will be holding their wedding ceremony on the 21st!

DiaHaksaeng 2013/04/18 12:03:18

Actor Song Joong Ki, who is known for his clean-cut image, perfectly displayed the fresh and clean taste of the soft drink ‘Sprite‘ in his latest CF for the brand.

Song Joong Ki is seen showing ‘the cleanliness that wakes me up’ for the CF as he drinks a bottle of ‘Sprite’ in a refreshing way that makes fans thirsty for the soft drink as well. It has also been revealed that Song Joong Ki will continue as the endorsement model for ‘Sprite‘ for the second consecutive year.

A representative commented, “We believe that Song Joong Ki will effectively portray Sprite’s clean freshness to trendy youth that are drawn to new things.”

Check out the CF below!

Tip: yurany

Malu 2013/04/17 23:56:17

MBC‘s ’Book of the House of Gu‘ ranked #1 in viewer ratings!

According to AGB Nielsen, the drama received 13.6% in viewership ratings for its 3rd episode, 1.4% higher than its episode last Tuesday. In the 3rd episode, Suzy‘s character had just saved Lee Seung Gi‘s character’s life.

KBS 2TV‘s ‘God of the Workplace‘ ranked at a close 2nd place with 13.4%, and SBS‘ ‘Jang Ok Jung‘ ranked in last place at 7.9%.

Which drama are you watching?

DiaHaksaeng 2013/04/16 19:00:46

Psy may be garnering a staggering number of views worldwide with his “Gentleman” MV, but he was no match for Lee Seung Gi and Girls’ Generation who were recently voted as the most popular artists in Korea.

Research firm Leespiar conducted a poll asking 1,332 men and women 13-69 years old across Korea about the most popular stars.

Among the male celebrities, Lee Seung Gi came out on top with 9.2% of the votes, while Psy trailed behind in 2nd place with 8.5%. Big Bang, Lee Seung Chul, SHINee, Kim Bum Soo, INFINITE, Sung Shi Kyung, Huh Gak, K.Will, and more also ranked high on the list. Psy previously ranked #1 while Big Bang came in at #2 on last year’s poll, but Lee Seung Gi, who ranked in third place last year, was able to rise above the successful artists.

Among the female celebrities, Girls’ Generation effortlessly maintained their #1 spot on the chart with a whopping 20.6% votes, a 1.5% increase from their previous ranking of 19.1%. Baek Ji Young, IU, SISTAR, Jang Yoon Jung, Lee Hyori, BoA, Park Jung Hyun, Ailee, and Lee Hi also made it onto the list. Unlike last year’s poll, KARA, T-ara, and the Wonder Girls were not on the list.

Tip: Xesyre

DiaHaksaeng 2013/04/16 18:59:49


It was announced earlier today, that CN Blue’s Jung Yong-hwa has been cast in the upcoming SBS series “The Heirs”.


The show has already been a popular topic of late, due in part to the popularity of the lead actors Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. Add to the cast the popular Yong-hwa and talented director Kang Shin Hyo and it seems like the show is destined to be a hit.


Yong-hwa has acted in a total of 3 roles. HiIs last lead role was 2 years ago in the MBC melodrama “Heartstrings”, which also starred Park Shin Hye. The new series “The Heirs” will mark their third acting project together.


The series is set to release later this year.



Malu 2013/04/16 13:02:18

What’s after Valentines Day and White (Valentines) Day in Korea? It’s Black Day!


JjaJangMyeon (짜장면)

This is the day where single people gather together to enjoy Jajangmyeon (자장면) … or Korean black sauce noodles, a noodle dish influenced by Chinese’s Zhajiangmian (炸醬麵).

For single people, what else can you do on this day?

How about listen to K-pop songs that depicts single-hood?

For those who has just broken up – Alone (나혼자) by Sistar 



“I walk alone, watch TV alone
I get drunk alone, cry and cry like this everyday
Love was sweet, under the shade of breakup
I can’t fall asleep again tonight…”

“나 혼자 길을 걷고 나 혼자 TV를 보고
나 혼자 취해 보고 이렇게 매일 울고 불고
사랑 참 달콤했어 이별이란 그림자 안에서
오늘도 잠 못자…”

For those who just got rejected – Good Day (좋은 날) by IU


IU Good Day

“Was my recent hairstyle change bad?
Did I wear the wrong clothes?
Still pretending like I don’t know
Like I don’t remember
Should I act as if nothing happened?”

“새로 바뀐 내 머리가 별로였는지
입고 나왔던 옷이 실수였던 건지
아직 모르는 척 기억 안 나는 척
아무 일없던 것처럼 굴어볼까?”
Those ready to have a new relationship – Sexy Free & Single by Super Junior


Super Junior Sexy Free & Single

“My person, my person, I’ve become stronger.
Yeah! Finally it’s our Time for romance.
Again I will fly toward a greater dream.
Another Upgrade, just watch me, leave it to me”

“내 사람아, 사람아 난 더 강해졌어.
Yeah! 드디어 우리 Time for romance.  
더 멋진 꿈을 향해 또 날아가겠어.
다시 Upgrade 지켜봐, 맡겨봐.”

So, which category fits you the best?

See also:
Korean Black Day
Valentines Day
Korean White Day

NicoleHan 2013/04/16 09:18:40

The queen of OSTs will be singing for the new drama, ‘Book of the House of Gu‘!

She’ll be singing “Spring Day“, the love theme song for Lee Seung Gi and Suzy‘s characters. It will be a traditional ballad that emphasizes Baek Ji Young‘s voice with the acoustic melody line and the heartfelt lyrics.

According to the drama’s production team, Baek Ji Young decided to lend her efforts for the show because she’d known PD Shin Woo Chul from ‘Secret Garden‘, which she also sang the OST for. The song will be released on the 22nd!

DiaHaksaeng 2013/04/16 09:08:50

On April 14, Kim Jae Joong’s agency, Cjes Entertainment, announced that more than 50 media representatives gathered at a press conference for his first solo Asia tour, titled Your, My and Mine in Taiwan, followed by the concert.

An agency official said the event was combined with a fan meeting and concert, which was drew many fans and was well received. Local media in Taiwan reported Kim’s every movement: Taiwan broadcaster TVBS highlighted the concert and other media, including GTV, Phoenix Satellite TV, Liberty News, and China Press reported their interest in Kim’s tour and his next move as an actor.

Kim said, “Whenever I visit Taiwan, I receive energy. I often enjoy tofu in Taiwan, but I want to try some dimsum this time.”

Malu 2013/04/16 00:41:40

CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa will be joining Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye on ‘Heirs‘!

The upcoming SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama cast the CNBLUE leader as one of the 3 leading roles. SBS said, “Yonghwa has been cast into ‘Heirs’ along with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. It’s his comeback to the small screen after his last drama 2 years ago“.

Since there are three big names in the drama, SBS said, “As the three Hallyu stars that are well loved everywhere are place in the leading roles, there will be a huge synergy effect. Yonghwa and Lee Min Ho will be playing heirs that have different charms.

Park Shin Hye and Yonghwa had already appeared in ‘You’re Beautiful‘ and ‘You’ve Fallen For Me‘ together, so this is their 3rd drama together. The drama is a trendy drama that talks about the love and friendship of rich high school students.

No word on when the drama will begin airing.

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Malu 2013/04/16 00:37:15

miss A‘s Suzy and Lee Seung Gi‘s characters are about to take one leap closer to starting their romance on the upcoming episode of ’Book of the House of Gu‘.

In newly released still cuts, Dahm Yuh Wool (Suzy) is seen training Choi Kang Chi‘s (Lee Seung Gi) reflexes by hitting him with her shinai (a bamboo weapon to train with instead of a sword in martial arts). However, Choi Kang Chi, who is not quick enough to ward off her attacks, grabs the shinai in frustration and gets close with Dahm Yuh Wool, surprising them both.

It was revealed that Lee Seung Gi was hit on the head 15 times for the scene, showing his endurance and dedication to the drama.

Park Tae Young PD commented, “In this scene, Lee Seung Gi and Suzy bicker and start to show their feelings for each other. It will be an important scene. Although it’s their first historical drama, they show their chemistry and are creating a high quality drama.”

Catch the third episode of ‘Book of the House of Gu’ on the 15th at 9:55 PM KST!

DiaHaksaeng 2013/04/13 22:17:22

Siwon has been chosen as the Asia model representative for the global mobile messenger ‘LINE‘!

His label SM Entertainment stated, “Siwon will be the model centered in the markets located in Southeastern Asia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore. He’ll be doing various promotions as the ‘LINE’ model.

‘LINE’ said, “We decided that Siwon was a good representative for Asia, his professional and sophisticated image matched very well with the lifestyle brand image we want, so we chose him as our model.

He had a press conference with ‘LINE’ in Hong Kong on the 11th, and in Malaysia on the 12th.

Malu 2013/04/13 08:52:52

The enlistment date of Super Junior’s Yesung has been set.

During Super Junior’s ‘Super Show 5′ concert in Seoul on March 24th, Yesung hinted that he will be enlisting in the army this year. As he shed tears on stage along with the fans, Yesung expressed his gratitude towards his fans. He also asked them to take care of Super Junior members when he’s not there and to never forget him.

Now the date has been confirmed by SM Entertainment through an official press release. Yesung will enlist on May 6th. He will have his basic military training for 4 weeks before continuing as a public service worker for 23 months.

There will be no big event to send Yesung off as he wishes to enlist quietly. Hopefully, his fans will be patient and wait for him to come back.


Source: TV Report

Malu 2013/04/13 01:09:04

On April 11, Korean star Choi Si Won attended a promotional  event in Hong Kong for the mobile messenger Line.

He looked like a stylish, dignified gentleman in neat, formal suit with a white bow tie on a white shirt. He smiled and waved in response to fans and reporters.  During the event, a brief commercial in which Choi appears was shown, followed by an interview with local media.

When he was asked unexpectedly about the current military escalation on the Korean Peninsula, which had nothing to do with the event itself, Choi kept his response quite brief, adding, “I’m a Korean citizen and all my people think the same.” He also said he would be attending an awards ceremony while in Hong Kong.

Super Junior started its latest concert tour, Super Show 5, on March 23 in Seoul and will go on to China, Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru.

Malu 2013/04/13 01:06:56

“Missing You”, the drama starring Park Yoochun, Yoon Eun Hye, Yoo Seung Ho and more will be aired in the Philippines starting the 22nd of April 2013. One of the most popular local network in the country, ABS-CBN already released a teaser for the drama. The drama will be dubbed in Filipino. For sure, all the K-drama enthusiasts out there are excited to watch this!

Click here to view the embedded video.

Source: ABSTVPromo|YT

NicoleHan 2013/04/11 09:24:09

On April 5, the Taipei airport was packed with six hundred fans who gathered to see their idol stars CNBlue who had come to Taiwan to kick off their world tour. The group’s performance was explosively welcomed in Taipei, and the concert tickets sold out in forty minutes.

A press conference was held on the day of their arrival. The group’s leader, Jung Yong Hwa, said he was thrilled to be there for the concert. He played the guitar and sang the group’s hit song “I’m Sorry” as representatives from the local media photographed him at the press conference.

The group’s world tour is receiving a lot of attention, especially from Chinese-speaking countries. After the tickets to the Taipei concert sold out, the group extended their run for one more day in Hong Kong, where the concert tickets also sold out in just five minutes. The opening concert of the tour was held in a Taipei arena on April 6.


NicoleHan 2013/04/10 09:53:53


Happy birthday to Choi Siwon who turned 27 today! Siwon was born on April 7th, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea (although his birthday was officially recorded on February 10, 1987). Siwon is a well-known singer from the band Super Junior and an actor and model as well.


Siwon tweeted pictures of himself in Jerusalem, where he is currently touring the city and celebrating his birthday. He tweeted the pictures, along with the message to his fans, “thanks all. love you always #HappySiwonDay LOVE from Jerusalem.”


We wish Siwon a very happy birthday and many more years of continued success!


Check out the pictures Siwon tweeted and don’t forget to join us in wishing him a happy birthday.


Malu 2013/04/10 09:46:02

Did you catch the premiere of the highly anticipated MBC drama ‘Book of the House of Gu‘ on the 8th? Well, if you did, you were not alone because Suzy, Lee Seung Gi, and the entire staff of the drama also gathered together to watch the live broadcast.

Suzy shared on her Twitter, “Are you all watching the live broadcast! We are also watching the premiere together!! mbc!!!!!!!!!!”, along with a group shot of the entire team monitoring the first episode as a family.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the premiere of ‘Book of the House of Gu’ kicked off to a solid start, achieving a 11.2% viewer rating. Meanwhile, KBS 2TV‘s ‘God of the Workplace‘ and SBS‘ ‘Jang Ok Jung‘ garnered a 12.3% and 11.3% viewer rating, respectively.


DiaHaksaeng 2013/04/09 11:48:15

(Photo credit : TvReport)

It has been confirmed that Kim Hyun Joong is one of the participants in SBS’s new variety show ‘Barefoot Friends’. On 4th, Kim Hyun Joong arrived at Incheon International Airport in the morning, dressed in black outdoor outfit, posed for a photo before departing for Vietnam.

‘Barefoot Friends’ is a new SBS variety programme hosted by Kang Ho Dong, it will be aired on SBS Sunday following up on ‘Survival Audition Kpop Star2′. The first filming of ‘Barefoot Friends’ will be a 4 days 3 night trip in Vietnam. Other participants of the programme are After School’s Uee, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Yoo Se Yoon, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Bum Soo and Yoon Si Yoon.

Source :

NicoleHan 2013/04/07 11:45:42


Okamoto, The president of the well-known Japanese concert agency Kyodo Yokohama, recently praised JYJ (Kim Jae Joong, Park Yoo Chun, and Kim Jun Su), saying, “They are comparable to Michael Jackson.” Okamoto, who is planning JYJ’s Japan Tokyo Dome show, went on to say, “I have been in charge of world-famous artists’ shows, and I was amazed at how well-disciplined JYJ’s dancing is. It compares well to that of Michael Jackson, who is the most famous artist I have ever worked with.”

JYJ plan to hold three concerts, titled 2013 JYJ Concert in Tokyo Dome – The Return of The JYJ, from last April 2 to April 4. The group gave a concert in the Tokyo Dome in June 2010, which is three years ago.

JYJ had to stop their activities for a while because of a contract problem with the large Japanese entertainment company Avex, but expectations for their return to performing are great, with all 150,000 seats for the three days of the upcoming concert sold out and advance requests for tickets were more than twice that.

“I think JYJ are incredible artists. They have shown us that Japanese fans are really looking forward to this concert. However, Japan has its rules and we want to adhere to them while at the same time keeping up the good work with JYJ. who prevailed in the trial,” said Okamoto, showing high expectations for the concert. He also said, “I expect JYJ to do a good job with their messages, songs, and performances for the fans, not only in Japan but also in the whole world.”

The JYJ concert will be broadcast live in 113 theaters nationwide in Japan. This will include Japan’s largest movie theaters, THOHO Cinema and Warner Mycal Cinema, on the last day of the show, April 4.

NicoleHan 2013/04/07 11:43:29

ELF all know that underneath Super Junior Kyuhyun‘s rough image on ‘Radio Star‘, the idol star has a heart of gold.

Kyuhyun will be donating 2750kg (~6062 lbs) of rice to charity in the neighborhood of Nowon, where he used to live, on the 6th. The rice, which will feed 275 families, was presented by fans to congratulate him for being cast in the musical ‘Catch Me If You Can‘.

Thirty-three lucky fans from the ‘Korea Cultural Experience’ organization in Taiwan who came to support Kyuhyun’s musical ‘Three Musketeers‘ will also attend the donation ceremony on behalf of ELF worldwide.

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Malu 2013/04/05 05:01:24

Donghae transformed into ‘Iron Man‘.

Perhaps because Robert Downey Jr. trip to Korea to promote his new movieIron Man 3‘, Donghae dressed up in the Iron Man getup, complete with the Tony Stark mustache.

He uploaded the above photo onto his Twitter and simply wrote,

Even though the mustache was temporary just for the photo, fans got a glimpse of how Donghae might look with a mustache.

It also seems like the Super Junior boys are huge Iron Man fans, because Siwon had previously posed with his own life-sized Iron Man.

Malu 2013/04/05 04:57:54

CNBLUE will be building their 2nd school in Africa!

Back in March 2012, the boys help build the ‘CNBLUE School’ in Burkina Faso, one of the poorest and smallest countries in Africa. The members of CNBLUE donated a part of the profits from their album sales and concert ticket sales to the school, and will be doing so every year to help keep it running. About 100 children study at the school, and the school provides a pre-school, an after school class, and also nutritious food for the children as well.

Now, the boys have decided to help build another school in the country. The donations will be collected at their world tour concerts, and they’ll be building a 2nd school from the donations.

For their world tour, the boys will be performing in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, the Philippines, China, and Malaysia. Their label is also currently in the process of confirming potential concerts in America and Europe as well.

Malu 2013/04/05 04:54:50

Eunhyuk celebrated his 27th birthday.

The singer was born on April 4, and as soon as midnight struck in Korea, he was presented with gifts. In celebration, he shared a photo with a giant bouquet on his Twitter and wrote, “Mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha It’s my birthday, my birthday“. The bouquet seems to be presented by his fans, and you can barely see him behind the bouquet.

He posted two more photos with a cake presumably given to him by sports apparel brand Adidas, as he wrote,

Happy birthday to Eunhyuk!

[Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!]

Malu 2013/04/04 08:46:12

Yoochun has announced that he’ll be revealing his new song “Walking in Spring With Her” through JYJ‘s upcoming Tokyo Dome concert!

Their label C-JeS Entertainment revealed, “Yoochun is planning to reveal his self-composed song through this concert. Unlike the other members who released solo albums this year and last year, Yoochun didn’t have an opportunity to have a solo album because of his drama activities. So he decided to release the song for his fans. It’ll be a good present for fans who are looking forward to this concert.

The song is said to be British pop, and talks about the feelings of a man who is beginning to fall in love. Yoochun said, “It’s been a while since I met Japanese fans at the Dome. There was sadness during the long wait, but we’ll be able to meet each other in the end with smiles. I wanted to gift this song with the anticipation of another start. I made the lyrics and melody thinking about the new season of Spring.

The boys will be at the Tokyo Dome from April 2 to April 4!

Malu 2013/04/02 05:50:51

Super Junior has proved their Hallyu superstar status.

The group will be traveling to Brazil to hold their ‘Super Show 5‘ concert on April 21. The tickets for the concert have been completely sold out and there’s a lot of precaution in place for their highly anticipated arrival. The Sao Paulo airport will be bringing the biggest scale of safety guards out to make sure no one gets hurt on the day the boys arrive.

Brazil is the first stop for Super Junior on their 4-country tour in South America. According to SM Entertainment, the on-site concert producers collaborated with the airport to provide 10 times the regular amount of safety guards compared to most other pop artists.

Because all 5,000 seats are already sold out, many fans who weren’t able to obtain a ticket have been willing to pay high prices for already sold tickets. Additionally, due to overwhelming requests from fans, the concert venue has lifted the ban on glowsticks for the first time since its opening in 1999.

After their concert in Brazil, Super Junior will be heading to Argentina, Chile, and Peru!

[Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!]

Malu 2013/04/02 04:55:42

Lights, camera, action: the latest episode of SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘ turned itself into a drama set, shooting a three-part Korean drama loaded with reversals, bloodline feuds, and more with guests Go Ara and Lee Yeon Hee.

Although the drama began happily enough – with the cast and guests divided into couples and seeking to win the approval of their father, the CEO of a major corporation – it eventually came to light that two within their midst were, in fact, blood relatives!

