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    306 Korean Grammar Tips
    Recommenders: ElinYasGD other 1
    가즈아! is a new popular word. It is 가자!
    It makes someone cheering up so I like it!
    5 months ago  
    sharkSaid Congrats! @ryan
    5 months ago
    Ryan ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 가즈아~~
    5 months ago
    금수저(gold spoon) : who was born in rich family
    흙수저(ground spoon): who was born in poor family
    6 months ago  
    Nancy Good , thanks !!
    6 months ago
    siham and there is Spoon of silver too!??how can we say it?
    6 months ago
    Recommenders: samlad other 6
    Adjectives to express weather
    fine day : 화창한, 맑은, 청명한, 깨끗한, 좋은
    cloudy day : 흐린, 비가 올 것 같은, 눈이 내릴 것 같은,
    cold day : 추운,
    a little chilly day : 서늘한
    chilly day : 쌀쌀한, 싸늘한
    windy day : 바람 부는,
    sunny day : 햇살 좋은,
    rainy day : 비 오는, 비 내리는
    snowy day : 눈 오는, 눈 내리는
    lightning day : 번개 치는
    windy and snowy day : 눈보라 치는
    warm day : 따뜻한,
    windy and rainy day : 비바람 부는
    hot day : 더운, 무더운, 찌는 듯한
    8 months ago  
    Ryan Well done Hanna~ kkk
    8 months ago
    Hanna-Riikka ㅋㅋㅋ
    8 months ago
    Recommenders: iimimelda other 2
    1월(il wol) (January)
    2월(i wol) (February)
    3월(sam wol) (March)
    4월(sa wol) (April)
    5월(o wol) (May)
    6월(u wol) (June)
    7월(chil wol) (July)
    8월(pal wol) (August)
    9월(goo wol) (September)
    10월(si wol) (October)
    11월(sib-il wol) (November)
    12월(sib-i wol) (December)
    1 year ago  
    1 year ago
    양 마리 Completely different 1 month, 2 month.. as soon as you know the numbers, you also know the months
    1 year ago
    칼퇴 영어로
    1 year ago  
    Uphuin 핀 He looks Flat!!
    1 year ago
    Nancy My favorite word
    1 year ago
    Recommenders: ElinYasGD other 1
    If you order double serving at a restaurant in Korea.
    Noodles : 곱배기로 주세요. go-ppae-gi-ro ju-se-yo.
    Rice : 공기밥 하나 주세요. gong-gi-ppap ha-na ju-se-yo
    1 year ago  
    그게 내 일이야 : That's my job!
    Police officer : I caught the thief. Here is your wallet.
    Nancy : Thank you for it! You're so nice policeman!!
    Police officer : You're welcome. That's my job!
    1 year ago  
    Nancy Good example thank you
    1 year ago
    Recommenders: Maya13 other 2
    Verb + 는 : current tense
    ex: 먹는(eating), 보는(watching)...
    Verb + 은 : past tense
    ex: 먹은(eaten), 본(watched)...
    1 year ago  
    Mika 밥 드세요 회사에 있어요?
    1 year ago
    Ryan 네.. 아직 회사예요~
    1 year ago
    Recommenders: Nancy001 other 4
    이래라 저래라
    When someone asks few works to do within short interval, we say this~
    A: 공부해
    A:숙제는 했어?
    A:숙제도 해야지
    A:밥은 먹었어?
    B자꾸 이래라 저래라하네..)
    1 year ago  
    0.25*2017 내말이....ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    1 year ago
    Ryan  2
    1 year ago
    Recommenders: Zahra other 3
    들어오다 : someone get in the room where you are
    들어가다 : I, we, you, someone get in a room
    1 year ago  
    Sara Thanks!
    1 year ago
    Hanna-Riikka Makes me think all dramas where boys/girl tell their girlfriend/boyfriend to go in. "들어가~~"
    1 year ago
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