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  1.      about perfume
    saya ingin parfum hitam! (Indonesian)
    i want black perfume!
    sa-ya i-ngin par-fum hi-tam
    6 years ago  
  2.      about perfume
    haaaaa.... i made my first perfume!!!! love it
    7 years ago  
  3.      about perfume
    what is perfume? what should i do with it? :/
    7 years ago  
    cherry_va she tell me if i share my mind the plants will grow, when it becomes flower, u can use the perfume to play games...
    so what about the rain n sun? *curious*
    7 years ago
    ryan Rain and sun are fake ---;;; sorry! kkk Why don't you read 'How this site works?' on the bottom?
    7 years ago
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