With victory, and the company’s inheritance, coming to the one who solved the mystery of the family heritage, the crew hustled to find the clues relating to the bloodline and piece together the truth behind the siblings.

The final victor was the female sibling, Lee Yeon Hee, who had ripped off the name tag of her own brother, Yoo Jae Suk, earlier in the race – giving this drama a decidedly tragic element, as well.

Check out the full episode below!

chloeegonzales 2013/04/01 05:50:50
width="270" past Saturday, March 23, was the seventh annual To width="270" post
Malu 2013/03/30 08:50:03

You’ll soon be able to enjoy weekly doses of Lee Min Ho as he will be returning to the small screen through a new SBS drama ‘Heirs‘ (working title)!

‘Heirs’ will be a 20-episode drama and has already piqued the interest of fans with the reveal of its top-notch writer and director, Kim Eun Sook and Kang Shin Hyo PD, as well as its male lead Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho shared, “As I normally watch writer Kim’s productions, I wanted to definitely work with her and my wish was fulfilled through this opportunity. Working with the writer and director whom I respect, I think it will become a meaningful production.”

The drama’s production company also stated, “Lee Min Ho is confirmed to play the male lead and we are currently working on the casting of the female lead.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho will be meeting fans through a 10-city tour across Asia kicking off in Korea on May 25th!

Malu 2013/03/29 12:43:43

In a recent interview, Lee Seung Gi revealed that he lost 3 kgs (6.6 lbs) for his new role in ‘Book of the House of Gu‘!

He revealed, “I decided to act in the drama because I trusted the writer. I took special action lessons and also worked on my horseback riding so I could get close to my character.” In the drama, he plays the role of a half human, half beast (nine tailed fox). This is his first drama in 10 months since he least appeared on ‘The King 2 Hearts‘.

It’s also his first historical drama, and when he was asked about it, he said, “I was worried if I would be able to do well, since when people think of historical dramas, they have a set frame in mind. I couldn’t do my hair the way I wanted, and even my clothes would be limited, so I was worried. But the staff prepared everything so well that I think I’m getting close to my character.

When asked about how he got thinner, he said, “I tried to look like my character in terms of physical appearance as well. I wanted to look agile, so I practiced action and attended action school. I lost 3 kgs as well. For this drama, I want to be the character, not Lee Seung Gi.

On his co-star Suzy, he said, “She’s a bright person that bounces everywhere. She’s the first opposite actress I’m working with that’s younger than me. The energy of a 20 year old Suzy will be a big help while we film.

Malu 2013/03/29 07:48:24

Verbal Jint recently teamed up with Phantom for their new single “Come As You Are“, which has been rising up music charts, and the singer-songwriter has more in store for fans with his own version of the song!

Verbal Jint shared, “As labelmates, I know Phantom’s strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else, so it was a possible collaboration. I thank Phantom who perfectly sang ‘Come As You Are’. It came out better than the picture I had in my mind when I planned to do it myself, so I’m happy. I also have plans to show a Verbal Jint version of ‘Come As You Are’, which will sound totally different so please anticipate it.”

“Come As You Are” has ranked #1 on Mnet, #2 on Melon, and #3 on Bugs. Phantom will also be holding their first solo concert mid-May!

Check out the “Come As You Are” MV if you haven’t seen it already!

Malu 2013/03/29 00:03:45

Versatile entertainer Lee Seung Gi has departed for Japan to meet with his fans.

Dressed simply in black pants and a green jacket, Lee Seung Gi still managed to make women’s hearts flutter with his casual airport fashion. On the 28th, he jetted off from Gimpo Airport to head to Japan for his event ‘Lee Seung Gi the Brilliant Show‘ on March 29th.

At the event, he’ll be holding a talk show as well as a mini-live concert to share with his fans.

On another note, Lee Seung Gi will be taking on his first historical drama role in MBC‘s ‘Book of the House of Gu’ with miss A‘s Suzy.

DiaHaksaeng 2013/03/28 18:36:06

The boy group Super Junior revealed strong ambitions for their world tour Super Show 5 at a press conference held in the Gymnastics Arena of Olympic Park at 3:00 p.m. on March 24. Shindong said the group has set a goal of of doing 100 performances during the tour to a total audience of a million. Eunhyuk added, “We will start the tour with a fresh mind. The performances will be done under a concept similar to that of Super Show 1, and we will all do our best to use all the skills that we have accumulated over the years, in order to make the performances the best that they can be.”


The group has been doing the Super Show since 2008, and this year’s tour will be the biggest so far. New members, Zhoumi and Henry from Super Junior M, have joined recently. The group finished their Seoul performances on March 23, 24 and now will go on to China, Japan, and South America.

Malu 2013/03/28 09:12:27

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk sent Yesung a message of encouragement on his plan of enlistment.

On March 27, Leeteuk was appointed a PR ambassador along with Sangchu at the Seoul Military Manpower Administration’s 10th annual military ambassador ceremony. At the ceremony, Leeteuk said, “When I was out in society, I was able to eat and do anything I wanted. After I enlisted, I realized I was happy and appreciated for all the small things. I also realized how precious people were. Yesung is going to enlist soon, and I want to tell him to have strength. I know Yesung must be nervous, wondering if he’s going to do well. But I was the same, and anyone can do it. I want to tell Yesung, ‘Yesung, have strength, and do your best as a member of Super Junior in the time you have left.

Meanwhile, Leeteuk is scheduled to be discharged from the army on July 29, 2014.

Malu 2013/03/28 08:55:28

Song Seung Hun (36) talked about the difficulties of getting married.

On March 27, the actor participated in a press conference for his new drama ‘When A Man Loves‘ at 63 City in Yeouido. He was asked if he had any plans to get married soon, and he joked, “I don’t think I’ll be able to get married. When I date someone, I date them because I think I could get married to them. But in the end, I don’t get married.

He added, “My dream was to make a family with a woman, but I realized that dream was not a small thing but actually a hard thing to achieve. Nine out of the 10 sunbaes around me tell me not to rush into marriage. My fantasies about marriage is getting ruined.

But he revealed that his friend Kwon Sang Woo was one of the 10 that was living a happy life. He said, “Sang Woo really loves his married life. He gets really happy when he shows me the photos of his baby.

The drama ‘When A Man Loves’ will start airing on April 3 after ‘7th Grade Civil Servant‘ ends.

Malu 2013/03/28 08:34:38

Super Junior‘s Donghae has reached the milestone of 3 million followers on Twitter!

The Super Junior members are the most-followed Korean celebrities on the social networking site, with Siwon in the overall lead with over 3.3 million followers, and Yesung having over 2 million followers.

Donghae is the second Super Junior member to reach over 3 million followers. Most of the other members all also have well over 1 million followers, a rare feat for K-pop stars on Twitter.

Are you following Donghae?

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Malu 2013/03/28 08:31:57

On March 25th, Super Junior’s Ryeowook posted some pictures on his Twitter account with the comment “I tweet before leaving for China. With our members at the wrap-up party.” In the picture are Super Junior’s Ryeowook, Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Shindong as well as Jomi and Henry, of Super Junior M. They all look cute with bright smiles.


Super Junior began its world tour, titled Super Show 5, in Seoul on the 23th and 24th of Marchwith about 20,000 fans in attendance.


Those who saw the pictures responded: “All the members of the group are handsome.” “Go for it, Super Junior!” “Keep your energy high!” “Super Show5, fantastic!”


Malu 2013/03/28 01:25:27

On March 25th, during the final concert of Kim Hyun Joong’s “Unlimited” Japan Tour 2013, audience members were treated to an unusual sight… the “Break Down” singer and popular leader of ss501 broke down into tears as the concert came to an end.


An emotional Kim Hyun Joong fought back tears as he thanked his audience, . As fans continued to cheer, he finally lost control and started crying. Overcome with emotion, KHJ was unable to speak and had to wipe away his tears with a towel from the stage. As he tried to regain his composure, the delighted fans just kept cheering.


Kim Hyun Joong then went on to thank the popular rock band “Down Hell” who toured with him throughout Japan. They then closed out the tour with a cake onstage. After a final thank you and a gracious bow, KHJ gathered flowers, notes, and other items from the audience before exiting the stage.


The “Unlimited” Japan Tour 2013 was Kim Hyun Joong’s second tour in Japan as a solo artist. The singer has also performed in Peru and Brazil in the past month.


The videos below show Kim Hyun Joong’s farewell in two parts- the first is of his emotional thank you to the audience and the second is his thank you to the band and his final bow to the fans.


Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Malu 2013/03/28 01:21:58

After showing their action moves for the new MBC drama ‘Book of the House of Gu‘, Lee Seung Gi and Suzy got a little close.

Recently released still cuts show Dam Yuh Wool (Suzy) staring at the sleeping Choi Kang Chi (Lee Seung Gi) lovingly and caressing his face. However, upon waking up, Choi Kang Chi gets flustered by her skinship, while Dahm Yuh Wool confidently stares at him like the tough girl she is.

Shin Woo Chul PD advised Suzy, “You have to express the feeling of staring at someone you love,” for this romantic scene. Park Tae Young PD shared, “Watching Lee Seung Gi and Suzy’s scenes, I think they look so good together that the term ‘lovebirds’ is not enough to describe them. Although it is their first time doing a historical and action-packed drama, they are working hard to create the best production. Please look forward to their ‘Book of the House of Gu’.”

‘Book of the House of Gu’ will premiere on April 8th!

DiaHaksaeng 2013/03/27 22:13:08

Fans had their hopes up as it was recently rumored that MC Mong was getting ready for a comeback. However, it turns out the artist has no plans of doing so at this time.

JTBC‘s ‘Entertainment News‘ gave viewers exclusive coverage of MC Mong’s current status and revealed, “MC Mong is currently taking trips to LA, and spending the majority of his time in a studio in Gangnam with musicians that he’s close with.”

The news team also asked a worker near the vicinity of the studio who shared, “I spotted MC Mong visiting the studio over three times in one week.” Duble Sidekick‘s Park Jang Geun who has been frequently meeting up with the rapper in the studio updated fans on how MC Mong is doing and shared, “He will be coming back later anyways. MC Mong is doing well.”

The program also raised questions about whether MC Mong was secretly participating in activities with Duble Sidekick. They also stated that one of NS Yoon-G‘s songs, “Shower“, which featured Duble Sidekick, sounded like it contained MC Mong’s voice.

After the show aired, a rep of MC Mong denied the questions raised about preparing for a comeback on the show by stating, “As of now, there is absolutely no plans of returning. The recording studio is just a place that MC Mong can find peace in. [These questions raised] are absurd.”

Park Jang Geun also expressed disappointment with the way ‘Entertainment News’ used his statement to help support their claims, commenting, “I don’t understand what is their concern with MC Mong hanging out at a place that is his only source of comfort. MC Mong is a hyung who created Duble Sidekick’s project room in his recording studio for us. He seems to have a hard time even just going back and forth to the recording studio.”

On the issue of MC Mong’s voice being heard in NS Yoon-G’s song, he added, “The voice in NS Yoon-G’s ‘Shower’ is mine, but I guess it matches 91% with MC Mong’s voice? I’m glad at least 9% is considered to be my own voice. They say an expert analyzed it… I want to meet this supposed expert.”

DiaHaksaeng 2013/03/23 09:05:00

SM entertainment, the agency representing the boy group SHINee, made an official apology on March 19 for the group leader’s bad behavior. He was caught giving the finger to someone. The agency explained, “Onew did that unwittingly while playing around with the other group members as they waited to appear on a radio program. It was not his intention to offend others, but he is now deeply regretting his mistake and will be more careful so as not to let something like that happen again.”


Onew appeared with other members in MBC Radio’s Star Shining Night, which is broadcast over the Internet. Right after the program, people put comments on the program site saying, “Onew showed his middle finger.”

Malu 2013/03/21 01:44:14

Hyun Bin returned with his charismatic charms in his first photo shoot in two years.

The actor posed for the cover of Esquire‘s April issue, his first pictorial since he wrapped up his army service three months ago. The photo shoot captured his stylish fashion as well as his handsome features.

The staff applauded the actor for his ability to express different images ranging all the way from an innocent boy to a charismatic man. Hyun Bin pulled off the fashion styles with his chic trademark charm.

He shared, “I’m curious to see how I’ve changed.” During the following interview, he also revealed his thoughts on spending two years in the marines not as a famous star, but as Kim Tae Pyung.

Malu 2013/03/21 01:35:57

CNBLUE‘s Jonghyun as well as ‘School 2013‘ co-stars and best friends Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin will be appearing on the upcoming episode of ‘Running Man‘.

The three ‘flower boys’ were spotted filming in Incheon for the show on March 18th, and a selca of the young stars in school uniforms has also been released, causing curiosity about what kind of concept they’ll be competing around. Actors Kim Su Ro and Min Hyo Rin were seen on set as well.

Check out this episode when it airs on SBS on March 24th KST! Are you excited for the episode?

Malu 2013/03/21 01:32:56

SHINee became the first artist to win 4 times on ‘Show Champion‘!

The latest victory was celebrated on the show’s Twitter, where they wrote, “Which song was the Champion Song for the March 20th episode of ‘Show Champion’? It was the shining SHINee ^^. SHINee won the Champion Song trophy 4 times in a row for the first time on ‘Show Champion’ and for the first time for ‘Dream Girl‘! They asked if they can really take it ^^. We sincerely congratulate you!“.

Check out the performance below!

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Malu 2013/03/21 01:30:07

Say goodbye to Lee Seung Gi‘s nice guy image, and say hello to him kicking some butt for the new drama ‘Book of the House of Gu‘!

Still cuts released show the singer-turned-actor filming his first action scene and surprising fans with his transformation into a fighter. It was also revealed that Lee Seung Gi went straight into filming his action scenes for eight hours straight and kept smiling throughout without any signs of exhaustion, showing his professionalism.

A representative revealed, “Lee Seung Gi filmed an exciting action scene that matches exactly with the martial arts action-packed drama.”

PD Park Tae Young stated, “After a lot of practice, Lee Seung Gi was able to perfectly pull off the intense action scenes from the beginning. For his first historical drama and action role, please look forward to Lee Seung Gi the fighter.”

The fantasy-historical drama, which takes place during the Joseon Dynasty, portrays the love and hate relationship of male ‘Gumiho’ or nine-tailed fox Choi Kang Chi (Lee Seung Gi) and martial arts instructor Dam Yuh Wool (miss A‘s Suzy).

The drama will premiere through MBC beginning on April 8 KST.

DiaHaksaeng 2013/03/20 21:53:39

Super Junior‘s member, Siwon recently tweeted that they are ready for their upcoming concert this March. He tweeted a picture that looks like it was taken in a practice room either during break time or after their practice.

As have been announced by SM Entertainment before, Super Junior will be having their Super Show 5 concert in Seoul, Korea this 23rd to 24th of March. More details regarding locations and dates will be revealed soon.

Source: @siwon407|Twitter

Malu 2013/03/20 09:22:19

Lee Seung Gi has retaken his throne as the king of CFs!

Since October of last year, Lee Seung Gi had placed #1 on a CF model ranking list conducted by Korea CM Research Lab. However, in January, his top spot was taken over by Kim Tae Hee. In fact, Lee Seung Gi dropped down to #3 on the list. The lab reasoned, “It’s because most of the CM brands that he featured in did not have any significant ads in January.

However, he has taken back the top spot in February, with Song Joong Ki coming in at second. Psy was ranked #3 while Kim Tae Hee dropped down to #6.

DiaHaksaeng 2013/03/19 11:04:34

Book of the House of Gu‘ has released its trailer featuring stars Lee Seung Gi and Suzy!

The drama is the co-production of PD Shin Woo Chul of ‘Secret Garden‘ and ‘Gentlemen’s Class‘ along with writer Kang Eun Kyung of ‘Baker King Kim Tak Gu‘.

Lee Seung Gi, miss A‘s Suzy, Lee Sung Jae, Lee Yeon Hee, Choi Jin Hyuk, Jung Hye Young, Uhm Hyo Sub, Yoo Yun Suk, Lee Yoo Bi, and Kim Hye Won will be starring in this highly anticipated drama.

The fantasy-historical drama takes place during the Joseon Dynasty and portrays the love and hate relationship of male Gumiho or nine-tailed fox Choi Kang Chi (Lee Seung Gi) and martial arts instructor Dam Yuh Wool (Suzy).

The drama will air through MBC beginning on April 8.

Check out the trailer below!

Tip: jane chua

DiaHaksaeng 2013/03/19 09:45:15

New still cuts of Lee Seung Gi sporting a longer hairstyle for MBC drama ‘Book of the House of Gu‘ have popped up!

The actor plays a half-man/half-beast creature with a rough personality in his first historical drama. The photos revealed on March 18th revealed a Lee Seung Gi with a happy, romantic charm.

Apparently, he discussed his character with the director very seriously, meticulously monitoring his own performance and making sure he went over the details of his character carefully. His tied hairstyle also attracted much attention, as it added to his youthful look and his bright eyes and smile.

After his first day of filming, the actor stated, “I’m honored to be working with writer Kang Eun Kyung and producer Shin Woo Chul. The other actors I’m working with and the energy from the set are really raising expectations for the drama. It’s my first time trying a historical drama, so I’m working especially hard to prepare. I’m practicing speaking like people did in historical times. I want to complete a fun drama that doesn’t fall short of everyone’s expectations.

In related news, ‘Book of the House of Gu’ will begin airing in early April!

DiaHaksaeng 2013/03/18 20:12:11

On 18th of March, MBC released some photos of Lee Seung Gi, who had begun to shoot a new drama series titled Gu Family’s Book, which is scheduled to on start airing in April. The first shooting of the series took place on March 14 in Hadong, South Gyeongsang Province. With his hair tied up in a dark reddish-brown traditional costume, he played Choi Gang Chi, a half-man-half-beast, in his first historical drama.


He exchanged some in-depth opinions with the producer about the drama. After shooting the first day, Lee said, “I feel honored to work with the screen writer Kang Eun Kyung, the producer Shin Woo Cheol. and I feel happy and raise my hopes as I perform with other actors I like. Because this is my first historical drama, I’m spending a lot of time preparing for it, especially getting accustomed to a way of speaking that is suitable for a historical drama.


Park Tae young, the chief producer, said, “Lee Seung Gi will show a new aspect of himself as an actor which has never been seen before.”


The new series will begin airing on April 1 in the time slot of  Horse Doctor.

DiaHaksaeng 2013/03/18 18:50:14

Never one to stay back during a scandal, ‘Dispatch‘ has just released their exclusive article on Park Si Hoo‘s sexual assault case as they claim that they’ve obtained KakaoTalk message history between trainee ‘A‘ and her friend ‘B‘, as well as the audio file of the conversation between ‘B’ and ‘C‘ (the CEO of an agency that ‘B’ knows).

The media outlet states they’ve been investigating into this issue themselves, and was able to obtain text messages exchanged between ‘A’ and ‘B’ that should give insight into why ‘A’ had reported the sexual assault so early, even before a full day had passed; and also how this case was able to hit the news so fast, in just 3 days after her report to the police

According to the portions of the messages revealed by ‘Dispatch’, ‘B’ was the one who insisted that ‘A’ makes sure she goes to the police immediately on February 15th, when ‘A’ had planned on going the day after on February 16th.

In addition, it seemed ‘A’ and ‘B’ were consulting with acquaintances to figure out what their next steps should be, and also talked about if they should be giving a portion of the settlement money to those who gave them advice about what they should do.

The conversation between ‘A’ and ‘B’ on February 15th:

February 15th Night (the day after the alleged incident when ‘A’ decides to report the case)

A: Do you think I can go tomorrow?

