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  1.      about Singapore
    Tonight is such a super lovely night! Its drizzling and super cooler to sleep today... Gotta finish up some work and maybe watch some MV before sleeping...
    3 years ago  
    ryan Enjoy watching and good night~
    3 years ago
  2.      about Music
    Lurving this song everyday. Never got sick and tired listening to this...
    3 years ago  
  3.      about Singapore
    It's 12:19am ryte now and it's super humid here... Let there be rain again pls... Super heavy rain so i cud slp lie a baby tonight...
    3 years ago  
    ryan hey, check your message out :D
    3 years ago
    Fazieliciously yup checked already... thanks ryan...
    3 years ago
  4. Recommender: ryan
         about Singapore
    Hmmmmph!! Y can't we have snow in Singapore??? It's always showers or sunshine....
    3 years ago  
    ryan haha anyway I should get going~ Good night~~
    3 years ago
    Fazieliciously Good nyte!!!
    3 years ago
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