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  1. Recommender: MeeMalkaabi
         about Quiz

    Took a quiz about what role would I play if I were in an Idol group and this is what happened...
    Visual does not mean you just have a pretty face - it also means you have a magnetic pull that simply grabs attention even if you're just walking by without doing much else. Your sweet demeanor and quiet personality attracts bees like honey, which is why you're always placed in the center of most dance moves and group photos. You're an easily likeable person, which is how you became the face of the group!

    5 days ago  
    한나 interesting quiz!~
    5 days ago
    CiCi I thought I would be the clown or something like that
    5 days ago
  2. Recommenders: ElisaPaola other 1
         about quiz

    What day is this Sunday (13 April) for Thailand?

    1. Thai Christmas
    2. Thai New Year
    3. Thai Valentine's Day
    4. Thai Easter's Sunday
    1 week ago  
    m3y 유리 Ofcouse i get right answer kkk
    3 days ago
    Aisha got it right thanks to meem 's hint
    3 days ago
  3.      about quiz
    I got Minji something! Wanna guess what it is?
    1. A little pink dress
    2. Two pairs of cute socks
    3. Two baby shoes
    4. A lovely baby hat
    2 weeks ago  
    연주 Uploading...
    2 weeks ago
    m3y 유리 I have 6 sense gift!! Kkk
    2 weeks ago
  4.      about Quiz

    The first lamborghini "Aventador"was created in:

    1. USA
    2. Spain
    3. Italy
    4. Germany
    3 weeks ago  
    한나 @greigy: answer my previous quiz kkkkk
    3 weeks ago
    m3y 유리 Kk not good in auto
    3 weeks ago
  5.      about quiz
    Should I re create my twitter?
    1. Yes (2/5 40.0%)
    2. No
    3. Purple Pineapple (3/5 60.0%)
    4 weeks ago  
    Dan ... my stirring is getting the best of me... at least there has been no no i guess.
    4 weeks ago
  6.      about Quiz
    Should I recreate my twitter?
    4 weeks ago  
    한나 why not?
    4 weeks ago
    엘리사 파올라 If you wish to
    4 weeks ago
  7.      about Quiz
    Are you a Homo Erectus?
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Melon
    4. Ostrich Feather
    4 weeks ago  
    Dan actually its different to that... but whatever... the quiz is still possible
    4 weeks ago
    Dan yeah thats where i stuffed up on... fail daniel hahaha
    4 weeks ago
  8.      about Quiz
    How many MP friends have I met so far?
    1. 1
    2. 3
    3. 6
    4. 12
    4 weeks ago  
    loomiar1018 Yay !!! I was right ohh gift sis I wish I could meet you in the future
    4 weeks ago
    Cici Is gonna take forever to meet me
    4 weeks ago
  9.      about quiz
    Sooooo I can't wait for tomorrow but what else is everyone to the weekend and are we ready for more quizzes?
    4 weeks ago  
    한나 I am!~
    4 weeks ago
  10.      about quiz
    Some have already known...some still don't, so just guess
    What is my Korean family name?
    4 weeks ago  
    loomiar1018 Because I was so close to the answer gift sis ♥
    4 weeks ago
    연주 @언니 cool! 보고 싶었어~ 잘 지냈지?
    @loomiar ah i see~
    4 weeks ago
  11.      about quiz
    I need to see this! http://9gag.com/gag/aXbKj6d what a legend
    1 month ago  
  12.      about quiz
    I found my twin here kkk Aphrodite Goddess is twin
    1 month ago  
    Kareen hello my second twin kk
    1 month ago
    m3y 유리  but i was born first cause i'm older than you.. or you are my copy paste Sis Kkk
    1 month ago
  13.      about QUIZ
    And this is mine
    Goddess of love, desire and beauty: you're devoted to the ones and things you love. You are known for your good-looks and take pride in your appearance. You are HOT! HHAHA
    1 month ago  
    Greig well hello ladies ;D haha jk kk
    1 month ago
    m3y 유리 kkk yaaa you're right kareen
    1 month ago
  14. Recommender: yjgift
         about Quiz
    Mine is ...Goddess of women and marriage: you're loyal, caring and unselfish. You tend to protect those who are weaker than you and offer guidance where possible. However, you can get jealous of others and struggle to keep that under control. Never mind, you're aewsome as you are
    1 month ago  
    Greig Sounds more like you than what mine did about me kk
    1 month ago
    AngryShark Congrat! @bibo
    1 month ago
  15.      about quiz
    morning~ I just took this quiz and got Dionysos: God of fertility and wine: you have the ability to inject the enjoyment of life into everything.You are often the center of attention and others can't help but be drawn to your lust for life. You're a true partygoer!!.. eh
    1 month ago  
    Kareen moning^^
    ohh this is funny
    1 month ago
    Greig morning sis :D. Post what you get kk
    1 month ago
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