B: No. They said you need to go now

B: Don’t answer the phone. Don’t wash yourself either

A: Eung. I’m going to the police now

A: Should I get urine and hair strand tests too?

B: Eung. They said do everything you can.

B: Let’s settle too and get several tens of millions KRW. Park Si Hoo will probably get on his knees and beg

B: Actually instead of money, let’s just get him punished. He’s dead now


Conversation between ‘A’ and her worried mom:

Later on the 15th (when ‘A’ undergoes investigation by the police)

A: Mom, I’m going to the police now

A: Don’t worry. If Park Si Hoo had the upper hand, he wouldn’t be this scared

A: I heard his entire fortune is about 3 hundred billion KRW [~ 270 million USD] so do you think [with a sum like that] he can’t even stop the police?

A: But seeing that Park Si Hoo is asking to let him live, it means he’s caught in a situation where he can’t do anything about it

This next set of messages are from February 17th between ‘A’ and ‘B’:

February 17th noon (the day before news breaks out on the 18th)

B: They say it’s right to get news articles out first

B: They say that settling is nonsense

A: Eung. There is no settling

A: kekeke

B: They say that if we get articles out tomorrow, we can get even more settlement money

B: And Park Si Hoo will be getting a fatal blow

A: Eung Eung

February 17th night

A: Do you think those people are telling us to take settlement money so they can claim it for themselves..

B: Eung, but I think it’ll be good to give them a bit of it too

While ‘A’ had gone to file her report, ‘B’ met with the CEO of the agency she knows, ‘C’, and told him that ‘A’ had been raped. ‘C’ then called ‘D‘ (Mr. Hwang – the CEO of Park Si Hoo’s former agency, Iyagi Entertainment). ‘B’ then heard about ‘D’s response to the situation and told ‘A’ about it.

However, it seems after ‘A’ and ‘B’ had decided to get articles out into the media, ‘C’ and ‘D’ apparently started to get suspcious and questioned the intention of ‘A’.

B‘ then called ‘C‘ and warned him not to mess with them, saying, “Mr. Hwang ['D'] told ['A']s father to settle so the situation hasn’t turned out well. That’s why I got news articles talking about rape to go out first,” and, “I’ve already planned it even up to this so don’t mess with us.”

She also mentions how she speculates there might be drugs involved and how Park Si Hoo probably can’t do anything about it because he’s probably given ‘A’ drugs in her conversation with ‘C’.


So with these messages and conversations revealed, ‘Dispatch’ offers answers to 4 questions they’ve proposed:

1.) Did ‘A’ and ‘B’ conspire? - ‘B’ gives advice to ‘A’, which ‘A’ follows

2.) Who planned the media play – ‘A’ and ‘B’

3.) Is there another accomplice? – ‘A’ and ‘B’ seem to be getting advice from their acquaintances as ‘B’ keeps passing on the words she’s obviously heard from someone else. They also discuss about giving a bit of settlement money away to these acquaintances.

However, ‘Dispatch’ says that the person or people helping ‘A’ and ‘B’ is not ‘D’ or Mr. Hwang, Park Si Hoo’s former agency CEO. They say that from what they’ve uncovered ‘D’ had only met with ‘A’ after she was investigated by the police. According to the files the agency has submitted to the police, ‘D’ sent text messages to ‘A’s father asking to settle.

4.) Does ‘A’ have other intentions besides punishment? – ‘Dispatch’ says most of the conversation was about settlement money. ‘A’ and ‘B’ were confident about this case as ‘B’ even suspected of drug use involved, and their hopes for the settlement money were great. ‘Dispatch’ also says that they spoke with someone who worked with ‘A’, who said she had plans to go to Australia. When they asked ‘A’ if she has the money for it, she said she was confident that she would be able to go. ‘A’ also talked about Park Si Hoo’s fortune with her family.

Source: Dispatch via Nate

DiaHaksaeng 2013/03/15 13:33:06

White Day is tomorrow, and the women of Korea have made it clear which male celebrity they want candy from. Voters chose Lee Seung Gi, who also claimed #1 for most desired Valentine, as the male celebrity they’d most like to receive sweets from on the romantic day.

A dental office in Gangnam asked 337 women in their teens and twenties, and Lee Seung Gi came in first with 142 votes.

Handsome idol star B2ST‘s Kikwang came in 2nd with 97 votes, and rising actor Kim Soo Hyun came in 3rd with 94 votes.

A representative revealed, “[Lee Seung Gi] has a clean image and an attractively beautiful smile. There is no woman who would reject candy from a man with a beautiful smile on White Day.”

Lee Seung Gi will be starring in the upcoming MBC drama ‘Book of the House of Gu‘ premiering this April.

Is there someone you want candy from tomorrow?

DiaHaksaeng 2013/03/13 22:46:06

The five panel members of ‘Moonlight Prince‘ bid their program a bittersweet farewell.

The variety show aired its final episode on March 12. At the end of the episode all the members of the show spoke up about their short experience on the show. Jung Jae Hyung said, “I thought that I’d be able to get to know the MCs and the staff for a long time, but I’m disappointed that the time was so short. I was happy that I was able to participate in this program.Brave Brothers added, “I was wondering if I would be able to read books, but I was surprised at myself. It was a time where I was able to think of others and upgrade myself.

Changmin said, “It was a special time where I was able to feed my heart and increase the quality of my life.Tak Jae Hoon merely said, “I was happy.

Kang Ho Dong concluded, “It was short, but the books introduced on ‘Moonlight Prince’ became bestsellers.

After two weeks, KBS will continue on with Kang Ho Dong’s new variety show.

DiaHaksaeng 2013/03/13 14:32:24

‘B’ apologizes to Park Si Hoo

After initially accusing Park Si Hoo of setting out with the intention of sexually assaulting trainee ‘A’ and maybe even drugging her in the process, ‘A’s friend ‘B’ has now offered her apology to the actor and blamed ‘A’ for telling her a different story.

In the continuation of her interview with a media outlet, ‘B’ further explained why she accused Park Si Hoo in the beginning and why she no longer talks to ‘A’.

“Due to ‘A’s lies, even I have become a victim, and Park Si Hoo is also a victim as well… If Park Si Hoo has been victimized due to anything I said, I want to sincerely apologize,” ‘B’ said.

Ever since her initial accusations and the surfacing of the text messages between her and ‘A’ in which ‘B’ told ‘A’ to request for money and bring Park Si Hoo down, ‘B’ has been severely criticized for possibly scheming with her friend for money. To make things harder, her parents have been suffering from much emotional distress lately as well due to all the rumors surrounding the case.

‘B’ shared, “After hearing from ‘A’ that she was sexually assaulted by Park Si Hoo, as an unni, I couldn’t just sit back. She is a close dongseng and we’ve spent time closely for the past four years, so I completely trusted everything that ‘A’ told me… However, during the police investigation and the revealing of KakaoTalk messages, I thought to myself ”A’ has lied to me!’” leading her to make up her mind to apologize to Park Si Hoo. ‘B’ further added, “I hope the truth about this case will be revealed soon.”

According to ‘B’, ‘A’ previously told her “I lost consciousness while drinking” and “I want to know why I was sexually assaulted”. However, as reported earlier, ‘A’ was spotted walking out fine on her own on the CCTV at the restaurant she and Park Si Hoo and his hoobae drank at, and ‘A’ never once mentioned anything about sexual assault in her messages to Park Si Hoo’s hoobae, Mr. Kim. Thus, ‘B’ has come to believe that she has also been a victim of ‘A’s lies.


Park Si Hoo’s former agency (Iyagi Entertainment) sues Park Si Hoo and ‘B’

With ‘A’ suing Park Si Hoo, and Park Si Hoo counter suing ‘A’, ‘B’, and his former agency’s CEO, more lawsuits are here to complicate the matter even further. The actor’s former agency has now counter-sued Park Si Hoo and announced their intention to sue ‘B’ as well.

Iyagi Entertainment‘s CEO was sued by Park Si Hoo on allegedly conspiring with ‘A’ to bring down the actor, harboring ill intentions towards him. ‘B’ further added to the flame when she said that she had heard that Iyagi’s CEO met up with ‘A’ and offered their help in suing Park Si Hoo.

The CEO and his agency have been vehemently denying the accusations stating that the CEO and ‘A’ had only met because the CEO was trying to convince her to settle the matter with Park Si Hoo, not conspiring with her. They previously warned that they would sue Park Si Hoo if it meant clearing up their innocence, and now they have followed up as Iyagi Entertainment’s legal team stated through a press release, “We have sued Park Si Hoo on the 11th.”

The legal team also added, “We will also be suing ‘B’, ‘A’s friend, for defamation of character for making up false stories about Iyagi’s CEO.”


Park Si Hoo’s DNA found in ‘A’s test results, but not Mr. Kim’s (‘K’)

As expected, Park Si Hoo’s DNA has been found in ‘A’s test results. This is to be expected as Park Si Hoo has already openly admitted that he and ‘A’ had intercourse.

However, the police had also wanted to see if Park Si Hoo’s hoobaeMr. Kim or ‘K’s DNA would also be found in ‘A’ on suspicion that Park Si Hoo and ‘K’ might have purposely teamed up to take advantage of ‘A’. But, there was no traces of ‘K’s DNA found in ‘A’.


Source: eToday, Sports Seoul, Xsports, Segye


DiaHaksaeng 2013/03/13 11:54:59

The boys of Super Junior thanked their enthusiastic Indonesian fans for supporting them for a recent performance in the country.

Posting a group photo on member Siwon‘s Twitter account earlier today, Asia’s #1 boy band gathered together to express their gratitude. “Thank you Jakarta!” the posted. “See you at the SUPER SHOW 5 :^)

Super Junior had participated in a recent recording for a KBS ‘Music Bank‘ filming session in the Southeast Asian nation.


Malu 2013/03/11 06:08:57

Actor Hyun Bin recently did a video in which he does the “dusting dance” with his dimpled smile. Hyun Bin is a model for Samsung Smart TVs, and in a recent online advertisement, he does his version of DJ Spider’s “dusting dance” from the Samsung TV All Share commercial, adding his charming smile to the mix. The DJ Spider video clip has gotten more than five million hits on YouTube after only a little over two weeks.

Malu 2013/03/10 02:10:44


Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong recently shared the stage with world-class musicians at the U-Express Live 2013 concert, held in Japan. About 15,000 fans joined the frenzy. The concert, a special collaborative performance hosted by Universal Music, brought together representative singers from five record labels: the Beatles’ Ringo Starr, Kim Hyun Joong, KARA, Far East Movement, Dreams Come True, Perfume, and Naoto Intiraimi.

Kim Hyun Joong performed eight of his hit songs, including “Heat,” “Kiss Kiss,” “Lucky Guy,” and “Your Story.” His dynamic dance performance along with the strong rock-band sound overwhelmed the audience.


Officials from his agency announced, “Kim Hyun Joong is getting global attention by getting his name on the representative list of world-renowned music labels.“

He has successfully completed his Asian and South American concert tours, and has zeroed in on his current Japanese tour,f titled Japan Tour 2013 Unlimited. Japanese fans will be able to see him by the end of March in Tokyo, Sappro, Fukuoka , and Osaka.

NicoleHan 2013/03/05 23:24:38

Last March 1, 2013, 2PM arrived in Manila, Philippines and experienced a warm welcome from their Filipino fans. This is the first time the group have come to the country. On the same day, they held their press conference at Manila Hotel and amused the media partners and press present.

Yesterday, they managed to heat up the atmosphere at their “What Time Is It?: 2PM Live Tour 2013″ held at SM Mall of Asia Arena. Lots of fans went to see them and enjoyed the night away singing, screaming, cheering, dancing and experiencing all kinds of fun.

2PM performed a total of 26 songs including solo stages by each member. Each solo stages left a mark to every fans present. Chansung‘s sensual dance in his solo stage, “Love You Down” earned him deafening screams from the fans. Junho‘s solo stage, “Just A Feeling” made fans dance and dance and dance! Then came Wooyoung‘s solo stage that made female fans faint at his sexiness. Taecyeon meanwhile amused everyone with “It’s Time”. Nichkhun definitely became the epitome of an angel as he sang, “Let It Rain” with a piano accompaniment. And of course, Jun.K amazed everyone with his vocal skills during his performance of “Just One Night”. The VCR played as a present for HOTTESTs touched the heart of every fan present at the concert.

The highlight of the event would be their performance of “10 Points Out of 10″ followed by “Hands Up” wherein the atmosphere was so high, everyone was singing along much to the group’s delight.


NicoleHan 2013/03/05 23:23:35

Kim Jae Joong, a member of the Korean idol group JYJ, topped the German Asian Music Chart in February 2013, according to a report on March 4 by C-Jes Entertainment, the singer’s agency. The song that took the number-one ranking was the lead track, “The Mine,” from his first EP.

His song “One Kiss,” released on the 8th of January, ranked on the i-Tunes Rock Chart in nine countries, including Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and he has gained popularity around the world.

His solo EP took the second place on a Billboard chart and occupied the first place for album sales in Taiwan and Japan. Also, on of his songs spent four weeks atop the Inwetai V Chart, which is published by China’s biggest music-video site.

On February 26, Kim released a repackaged version of his album Y with two electronic dance songs newly added. On March 5, he is going to attend a charity event supported by the Korean Committee for UNICEF as a representative of his group, JYJ.

NicoleHan 2013/03/05 23:21:52

Actress Han Chae Young has announced that she is expecting her first child after six years of marriage. She is currently 11 weeks into her pregnancy and is taking care of her health while continuing to film for the KBS drama ‘Advertisement Genius Lee Tae Baek‘.

BH Entertainment confirmed the good news of the 5th, “Han Chae Young will become a mother after six years of marriage. Although Han Chae Young is currently undergoing a busy filming schedule, her and her baby are both healthy. Han Chae Young and her family couldn’t contain their joy upon hearing the happy news. We ask that you encourage and congratulate her on the happiest moment of her life.”

Despite being pregnant, the actress will continue on with her scheduled activities as long as possible. A representative commented, “Han Chae Young will take on her responsibility of being a new mother by taking care of her health, to continue on with her acting career and look after her family as well.”

Congratulations to Han Chae Young and her family!

Source + image: Segye via Nate

DiaHaksaeng 2013/03/05 13:44:34

With Park Si Hoo‘s side now taking the offense by firing back with lawsuits of their own, trainee ‘A’ and her legal team has revealed the full KakaoTalk message history between ‘A’, and Park Si Hoo’s hoobae, Mr, Kim (‘K’).

Feeling that only certain parts of the KakaoTalk history between her and Mr. Kim, the one who introduced her to Park Si Hoo, was unfairly revealed last week, ‘A’s legal time has now released more of the conversation that took place the day after the night of the alleged sexual assault.

The KakaoTalk history reads as follows:

K (Mr. Kim): Sorry I had to leave earlier, I had stuff to take of at home. Call me when you and oppa (Park Si Hoo) are done hanging out.

K: You feeling okay? (in reference to the night of drinking)

A (trainee): I still can’t sober up..

A: I think I was crazy yesterday ㅜㅜ

A: Ah Ah ㅜㅜㅜ

A: The biggest mistake of my life

K: I didn’t know we’d drink like that yesterday either..

K: I was totally caught up in the mood

K: ㅠㅠ Take medicine since you aren’t feeling well

A: ㅜㅜ And on top of that.. sigh ㅜㅜㅜ

A: Ji Mot Mi (an abbreviation for ‘Sorry I couldn’t protect you’) ㅜㅜ

K: You didn’t make any mistakes

K: It’s fine as long as you had fun

K: Let’s go to the club later

A: Sigh keke you’re going to Club L**, right?

K: Yup

K: Your figure is totally

K: I was really surprised

A: Kekeke ㅜㅜㅜㅜ Are you making fun of me

A: The thing I was more surprised about was why I was on the bed with Park Si Hoo oppa ㅜㅜ

K: Then do you think you should have been with me?

K: I was going to sleep with you guys but the bed was too small, so I just came out into the living room

A: Darn!! ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ Ah ah it was something totally unexpected keke… whew

K: keke I was drunk yesterday too.

K: I’m never going to drink again.

K: You shouldn’t drink either, okay?

A: I usually don’t drink ㅜㅜ but I drank yesterday on purpose because of you!!!

K: Aw really?

K: Rest up first

K: Let’s play later keke

By revealing the entirety of the conversation that took place after the night between herself and ‘K’, ‘A’ hopes to show that the alleged incident did not occur due to natural feelings that had developed between her and Park Si Hoo. ‘A’s reps countered Park Si Hoo’s sides argument, stating, “While playing a drinking game at the suggestion of Park Si Hoo and after drinking a couple of mixed drinks with soju, she lost consciousness. There was no time for them to develop feelings for one another.”

It also goes against what ‘K’ had stated earlier on in the investigations as he had said that he didn’t drink at the time.

In addition, on the account of ‘A’ conspiring with Park Si Hoo’s former agency’s CEO to frame Park Si Hoo, her legal team commented, “There were times that the former agency’s CEO contacted us asking to settle, but there is absolutely no truth to us conspiring with him.”

Park Si Hoo’s former agency also directly denied having anything to do with this case after the news of Park Si Hoo and ‘K’ suing ‘A’ as well as her sunbae ‘B’ and the actor’s former agency’s CEO ‘C’, commenting, “Even after their contract ended, the CEO and Park Si Hoo decided to remain as acquaintances who could offer help to one another in times of need. So in order to do so, the CEO tried his best… Due to various assumptions and false rumors, it seems Park Si Hoo and his side’s misunderstanding has been growing, and led to this lawsuit. We feel very sad and regretful that it has come to this. The CEO will do all that he can, even if it means getting into a lawsuit with Park Si Hoo, to prove his innocence.“

Source: Osen, Herald


DiaHaksaeng 2013/03/05 12:16:29

Get a glimpse of what we’re talking about and listening to at the 6Theory office with this fun feature! We’ll be offering you guys a personal selection of our favorite things from K-Pop.

K-Pop and K-Drama go hand-in-hand, so it’s only natural that many K-Pop Idols venture into acting. It’s a common sight now for our favorite idol singers to expand their role and participate in acting. The crossover effect in K-pop and K-drama’s is usually mutually beneficial. Sometimes the acting role will propel a staggering idol career while on the flip side, TV executives will bring on a well recognized idol singer to help revitalize a fledgling franchise with their built-in fanbase. However, just because you’re a big name doesn’t mean you’re a good actor. This staff pick features who we believe are some of the best idol talents in the acting world today.

After School‘s UEE

UEE happens to be one of the rare idols who can star on a drama and make it into a hit. Even though most idol-dramas are highly popular with the international crowd, they sadly suffer in terms of ratings in Korea. UEE seems to be one of the few exceptions, with ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘ breaking over the 30% rating mark. Even though ‘Jeon Woo Chi‘ didn’t see that big of a success, it still snagged the #1 spot in viewer ratings for most of its run. She also took home multiple rookie awards for her acting in ‘Ojakgyo Brothers’ as the lovely main character Baek Ja Eun, and she and Joo Won acted so naturally they had multiple scandals. Check out a clip below!

Super Junior‘s Siwon

Siwon’s been acting in plenty of dramas including ‘Oh! My Lady‘, ‘Athena‘, and ‘Poseidon‘. But he really showed off his acting chops through ‘The Lord of the Drama‘, where he hilariously played the role of an arrogant top actor. While it’s true that the drama wasn’t stellar in terms of ratings, it was a really big plus for Siwon, who showed that he much more to the table than playing serious, charismatic roles, and that he could be a perfect chameleon to whatever role he played.

