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  1.      about Bored
    Can anyone recommend me a good drama?
    5 years ago  
    Cici I am going to recommend the ones I've watched because I love them all kk okay... There's ToThe Beautiful You, I Love Lee Taly, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Flower Boy Next Door, Boys Over Flowers and currently watching Love Rain and Big ^_^
    5 years ago
    kaz Ya vi algunos de los que pusiste como ToThe Beautiful You y Boys Over Flowers, veré alguno de los demás, gracias! *^*
    5 years ago
  2. Recommender: ryan
         about bored
    booring saturday... what should I do??
    7 years ago  
    ryan Aww I have to finish reading a book also. :$
    7 years ago
    kaz haha fighting!!!
    7 years ago
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