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         about tired
    Plan: Exam
    D-Day: 05/18/2012
    Goal: A+
    How to: i'll have to finish three chapters and get my proposal presented!!
    Act1. April 5. 1st meeting on Ch.1 to Ch. 3
    Act2. April 12. 2nd meeting on Ch. 1 to Ch. 3
    Act3. April. 19 3rd meeting on Ch1 to Ch3
    Act4. April. 24 4th meeting on Ch1 to Ch3
    Act5. d-day is delayed to May 25th!
    Act6. May 4 6th meeting on Ch1 and Ch3
    Act7. May 8. 7th meeting on Ch1 to Ch3
    4 years ago  
    KatieTSH 고마워요 오빠.
    4 years ago
    ryan 내일이네? 화이팅!!!!
    4 years ago
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