2PM‘s Chansung

Chansung may not be the first 2PM member people think of when they think ‘acting’, but he’s proven himself to be the best through his role on ‘7th Grade Civil Servant‘. He completely revamped his image and stole hearts of viewers all around. Of course, it’s always a plus that he has a cool, charismatic character to play, but even with a gift like that. Like Siwon, people might view him as only being able to play certain tough guy roles, so it will be interesting to see how Chansung grows as an actor in the future.

[HD] 130221 MBC '7th Grade Civil Servant' EP 10… by ohudushi

Big Bang‘s T.O.P

T.O.P swept rookie awards with his role in ‘71: Into the Fire‘, and made a huge impact as a cold-blooded, incredibly sexy killer in the original ‘Iris‘. For the most part, all he has to do is smirk and look sizzling, which is what he’s natural at anyway. He took on a more comedic role for ‘I Am Sam‘, and will be playing yet another killer for ‘Alumni‘. Maybe his roles are getting a little redundant, but it’s not a bad idea to stick to what you’re good at. Check him out on ‘Iris’! (With the matching up lyrics as a bonus!)

A Pink‘s Eunji

Eunji gained incredible popularity for her role in ‘Reply 1997‘, not just with her cute satoori but also her freshness as a rookie actress and her incredible chemistry with Seo In Guk. The drama was so great for her that she became a household name overnight and also helped spread awareness for her group A Pink. It gained her roles in the musical ‘Legally Blonde‘ and ‘Wind Blows in Winter‘. She’s tackling the standard dialect this time around, so we’ll have to see if she can keep up her praises. Meanwhile, check out her and Seo In Guk below!

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon

Lee Joon is the only idol of the current generation of K-pop stars to have acted in a Hollywood movie – while that might have been mainly because of Rain, Hollywood doesn’t take its actors just because of connection. He even left behind a famous line – “You shouldn’t do that“, and performed all of his action scenes himself. His acting shone even in the short music videos that MBLAQ had. He finally got a character that was more like his lighthearted yet hardworking self in ‘Iris 2‘, so hopefully he can prove that he doesn’t have to stick to the silent and stoic type to shine.

JYJ‘s Yoochun

Yoochun’s had a stable career since his role on “Sungkyunkwan Scandal“, but unfortunately all of his dramas suffered from low-to-mediocre ratings. But despite this, he’s won an award for Best New Actor in 2011. He even won two Excellent Actor Awards for his 2012 dramas. Yoochun is one of the few idols who have broken free from the ‘idol actor’ stereotypes, so check out a hilarious video of him pretending he can’t sing below!

Malu 2013/03/03 09:23:20

What does it take to be Kim Jong Kook‘s girlfriend? His good friend and actor Jang Hyuk revealed the musclebound singer’s requirements on the latest ‘Entertainment Relay‘.

Jang Hyuk shared, “My good friend Kim Jong Kook recently got a leg injury, so he hasn’t been able to participate in ‘Running Man‘ normally. If he had someone beside him, it’d be better, but because he’s [suffering alone], I feel sorry and worry for him.”

In terms of Kim Jong Kook’s ideal, the actor commented, “She has to be someone who likes spending a lot of time at the gym and loves protein as well as chicken breast meat,” causing laughter.

Do any of you meet the requirements?

Malu 2013/03/03 06:24:58

Although the battle between #1 spot for the Weds-Thurs dramas was initially between ‘IRIS 2‘ and ‘Wind Blows in Winter‘, the latter has once again left the former behind, leaving ‘IRIS 2′ to compete for the #2 spot with ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’.

‘Wind Blows in Winter’ came out as the victor this week, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise, as the melo-drama starring Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung continues to proceed at a speed that viewers are enjoying. As such, it managed to grab 13.9% coming out as #1.

‘IRIS 2′, although it was initially the most hyped drama out of the three due to its action-packed scenes and high budget, the slow story line that seems a bit too similar to the original ‘IRIS’ has turned away viewers leaving it to desperately hang on to double digits, barely managing at 10.1% – coming in at 3rd.

Thus, ’7th Grade Civil Servant’ has once again reclaimed the #2 spot, narrowly beating out ‘IRIS 2′ at 10.6%.

Which of these three are you enjoying the most?

DiaHaksaeng 2013/03/01 14:09:44

JYJ will hold a concert in Japan for the first time in four years.

From April 2 to 4, JYJ will hold a live concert three times at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. It’s the first time for the group to hold a concert in Japan in four years since they held the last one in June, 2010.

C-Jes Entertainment, JYJ’s agency reported, “It means a lot to JYJ because it’s the first official event for the group to hold in Japan after the lawsuit against AVEX was concluded in September, 2010.”

Selling over 170,000 copies of More, the last EP released in Japan in 2010, JYJ attracted over 200,000 people to their concerts at the Tokyo Dome and the Osaka Dome for four days.

JYJ say, “We’re very excited to see our fans in Japan. Because it’s our first concert to be held in Japan in four years, we’ll do our utmost to provide the best concert.”

A person from the performing arts industry in Japan says, “JYJ have been acknowledged as a group that shows off great singing abilities and performing skills. At the news of the group holding a concert at the Tokyo Dome, a lot of people are already inquiring about tickets for the concert.”

In January, AVEX, JYJ’s previous agency in Japan, lost a suit against JYJ. The Tokyo District Court declared that its exclusive management rights to JYJ are invalid. The court also ordered AVEX to pay damages totalling 660 million yen (about 7.8 billion won) to JYJ.

At this, AVEX appealed against the decision, but JYJ are actually free from the agency.

C-Jes Entertainment created JYJ’s official account on Naver on February 28. It’ll deliver news about JYJ to fans in thirteen countries in Asia and Europe in five different languages – Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English, and Vietnamese.

NicoleHan 2013/03/01 13:26:03

JYJ revealed how they felt during the 4 years of lawsuit with SM Entertainment.

In the interview with their new magazineThe JYJ‘, the subject of leaving their former label, 4 years ago in 2009 was brought up. Yoochun said, “Our label at the time, SM Entertainment, must have suffered, but if we look back at it now, we’re the ones that suffered even more. We used to think, ‘This, too, will pass’.

Junsu added, “It was really hard on us, but all we could do was bear with it.

Jaejoong reminisced, “All we could do was silently maintain our position. If we said something, it could be misunderstood, and if we said it wasn’t true, we would seem like cowards, so we couldn’t do anything.

The JYJ‘ magazine was recently released chronicling thoughts they have kept to themselves for 1000 days. It contains 139 pages in all including their various interviews which lasted a total of 25 hours.

On their past 1000 day experience, the members said, “There were a lot of hard things to endure over the past 1000 days, but we can say we were honestly happy. We had to work hard and there were unexpected obstacles, but we were able to grow and learn that much more.

Malu 2013/03/01 09:26:07

Jackie Chan surprised the viewers on ‘Knee Drop Guru‘ by revealing that he could have married a Korean woman that he dated for 8 years.

On February 28th, Jackie Chan guest starred on MBC‘s ‘Knee Drop Guru’ and shared various stories of his life. During one segment, the subject of Jackie when he lived in Korea was brought up.

He shared, “From ages 18 to 20, I lived in Myung Dong, Korea. I wasn’t famous back then and I went to Korea to work as a stunt double. There was a curfew set in place and the only places that were open at 4 am were night clubs. I fell for a woman there and talked to her often.”

He continued, “There weren’t any cell phones back then. I was in Hong Kong and my girlfriend was in Korea, so when I wanted to call I had to go to the telephone company. When I called her, I would say things like ‘honey’, ‘is it cold in Korea?’, and ‘Kiss.’ However, I became busy and didn’t have the money to call so over time we naturally grew apart. If it was easy like it is now to make phone calls, I would’ve married her.”

Meanwhile, Jackie Chan is promoting his new movie ‘Chinese Zodiac‘ where viewers can get a taste of his real action moves.

Malu 2013/03/01 09:22:58

Actor Song Seung Hun revealed how he is doing by uploading a picture.

On February 28, Song uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “Hello Singapore.”

In the picture, Song looks chic in a leather jacket and sunglasses. He showed off his manly charms with his sharp chin.

Netizens commented: “Song Seung Hun is still so handsome.” “The picture looks like a pictorial.” “Handsome.” “He is so charismatic.” “I look forward to ‘When A Man Loves.’”

Song Seung Hun will appear on MBC’s When A Man Loves, which will be broadcast in April.

Malu 2013/03/01 09:18:02

There is some unfortunate and surprising news from singer and entertainer Eun Ji Won, and it comes in the form of a press release by his agency, revealing that the star and his wife have actually divorced.

The agency belatedly revealed the news on the 28th, writing, “Eun Ji Won and his wife Ms. Lee, who married in Hawaii back in April of 2010, divorced in August of 2012. Due to differences in personalities, the two had a difficult time adjusting to one another and just decided to make fresh new starts and go on their separate ways.”

As this bit of information has been revealed 6 months after the divorce actually took place, the agency also offered their response to the delay in delivering the news: “In order to protect the privacy of Ms. Lee, who is a non-celebrity, we didn’t publicly announce it when the divorce actually took place. So that Ms. Lee can continue to retain her privacy and lead her life as normal even now that the divorce has been revealed, we hope there will not be too much attention and maintained interest in this.”

“Eun Ji Won spent some time with his parents after the divorce, but he is back to living on his own now, and is focusing on getting ready for new music releases and broadcast activities,” they concluded.

Source: XsportsNews, Newsen

DiaHaksaeng 2013/02/28 18:46:54

If you were a fan of the original ‘1 Night 2 Days‘, we have some good news for you: the producer of the famed variety program has announced that he will be launching a new variety show!

After moving agencies to CJ E&M last December, producer Na Young Suk – who led the KBS program until its replacement by a ‘Season 2′ last year – will be starting a new program early this year, if everything goes according to plan.

“We have finished planning the writing team, and we’re in the process of preparing for launch,” he said. “If everything goes right, it looks like it’ll debut in the first half of this year. We’re holding idea meetings every week.”

The new program will also mark the return of writer Lee Woo Jung, who was a part of the original ’1 Night 2 Days’ team and recently scored a massive hit with the enormously successful ‘Reply 1997‘.

What do you think the new program could be about?

Source: Newsen via Nate


DiaHaksaeng 2013/02/26 15:48:58

Yes you heard it right! Korean hearttrob Hyun Bin will be in Singapore this April to meet the fans! Hyun Bin rose to fame in 2005 when he acted in the Korean drama My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. His popularity further skyrocketed after his 2010 hit drama Secret Garden. At the peak of his career, Hyun Bin enlisted into the military in March 2011. The “Hyun Bin Fever” never goes away even though the artist left the entertainment scene for 2 years. Fans across the world waited patiently for their idol and rejoice when Hyun Bin was discharged from the military in December 2012. To date, Hyun Bin continues to be one of the most sought after commercial models and actors.

Despite his tight schedule due to many projects on hand, Hyun Bin sets fan meeting as his top priority. Hyun Bin has only held fan meeting in South Korea and Japan. For the first time, he is traveling in Asia between March and April to meet and greet his fans. Singapore is the final leg of Hyun Bin First Asia Fan Meeting Tour. Fans were surprised and overjoyed when Faith & D Entertainment released news that Hyun Bin will be staging a fanmeet to meet his fans in Singapore. It is indeed a dream coming true to fans in Singapore to meet the superstar up close and personal.

This fan meeting promises a fun-filled evening and an emotional connection experience with Hyun Bin. Fans will be “wow” by the elaborate concert stage and the special effects specially created for the event. Hyun Bin will unleash his singing talent during the fan meeting. There will also be a lot of interaction between the artist and audiences. Hyun Bin Fan Meeting Tour In Singapore is definitely an event not to be missed!

So take out your calendar and mark down the date! Hyun Bin First Asia Fanmeeting Tour in Singapore will be held on 27th April at The Max Pavilion. This event is organized by Faith & D Entertainment and O& Entertainment, and produced by Superdome Production Co., Ltd.
For more infos regarding the fanmeet and ticketing, please visit Faith & D Entertainment’s facebook page here.

Source : Faith & D Entertainment ,

NicoleHan 2013/02/26 13:45:50

JYJ will donate all profits from their appearance at KBEE (Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo) to UNICEF.

On February 26, C-Jes Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, reported that JYJ will donate all profits from KBEE 2013 to the Korean Committee for UNICEF on March 5 at 2:00 p.m. Jae Joong will personally make the donation.

JYJ were named honorary ambassadors for Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo, which was held in Osaka, Japan, in November last year.

Despite their hectic schedule, they did a lot of work as honorary ambassadors, so they even won commendation from the Knowledge and Economy Minister.

Jae Joong said, “JYJ members were really happy to be able to participate in KBEE last year. We now want to help the poor. By making a donation to UNICEF, we want to give comfort to the poor children all over the world.”

Park Dong Eun, the president of the Korean Committee for UNICEF, says, “JYJ have participated in many events for KBEE as honorary ambassadors while they were busy with their schedule. I was very surprised by the news that they donated all profits from the events. I believe they can certainly give hope to the society.”

Kim Byung Kwon, the director of KOTRA, says, “The world is paying close attention to Hallyu. I believe such a social contribution JYJ have made will attract more attention to Hallyu from the world. KOTRA will do its utmost to make a positive contribution to the extension of Hallyu with such warm-hearted Hallyu stars as JYJ.”

Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo is sponsored by The Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and hosted by KOTRA and KOCCA. For three days, over 30,000 people and over 800 buyers and investors visited the expo.

NicoleHan 2013/02/26 13:44:14

On the 25th, media outlet ‘Sunday Seoul‘ reported an exclusive interview with ‘B’, a person said to be the best friend to trainee ‘A’ and was present on the night of Park Si Hoo sexual assault scandal.

In the interview, ‘B’ reported that Park Si Hoo and his hoobae had not had a sip of any of the alcohol, and had only told ‘A’ to drink. ‘A’ reportedly drank only one bottle of soju, and ‘B’ asserted that there was no way ‘A’ could get drunk from one bottle, and that there must be drugs involved because ‘A’ had felt different than usual. ‘B’ also reported that ‘A’ had sent a text message to her parents saying that she’d go home soon, but had lost consciousness in the car.

Also, ‘B’ reported that Park Si Hoo already had a condom on when ‘A’ opened her eyes in the morning, and his hoobae touched her while she was naked. However, these statements seem to be a little different from the previous reports by ‘A’, who claimed she had already been sexually assaulted when she woke up. ‘B’ also mentioned in the interview that Park Si Hoo had worn a mask from when he was coming out from the apartment, so he had been planning the assault from the beginning.

However, Park Si Hoo’s side slammed the interview as being completely fabricated from ‘A’. His new law firm said, “As you already know, Park Si Hoo’s alcohol tolerance is very low. But on the day of the incident, Park Si Hoo drank about 10 shots of soju over the course of 3 hours. Therefore, the reports that he didn’t drink anything are false.” They also confirmed that Park Si Hoo always wears a mask coming in and out from the apartment so he wouldn’t be recognized, and that this fact could be checked through the daily footage of CCTV.

Not only so, but the new law firm added, “‘A’ said that she had lost consciousness for about 13 hours when she went into Park Si Hoo’s house and came back out during her investigation, but she seems to remember all the very minute details about Park Si Hoo that would be used against him that people wouldn’t normally remember, so her account is not very believable. Her articles use terms such as that she felt fuzzy, insinuating as if the National Forensic Service’s results had already come out that drugs had been used against her, so we very suspicious about her comments.

They added on, “‘A’ went home perfectly fine at around 2PM after the incident, and you can confirm this through CCTV footage. Not only so, but she texted Park Si Hoo’s hoobae multiple times afterwards.

However, although there has been no official decisions made, it seems that the favor could be tipped for Park Si Hoo now, as test results from the National Forensics Service showed that no traces of any drugs were found in ‘A’. Because ‘A’ had asserted that there was no way she could have gotten so drunk with just one bottle of soju, the investigators had taken samples of her hair, urine, and blood to be sent to the National Forensics Service to check for traces of any date-rape type drugs. All of her tests came out to be negative.

There is still a possibility that the drugs had been flushed out of her system by the time the tests were conducted. Forensic experts said, “If it had been less than 24 hours since the incident, the drugs will have most likely still remained in her system. However, after 24 hours, it is highly possible that the drugs would have dissociated in her system or have been flushed out.

Source(s): TV Report,, New Daily via Nate

Malu 2013/02/26 08:21:45

Actress Song Ji Hyo recently fascinated Gary with her cute action.

On the episode of SBS TV’s Running Man that aired on February 24, actor Lee Dong Wook and actress Han Hye Jin appeared as guests.

Gary, Song, and Lee Kwang Soo played hide-and-seek at a restaurant as a mission, and Gary determined the order to play the game.

Realizing that becoming the first player is not good, Song acted cute in front of Gary, pushing out her lips. Gary got embarrassed, but Song kept acting cute, making him feel good.

Gary eventually designated Song as the last player, and Lee became the first player. Lee got laughs by saying, “You two can’t be together even if you do this.”

At the end, Gary, Haha, and Han Hye Jin won the race.

NicoleHan 2013/02/25 13:29:24

JYJ’s Yoo Chun recently visited China in celebration of Daeboreum.

On February 24, Yoo Chun attended a special festival for Daeboreum in China. He performed the main theme song of MBC TV’s drama series Missing You, which is currently popular in China, and said hello to the audience in Chinese.

Yoo Chun also said he would like to appear in a Chinese film. He said, “I want to work with actress Tang Wei and director Chen Kaige.”

Yoo Chun came to China on February 23 at 10:00 p.m. to attend the festival. As he’s very popular in China along with his drama series, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, The Rooftop Prince, and Missing You, nearly 1,000 fans swarmed over to the airport to see him.

NicoleHan 2013/02/25 13:27:39

Dogged by a sexual assault scandal, actor Park Si Hoo has appointed a new defense counsel, as well as requesting a delay associated with his case.

On the afternoon of the 24th, his new law firm, Pureumae, announced that their client would not be attending the scheduled police interrogation session, due to be held later today. “Actor Park Si Hoo, due to circumstances, will not be going to the interrogation that had been scheduled for 7 PM today,” the firm stated.

“This afternoon, Mr. Park Si Hoo has named us as the defense lawyers for his case. We are planning on mounting a stronger defense than before and going on the offensive,” they said.

“According to the regulations behind the transfer of a prosecution case and its investigation, we have decided that this case, currently under investigation at the Gwangju Seobu Police Station, would be better served at the Gangnam Police Station. Today, we have filed paperwork asking for a transfer,” they said.

“Due to the circumstances and due process surrounding the above move, our client could not attend the interrogation session scheduled for today. We apologize and ask that people refrain from speculation,” Pureumae concluded.

“Park Si Hoo pledges to go forward with full and honest cooperation with the police, and this law firm will do everything in our power to defend the actor and his pride. We will update the public on any further developments after consultation with our client.”

Before today’s sudden change, Park Si Hoo had been represented by lawyer Lee Duk Min, who had specialized in celebrity cases.

Source: Star News via Nate

Malu 2013/02/25 03:45:24

The SBS program ‘Running Man‘ will be broadcasting next week what is sure to be an epic episode, together with extra-special guests Jackie Chan and Super Junior‘s Siwon!

The ‘Running Man’ cast members exploded in surprise at seeing the world-famous actor and Chinese action star in person. What could the show possibly have in store for one of the world’s most well-known stuntmen? Tune in next week to find out!

Malu 2013/02/25 03:42:32

A picture of JYJ member Yoochun relaxing in a private jet to China has been revealed!

On the 23rd, JYJ’s Facebook uploaded the above image with the caption, “Park Yoochun’s 24-hour visit to China! Park Yoochun’s 007 operation for a 2-day live broadcast in China! Does the expression [he makes while sitting] inside the chartered plane make you curious? We are only slightly revealing this much.

