Getting started

  • First of all don't be nervous when you see the empty page!
    If you add some active friends, you will see interesting posts in your timeline.

    1. You can find active friends in the middle of right column or Minds on the top.
    2. Click username and send friend request on their profile pic below.

  • You can post everything on your mind and Mindpasta will show your posts in two ways.
    Mind? You will see "Will you add this as a mind?" below the main text area. We call this keyword-like a tag word- about your posting as Mind.

    1. Without mind : If you don't use mind, you and your friends can only see these posts.
    2. With mind : If you use mind, others can see your posts in the public timeline-Minds on the top- and your mind will be connected to the same minds.

  • Look at the plants on the left column. You can grow your own plants here.
    Once they have bloomed, flowers will give you a perfume. You can get 6 types of perfume.

    1. Get perfumes : First of all, you will get a pink perfume. If you have enough pinks, flowers will give a perfume either pink or green.
    And if you have enough pinks and greens, you can get a pink, green or emerald...
    2. Grow plants faster :
    Fastest way : Invite friends from Twitter. If you signed in with twitter, you will see "Invite Twitter Friends" button.
    Fast way : Use mind when you post. It will help your plants to grow faster.
    Normal way : Post something.

  • You can use a lot of features when you post.
    Look at the features above the main text area! There are many kinds of mini games, features for learning languages and entertainment. and simply many other interesting features.
    You can enjoy those features with your friends in your timeline.
    Tip. Every games have their rule on the post below and you need perfumes to play.
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