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  1.      about study
    3 more hours till I have to submit my assigments! See you then >_<~
    1 month ago  
    Mey ~<@ See you
    1 month ago
  2.      about study
    need to study before going to class
    i thought my friend won't come so i won't come either
    2 months ago  
  3.      about study
    language study for 30 mins~
    2 months ago  
  4. Recommenders: samlad other 3
         about study
    明日も日本語を勉強しなきゃ! (Japanese)
    Tomorrow also we must study Japanese.
    Ashitamo nihongo wo benkyou shinakya.
    2 months ago  
    김 야스 i'm absent tomorrow
    2 months ago
    lila @oppa 아리가토~ @yas kkk
    2 months ago
  5.      about Study
    I'll stay up late tonight to study
    2 months ago  
    glory fighting~~
    2 months ago
    Thảo Thank you
    2 months ago
  6. Recommender: LouiseH
         about Study
    I want to study Korean more diligently. Is there someone who will let me tell them every day how long I actually studied? I need to report. It will guilt me into actual studying instead of web surfing and blogging.
    2 months ago  
    2 months ago
    meem Thanks Louise .. I'll check it out
    2 months ago
  7.      about Study
    너 벌써 몇 시간째 공부 중이잖아. 너도 잠시 휴식을 취하는 게 좋을 것 같아.
    You've already been studying for hours and hours. I think it would be good for you to take a break for a while.
    From http://m.wordbook.naver.com/endic/today/conversation.nhn
    2 months ago  
  8.      about study

    Is it even possible to learn two languages at once? I'm trying my best to learn Japanese and Korean at the same time. Maybe I should choose one for now?

    2 months ago  
    Blossom @CiCi I sometimes get confused and end up speaking Korean and Japanese at the same time.....
    2 months ago
    Blossom @Zahra I suppose I just have to stay positive and keep working hard. Fighting!
    2 months ago
  9.      about study
    see you ~ sorry
    3 months ago  
    loomiar1018  you dont know how much i misss you i dont know why im shy to say this now
    3 months ago
  10.      about study
    take sometimes to recite names of sbdy while waiting 9*~*9
    3 months ago  
    Malu-Lee I love you!~~~~~~~Hi, my love!~~~~
    3 months ago
    Ning66생각중 morning ryan & malu~
    kkk...love you too malu, you are so sweet!
    3 months ago
  11.      about Study
    Everyone's Korean is improving and mine is stuck! LOL
    Wish I can be as good as the others. Wish I am capable of learning and retaining what I learned!
    3 months ago  
    Monique you can converse in Korean, i guess. then that's improving
    3 months ago
    연주 Mine got stuck too...it hasn't been improving like at all
    3 months ago
  12.      about Study
    When I turn my laptop on 20 minutes ago, I said to myself "I will study Korean, I need to have progress"
    But look who's here? ME! Playing and chatting!
    3 months ago  
    Monique It's hard to study while playing. I'm not good with multi-tasking., kkkk
    3 months ago
    Hanna-Riikka 우리는 여기에서 한국어 공부를 한다?
    3 months ago
  13.      about study

    I cut my nails... now my fingers are ugly... I need to study Lord!

    3 months ago  
    sosoOnly I like your drawing 지오 so beautiful .
    3 months ago
    지오 Oh Sam, you are so lovely! thanks!!
    @sosoOnly thanks~ but the only thing I have lovely is creativity.... I'll post some drawings I did this year... you will see that are not so beautiful as well... but thanks
    3 months ago
  14.      about study
    3 months ago  
    Sam ☆ Ok, I'll just keep on praying for you
    3 months ago
    지오 Amem! thanks~
    3 months ago
  15.      about study

    I need to study... I have proof of medicines tomorrow... I know nothing...

    3 months ago  
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