Although the caption teases the fans, leaving them much to be desired, it has been reported earlier this month that Yoochun will be attending China’s Lantern Festival special TV program, titled ‘Yuan Xiao Jie Show‘, as a guest star.

The ‘Yuan Xiao Jie Show’ is a program hosted by the crew of Chinese variety show ‘Happy Camp‘. It is a highly popular program that has ranked number one in terms of popularity for fifteen years. Yoochun will be attending as the Korean celebrity representative.

Malu 2013/02/25 01:57:55

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong was greeted by 800 fans when he arrived in Brazil.

According to his agency, Key East, on February 24, Kim arrived in Brazil through Sao Paulo International airport. This day, hundreds of Brazilian fans waited for Kim’s arrival.

Kim left for Brazil to represent other Korean singers for the event, 50th anniversary year of immigration between Korea and Brazil. When the news of Kim coming has spread, 800 Brazilian fans came to the airport in the early morning to greet him. Kim greeted his fans with a bright smile.

On February 24 at 50th anniversary year of immigration between Korea and Brazil, Kim will be performing “Breakdown” and “Lucky Guy.” Later on, he will travel to Lima in Peru to hold his solo fan meeting.

Malu 2013/02/25 01:52:48

Actor Gong Yoo recently posed for a new spring and summer advertisement.

Gong re-signed the contract with the outdoor brand Discovery Expedition for two consecutive years. In the advertisement, Gong is in a hot-air balloon, floating high above the ground.

When the hot-air balloon rose into the sky, Gong drew a lot of attention from the childlike look on his face.

He wore a fresh blue windbreaker jacket and showed off his appeal as a fashionista. Gong did a perfect job portraying pleasure and a refined image of the brand.

An official for the brand says, “We wanted to make the advertisement look fun and exciting. Gong has a happy and refined image, which works in great harmony with outdoor activities.”

Gong re-signed his contract with the coffee brand Kanu last year. He is also keeping himself busy working as a representative for the business casual brand Mind Bridge for four consecutive years.

Malu 2013/02/22 07:06:18

Actor Lee Dong Wook proved that he can be sexy in a pictorial for ‘W Korea‘.

Lee Dong Wook gave a serene vibe with his blue fashion and swooned the ladies with his tough expression. He was able to make fans forget about his friendly image as a past MC on ‘Strong Heart‘ and the female staff members who attended the photo shoot become mesmerized by his sexy charisma.

Netizens commented, “He is sexy”, “Where can you find men like him?”, and “I’m mesmerized by his charisma.”

Its no wonder Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica couldn’t keep his hands off of him during their kiss scene on ‘Wild Romance‘. But it seems like Lee Dong Wook will enter a new love line with Song Ji Hyo for upcoming drama ‘Mandate of Heaven‘ to premiere this April.

Malu 2013/02/21 08:46:24

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon recently said hello to his Taiwanese fans.

On February 20, Choi posted a picture on his Weibo account with the comment, “Long time no see, Taiwanese friends. We’ve just arrived!”

In the picture, Choi is smiling for the camera in a turtle neck sweater and wearing glasses. His hairstyle, which looks very spikey, drew a lot of attention.

People who saw the picture responded: “Welcome.” “Your hair looks sharp.” “He looks like a boss.” “I can tell that he is a rich boy.”

Super Junior-M will hold a fan party on February 21 and 23 in Taiwan and on February 24 in Chengdu, China.

Malu 2013/02/21 08:08:06

Everyone knows Kim Hyun Joong is a representative of the ‘flower boy’ trend, but he took it a step further for his photo spread with ‘High Cut‘.

The singer-and-actor dazzled fans with his ‘flower’ smile, adding on actual flowers for the full effect. The theme of the photoshoot borrowed from his trademark ’4th dimension’ character. As expected of Kim Hyun Joong, he managed to even make an old-style vacuum cleaner and a paper bag look good.

Check out his spring photoshoot below!

20130220_kimhyunjoong_highcut 20130220_kimhyunjoong_highcut2 20130220_kimhyunjoong_highcut3

Image(s): High Cut
Tip: Muriel

Malu 2013/02/21 07:49:29

Hyun Bin is planning to appear on the screen.

On Feburary 18, Hyun Bin’s agency reported, “Hyun Bin is currently thinking of appearing in a movie as his next project. For now, he’s not thinking of appearing in drama series.”

It was reported earlier that Hyun Bin is currently planning to work with Lee Kyung Hee, who wrote the hit drama series Nice Guy. Regarding the news, a spokesperson for Hyun Bin said, “Hyun Bin hasn’t decided anything yet, but he’s thinking of appearing in a film as his next project.”

Getting discharged from the military service in December last year, Hyun Bin hasn’t decided his first project after the discharge yet.

Receiving a lot of attention with his role in the drama series Secret Garden, which aired in 2011 before he started doing his military service, Hyun Bin is currently one of the top actors in Korea.

Except for shooting a TV commercial after his discharge, Hyun Bin hasn’t done any official projects, yet.

NicoleHan 2013/02/19 09:24:55

Julien Kang and Yoon Se Ah recently said that they are considering leaving MBC’s We Got Married.

On February 18, each spokesperson for Yoon and Kang said, “We came up with an idea for leaving the show while we were arranging our schedules. We haven’t set any details yet.”

The exact date for their shooting hasn’t been set. They said, “We don’t know when we are going to record the show but we will follow our original shooting schedules.”

Yoon and Kang have been appearing on the show since last August. The couple showed off their sweet appeals by calling each other ‘Shoulder’ and ‘Cherry.’ On the February 16 episode of the show, they had a Korean traditional wedding ceremony.

After Oh Yeon Seo and MBLAQ’s Lee Jun left the show, Go Jun Hee and 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon replaced them on the show as an imaginary couple. The real musician couple Jo Jung Chi and Jung In may appear on the show after Kang and Yoon leave the show.

NicoleHan 2013/02/19 09:23:55

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong took a self portrait right after his concert.

On February 17, Kim tweeted a picture with the comment, “I had fun in Thailand. I’m taking a break because I caught a cold.”

In the picture, Kim is posing for the camera with a tired look on his face, right after performing the concert. Even though he looks tired, his unique charisma drew a lot of attention.

People who saw the picture responded: “Good luck on your Asia tour.” “You look beautiful working hard as a musician and actor.” “Be successful with the rest of your concerts.” “I hope you will feel better soon.”

Kim held the ‘Your, My, and Mine’ in Ilsan on January 26 and 27. Then he went on an Asia tour on February 17 in Thailand.

NicoleHan 2013/02/19 09:22:22

Kim Jae Dong revealed a funny picture taken with Lee Gwang Soo.

On the afternoon of February 18, Kim uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “Communion.”

In the picture, Kim is feeding grass to Lee Gwang Soo, also known as the “giraffe” on SBS’s Running Man. Unlike Kim, who is smiling brightly, Lee’s stiff look evokes laughter.

Netizens commented: “Are you having a meal with the giraffe?””You two look good together.”“I can feel how much you love the giraffe.”

Currently, Kim and Lee appear on SBS’s Healing Camp and SBS’s Running Man respectively.

NicoleHan 2013/02/19 09:19:41

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon was recently selected as the richest idol.

The February 18 episode of SBS’s Good Morning made a list of rich idols, who are keeping themselves busy performing as musicians.

On the show, Choi was selected as the richest idol. He previously appeared on MBC’s Radio Star and talked about his father’s financial power.

At the time, Leeteuk said, “Choi is the richest idol. He always says that he will take care of everything if our group members get in trouble. He says that he will talk to his father. I feel so relieved.”

JYJ members, who are known to have luxurious cars and houses, ranked second and KARA’s Goo Hara, who drew a lot of attention by buying a house worth 1.1 billion won, ranked third.

BoA, who is known to have an expensive building in Cheongdam-dong, and Big Bang’s G-Dragon, who makes hundreds of millions of won by producing songs, ranked fourth and fifth.

Malu 2013/02/19 07:36:06

Super Junior‘s Siwon has been ranked as the wealthiest idol.

On February 18, SBS‘ ‘Good Morning‘ gathered the wealthiest idols in the industry to rank them in order.

Siwon earned the top spot and is known for his wealth from being a Super Junior member, as well as his family background. On MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, Leeteuk had shared, “Siwon is the number one in wealth out of all the idols. When something happens to Super Junior members, Siwon always says, ‘I’ll take care of it‘.” He also revealed on ‘Strong Heart,’ “Siwon ranked first in Super Junior’s earnings in 2011. Since he shoots many CFs in Thailand, China, and Taiwan, we can’t catch up to him.”

Then Eunhyuk added, “No matter how much we earn, it’s less than how much Siwon already has.”

Siwon was followed by JYJ‘s Junsu in second, KARA‘s Hara in third, BoA in fourth, and Big Bang‘s G-Dragon in fifth place.

Malu 2013/02/19 07:28:08

MBLAQ’s Lee Jun recently expressed his feelings about leaving MBC’s We Got Married for the first time.

On February 7, Lee attended a press conference for KBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday series Iris 2 in Seoul and made short remarks, “I’ll do my best.”

When he was asked about leaving the show and the note that he left on his fansite, he answered shortly, “I’ll work hard and do my best.”

Lee previously left the show with actress Oh Yeon Seo.

The new series is about revealing the secret organisation Iris and Mr. Black three years after Hyun Jun (played by Lee Byung Heon) died on the previous season.

The series will air on February 13 when the current airing series Jeon Woochi goes off the air.

NicoleHan 2013/02/08 02:30:35

Super Junior’s Yesung uploaded a self-taken picture.

On the afternoon of February 7, Yesung uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “With Siwon who is meditating^^”

In the picture, Yesung is wearing black rimmed glasses and looking at the camera with an elegant look. Behind Yesung, Siwon is closing his eyes with his head down.

Netizens commented: “Yesung looks so charismatic.” “Is Siwon really meditation? Isn’t he sleeping?” “Where are the other members?” “He is so handsome.”

Previously on January 31, Super Junior was double-crowned at 22nd High One Seoul Song Festival.

NicoleHan 2013/02/08 02:29:02
width="270" class='aligncenter' src='' alt='image' width="270" width="270" style='font-size: width="270" February 7, the cast of KBS’s new series width="270" width="270" style='font-size: width="270" including Jang Hyuk, Lim Soo Hyang, Yoon Doo Joon, and Lee Da Hae appeared on width="270" Together width="270" style='font-size: width="270" width="270" style='font-size: width="270" Lee Da Hae, who had previously announced herself as a vegetarian, began talking about why she had to give up meat in the first place. She said, “My face began swelling up a lot, so I went to see an oriental medicine doctor. The doctor said I should never eat meat width="270" width="270" this diagnosis, she posted on a social networking site that she had become a vegetarian and stopped eating meat. Unfortunately, the problem only worsened, “The swelling never went down, and I felt more exhausted without meat in my diet. So I went to a different doctor who said I had to eat meat to feel better.”
NicoleHan 2013/02/08 02:27:20

As it just turned February 3rd in Korea, fans of both Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun and miss A‘s Jia celebrated their birthday.

Fans of Kyuhyun took to Twitter to trend the hashtags #조규현생일축하해요 (Cho Kyuhyun Happy Birthday) and #HappyKyuDay while fans of Jia trended the hashtag #HappyJiaDay. All three tags were under Worldwide Trends (non-tailored) while #조규현생일축하해요 enjoyed being the #1 non-promoted hashtag.

Jia turns 24 while Kyuhyun celebrates his 25th birthday. Happy Birthday to both Kyuhyun & Jia!

Malu 2013/02/03 08:19:17

As previously reported, 2PM‘s Taecyeon is said to be in talks for a ‘world version’ of the popular faux-marriage variety program ‘We Got Married‘, and now there is word on who his partner may be if the idol does indeed star in the show.

According to a report, an insider from the Taiwanese entertainment industry revealed, Wu Ying Jie [stage name: Gui Gui] has been confirmed to appear as Taecyeon’s on-screen wife on ‘We Got Married – World Version’… The contract has already been completed, and she is waiting for the filming date.”

Wu Ying Jie, who is also known as Gui Gui, is a Taiwanese singer and actress, who debuted as part of the idol group ‘Hey Girl‘. Since then, she has been active in the entertainment industry taking on acting roles as well as MC roles. She is also said to speak three languages including her native language as well as Japanese and English.

Regarding the report, JYP Entertainment told one media outlet: “Taecyeon is still not confirmed for the ‘world version’ of ‘We Got Married’. He is still looking over the offer… MBC has not revealed any information to us, so we don’t know anything [regarding his rumored partner]. As of now, Taecyeon is still looking over it.”

To another source, they commented, “Several stars are in consideration to become Taecyeon’s partner. Wu Ying Jie is one of them, but nothing is certain…. Everything will probably be confirmed next week.”

As mentioned before, the ‘world version’ of the show will star two couples with one member of each couple being from Korea, and the other member being from overseas.

Once filming is completed, the show is planned to be broadcast in many countries, but whether it will be broadcast in Korea as well, is unknown at the moment.

In related news, KARA‘s Nicole is said to be the other idol in consideration for the same ‘world version’ of ‘We Got Married’ and is currently in discussion about taking on the offer.

Source: TVReport, Newsen, Star News

Tip: Xesyre

NicoleHan 2013/02/01 12:39:57

Comedian Park Myung Soo revealed an instance when he shed tears.

The January 31st broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Happy Together‘ aired ‘the Weak Men’ special with guest stars, Kim Tae Won, Lee Yoon Suk, Yang Sang Kook, and INFINITE‘s Sunggyu.

During the episode, Yang Sang Kook commented, “I shed tears while watching a human documentary which is more of a real program than dramas and movies. How can you watch that kind of a program and not cry? If you don’t cry after watching that documentary, you’re not a human.

MC Park Mi Sun replied, “Park Myung Soo didn’t cry. He never cries.” and talked about Park Myung Soo, who is known for his lack of tears.

Park Myung Soo made the guests erupt in laughter by revealing, “I don’t cry as long as I don’t experience physical pain. When I got double eyelid surgery, I cried buckets.

NicoleHan 2013/02/01 12:39:17

2NE1′s Park Bom recently talked about the performance she gave without wearing shoes.

On January 31, Park performed “I Love You” at the 22nd Hi One Seoul Music Awards, which was held at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium in the Olympic Park. While she was singing, one of her shoes suddenly came off, and she just finished the performance with bare feet.

Park tweeted, “Today was a very special day! I was really surprised! One of my feet was cooled off. I think it will be part of my valuable memories. I was surprised, but other members were so funny. CL seemed to say okay to me and try to encourage me. After the performance, she said she kept an eye on me because she was worried about me.”

People who read Park’s comment responded: “Park Bom was so passionate with bare feet. She was so professional.” “I think Park Bom knows how to enjoy on stage.” “Park Bom is the best.” “I think the other members were also very surprised, but they were all professional.” “Congratulations on winning the award.”

2NE1 received the Artist of the Year at the 22nd Hi One Seoul Music Awards.

NicoleHan 2013/02/01 12:37:42

SISTAR’s unit group SISTAR 19 ranked first as soon as they released their new song.

On January 31, the song “Gone Not Around Any Longer” was released at noon and ranked first on several music sites, including, Melon, Bugs, Cyworld, and Soribada.

The unit group composed of Bo Ra and Hyo Lyn also received an explosive response with their song “Ma Boy” in 2011. Nineteen represents the transition between an innocent girl and sexy lady.

Bo Ra and Hyo Lyn will give powerful yet sexy performances. They will dance with transparent chairs, which make them look like they are sitting without chairs.

Hit song maker Brave Brothers, who composed many songs, including, “Push Push,” “So Cool,” and “Ma Boy” for SISTAR, was in charge of the unit group’s new songs as well.

The song ”Gone Not Around Any Longer” is a hip hop portraying a fading love. A girl is turning into a lady after she experienced painful love.

Bo Ra was recording a New Year’s special for MBC, The Idol Track and Archery Championship, on January 28 when she injured her legs competing in a 700-meter race. However, she will be able to perform as a member of the unit group.

NicoleHan 2013/02/01 12:29:13

On January 31, KBS made an official announcement on reasons why they decided not to air the TV series City Conquest through their network.

KBS said, “We are very sorry that the production company for the series insists that our decision is an agrivation. They even said that we are feeling constraint in the new government, which is completely not true.”

“We held four meetings to review the series and whenever the series receives a suspension we asked the production crew to make the series stronger.”

“However, the recent proposal that they handed in for the latest meeting is insufficiently competitive and contains a lot of violence to air through public broadcasters. That’s why we decided not to air the series,”

“We clearly stated in the letter that if the script for the series is insufficiently competitive, it is not allowed to air. Even though we made the decision through our official process, the production company is insisting that we are cowing to the new government. They also used an expression we consider a defamation of character.”

KBS added, “We are determined to sternly deal with the claims that the production company made.”

NicoleHan 2013/02/01 12:27:15

Miss A’s Suzy uploaded a cute picture.

Previously on January 27, Suzy uploaded a picture on the Chinese Twitter, Weibo with the caption, “Miss A appears on Zhejiang Satellite TV’s 我爱记歌词 at 10:00 p.m today. Don’t miss it!”

Suzy with long, wavy hair is looking at the camera. Unlike her innocent look, she gave an angry look at the camera.

Netizens commented: “You are lovely even with the angry look.” “Your beauty shines.”

Miss A attended the recording of Zhejiang Satellite TV’s 我爱记歌词 on January 26.

NicoleHan 2013/02/01 12:26:07

Kim Hyun Joong, Ailee, Baechigi, and Ongals will be performing in Brazil for the ‘2K13 FEEL KOREA‘ event.

The ’2K13 FEEL KOREA’ event is being held to commemorate the 50th year of Korean immigration into Brazil, and will feature a K-pop concert, a non-verbal performance, and various other Korean culture classes. The event will have makeup classes to teach the ways to apply K-pop’s trendiest makeup and to teach Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” dance.

The concert itself will take place on February 24 at the São Paulo at the Clube Esperia. The show will include Kim Hyun Joong, Ailee, and Baechigi. Ongals is a non-verbal performance team that participated at the Edinburgh Festival and gained the highest score for two years in a row.

On February 25, the participants of the events will visit a children center in São Paulo to give them gifts and spend time with them.

Amel_Lin 2013/01/31 06:44:13

Changmin‘s 19+ rated comment surprised the other panel members of ‘Moonlight Prince‘.

On the January 29th episode, a discussion on the Shakespeare tragedy ‘King Lear‘ came up. As the variety show that revolves around books, there is a segment where viewers can quiz the panel. The prompt was, “When I look at men, I find myself looking at their noses. I realized why there is a nose in between our eyes after reading this book.“. To this, Changmin said, “Noses are important to men. People say noses represent men“.

Changmin also added, “I heard that if your nose is big, it means good luck“. However, Brave Brothers (Kang Dong Chul) said, “There is another meaning as well“, teasing Changmin. Changmin hesitated for a moment, but added, “I heard that if a man’s nose is big, the man also has a lot of [sexual] energy“, causing the studio to explode in laughter.

Malu 2013/01/30 05:24:05
width="270" class='aligncenter' src='' alt='image' width="270" width="270" Lee Dong Wook spoke about chagrin he had before he debut as an width="270" width="270" the episode of SBS’s width="270" width="270" that aired on January 29, Lee opened up, “I came across an actor when I was an extra. I always arrived first at the set. One day, I found a famous actor before my eyes. I was so excited that I walked up to him and said hello. I didn’t expect him to know about me, but never expected he turned me cold shoulders. He said, ‘What’s this?’ with an annoyed look. That really humiliated me, and then I though I would give extras nice and polite greeting when I become a width="270" width="270" Secret’s Song Ji Eun also talked about the hard times she went through when she was a width="270" width="270" class='entry-copyright width="270" width="270" width="270"
Malu 2013/01/30 05:18:18

Lee Gwang Soo and Song Ji Hyo recently demonstrated the growing-tall exercise.

