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  1.      about friend
    I wanna say Hi to all my friends,who did not delete me nor block~I'm so happy that I can have you again,It's almost 2 years~ T_T
    6 months ago  
    Ryan Sound nice! I'm just so and so~
    6 months ago
    Roshahisa always be happy
    6 months ago
  2.      about Exam
    Plan: Exam
    D-Day: 01/22/2013
    Goal: A+
    How to: 1-writing term papers
    2-studing hard
    2 years ago  
    NicoleHan 파이팅!
    2 years ago
  3.      about TheSeeya
    Open the door, close the door, open the door, close the door
    I wait for you, who isn’t coming, in case you return..
    2 years ago  
  4.      about Rastaak
    Her hair was The sea.
    (her hair)made my world beautiful.
    (she)understood I'm mad on her...
    (She )cut her hair...
    2 years ago  
  5. Recommender: Roshahisa
         about miss
    To all my friends:
    miss u all..
    2 years ago  
    Roshahisa :'(
    tnx YSuching )))
    2 years ago
    YSuching u r welcome!! and u can just call me Yuwon^^
    2 years ago
  6. Recommender: yjgift
         about BOA
    2 years ago  
    bz133 EUNHYUK!!!!! ❤
    I love BoA's new song and the dance is great, too.
    2 years ago
  7. Recommender: KyungMiSun
         about please
    لطفا (Persian)
    2 years ago  
    Roshahisa that sentence I sent to u....plz....
    2 years ago
    ryan Done! sorry~~
    2 years ago
  8.      about Ryan

    Do u want a simple Dessert~ hope u like it ?_?

    2 years ago  
    Roshahisa @yjgift help yourself ^_^
    2 years ago
    NicoleHan i can't tell the difference from the blackberry and cranberry.... but i like them all!!!
    2 years ago
  9. Recommender: ryan
         about Life
    .زندگی گاهی اوقات ناعادلانه می شود (Persian)
    Life sometimes becomes unfair.
    Zendegi gahi oghat na adelane mishavad.
    2 years ago  
    ItKika "
    2 years ago
    ryan But think positive~!!
    2 years ago
  10.      about insomnia
    I think I have terrible insomnia!I'm just gonna go to sleep If I can >_<
    Good morning & Good night
    2 years ago  
    kayoko quit same to me --;;
    2 years ago
    yjgift Good night^^
    2 years ago
  11. Recommender: ryan
         about Limbo
    ~ در برزخ بودن (Persian)
    being in a Limbo ~
    dar Barzakh boodan ~
    2 years ago  
  12.      about music
    I hope u like it..when u said French,just this movie and all its soundtracs,came to my mind..I suggest u listening to all of them
    2 years ago  
    NicoleHan i love this movie!!
    2 years ago
    Roshahisa yeah ^_^ I love it too
    2 years ago
  13. Recommender: ryan
         about Water
    گرم > آب > ماهی (Persian)
    HOT > Water > Fish
    2 years ago  
  14. Recommenders: ryan other 1
         about HamidSoryan

    Our first Olympic gold medal in Wrestling,Men's 55kg Greco-Roman by Hamid Soryan.^__^

    2 years ago  
    ryan Congrats~!
    2 years ago
    Roshahisa @ryan thank u )
    2 years ago
  15.      about today
    2 years ago  
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