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  1.      about JYJ
    누군가 JUNSU 콘서트에 갈 것인가?
    2 years ago  
    0705theMandy 정말요? 왜 못 정했어? 그냥가!!
    2 years ago
    NicoleHan 조그만 더 생각해야돼...
    2 years ago
  2.      about JYJ
    SET ME FREE ~ TARANTALLEGRA ~ ♫ Why this song does not leave me? No matter, I do not want to leave it.
    2 years ago  
  3.      about jyj
    단 하나 갖고 싶은 사랑 또 버리고 싶은 그 사랑 / 가질 수도 우 우 버릴 수도 없는 사랑이 싫다구요 / 내 사랑 잊고 싶은 사랑 기억하고 싶은 그 사랑 / 모르겠어 우 우 싫어 이젠 정말 사랑이 싫다구요 / 가질 수도 우 우 버릴 수도 없는 사랑이 싫다구요 / 이젠 사랑이 싫어 ~ ♫
    2 years ago  
    ryan Check msg
    2 years ago
  4. Recommender: ryan
         about jyj
    XIA JUNSU - TARANTALLEGRA exceeds 1 MILLION views in TWO DAYS of release. CONGRATULATIONS, MY KING! The World is Yours!
    2 years ago  
    0705theMandy I will learn this dance for sure.
    2 years ago
    NicoleHan i think i had shared this mv, hadn't i? kk
    2 years ago
  5.      about JYJ
    Hello, my friends!! *--* How are you?!
    My monday is ending. How did you start your week? I am a little tired. I had International Law's test. It was pretty good ^-^ I hope everything gonna be better ~^^
    I will sleep soon and before it let me listen to on of my favorite songs ~
    JYJ - Chajatta
    2 years ago  
    NicoleHan my favorite drama and yuchun~~~k
    2 years ago
    NicoleHan 사랑스러워.....
    2 years ago
  6.      about JYJ
    New video JYJ just been upload! Come on to check it Katie! ~Uhuuu *--*
    2 years ago  
    0705theMandy @ryan Waaah! o_o I really liked it! *---* Amazing ~
    Oh, men!! I loove Junsu's laugh!! It's so funny!
    2 years ago
    NicoleHan JYJ 좋아요!
    2 years ago
  7.      about JYJ
    I will listen to my favorites CD's. The Beginnig, Their Rooms and In Heaven. I hope my Tarantallegra will arrive soon 3
    2 years ago  
    KatieTSH do you know wat Tarantallegra means?
    2 years ago
    0705theMandy Yeah! *-* It is a charm from Harry Potter! Means: "Forces the victim's legs to do a crazy dance." Hahaha~
    2 years ago
  8.      about JYJ
    나는 XIAH 준수 CD [Tarantallegra] 를 샀어요! *--* @1215thexiahtic Come to me, baby ♥
    2 years ago  
    ryan haha Read my notes here
    2 years ago
    0705theMandy I will read!! ^___^
    2 years ago
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