On January 29, Smile ENT, the importer of the animated film Marine Police Marco, which will be released on February 14, released a video of Lee and Song demonstrating the growing-tall exercise.

The exercise demonstrated by Lee, who has long arms and legs, and Song, who has a slim body, is easy for young kids to follow because it’s simple and fun.

Starting with a movement of raising both arms over the head and swinging from side to side, Lee and Song spread their arms over their heads, bend their knees and stand up, make a circle with their arms, and shout, “Yeah!” in a cheerful voice.

People who saw the video responded: “Can I grow up like Lee Gwang Soo if I follow the exercise?” “Kids, go ahead and do the exercise.” “It’s funny because Lee Gwang Soo does it.”

Marine Police Marco is a story about a timid yet righteous marine policeman named Marco struggling to protect the world of monkeys. Lee voiced over Marco, and Song voiced over Lulu.

NicoleHan 2013/01/29 15:56:11

Actor Hyun Bin was recently spotted in a recording room.

On January 29, Samsung Electronics released some pictures of Hyun Bin narrating the TV commercial for the Samsung Smart TV in a recording room.

In the pictures, Hyun Bin is wearing a headset in a recording room. He seems to be concentrating on the work, checking the part he needs to narrate with a pencil and putting some air in his cheeks.

Since January 19, he has appeared on TV through the TV commercial for the Samsung Smart TV.

He’s currently reviewing some scripts to make a decision for his next project.

NicoleHan 2013/01/29 15:52:25

A group picture of Super Junior has been revealed.

On January 28, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “We have just finished! We are the Super Junior. See you all at Myung-dong on January 30.”

The members of Super Junior’s unit, Super Junior-M, Sungmin, Ryuwook, Choi Siwon, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Henry and Chomi are all posing in training pants. They showed off their friendliness by posing in a silly way with comical expressions.

Netizens commented: “Everybody in Super Junior look so bright.” “The training pants are pretty.” “I want to play with you too!” “Why in Myung-dong?”

Malu 2013/01/29 05:30:00

JYJ‘s Jaejoong successfully held his first solo concert with 16,000 fans.

Jaejoong held his first concert, ‘Your, My, and Mine‘, in the form of a mini-concert and a fanmeeting on January 26th and 27th at the Ilsan Kintex.

The concert was separated into 3 parts. During the fanmeeting, he played rock-paper-scissors with his fans, and gave presents to those who won. He even acted out various roles per his fans requests. He cooked for his fans and personally fed some of his fans, and revealed some personal cell phone photos. Jaejoong paid close attention to any fan who had something to say to him, and sang without background music for his fans as well.

He also had a phone video camera chat with Junsu on the 26th and Yoochun on the 27th. The members were surprised by the sudden call, but revealed their everyday life and even revealed songs they’d been working on.

Jaejoong sang “Mine“, and other songs with his live band, as well as other famous songs from the past. He also sang “Only Love“, a song he composed but had not revealed. He said, “I was so happy to be with you guys for 2 days. I’m touched by all the love you gave us. I’ll hold this in my heart and always bring more, better songs. I’ll respond back with a warm heart. Thank you so much.

Jaejoong will be going on an Asia tour next, starting with Thailand in February.

Malu 2013/01/29 05:26:06

Moon Geun Young and Park Si Hoo recently expressed their feelings about completing a TV series.

SBS series Cheongdamdong Alice went off air on January 27 and their last shooting scene was aired on the January 28 episode of SBS Good Morning.

Moon said, “I feel like I’m going to be an unemployed starting tomorrow. And I also feel like that I have to shoot the series tomorrow too.”

Park also said, “I wanted to finish shooting the series when I had to work overnight but now I feel sad. Thank you for loving the character that I played on the series. Please place your hopes on me and love me.”

On the last episode of the series, Cha Seung Jo (played by Park) accepted Han Se Kyung (played by Moon) as his love and had an happy ending.

NicoleHan 2013/01/28 20:32:45

f(x)’s Victoria recently took self portraits in Taiwan with food.

Victoria posted pictures that she took with food in Taiwan on January 26 and 27 on her Weibo account and drew a lot of attention.

She took the self portraits with dumplings, bubble tea, and a piece of strawberry cake with a satisfied look on her face.

She also commented on each picture, “Huge bubble tea in Taiwan. I will go to Changsha tomorrow.” “I finished performing successfully. Thank you I was happy to see many of you.”

People who saw the pictures responded: “You came here to eat.” “Eat a lot.” “I don’t know if her face is small or the bubble tea is big.” “She always looks pretty.”

f(x) attended the Red and White Entertainment Awards in Taiwan on January 26 and went to Changsha to shoot the Chinese variety show Happy Camp.

NicoleHan 2013/01/28 20:30:52

On January 29, Lee Joon Gi is to release his new album both in Korean and Japan, simultaneously.

Early on January 27, IMX that manages the actor reported that Lee’s new album which is scheduled to be released on January 29 was prepared with utmost secrecy.

About the album, the agency said, “It’s made for his fans and in our hope of becoming a small present for them. He recorded the album not intending it to give performances as a singer, but more like keeping his fan meeting tours entertained which are to be held in and outside the country.”

The title for his new album is “Case by Case” which is abbreviated as “CBC.” The title track is “Lost Frame” and reveals his intention to challenge himself to and enjoy many things, not restricting to one thing and become obsessed by it.

According to his agency, Lee has included many different genres such as ballad, rock, and electronic in the album, as well as new metal and hybrid in which hip hop, rock, and lyrical are effectively combined together.

The title song which is to be released in Japan is “Tonight.” It is a sweet love song written by Lee Joon Gi in which he hops that the love-at-first-sight would come true.

For now, the star is revising thoroughly on the selecting his next work. Last year, he appeared in MBC’s Arang and the Magistrate that closed in October.

NicoleHan 2013/01/28 15:44:20
width="270" class='aligncenter' style='font-size: 14px' src='' alt='' align='center' width="270" the wee hours of January 26, actor So Ji Sub gave a surprise performance at the concert of hip-hop group Soul Dive, held at a club in Hongdae area, width="270" made a visit to support the band, which participated in his second EP, width="270" released on January width="270" performed 2 songs, “Eraser,” a title track of his latest EP and “Pick Up Line,” a single released in width="270" released several hip-hop albums, the singer and actor showed off his rapping skill, significantly enhanced through being tutored by a member of Soul width="270" music video of “Eraser,” featuring Yoo Seung Ho and Park Shin Hye, received a lot of attention on its release for the top stars width="270" class='entry-copyright width="270" width="270" width="270"
NicoleHan 2013/01/28 15:43:01

MBLAQ’s Lee Jun recently expressed his feelings.

On January 23, Lee wrote a note on his fansite, “Am I a robot? Who am I working for? I’ve had enough and I have opinions too. Did anybody apologize to me? I feel bad deceiving and since I’m a human, I can’t lie to people and they know I’m lying.” The note was deleted soon but it has been spreading through several social networks.

On the same day, Lee’s agency, J. Tune Entertainment, said, “The note uploaded on an official fanstie was written by Lee. He is very busy and wanted to seek a compromise with us.” The agency admitted that it’s was all their fault.

Since Lee is well known as a talented performer, he has a tight schedule appearing on variety shows, movies, and TV series, recording songs, and performing abroad.

Lee asked the agency to give him enough time to do his work sincerely.

The agency said, “We couldn’t do a good job listening and responding to what he wants. Lee wanted to give the public better quality performances. But since he got so tired physically and mentally, he ended up expressing his emotions carelessly.”

“We were a little puzzled but we can understand him as our family member. We will do our best for Lee so that he can do his work sincerely in good condition.”

NicoleHan 2013/01/23 23:31:06

The official posters of KBS 2TV’s new drama series Iris 2 were recently released.

On January 23, the production team of Iris 2 released a teaser poster and two different official posters of the series, which features seven different characters in the series.

In the posters, the seven actors and actresses show off a charismatic look with an exploding airplane in the background. The charismatic look in their eyes increase expectations for the battle they’ll have in the series.

Iris 2 is a sequel to the hit drama series Iris, which aired in 2009. It’s an action drama series about NSS agents tracing the identity of Mr. Black and Iris, who have penetrated into the governments of all countries.

The series stars Jang Hyuk, Lee Da Hae, Lee Beom Soo, Oh Yeon Soo, Im Soo Hyang, B2ST’s Du Jun, and MBLAQ’s Joon and will start airing on February 13 after Jeon Woo Chi goes off the air.

NicoleHan 2013/01/23 23:28:18

Actor Kim Soo Hyun and miss A’s Suzy recently shot a commercial together.

An online community posted several pictures with the caption, “Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy are shooting a commercial for Beanpole in Bangkok.”

In the pictures, Kim and Suzy are shooting a commercial in Bangkok, Thailand. They look energetic and peaceful while shooting the commercial.

The two were perfect partners for each other. Kim and Suzy are two of the most handsome and beautiful entertainers, who have the ability to make ordinary pictures look like pictorials.

People who saw the pictures responded: “Kim and Suzy look so good together.” “They are handsome and beautiful.” “Are those not pictorials?” “They are the best couple.” “Men envy Kim and women envy Suzy.”

Kim and Suzy flew to Thailand on January 21 to shoot a commercial for the clothing brand Beanpole.

NicoleHan 2013/01/23 23:26:53

Some pictures taken at a birthday party of JYJ’s Jae Joong were recently released.

On January 22, Hong Seok Cheon uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “At Jae Joong’s birthday party. It was really fun. All of Jae Joong’s friends came to the party and celebrated his birthday.”

In the pictures, Jae Joong is enjoying his birthday party with his friends, including Hong. He’s especially attracting a lot of attention by showing off his clean-cut features and sharp chin line.

Soon uploading another picture, Hong commented, “Song Seung Hun, Jung Seok Won, and director Lee Jae Han also came to the party and had a great time.” In the picture, actors Song Seung Hun and Jung Seok Won are in a friendly pose.

People who saw the pictures responded: “Jae Joong has a lot of popular celebrity friends.” “Happy birthday, Jae Joong.” “Jae Joong is so handsome.”

Jae Joong’s birthday is January 26, but he had an early birthday party because of his hectic schedule.

NicoleHan 2013/01/23 23:24:49
width="270" class='aligncenter' style='font-size: 14px' src='' alt='' align='center' width="270" January 19, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun attended the Standard Chartered Beneficial Voice Festival, held at the Coex, in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The singer and actor received a lot of attention with a crew width="270" unexpected short hairdo sparked some suspicions that he’s slated to join the army. His agency, however, explained: “There’s no special meaning with his short hairdo. He just wantend to get a new hair style for a change after width="270" width="270" came to the width="270" responded: “He looks gorgeous with crew-cut as he has such a small, handsome face.” “I thought he was ready to join the army.” “Park looks fabulous whatever hairdo he width="270" Standard Chartered Beneficial Voice Festival, which is held on January 19 & 20, is a contest selecting 100 people, who will take part in the production, with the JYJ member, of audio books and movie explanations for the width="270" class='entry-copyright width="270" width="270" width="270"
NicoleHan 2013/01/20 15:58:26

On January 19, it is reported that Lee has been managing a construction for a detached house in Jeju Island since last year. She was fascinated by beautiful features of the island and often visited the place, but it was not until recently that she decided to build a house there in order to visit that place more often and comfortably enjoy her time there. The house does not seem to be fore residence, rather a place for leisure.

Her agency took a cautious position about the news. It told Starnews, “It’s about her personal life, so we don’t really know about the details, but it’s true that she’s building a house in Jeju. Our guess is that she will still live in her current home even if the construction is completely since she’s involved in many activities in Seoul.”

As taken from a view of her agency, there is more chance for her to stay in Seoul to carry out her work as a celebrity, but visit her new house in Jeju to revitalize herself.

The star is currently working on her new album which is scheduled to be released in spring.

NicoleHan 2013/01/19 21:21:40

H.O.T and Sechskies, the ’1st generation idols’ who were brought back to mind through the drama ‘Reply 1997‘ and swept the hearts of fan girls all across Korea during the 90s, have hinted on their possible comebacks!

H.O.T’s former leader Moon Hee Jun who recently made a comeback with new solo single “Scandal” revealed, “All of the members want to reunite. The only issue is that since all of our agencies are different, we are in a situation where we can’t move based on only our thoughts.”

He also revealed that they had previously set a comeback date in mind, but that it is currently delayed to another date. “Honestly, our comeback date was set for September 7th this year. We were  discussing in detail about our comeback last year, but currently it has been delayed. We want Moon Hee Jun, Tony An, Jang Woo Hyuk, Kangta, and Lee Jae Won to reunite and show our charms as H.O.T on stage.”

Sechskies’ Kang Sung Hoon, who had been caught up in several scandals last year, also hinted on his group’s possible comeback as he commented, “I want to show the re-emergence of Sechskies to our fans. After resolving the incidents, I want to repay the faithful fans through promotional activities.”

Sechskies’ representatives clarified Kang Sung Hoon’s statement and confirmed, “It is unknown whether all six members will make a comeback. There are members who completely retired from the entertainment industry and members who honestly don’t have the desire to reunite. However, we will prepare [for a comeback] in the best direction possible to not tarnish the name of Sechskies.”

H.O.T. made their highly successful debut back in 1996 and disbanded in 2001 while rival Sechskies made their debut in 1997 and disbanded in 2000.

bratzjzel 2013/01/17 14:40:49

Last time, news of BoA coming back to the Japanese music industry have made her fans excited. It was revealed that she will be making a comeback with the Japanese version of her Korean song, “Only One”. There will be two versions of album that will be sold, the CD only version and the CD + DVD version. Recently, a short audio of the song had been released making fans anticipate it more. The album will drop on the 27th of February 2013.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Source: TheQueenofKpopMusic

NicoleHan 2013/01/15 10:31:35
width="270" class='aligncenter' style='font-size: 14px' src='' alt='' width="270" Thousand Days’ width="270" star Kim Rae Won recently recalled his first love, which he said was all-consuming.
NicoleHan 2013/01/15 10:30:04

Actress Han Ji Min recently dyed her hair brown and red.

An online community posted a picture with the caption, “A picture of Han Ji Min taken today.”

In the picture, Han is showing off her new brown and red dyed hairstyle. The two toned hairstyle is very popular these days.

Her beautiful appearance received considerable attention. Pink makeup complemented her lovely appeal and her moisturized skin also drew a lot of attention.

People who saw the picture responded: “She’s so pretty.” “I want to see her in person.” “She still looks feminine with two toned hair.” “She is definitely a goddess.” “I can only say that she’s beautiful.”

Han is currently considering her next job after appearing on SBS Rooftop Prince.

NicoleHan 2013/01/11 13:56:04

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun gave Yoon Eun Hye a triple kiss.

On the nineteenth episode of MBC’s Missing You that aired on January 10, Han Jung Woo(played by Park Yoo Chun) visited Soo Yeon(played by Yoon Eun Hye) who is falsely accused of being a murderer and kissed her saying, “Tteokbokki, sundae, and cider.”

Soo Yeon’s mother(played by Song Ok Sook) was at the spot with them. So Han Jung Woo also kissed Kim Myung Hee on the cheek saying, “Aren’t you jealous?” He only kissed her once and said, “This much for the lover.”

Kim was embarrassed at first but expressed her jealousy by saying, “Why did you kiss me only once?” Jung Woo answered, “I have to save my lips for later.”

In the same episode, Hwang Mi Ran(played by Do Ji Won) said that she doesn’t need money or anything and regrets meeting Han Tae Joon(played by Han Jin Hee.)

NicoleHan 2013/01/11 13:54:30
width="270" class='aligncenter' src='' alt='' width="270" Junior’s Choi Siwon was recently snapped enjoying himself by pretending a director of width="270" January 8, Siwon posted a photo of himself on his weibo page with the caption “In the middle of filming Yinyuefengyunbang.” Recently, his group, Super Junior-M appeared in the music show on Hunan TV, in width="270" the photo, the Super Junior heartthrob seems to be working with a camera. The singer and actor himself looks camera-ready particularly in the monochrome photo, which actually looks like a width="270" Junior-M is currently promoting its second studio album, width="270" width="270" in width="270" class='entry-copyright width="270" width="270" width="270"
NicoleHan 2013/01/11 13:52:38
width="270" class='aligncenter' src='' alt='' width="270" Yuri has showed off her perfect abs.
NicoleHan 2013/01/11 13:52:00

Yoo Seung Ho’s acting is getting more and more improved. He’s perfectly portraying a psychopath in his 20s.

In the January 11 episode of the drama series Missing You, all the crimes committed by Hyung Jun (played by Yoo Seung Ho) get revealed by Jung Woo (played by JYJ’s Yoo Chun). Hyung Jun is found to be a scary person who has committed murder since he was a child. He has murdered a lot of people, but he never feels guilty.

Hyung Jun is a complicated character. The trauma he suffered when he was a little child controls his mind. He’s got wealth and power that can control everyone, but he gets controlled by the childhood trauma. He’s a rational person who quietly plans for revenge, but he’s also a romantic man who only loves Soo Yeon (played by Yoon Eun Hye).

Yoo Seung Ho didn’t portray the character perfectly from the first time. However, his acting improved rapidly. Yoo is very potential because he’s only twenty years old. Many viewers are wondering what kind of ending Yoo’s character will bring to the series.

NicoleHan 2013/01/11 13:51:15

Hyun Bin will be returning to the public eye through a coffee CF.

On January 10th, Lotte Chilsung Drinks stated, “We have recently signed on Hyun Bin as the new face of Cantata. After the drama ‘Secret Garden‘ ended and Hyun Bin voluntarily entered into the Marine Corps his popularity soared. We felt that he was our best model and we have been in frequent contact for quite some time.

Cantata is a popular canned instant coffee line that comes in various flavors.

They added, “So far, Cantata has been signing the best actors such as So Ji Sub and Lee Min Ho who are popular with the young demographic. Hyun Bin has finished his enlistment and has the image of a top male actor. Cantata will be writing a new ad story line with him.

The coffee CFs featuring Hyun Bin will begin airing in February.

ryan 2013/01/11 09:22:55

Jung Woo (played by JYJ’s Yoo Chun) and Soo Yeon (played by Yoon Eun Hye) have a date on a snowy field on MBC TV’s drama series Missing You.

On January 9, the production company of the series released some still photos of the scene. In the photos, Jung Woo and Soo Yeon are walking on a snowy field, holding each other’s hands. Even though they’re not doing anything special, they look happy because they can smile together at the moment.

The production company says, “The scene shows that Jung Woo and Soo Yeon can be happy as long as they’re together. However, Harry (played by Yoo Seung Ho) is currently framing a murder on Soo Yeon, so please look forward to the next episode to see whether or not they can have a happy ending.”

NicoleHan 2013/01/09 18:51:07

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is showing off his power in the overseas charts with his new solo venture.

His first solo “One Kiss,” which was released on January 8, ranked first on the iTunes in five countries, including, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, on January 9.

An official for his agency says, “Kim’s sweet voice and perfect harmonies go well with the powerful sounds of the trendy song. It’s refined melodies are also receiving a lot of attention from North America and Europe. He will top the music charts all over the world with his solo EP.”

Kim will release his first solo EP Mine on January 17. The EP includes various rock genres of songs.

NicoleHan 2013/01/09 18:49:02

Super Junior M recently held a press interview in Beijing, China.

