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  1.      about movie
    Guess I should watch the rest of Anchorman 2.. really terrible so far
    13 hours ago  
    Greig Bit I had a laugh at is when Ron Burgungy is covering the news on a high-speed traffic chase. Nothin much is happening till the police car hits the other car and spins out of control and he says 'Finally something happened, it was getting a little boring!'
    12 hours ago
    m3y 유리  kkk those crazy.... I was laugh much on it
    12 hours ago
  2.      about movie
    I just bought new dvd : " her" & " noah" ... i don't know when i'm going to watch it, i still have my alien drama not finish yet
    15 hours ago  
  3.      about movie
    omg I saw a cartoon movie called Monster in Paris
    It was just amazing !!! Everything was just magical !! the songs and the story so so beautiful
    17 hours ago  
    Rinnie Is that cartoon movie really nice? I'll try to watch it
    16 hours ago
    loomiar1018 ohhhh you have too The plot was very cute and the songs were so good !!!
    The son of John Lennon is was singing a very lovely! the singer vanessa paradi was so gorgeous
    I recommend you to see ^^
    16 hours ago
  4.      about movie
    Life of Pie~recommand to watch
    2 days ago  
  5.      about movie
    Movie ~
    Red dragon
    it's one of hannibal lecter series..
    not my favorite one but I watched many times
    Anthony Hopkins is really deserve the Oscar for that series
    2 days ago  
    Zahra @greig yeah it's 4 movies ^^ I don't know how many times I watched them .. not bad series
    @gift who doesn't love him sis
    2 days ago
    연주 @sis exactly
    2 days ago
  6.      about movie
    Today I'm going to succeed with choosing a movie! I'll watch Hunger games!
    4 days ago  
    meem good choice ! kk
    4 days ago
  7.      about movie
    Zombieland .. on the other channal
    that's remind me with our bad girl kk
    5 days ago  
  8.      about movie
    Godzilla soon~~ hope it wont be a disappointment like the new spiderman is looking out to be.
    5 days ago  
    한나 Oh he won some awards of visual effects, so i'm sure it won't be too bad
    5 days ago
    Greig Yeah~ Haven't heard of him before or the movies he has directed~ hopefully good~
    5 days ago
  9.      about Movie
    Done, it's soo sick !! lol
    6 days ago  
    Alaa The purge, it was umm ,, ok !! kkkk
    5 days ago
    Sam Oh...not my cup of tea...horror/thriller...~
    5 days ago
  10.      about movie
    I think I should put some movie on play, get something to eat and relax.
    Recommend me movies!
    6 days ago  
    Hanna-Riikka Thanks CC!
    @Greig That's good? I haven't liked Batman movies until now but maybe an animation makes it better. :D
    6 days ago
    Greig haha . Yeah it's really good ^^
    6 days ago
  11.      about movie
    Downloading Wolf of Wall Street~
    7 days ago  
    Greig such anger towards a movie, alaa haha
    7 days ago
    Alaa hahahha i was dying for Lio to get an Oscar, then he hits me with that Not fair
    7 days ago
  12. Recommender: iamCCrn
         about movie
    1 week ago  
    m3y i'm going to watch it... but I don't know when kkk
    1 week ago
    Asmiera Its a reallllllllllllllllly nice movie. haha
    1 week ago
  13.      about movie

    have you guys watch it?

    2 weeks ago  
  14.      about movie
    The Amazing of Spiderman is coming soon
    2 weeks ago  
    m3y 유리 Yes hope so...
    2 weeks ago
    AngryShark Congrat! @ryan
    2 weeks ago
  15.      about movie
    Ehmm let me check schedule of movie first
    2 weeks ago  
    Sam Really??? Greig & I won with zip, nada, zilch, caputs, zero, 0
    2 weeks ago
    Greig ㅋㅋㅋㅋ we didnt even need to throw a dice
    2 weeks ago
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