According to Super Junior M’s agency, Super Junior M held a press interview at CGV International Theater in Beijing, China, on January 7. They held the press interview in advance of releasing their second album, Break Down. Such major Chinese news sources as MTV, Honam Satellite TV, Dongnam Satellite TV, Sina, Sohu, Wangi, and Yinyuetai attended the interview.

Two hundred fans of the group, selected previously on a first-come first-serve basis, received a chance to see the interview. Despite the cold weather, they stayed up all night in front of the theater to see the group. As too many people swarmed over to the theater, officers from the Public Security Bureau in China were sent to the place.

Super Junior M appealed to the interviewers with their friendly charms in fluent Chinese. They introduced “Break Down,” the lead track of their new album, and talked about some behind-the-scenes stories about the making of a music video of the song. Donghae and Kyuhyun performed part of the song.

Super Junior M will hold fan meetings all over Asia, starting in Nanjing, China, on January 19.

NicoleHan 2013/01/09 00:02:57

JYJ’s Yoo Chun recently said he cries everyday as MBC TV’s drama series Missing You is almost over.

In the series, all the clues to the kidnapping of Jung Woo (played by Yoo Chun) and Soo Yeon (played Yoon Eun Hye) fourteen years ago have been revealed, and the murderer who killed Sang Deuk and Sang Cheol has been revealed to be Harry (played by Yoo Seung Ho). As the story is going to the climax, the actors are also doing their best.

On January 8, C-jes Entertainment, Yoo Chun’s agency, reported, “Yoo Chun cries everyday because of the role he plays in the series.”

In the fifteenth episode, Yoo Chun tries to calm Soo Yeon in his arms when she cries, and in the sixteenth episode, he gets comforted by Soo Yeon as he cries because of his greedy father.

He also cries a lot whenever he is with Soo Yeon’s mother (played by Song Ok Sook).

Yoo Chun says, “I feel so sad whenever I meet people appearing in the series. When I was shooting a scene of Song Ok Sook saying to Jung Woo, ‘I missed you so much today,’ I almost cried. It was one of the saddest scene I’ve ever shot. Please look forward to the last three episodes of the series.”

NicoleHan 2013/01/09 00:02:22

SHINee’s Min Ho, f(x)’s Sulli, MBLAQ’s Lee Jun, and ZE:A’s Kwang Hee will appear on a special idol actors episode of SBS Running Man.

On January 8, an official for the show said that the idol stars are currently shooting the Running Olympic 2013 at Incheon International Airport and elsewhere.

Several online communities posted pictures of the idol stars playing games with the show members in ice hockey uniforms.

Min Ho, Sulli, and Kwang Hee have appeared on SBS series To The Beautiful You and MBLAQ’s Lee Jun has appeared on the movie Ninja Assassin and he will appear on KBS series Iris 2.

NicoleHan 2013/01/08 23:59:37

Kim Jaejoong had made headlines with news of his solo debut as a singer following the footsteps of his fellow member, Kim Junsu. Jaejoong surely knows how to make his fans happy with the release of teaser photos and a video teaser showing his preparation for his first solo album. Following it, he also pre-released a track in his album titled “One Kiss”. The song is about a sad story of a young man that is quite unforgettable. The song consist of drum playing, fuzzy bass, rock elements and Jaejoong’s husky voice making it sound sad and dark.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Source: BubbleFeetGravityCH3|YT

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MBC Wednesday-Thursday series Missing You decided to air one more episode.

On January 8, MBC said that the series will air an additional episode, which makes twenty-one episodes in total and the series will go off air on January 17.

The production crew for the series said, “We will make the series perfect for the audience by airing an additional episode.”

The TV series 7th Grade Civil Servant starring Choi Kang Hee and Joo Won will start airing on January 23 after the current airing series Missing You goes off air.

NicoleHan 2013/01/08 23:57:43

Singer Rain who is currently serving the army, has been placed under probation.

On January 8, Ministry of National Defense placed celebrity soldier Rain who created a stir by violating the decree on military service, under seven-day probation.

According to the Ministry of National Defense, Rain did post-production editing three times: November 23, December 2 and 9 for a new song in Cheongdam. After the work was done, he met Kim Tae Hee in private and came back to the army in her car, violating the decree on military servie.

Besides the usual training and education, Rain who has been placed under seven day probation, will have time to reflect upon his mistakes instead of doing his regular duties. As for disciplinary actions, there are demotion of rank, confinement, restriction on a furlough and probation. The disciplinary action probation that Rain is under is the lowest level of action.

Previously on January 1, a media revealed that Rain who is serving the military is in a relationship with Kim Tae Hee. He has been captured riding Kim’s car and returning with a paper back in his hand. Therefore the vacation hours of Rain became an issue and created a stir.

NicoleHan 2013/01/08 23:56:01

Why did Han Ga In’s 2013 calendars become a hot issue online?

A behind-the-scenes story of making calendars with Han Ga In’s photos attracts a lot of public attention lately.

The calendar was revealed through the posting uploaded on an online community board with the title “The goddess shots of Han Ga In on the new year’s calendar.” An online community of DC Inside called “Han Ga In Gallery” designed it.

There is a reason why Han’s calendar is so special. When she learned that her fans were making a special calendar of her, she took several shots herself and sent them from Japan.

Her self-portraits look as if they were professionally shot. In one of the pictures, she turns sideways and appeals with her best charm whereas she makes a cute pose as she eats something in her earplugs in another.

Netizens who saw the posting gave enthusiastic response: “Her calendar looks fabulous. She looks beautiful.” “I like her care for her fans.” “She looks like a goddess in her calendar. Yeon Jeong Hoon must be a happy man.”

NicoleHan 2013/01/05 16:15:17

On January 4, CNBLUE released a teaser photo for their teaser video on their official teaser website. In the picture, each member poses individually. Jung Yong Hwa holds his hand to his mouth with a serious look on his face, and Lee Jong Hyun is smiling at the camera. Kang Min Hyuk looks sad, and Lee Jung Shin is holding a rose.

The group’s agency, FNC Entertainment, said, “We are planning to release four teaser videos by the four members on January 7 at midnight.”

On January 14, the 3rd anniversary of their debut, CNBLUE will come out with a new song written by Jung.

NicoleHan 2013/01/05 16:10:29
width="270" class='aligncenter' src='' alt='' width="270" a recent TV appearance, Super Junior’s Leeteuk sent a message to 4Minute’s Hyun Ah. On the episode of MBC’s width="270" TV Entertainment width="270" that aired on January 4, the Super Junior leader, currently serving in the army, identified himself as Park Jung Soo (his real name) as he openly spoke about what girl groups mean to soldiers in the army. He confessed, “Only recently, since I joined the army, have I realized how pretty and sexy girl groups are. Hyun Ah is one of the best. She is such a great comfort to me. I hope with all my heart that all girl groups will be more active and prosper this width="270" also talked about the musical width="270" in which he appears as a soldier. “I’ve found musicals really fascinating. I think I want to do more of them after I’m width="270" produced by the Ministry of National Defense in commemoration of 60 years since the end of the Korean War, is playing at the National Theater of Korea from January 9 to 20, 2013. The website is The musical also stars Ji Hyun Woo, Kim Moo Yeol, Kim Tae Woo, 8eight’s Lee Hyun, and Supernova’s Yoon width="270" class='entry-copyright width="270" width="270" width="270"
NicoleHan 2013/01/05 16:08:00

I’m back with a new post about Hangul (한글)!~ Today I’m going to talk about pronunciation or 발음. Hangul is a phonetic alphabet. This means that each character is always pronounced the same and it is very simple to read. HOWEVER, as a learner of the Korean language, you will find that, sometimes, Koreans’ pronunciation [...]

NicoleHan 2013/01/05 16:05:11

A few days after the report of actress Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo being involved with one another, ‘We Got Married‘ has made their official decision regarding what to do with the Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Joon couple of the show.

The production staff of the show revealed, “After the report of the relationship scandal between Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo, the production team met with Oh Yeon Seo and confirmed whether it was true.”

According to the staff, Oh Yeon Seo is said to have told them “Lee Jang Woo and [I] are just close sunbae-hoobae and we have no romantic feelings for each other at all, and the relationship scandal is not true at all.”

They continued, “From what we have found, the relationship scandal is not true. Therefore, Lee Joon-Oh Yeon Seo couple will not be leaving the show and will continue with broadcast and filming as normal.”

This comes after the varying statements released by Oh Yeon Seo’s representatives and the official press release statement that had stated, “They’ve only spent time with each other about 2~3 times with acquaintances present, so we can’t say they’re officially in a relationship.”

What do you make of all this?

Source: Newsen

NicoleHan 2013/01/05 16:02:40

Lee Seung Gi‘s “Looking Back” is still going strong by topping Billboard‘s ‘K-Pop Hot 100‘ chart for the sixth consecutive week, setting a record!

According to Billboard on the 4th, “Looking Back” has consistently ranked #1 on the ‘K-Pop Hot 100′ since its release back on November 22nd. The single has even surpassed Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” and IU‘s “You And I“‘s outstanding record of maintaining the #1 spot for five consecutive weeks.

Trailing behind is Girls’ Generation‘s “Dancing Queen” in 2nd place, Akdong Musician‘s “You Are Attractive” in 3rd, and B2ST‘s Yoseob‘s “Caffeine” in 4th.

DiaHaksaeng 2013/01/04 10:54:45

Baek Ji Young has released her music video for new single “I Hate It“!

Renowned pianist Yiruma and composer 2FACE, who have teamed up as ‘Mind Tailor’,  have written and composed the single, lending a hand to the soloist’s anticipated comeback.

WS Entertainment stated previously, “Baek Ji Young and Yiruma’s collaboration is their first project [together] through which the two artists’ were able to express their common musical and emotional understanding. ‘I Hate It’ is more than just a ‘cross-over’ of classical and popular music, but it is a ballad song based upon Yiruma’s trademark ability to bring out emotions with and Baek Ji Young’s sorrowful voice added on to form a beautiful melody with a story.”

Check it out below!

Amel_Lin 2013/01/03 12:49:22

Here comes news about another real life celebrity couple for it’s been revealed that actors and co-stars, Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo, are dating!

The two currently star in MBC‘s popular drama, ‘Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming‘ and much like their characters on screen, who are developing feelings for one another (well more Oh Yeon Seo’s character than Lee Jang Woo’s at the moment), are revealed to be in the midst of a blossoming relationship!

They were spotted enjoying what looks to be a date as they snuggle up close to each other in the cold weather while enjoying each other’s company. The two have been allegedly enjoying secret dates with Lee Jang Woo dropping off Oh Yeon Seo at the end of their dates and Oh Yeon Seo even apparently blowing a kiss at him to show her thanks.

The photos are said to be from the 26th, the day after Christmas, captured after they finished eating. As co-stars, they had lot to discuss about their current project and are thought to have developed feelings for one another as they both shared same goals of helping out in the success of the drama.

One broadcast insider commented, “Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo are currently meeting well. I think they got close having met often to film their daily drama. Since there isn’t much of an age gap either and they share similar interests, it seems they were able to connect.”

Another insider commented, “Since the two must lead the daily drama until May, I think they’ve become really close. They are also sunbae and hoobae of Dongguk University.”

Oh Yeon Seo’s agency confirmed the news as they commented, “It seems they are currently getting to know each other and started seeing each other about a month ago.”

Another person affected by this news is Oh Yeon Seo’s current on-screen ‘husband’, Lee Joon of MBLAQ, whom she is currently starring with as wife and husband on variety show, ‘We Got Married‘. With the outbreak of the news, the representatives of ‘We Got Married’ are at a loss of what to do at the moment. One staff member remarked, “This is the first time while filming in ‘We Got Married’ that a relationship scandal has been reported. We will be holding a meeting to discuss this.” Currently, all eyes are on whether Oh Yeon Seo will be withdrawing from the show.

Stay tuned for updates!

20130103_ohyeonseo_leejangwoo5 20130103_ohyeonseo_leejangwoo4 20130103_ohyeonseo_leejangwoo3 20130103_ohyeonseo_leejangwoo2 20130103_ohyeonseo_leejangwoo1 20130103_ohyeonseo_leejangwoo6 20120102_leejooncrying2 20130102_leejoon_crying1

Lee Joon, what will you do now?

Now Playing- It’s WAR – MBLAQ

Source: Sports Seoul, TVDaily, TVDaily(2)

Amel_Lin 2013/01/03 12:39:41

MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday series Goo Ga Eui Seo will air when Horse Doctor goes off the air.

On January 2, MBC reported that the new series will follow the current airing series Horse Doctor.

The new series starring singer Lee Seung Gi and miss A’s Suzy is about a half human and half animal named Choi Gang Chi trying to become a human. Even though he can’t become a human, he tries his best to live a human life.

Writer Kang Eun Kyun, who has become popular with Glory Jae In and King of Baking Kim Tak Goo, and producer Shin Woo Chul, who has worked for A Gentleman’s Dignity, Secret Garden, and On Air will work together.

Lee, who will appear on a historical series for the first time, will play the role of a half human, half animal. Suzy will play opposite Lee.

NicoleHan 2013/01/02 23:36:04

Some pictures of Han Ji Min taken before she attended an award ceremony were recently released.

On December 31, some pictures of Han that were taken before she attended the 2012 SBS Drama Awards were uploaded on an online community board.

In the pictures, Han is wearing a black chiffon dress to attend the awards. However, she looks somewhat different from the look she showed at the awards.

Sitting on stairs, Han is attracting attention with the bottom part of the dress. Holding the floaty chiffon dress, she’s having a bright smile on her face. She looks like a goddess.

Han received the Best Actress Award and the Best Couple Award on the day.

NicoleHan 2013/01/02 23:34:13

Leessang‘s Gary made a promise to ‘Running Man‘ viewers at the ‘2012 SBS Entertainment Awards‘.

After winning the Excellence Award (along with fellow member Ji Suk Jin), Gary stood on the stage and delivered a short thank-you speech.

“Thank you. At first, this country boy who had only done music for 10 years decided to try variety because he wanted to see celebrities,” he said.

“Now, I’ve become a mature celebrity myself. I want to say thank you to the ‘Running Man’ producers and members who made me into one. Next year, I won’t try to quit the program, but work hard instead.”

Check out their comments below!


piepoi 2012/12/31 14:12:40

JYJ’s Jae Joong recently talked about his thoughts on receiving the second Best New Actor Award.

On December 31, Jae Joong tweeted, “The second Best Actor Award. I’ll take it as encouragement. I appreciate director Han Hee and director Oh Hyun Jong, Chang Joo from C-jes, Yoo Chun, and Jun Su. I love you. I also appreciate all the fans who have supported JYJ! Thank you so much.”

Playing the role of Kim Kyung Tak in the drama series Doctor Jin, Jae Joong received the Best Actor Award at the 2012 MBC Drama Awards. After receiving the award, Jae Joong said, “I’m so nervous. I’m also very happy to receive this award, which is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for actors.”

Jae Joong received the New Star Award at the 2011 SBS Drama Awards.

piepoi 2012/12/31 14:09:51

Pictures of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday series Missing You were released on December 26.

In the pictures, Park Yoo Chun and Yoon Eun Hye are wearing the same red mufflers and walking along the street sharing in the Christmas spirit.

Yoon looks surprised but Park is smiling at her while putting his arm on her shoulder. They look like a real couple and it made the audience wonder what will happen on the series.

Park’s smiling face and sweet behavior captured many female fans’ hearts.

The production crew for the series said, “Even though the weather was so cold, Park and Yoon performed perfectly as Jung Woo and Soo Yeon for the series. They went on a Christmas date and realized each other’s feelings but their harsh reality will make the series sorrowful. Please tune on the fourteenth episode of the series.”

The fourteenth episode of the series, in which Park and Yoon go on a Christmas date, will air on December 26 at 9:55 p.m.

NicoleHan 2012/12/26 22:43:53

2012 proves to be a year of achievements for G-Dragon. This time, he earned the recognition of being the Best Dressed Celebrity of the Year. In a poll conducted by the Chosun Ilbo, 25 fashion designers and stylists were asked who they felt were the leading trendsetters of the year. The top 15 advanced to the second round of voting, where the top 10 were decided.

G-Dragon, the leader of world renowned group Big Bang, came first with 10 votes. Establishing himself as a fashionista early in his career, he is known for his wide range of styles, from street fashion to luxury, and is said to be capable of making any piece of clothing his own.

In second place is actress Ko Joon Hee, getting six votes for being sophisticated and bold. Experts said that she makes clothes look more beautiful with her well-proportioned body, and she knows how to create her own style without the aid of stylists.

Sharing the third spot  are actor Song Joong-ki and actress Kim Nam-joo with five votes each. Song looked neat and trim in the film “A Werewolf Boy” and TV drama “The Innocent Man,” which suited his natural and subtly edgy image. Kim, who appeared in KBS soap “My Husband Got a Family”, created a buzz with the clothes she wore to the set. Experts praised her improved fashion sense and attention to detail when matching her clothes to the occasion.

Actress Ko So-young, who still appears in commercials for cosmetics, clothing and fashion accessories after childbirth, and actress Jung Ryeo-won, who looked natural in unique outfits on TV drama, shared fifth place with four votes each. Both pay a lot of attention to matching accessories and bags to their body shape and clothes.

Actors Gong Yoo and Yoo Ah In, who both worked on TV dramas this year, received three votes each and came seventh. Both actors love trying on different clothes and know what suits them, both.

Ninth place was shared by rapper Psy and actors Ryoo Seung Bum and Jang Dong Gun. According to the experts, Ryoo knows how to maintain his own style in both the public and private sphere, while Jang is very versatile when it comes to styling. As for Psy, he “is the only male celebrity who know what to do with tuxedoes,”

Source: Chosun Ilbo

NicoleHan 2012/12/26 16:29:01

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently showed off a stylish look at an airport. On December 5, a fan of G-Dragon uploaded a picture of G-Dragon at an airport on G-Dragon’s fan site GD World.

In the picture, G-Dragon is having red hair, which is different from the hairstyle he had when he promoted “One Of A Kind” and “Crayon,” the tracks from his second solo material. In a dark olive green knit shirt and a woolen rider jacket, he’s showing off a stylish look.

What attracted the most attention from people who want to copy G-Dragon’s fashion style was the red ribbon on his right chest. The red badge, which matches his hair color, gave an accent to his look.

Big Bang’s Taeyang, T.O.P, and Seungri were also spotted wearing the badge, so many people were wondering what it is.

Some of the people looked into what exactly the red ribbon is, and it was found out that the red ribbon is a badge that proves the person who is wearing it is a fan of the Special Olympic Games for the mentally challenged. At this, many people enthusiastically responded to Big Bang’s warm hearts.

The red ribbon is also part of Be a Fan, a campaign sponsored by the 2013 Pyeongchang Special Olympic Organizing Committee and Coca Cola to encourage people to pay attention to the Special Olympic Games.

Big Bang recently held a concert in the UK on December 15 and in Japan on December 22 as part of their world tour, Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012.

NicoleHan 2012/12/26 16:25:05


The hottest Korean actors that has marked their names on the TV screens and cinemas through their agency Storms Company: Song Seung Hoon and Jo Hyun Jae had set aside a special hello through their respective official Facebook pages, and was shared by their company. We have missed these 90s heartthrobs, and with this we also hope for them t release projects and activities soon! Meanwhile, watch them say hello below:


Which other actors or actresses would you like to be greeted in the end of 2012?

NicoleHan 2012/12/26 16:09:15

JYJ’s Jae Joong has recently decided when to release his first solo material and is currently preparing for a concert.

On December 26, C-Jes Entertainment reported, “Jae Joong will release his first solo EP on January 17.”

The EP will mostly contain rock numbers and songs written by Jae Joong.

Jae Joong is also preparing a special concert in celebration of the release of the EP and his birthday. He will hold concerts on January 26 and 27 under the title of Your, My and Mine.

The agency reported, “The concert will be held on a large scale. The whole concert will be divided into three parts. It’s a distinctive type of concert that combines a concert and a fan meeting. The audience can see Jae Joong’s live performances for the tracks from the first EP. It will be the first time for Jae Joong to talk about his previous projects and life after the fan meetings in four Asian countries in November.”

The concerts will be held on January 26 and 27 at the Ilsan Kintex.

NicoleHan 2012/12/26 16:07:27

KARA’s Han Seung Yeon recently expressed her anger against people who have left malicious comments about her.

On December 24, Han tweeted, “I’m not sure if you can really become a sainted person, an expert, or a person who has power if you leave comments in the name of public without your real name. I was so surprised. If you feel disgusted, don’t look at me. If you don’t like me, just leave me alone. Do you have to express your hatred for me? Thank you so much.”

It seems that Han left the comment on her Twitter account because of some people who have left constant malicious, insulting comments about her.

She also tweeted, “Hey. While you’re wasting your time to make the person you hate feel bad, I’m spending my time for more valuable things with good people, so don’t worry. Think about it carefully. Who needs to look at things more clearly?”

People who read the comment responded: “She must have been really mad.” “The malicious comments about celebrities are really scary.” “They should haven’t done that.” “Han Seung Yeon is still young. She must have been hurt.”

NicoleHan 2012/12/26 16:06:23

f(x)’s Sulli recently attracted a lot of attention after a picture of Korean geisha Lee Nan Hyang (1900-1979), who was born a hundred years ago, was released.

The picture was uploaded on an online community board under the title of “Korean geisha Lee Nan Hyang who was born at the end of the Joseon Dynasty.” She was a very popular woman at the time for her pretty face and singing ability.

When she became one of the most popular geisha, she married to a newspaper reporter and became a housewife. However, she was so enthusiastic about singing that she received a song from Ha Gyu Il, a popular composer at the time. With the enthusiasm, she recorded the first album with the songs she received from Ha. What attracts the most attention from people is that she resembles Sulli.

Both have big eyes, drooped eyelids, small lips, sharp nose, and milky-white skin.

People who saw the picture responded: “Sulli and Lee Nan Hyan really look alike.” “Isn’t a picture of Sulli superimposed on the picture?” “Is Sulli reincarnated as Lee Nan Hyang?” “I was so surprised by the picture.”

NicoleHan 2012/12/26 16:04:42

Super Junior’s Siwon recently appeared in a Santa costume.

On December 24, the singer tweeted, “Merry Christmas,” and attached the picture.

He looks into the camera with a deep gaze wearing a Santa costume. Nearly half of his face is covered with a fake white mustache, but his gorgeous appearance stands out.

Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “Siwon looks gorgeous even in the Santa costume.” “What made him change into Santa?” “I like his new look as a Santa.” “I thought there were lasers coming out of his eyes.” “Can I have a gift, Santa Siwon?”

In the meantime, Siwon is enthusiastically performing in SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama series The King of Dramas (written by Jang Hang Joon and Lee Ji Hyo and directed by Hong Seong Chang) as the top star Kang Hyun Min with a unique personality.

NicoleHan 2012/12/25 11:43:50

Super Junior’s Siwon recently showed off a cute look.

On December 23, Siwon uploaded a picture of himself on his Twitter account with the comment, “Hyun Min is naughty.”

In the picture, Siwon is standing in front of a wall with a picture of paper money fluttering down. He’s laughing out loud, spreading his two arms wide.

People who saw the picture responded: “Hyun Min loves money.” “He’s so cute.” “The picture makes me laugh.” “I love Siwon so much.” “I wish that happens to me.”

Siwon is currently playing the role of Hyun Min on SBS TV’s drama series The King Of Dramas.

Malu 2012/12/24 07:07:24
width="270" src='' class='attachment-post-thumbnail wp-post-image' alt='Urban Zakapa Interview' width="270" width="270" here to view the embedded width="270" MY GOD! The interview is finally up! As you might remember, we did an interview with Urban Zakapa ages ago. We posted pics of us with them…and then poof! No more to hear from us about the interview. Ah! It’s been hectic with us having to fly back to Canada for a family emergency, and then us spending so much time with the studio development, but now, FINALLY, we’re ready to share our interview with Urban width="270" we divided the interview up into a couple of sections. We want these interviews that we do with artists to be ways for us to promote their videos on YouTube, so we asked them some questions about their video, and then we break it up with their video, if you haven’t seen it, and then we go back to the interview. Kind of like, a real music show kind of thing, no? That’s something that we’d love to do in the future with our playlists. Have an artists come by, ask him some questions, they answer, introduce a video, show the video, come back, talk some more. That’s how TV was when I was growing up, and I kinda miss that! width="270" enough babbling about our plans and the structure of this interview: we were really fortunate to be able to do this interview. Sometimes, interviews can have very stiff, pre-approved questions with rehearsed answers, but here we were able to ask whatever we wanted and were able to get really candid, sincere answers out of them. We found it all really width="270" thing we had difficulty in discussing was the idea of Kpop. We asked them first what they thought of being a popular K Indie band, and they said they weren’t Indie at all, and were very confused by our question. For them, it seemed, Indie in Korea means “small bands playing at bars in Hongdae.” For us, we think of Indie as short for Independent. Indie artists don’t have their songs or music made or planned for them in any way. We also feel like Kpop artists have a totally different marketing strategy than Indie artists. Indie artists seem more focused on marketing their songs and promoting their music, while Kpop artists seem oftentimes interested in marketing their image and promoting themselves. Kpop artists often seem like entertainers that happen to be very musically talented, but they’re also models and actors. Indie artists are people who just focus on music, their own music, and are better at making music than they are at selling width="270" course, the line between Indie and Pop is very hazy. There are extremely popular Indie bands, like Busker Busker, for example, who are played more and sell more than most Kpop artists. But they still retain that sense of Indie for us, you know? I don’t know. Let us know what you think. The point is, we had this discussion with Urban Zakapa, and had to explain what we think of in terms of the divide between Kpop and K Indie, and so – in this interview – you’ll see some of their thoughts on it as width="270" a less serious note: Hyun Ah has a wickedly sexy voice. Like, holy freaking slaps, it’s awesome. The first thing we said to each other after the interview was “damn! Her voice was awesome!” She doesn’t even need to sing. She could just be a spoken word artist and she’d be great. Make her read audiobooks! Hell: we’d listen to her read a width="270" enough rambling. We want to promote Urban Zakapa’s music a bit here, so let’s get that out here now: Buy their
Malu 2012/12/24 07:01:59

Multi-talented artist, Lee Seunggi wow fans as he graced the cover of At Star 1 magazine. In the photos, he showed off his sexiness by wearing a fitted black sweater and skinny jeans. He also showed his mature side as he rock the modern theme with a suit.

At Star 1 also released the behind the scenes footage of the photoshoot wherein Seunggi showed how professional he can be as well as his lively character which made everything enjoyable not only to him but also to his staffs.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Source: couchkimchi, atstar11|YT

Malu 2012/12/23 06:05:34

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu and Woohyun performed Song Dae Kwan‘s hit song “The Day the Sun Rises” on the December 22nd trot special of ‘Immortal Song 2‘.

The two idols appeared in black suits to perform their dance cover of the trot song, catching attention with their handkerchief routine in the middle of their performance.

Before they stood on stage, Sunggyu commented, “We didn’t have the easiest childhood. We sang this song thinking about when the sun will rise for us.”

Check out their performance below!

Malu 2012/12/23 06:00:30

Park Yoo Chun and Yoon Eun Hye

On the thirteenth episode of MBC’s Missing You that aired on December 20, Han Jung Woo(played by Park Yoo Chun) and Lee Soo Yeon(played by Yoon Eun Hye) kissed each other.

In this broadcast, Soo Yeon encounters sleeping Jung Woo at Hwang Mi Ran(played by Do Ji Won)’s clothes store by chance. She tells him, “Forget about me now…” admitting that she is Soo Yeon.

Han Jung Woo did not miss the opportunity and grabbed Soo Yeon. He kissed Soo Yeon after thinking of the time when they first kissed on a bus by accident fourteen years ago and said, “This is not our first time.”

NicoleHan 2012/12/21 09:45:05

Kim Hyun Joong‘s wax figure is now completed.

He previously had measurements done for a figure to be displayed at Madame Tussauds Busan. Madame Tussauds Busan said, “Starting from December 21st, we will be holding Kim Hyun Joong’s wax figure on display.

Madame Tussauds Busan had previously displayed wax figures of Bae Yong Joon, Nichkhun, and president Lee Myung Bak, but this is the first time that Madame Tussauds Busan had chosen Kim Hyun Joong for a figure. The figure displayed is wearing Kim Hyun Joong’s outfit from his Asia Tour, and even has accessories he wore during the performance that were donated to the museum.

The figure was built after 500 measurements were taken, and the total cost of the figure was said to be 200 million KRW (approximately $186,000 USD). Madame Tussauds said, “The fact that there are Korean celebrities and famous figures in the 13 Madame Tussauds all over the world means that there is a lot of interest in Hallyu stars. Kim Hyun Joong especially is a leader in spreading hallyu globally. He wrapped up his Asia Tour successfully and ranked #1 on Japan’s Oricon Charts.”

Tip: Muriel

NicoleHan 2012/12/21 09:43:21

JYJ’s Yoo Chun was recently selected as an advertising model and an honorary ambassador for Standard Chartered Bank’s Good Library Project.

On December 20, Standard Chartered Bank reported that Yoo Chun will let applicants who want to share their talent through their voices know how to participate in the project and will participate in the making of a commentary film and an audio book for the visually handicapped people.

People can apply for the project on Standard Chartered Bank’s official website ( or the bank’s Kakao Talk Plus Friend until January 13.

Yoo Chun will let the applicants know how to participate in the event over the phone, and the applicants can hear Yoo Chun’s voice.

All applicants will be invited to the Good Voice Festival, which will be held on January 19 next year at COEX. The selected hundred people will receive a chance to participate in the making of the commentary film and the audio book with Yoo Chun.

The film and the book will be donated to the Korea Association for the Welfare of the Visually Handicapped in April next year.

Yoo Chun says, “I thought it’s good that everyone who want to give help can participate in the project. I hope people can share the joy of helping others by doing volunteer work for the visually handicapped people.”

Richard Hill, the president of the bank, says, “Standard Chartered Bank, which entered the Korean Market in early 90s, has a strong will to devote itself to Korea. The Good Library Project is a good way to show its strong will to devote itself to Korea by doing a meaningful event for the Korean society based on the Here For Good spirit of the bank.”

Malu 2012/12/21 06:12:00

KBS has announced the 14 couples nominated for their ‘2012 KBS Drama Awards‘.

Scheduled to be held at 8:50 p.m. on December 31st at the KBS Hall, the award will be given to the best couple determined by 40% online votes, 40% journalist votes, and 20% expert votes. Due to the high reflection of online votes, the award will largely be determined by fans.

Most noted is the Joo Won and Park Ki Woong couple from ‘Bridal Mask‘, who although were rivals in the drama, managed to capture the attention of female viewers with their past friendship and friendly relationship off set.

Despite being the only ‘male-male couple’ featured in the nominations, they have a strong chance as any of winning the title, especially since another nominated male-male couple, Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In, came away with a win at the 2010 awards as a couple for ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘.

Check out the rest of the nominations below!

1. Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung for ‘Big
2. Baek Sung Hyun and Suzy for ‘Big’
3. Kim Kang Woo and Jo Yeo Jung for ‘Haeundae Lovers
4. Shin Hyun Joon and Kim Jung Eun for ‘Oohlala Couple
5. Um Tae Woong and Lee Bo Young for ‘The Equator Man
6. Joo Won and Jin Se Yeon for ‘Bridal Mask’
7. Joo Won and Park Ki Woong for ‘Bridal Mask’
8. Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won for ‘Nice Guy
9. Cha Tae Hyun and UEE for ‘Jeon Woo Chi
10. Yoo Jun Sang and Kim Nam Joo for ‘You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly
11. Kim Sang Ho and Shim Yi Young for ‘You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly’
12. Lee Hee Jun and Jo Yun Hee for ‘You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly’
13. Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Bo Young for ‘My Daughter Seoyoung
14. Oh Chang Suk and Hwang Sun Hee for ‘Love, Love

bratzjzel 2012/12/20 16:30:08

Everyone’s favorite actor these days, Song Joong Ki, took on two opposite charms for a pictorial with ‘High Cut‘.

In his new photoshoot, Song Joong Ki posed in all white for the innocent side of the photoshoot, yawning and pulling on socks in photos as to depict a young man getting ready for work in the morning. The one particular photo of him pulling on his socks while seemingly pantless drew in fans who were left chuckling over his blank expression and the mismatch between the pantless bottom and the trench coat slung over his shoulder.

In the other set of photos, he took on the bad-boy image instead, slicking his hair back and donning leather jackets.

His two different charms once again captivated fans who had been missing him with the conclusion of ‘Nice Guy‘.

The magazine will be released on December 20th, but check out some of the revealed photos below!

20121218_songjoongki_highcut 20121218_songjoongki_highcut3 20121218_songjoongki_highcut4 20121218_songjoongki_highcut5
Malu 2012/12/19 11:00:23

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon challenged himself to do the horse dance of “Gangnam Style.”

Choi Siwon’s horse dance video has been uploaded on the official homepage of SBS’s King Of Dramas.

In the video, Siwon is doing the horse dance with comedian Park Gyu Sun. Siwon does the horse dance in a funnier way after Park demonstrating and telling him, “I will show you how to go crazy.”

Choi asks, “I don’t know this dance that well. How do you do it?” but he imitates the dance with ease, showing off his dancing skills.

Choi’s horse dance will air on the fourteenth episode of King of Dramas that airs on December 18.

Malu 2012/12/18 22:44:16

A lot of goodies coming towards the fans of JYJ! In addition to the group album that Junsu hinted at earlier, it seems Jaejoong will be releasing his first solo mini album!

C-JeS Entertainment revealed the exciting news – “Next year in January, Jaejoong will be releasing a very special solo mini album. Kim Ba Da, previous vocalist of legendary rock group Sinawe, has directly participated in the album, and the album will contain various rock genre songs. You’ll be able to hear Jaejoong’s husky and rough high notes that you haven’t heard before with JYJ, as well as see his new charms.”

Having worked with Jaejoong, Kim Ba Da did not hold back his praise, commenting, “Jaejoong possesses a nature fit for a good rock vocalist. He is also very sincere about music, so because of him, I also developed much affections for this project. Jaejoong’s slightly sexy and glamorous singing style is charming. We decided to make a rock number that will be recognized no matter where we put it out… For rock music, you have to be able to pull out the stories you’ve kept buried in your heart, and Jaejoong’s composing sense is outstanding. I thought, isn’t it now time for him to be recognized as an artist rather than an idol?”

Jaejoong has been building up quite a reputation for himself as a singer-songwriter, recently proving his abilities as he helped write and compose songs in Junsu’s album, and he’ll be doing it again this time around for his own album as he has written the lyrics himself.

C-JeS added, “The details about the album are an absolute secret. The album jacket as well as video teaser will be revealed in order in the following weeks, and we’re also preparing a music video to go along with the song as well. As a special album, also containing OST songs from the movie ‘Jackal is Coming’ (‘Code Name Jackal’), this will be a surprise present for all the fans this winter.”

A representative from the album production company also increased the excitement of fans as they shared, “An album containing Jaejoong’s outstanding vocals and his ability to express himself has been completed. This winter, Jaejoong’s explosive vocals and soothing voice will captivate everyone.”

Malu 2012/12/18 11:46:38

Actor Park Yoo Chun recently said that his TV series will not conclude with a happy ending.

On December 17, Park attended a press conference for MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday series Missing You and talked about an ending for the series.

Park said, “I think many people are wondering about the ending. Since there is foreshadowing in the series, I don’t think it will conclude with a happy ending.”

“I’ve talked about an ending with the production crew and they said that it will be hard to conclude with a happy ending. But we can’t be so sure about that.”

Park also talked about variety shows. He said, “I haven’t appeared on variety shows for a long time. I think the last time I appeared on a variety show was in 2008.”

Park said that he wants to appear on The Law of the Jungle because he likes experiencing new things. He said, “I want to sleep in a tent in the back country. I think it would be fun to fight with mosquitos.”

The series is a classical melodrama about a man and woman who have wounded hearts from their first love. Besides Park, Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho appear on the series.

Park plays the role of a detective named Han Jung Woo, who still misses his first love. The series airs every Thursday and Wednesday at 9:55 p.m.

Malu 2012/12/18 08:46:47

Fans all over the world celebrated XIA DAY for Junsu‘s birthday on December 15th.

C-JeS Entertainment commented, “Fans not only in Korea, but also in Japan, China, USA, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, and Poland celebrated XIA DAY.

The fans made special cakes for Junsu, held a photo exhibition, and even wrote letters to Junsu from their own countries. Brazilian fans went on a trip together, and Peruvian and Venezuelan fans held the photo exhibitions.

The XIA DAY celebration was held in a total of 20 cities in Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Germany, Poland, Puerto Rico, USA, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, and Brazil.

Celebrity Video for XIA DAY:

Malu 2012/12/18 08:36:15

JYJ‘s Yoochun confessed that he wanted to appear in ‘Laws of the Jungle‘.

Yoochun, Yoon Eun Hye, and Yoo Seung Ho attended a press conference for their drama ‘I Miss You‘ on December 17th.

At the press conference when asked about potentially appearing on variety shows, Yoochun stated, “Of course I want to go out on variety shows. I haven’t been on a variety show in a very long time. The last time I appeared on one was back in 2008. I think it’ll be fun to be on a variety show. It’s going to be different when we talk while we’re being recorded compared to when we talk in private. I think it’ll be a lot of fun.

He continued, “I want to appear on ‘Laws of the Jungle’. I really enjoy stuff like that. Before I started working on this, I went out on a random trip without a destination early in the morning equipped with just a tent. I got bit by mosquitos all over the place when I tried to make a tent at 3 in the morning. I’ve been wanting to appear on ‘Laws of the Jungle’ ever since it began airing.

Malu 2012/12/18 08:32:04

A special pictorial from his Japanese EP Unlimited was recently released and drew a lot of attention.

The pictorial, which was released on December 14, was specially ordered to be made for his Japanese official fan club Henecia Japan.

Through the pictorial, Kim is showing off his various looks that he had never shown on TV programs. He plays the guitar and poses for the jacket photos of his new EP.

The black and white still shows his unique charm with illustrative effects.

He also shows off his muscular figure in a sleeveless shirt and jeans as a tough and free spirited man. His emotional eyes also complement his refined and manly look.

People who saw the pictorial responded: “I thought this is a fashion pictorial. He is always the best.” “Look at his emotional eyes! I even feel jealous over the guitar! Good luck to you.” “He ranked first on the Oricon and he released a pictorial! It’s like a big Christmas present.”

Kim released his first Japanese regular EP Unlimited on December 12 and ranked first on the Oricon Daily. He will hold twelve concerts in ten Japanese cities, including, Kobe, Saitama, Nagoya, and Fukuoka starting in January, 2013.

Amel_Lin 2012/12/14 18:21:31

Three years old pictures of SNSD’s Yoona are drawing a lot of attention. An online community posted pictures with the caption, “Don’t put makeup on Yoona’s face like that.”

The pictures were posted in the November issue of a magazine, which was published in 2009. In the pictures, Yoona is showing off her sexy appeal with thick eye lines and provocative pose rather than showing off her innocent and pure appeal.

SNSD is currently preparing to return with their fourth EP.